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Default Animal Adoption Center
Animal Adoption Center
A business role-play challenge for The Sims 3
Created & Written by Syrah (aka. PrincessZeda)

Your Sim has always dreamed of owning their own animal adoption center since they were little, due to their passion for animals. He/She decided to move out of their parents home to start a new life surrounded by dogs, cats, and horses alike.

This is my own take on KiriMaccyG’s Animal Rescue Centre with RNG (Random Number Generated) rolls along with more realistic financial twists for those of you who crave a tougher challenge. Here, you will see your passion evolve and grow with an expanse of upgrades you can add to your facility to improve it for the better or perhaps falter to random, situational events. Please feel free to alter the rules to your liking if things seem a bit too tedious. I hope you will all take the time to enjoy this challenge!

‣ It is required that you have both NRaas’ MasterController and MasterControllerCheats mods installed. You will be editing your household funds a lot in this challenge, and these two mods do this in a swift manner. You will also need these mods to expand your household slots if needed.
‣ Have a random number generator ready for rolls. is a great webite to use for this.
‣ Have a place to keep track of your upgrades/animal information/successful adoptions. I prefer Google Spreadsheets, but you can use whatever you’re comfortable with.

‣ Your first Sim will be the Adoption Center’s owner. He/She must be at least a young adult, but can have any combination of traits that you want.
‣ You are allowed to have as many other Sims as you wish when you start out. These Sims can be family members or roommates that can help out at the Adoption Center. These extra Sims can be of any age and have any traits that you want.
‣ You are allowed to start out with 1 family pet. This pet cannot be put up for adoption through your Adoption Center.

‣ You are allowed to start out on any sized empty lot. 64x64 is recommended if you wish to expand your facility and add different animal specialties.
‣ You are only allowed to house one animal type at the start of the challenge. This will be your first animal specialty, so pick and plan accordingly. You will be able to unlock more animal specialties later in the challenge.
The Family Home: Your home must be a separate building. This means that it can not be attached to your Adoption Center in any way. You have complete freedom to how your house is built, it just has to satisfy your Sims needs.
Adoption Facility: One of these must be attached to each of your animal boards. This is where (imaginary) guests come to view the animals up for adoption, and perhaps adopt one. Attach any rooms to this area that are related to personal care for that animal (ie., Washroom to bathe dogs). Each animal board room must be viewable from this room.
Animal Board: This is where animals are housed that are/will be up for adoption. Each animal type (horse, dog, and cat) must be boarded in a separate building. Click here to see example layouts .
‣ One animal will be assigned to one boarding room, which requires 1 food item (ie., food bowl, water trough, hay), 1 toy, and 1 bed/sleeping stall. Each room must have an indoor and outdoor section. You start out with 2 of these rooms at the start of the challenge. It is recommended to have one large outdoor section where all of the animals in that board can play and socialize with one another.
‣ In the case of a pregnant animal, the mother will get her own room which is much larger than the standard. This is so she has enough room to care for her babies. Animals that are not pregnant should not be boarded here. You start out with 1 of these rooms at the start of the challenge.
‣ You must start out with an empty lot and build with the funds you have but you can roll under Starting Out to get some extra cash towards building your Adoption Center. You cannot move into a prebuilt lot at the start, though you can move into one at a later date (when you have the funds and it has all of the requirements in the Setting Up: The Lot section).
‣ No cheats that affect your motives, relationships or income (excluding MasterControllerCheats which will edit your funds).
‣ You can add animals to your facility by either befriending strays yourself or by calling up the rescue squad (aka., the in-game adoption center). The rescue squad mainly rescues animals in distress and does not have the proper equipment to house multiple animals. This is why they come to you to take them off their hands. You can only take in 1 animal per day.
‣ Your primary income is adoption fees. Fees will get more expensive relative to how many positive traits are learned while at the facility, along with many other factors (see Adoption Fee Calculator) that can affect the price both negatively and positively. After you have rolled under Rolls: Adoption, and can successfully set an animal up for adoption, call in for the adoption on your phone so the animal can be picked up by the new owner. Once the animal leaves the household, use the MasterController to add the fee to your household funds after you have calculated the price.
‣ Animals must stay at the facility for a minimum of 3 days before they can be put up for adoption. If an animal was born in the facility, you must still wait the 3 days. Keeping them for a longer period of time to train them for good traits and/or skills is recommended in order to get better income.
‣ When you go to put an animal up for adoption, all of their needs must be in the green as well as their mood.
‣ You start out with one animal specialty of your choice at the start of the challenge. This means that you can only house and put up one animal type for adoption at first.
‣ You can purchase Specialty Licenses which can add a new animal specialty to your Adoption Center. This means you can place a different animal type up for adoption after you have built a proper animal board for them.
‣ Facility upgrades and building permissions will become available for you to purchase once you complete the specified requirements.
‣ Perks can be bought, but are extremely pricey! These can add a multitude of benefits to your Facility. Think of these as Lifetime Awards for your Adoption Center.
‣ Watch out for fines! Inspectors will sniff you out quick if they see something unsatisfactory going on in your facility. When they find out, you’ll have to pay the fine (see Fines). Roll under Inspection to see if they catch what’s fishy. They may not find out, and you won’t end up paying a fee. If you end up paying 3 fines, you lose the challenge due to your Facility being poorly managed.
‣ Upon entering the facility, every animal must be washed and groomed (to simulate deworming, flea baths, etc.).

