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The lost knowledge community challenge(must be willing to edit all houses)
Back story:
Your (F/M) sim lived a good childhood.As they aged though,they were expected to reach certain goals.And when they didn't reach the goal of (goal not completed) their parents kicked them out.They spent the rest of their teenage days living off of begging.After aging to an adult (Sim name) moved into an empty lot.They worked in the science lab daily.(Sim) invented a new machine to advance the human mind.But,it did the opposite and made them all have no knowledge.Your sim realized all the advanced things in houses vanished,leaving nothing but a fridge,bed, and chair.

*No mods to make it easier to achieve goals
*Must be a YA sim
*All houses must not have anything but a fridge,bed, and chair
*Must join science carrier
*Spouse must join medical carrier until they reach top.After that you can choose any job

Unlocking technology:
(recommended to use a notepad to write down what you can buy and what you can't)
*every carrier level gained you may unlock a bed
*every book read(no rereading books.Run out of books write them yourself)unlock a new bookcase,then unlocks a new mirror
*Every athletic skill unlocks a new activity
*every charisma skill unlocks a new bathtub/shower
*reaching level 10 in carrier unlocks ability to marry
*Spouse reaching level 10 in medical job unlocks try for a baby
*Every gardening skill unlocks fishing and a new toilet
*every friend made unlocks a new chair
*every good friend made unlocks a new stove
*every best friend made unlocks a new light
*every enemy made re-locks an item
*every writing skill gained unlocks a new dresser
*every cooking skill gained unlocks a new wall paper
*(seasons)every ticket earned at fair unlocks any item of choice.(No seasons)every competition won unlocks item of choice
*Every painting skill earned unlocks a new stair
*Every week you can unlock one new item of choice
*Every mastered skill unlocks a new TV
*every guitar skill unlocks a new stereo and a new electronic(phone,smoke alarm,burglar alarm,ect.)
*Ever bad memory re-locks an item of choice
*every good memory unlocks a new item of choice
*Every fishing skill unlocks 20¥ or 50 simoleons

tell me if I missed a skill.

I will try it myself soon.

If you don't want to edit every house in town just act like the machine effected your sim.

+20 for every item unlocked
-20 for every item re-locked

English is not my first language people.I am a native Japanese speaker. enjoy!
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