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The Reaper Challenge
Hello This is a new challenge I came up with. I thought I'd share it with y'all.

Main Objective: Kill as many sims as you can before the challenge ends. See bottom for side goals.

You can play the game on any town, and any lot, though a medium-large sized one is recommended.

CAS: Create a young adult sim. This is your reaper. S/he must have the traits Evil and Genius. They can have black reaper sim and go all out with the whole Death theme, but it really doesn't matter. They must have a LTW that doesn't include other sims (Super Popular, Heartbreaker, etc). They can have one dog OR cat. They cannot be any life state except for Human (or Reaper). Accept the family.

Your house must have the bare nessecities, and cheapest of everything. Create a death chamber with at least 2 different ways of murdering a sim (starvation, fire, drowning etc). Also make a graveyard, mausoleum, or urn room to place all graves/urns in. You must also have a chess table. Afterwards set your funds to 700 simoleans.

The main goal of the challenge, as mentioned above, is to kill as many sims as you can:
-Go out into town, and find a victim, invite them to your house. You must play chess with them. If your sim loses the game of chess, the victim is released and safe, for now, and you must release 1 other captive from your death chambers (if there are no other captives, they are just released). If however the game of chess is won, your sim will take their lives, place them in the death chambers. You may go victim hunting every 24 hours, and can only take 1 sim back to your house at a time. You may invite a victim to community lots but not to your household and you cannot invite entire households to a community lot, and if you invite victims to community lots it counts as victim hunting.
-Your sim may have a job.
-You may purchase lifetime rewards

The challenge ends when:
-Your sim dies (unless you have someone to carry on their legacy)
-You fill up your graveyard, mausoleum or urn room
-The majority of the town is deceased and live on as ghosts on your lot
-3 sim days pass without a death/kidnap
-10 sims win chess and are released

Side challenges:
-Get to level 10 of your job
-Cook and consume ambrosia at least once
-Get to level 10 of the Logic skill
-Kill 10 sims of each death type
-Kill 50 sims
-Complete your LTW
-Be Best Friends with the Grim Reaper

-Make your sim Good instead of Evil, so whenever they witness a death, they earn a negative moodlet.
-Don't give your sim the Genius trait, so it's harder to level up in chess.
-Instead of playing chess, challenge the victim to something else, like a Sim Fu fight. Or instead make your sim have to be Friends or have to WooHoo the victim before they can kill.
-If your Reaper is female, they must WooHoo victims and give birth to Reaper babies, to carry on the legacy when they're old enough. (Of course the reaper can be male if you have male pregnancy mods or you can move in the babies with a mod).
-Speaking of above, you can mix this challenge with the Perfect Genetics Challenge - give your Reaper sim unique genetics (black reaper skin, blue hair etc) and Reaper children are divided by their genetics. Of course, you can kill off the humans/halfbreeds, but you don't have to

Other Rules:
-No cheats, except moveobjects to move a sim into your death chamber, or to fix a bugged sim.
-If you do decide to follow the last variation, you must raise the kids until they are Ya, only then can you kill them off.
-You cannot be friends or romantic interests with a victim (unless you're following the variations in which you have to)
-You can not have more then one pet at any time, one must die or be released if you want a new pet.

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This seems like an interesting challenge. Also note, though, that you have to move Sims in with you in order to lock them in the death chamber. After some time when they want to go home, they will just teleport out.

A good way to exploit killing people on your lot without moving them in is to invite over vampires and elderly Sims who you know are at the end of their lives. Either have a sleepover with them or throw a party and invite them. For whatever reason, especially at parties on your lot, old people tend to bite the dust of old age and vampires are NOTORIOUS for dying of thirst because once they're really thirsty, their thirst bar drops at an alarming rate. So, choosing to tackle vampires first makes things easier. Just talk to them, invite them to sleep over, and when you notice a thirst bubble above their heads, keep talking to them and make them distracted. Sometimes they'll crumble into dust before making it off your lot.
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There are a few mods that might be helpful for killing people without moving in, such as Dexter the Bear and Weapons System.

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This sounds dope
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