‣ The Adoption Center owner cannot have a job. Tending to the animals and putting them up for adoption is his/her job. You are allowed profitable hobbies (painting, writing, gardening, etc.).
‣ Any other Sims in the household are allowed part-time jobs as well as profitable hobbies. Jobs are discouraged though, since this challenge is based around Adoption Center profits and caring for animals.
‣ If you have a family pet with the hunting skill, it’s up to you if you want to sell what he/she finds. If you want more of a challenge, do not sell the items. You cannot sell items found by animals in board.

‣ Animals in board cannot leave the lot without a Sim going with them (ei., walking the dog, visiting the horse training ground). It is suggested that these animals must stay in their board on the lot.
‣ Animals are not allowed to breed with one another while in the facility (this results in a fine).
‣ If two animals in board get into a fight, they cannot be put up adoption for the next 2 days due to their injuries. You must pay $150 for treatment.
‣ Roll this prompt at the start of the challenge for a chance at some extra money.
Starting Cash: 1-10
1-3: You empty out your old piggy bank and find $700 stashed in there! Add $700 to your household funds.
4-6: The locals are aware of your ambitions and have given you the profits from the promotional car wash event. Add $2,000 to your household funds.
7-9: Some rich investor is in town, and saw your ads in the paper. He decides to donate $5,000 to your cause.
10: Looks like you couldn’t scrounge up any extra money this time around.

‣ Roll each of the following prompts when a new animal arrives at your facility.
Pregnancy: 1-10
1-8: Not Pregnant
9-10: Pregnant (use testingcheats to impregnate)

Sickness/Disease: 1-15
1-10: This animal is 100% healthy!
11-14: This animal has worms. Pay $50 for deworming treatment.
15: This animal has a serious injury. Pay $100 for treatment and medication.

‣ Roll this prompt before every adoption.
Adoption Success: 1-10
1-7: This animal will be adopted today!
8-10: Looks like this animal didn’t spike anyone's interest. We’ll have to try again tomorrow.

‣ Roll this prompt when you trigger something in the Fines category.
Fines: 1-10
1-5: The inspector saw what you did! You have to pay the fine.
6-10: You covered your trail pretty well and the inspector never found out what happened. You don’t have to pay the fine.

‣ Roll this prompt at the start of each week.
Weekly Event: 1-7
1: Looks like the food we ordered for the week was tainted, now all of the animals have stomach bugs. You’ll have make all of the dog and cat food from scratch and pay $300 in anti-diarrheal meds this week.
2: Two of the animals got into a fight! Pay $200 in medical fees. Two of your animals can not be put up for adoption for another 3 days so they have time to heal. They can not be walked or taught tricks due to their injuries.
3: Looks like some coyotes got into the facility last night and spooked the animals! All animals cannot be taught tricks, walked or be skill trained for the day.
4: What luck! A generous fellow decided to donate to our cause! Add $2,000 to the household funds.
5: The local elementary school held a bake-off event. They decided to give the proceeds to your Adoption Center! Add $500 to the household funds.
6: A local company decided to sponsor you. If you manage to get 5 animals adopted by the end of the week you will be paid $700. If you fail, you will have to pay $300 to the company for false advertisement.
7: Looks like we’ve been having some crazy weather over the past few days! Sims cannot visit your Adoption Center 3 days out of the week due to the weather. None of your Sims can leave the home lot (Excluding part-time jobs), and no animals can be adopted during those 3 days. If you do not have the Seasons EP, you’ll have to use your imagination (ie., tornado warning).
‣ For each section, choose all that apply and then add up what you’ve selected. This is the adoption fee.


‣ Puppy: +$700
‣ Adult: +$600
‣ Elder: +$300

‣ Purebreed: +$75
‣ Mutt: +$25

‣ Positive Traits (Friendly, Loyal, Neat, Non-Destructive, Playful, Proud, Quiet): +$25 Per Trait
‣ Negative Traits (Aggressive, Destructive, Noisy): -$25 Per Trait

‣ Friends: +$10 Per Friend (Animal or Sim)
‣ Walks: +$10 Per Walk (30 Minutes Minimum; Maximum 2 Times a Day)
‣ Tricks: +$15 Per Trick Learned
‣ Hunting Skill: +$15 Per Point

‣ Kitten: +$600
‣ Adult: +$500
‣ Elder: +$200

‣ Purebreed: +$75
‣ Mix: +$25

‣ Positive Traits (Friendly, Loyal, Neat, Non-Destructive, Playful, Proud, Quiet): +$25 Per Trait
‣ Negative Traits (Aggressive, Destructive, Noisy): -$25 Per Trait

‣ Friends: +$10 Per Friend (Animal or Sim)
‣ Hunting Skill: +$20 Per Point
‣ Colt/Filly: +$800
‣ Adult: +$700
‣ Elder: +$300

‣ Purebreed: +$75
‣ Mix: +$25

‣ Positive Traits (Agile, Brave, Fast, Friendly, Neat, Obedient, Playful, Quiet): +$25 Per Trait
‣ Negative Traits (Aggressive, Hates Jumping, Nervous, Noisy, Ornery, Untrained): -$25 Per Trait

‣ Friends: +$10 Per Friend (Animal or Sim)
‣ Riding: +$10 Per Ride (30 Minutes Minimum; Maximum 2 Times a Day)
‣ Jumping Skill: +$15 Per Point
‣ Racing Skill: +$15 Per Point
‣ You start out with two standard boarding rooms and one large boarding room (for pregnant animals) at the start of the challenge. Once you have fulfilled the requirements and have paid the building fee, you can add the room to your Adoption Center. Permissions to build more boarding buildings can be bought here given that you have the proper Specialty License. Extra lots are allowed to be pre-built, as long as you can afford it.

Standard Boarding Room ($100):
‣ Unlocked after every 3 animals successfully adopted.

Large Boarding Room ($200):

‣ Unlocked after all animals resulting from 1 pregnancy have been successfully adopted (excluding parent). Can be done more than once.

Animal Board Building/Adoption Facility ($1,000):

‣ Own an Animal Specialty License that will be assigned to the building.
‣ Have at least 7 boarding rooms in at least 1 current animal board.
‣ Successfully place 10 animals up for adoption.

[Ambitions EP] Extra Lot ($700):
‣ Successfully place 20 animals up for adoption.
‣ Own at least 2 Animal Specialty Licenses.

‣ You start out with one of these at the start of the challenge. Once you have fulfilled the requirements and have paid the license fee, you will then be capable of putting that animal type up for adoption.

Canine Specialty ($5,000):
‣ Have at least 10 boarding rooms in all current animal boards.
‣ Successfully place 15 animals up for adoption.

Feline Specialty ($3,000):
‣ Have at least 7 boarding rooms in all current animal boards.
‣ Successfully place 10 animals up for adoption.

Equine Specialty ($10,000):
‣ Have at least 10 boarding rooms in all current animal boards.
‣ Successfully place 20 animals up for adoption.
‣ Purchasing perks can give you valuable leverage over the competition. These are expensive due to their rather cheaty benefits.

Animal Magnet ($20,000):
‣ You can take in as many animals as you want per day.

Charismatic ($35,000):
‣ Put as many animals up for adoption as you want per day. Need requirements still apply.

Gifted Animal Lover ($15,000):
‣ You do not have to wait 3 days before an animal can be put up for adoption. Need requirements still apply.

Out of the Grid ($35,000):
‣ Inspectors never see your flaws. You won’t have to pay for fines again.

Always Lucky ($15,000):

‣ All animals will succeed in being adopted, and will never fail to do so.
‣ If any of the following situations occur at your facility, you must roll under Inspection. If the inspector finds out, you must pay the fine for said situation.

Death of an Animal ($500):
‣ When an animal dies due to needs not being satisfied. If an animal dies naturally of old age, you only have to pay $100 for the disposal fee.

Overcrowding ($500):
‣ When you have more animals than you have boarding rooms, so not every animal has their own room.

Poor Care ($500):
‣ When boarding rooms do not satisfy the requirements (see Setting Up: The Lot).

Unsupervised ($500):
‣ When two animals get into a fight or woohoo/try for baby.

Poor Housing ($500):
‣ When a pregnant animal is not boarded in a large room.

Test Subject
#2 Old 27th Mar 2016 at 7:06 AM
I love this I'm starting right now, But I'm wondering, how do we Adopt out the animals? Do we just move them out or...?
Test Subject
#3 Old 28th Mar 2016 at 6:51 PM
can any pets stay in the large room or is it just pregnant pets?
Test Subject
#4 Old 29th Mar 2016 at 4:58 AM
Originally Posted by grovie2012
I love this I'm starting right now, But I'm wondering, how do we Adopt out the animals? Do we just move them out or...?

You call to put your animals up for adoption and then just cheat yourself some money.
Test Subject
#5 Old 29th Mar 2016 at 7:53 AM
Originally Posted by the sims 3 gal
You call to put your animals up for adoption and then just cheat yourself some money.

Good idea, thanks hun.
Test Subject
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#6 Old 30th Mar 2016 at 3:34 PM
The only possible way to move out the animals is to put them up for adoption. After the pet is picked up, you must use the NRaas' MasterControllerCheats to give yourself the correct amount of money after you've calculated it through the Adoption Fee Calculator section.

@Kairabugz Yes, any pet is allowed to stay in the large rooms, but keep in mind that you will get penalized if you do not have a large room available for a pregnant animal.
Test Subject
#7 Old 30th Jan 2017 at 11:59 AM
How do you impregnate an animal using testingcheats please? I did a quick google search, but couldn't find the information.
Test Subject
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#8 Old 10th Feb 2017 at 3:13 PM Last edited by PrincessZeda : 12th Feb 2017 at 6:19 PM.

Looks like I'll have to update that process! Here is the alternate method to impregnate (you need NRaas MasterController):

Select the pet that should be pregnant > Click 'NRaas' > Click 'MasterController' > Click the 'Basic' option > Click 'Pollinate'
From there you should have the ability to select the parents. Select the female pet that must be pregnant, then from there select a male pet at random that would have bred with her. Now she should be pregnant, and all you have to do is wait!
Lab Assistant
#9 Old 10th Feb 2017 at 4:42 PM
Hmm I'm strongly considering playing this to satisfy my virtual pet hoarding addiction! I have MasterController for increasing household limit and stuff, but not MasterControllerCheats. But this should work with the familyfunds cheat too, right?
Test Subject
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#10 Old 10th Feb 2017 at 9:36 PM

If you would prefer a simpler version of the challenge, then yes!
Test Subject
#11 Old 6th Jan 2018 at 9:06 PM
Hi! I have been playing your challenge since yesterday after adapting it to sims 4 Cats and Dogs. Im having great fun!
I haven't been able to find the cheat to imprengnate with the Sims 4 so I let that part go...

Only one question: how much adoption per day is permitted at the start before the perk "charismatic"?

Thanks again!
Test Subject
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#12 Old 6th Jan 2018 at 11:18 PM

Oh cool! I haven't tried adapting this to S4, but I hope it's fun! But yeah, for impregnating I would look through the MCCC mod and see if there is any option for it there.

By default you should only be adopting out one animal per day. But if you want, you can make a roll using a randomizer to see if you can allow more adoptions for that day, since realistically there is a chance for more!
Test Subject
#13 Old 7th Jan 2018 at 3:03 AM Last edited by justine.chiro : 7th Jan 2018 at 4:05 AM.
Here is what I did:
I transformed the ADOPTION ROLL by a VISIT ROLL once a day that is dependant of the number of non-animal friends that my sims have.

on a roll of 1 to 10:
1-3 friends = roll 1-6 to have a sim visit your shelter and adopt a pet
4-8 friends = roll 1-7
9-12 friends = roll 1-8
12-20 friends = roll 1-9
20 friends or more = dont roll, you know enough people to have someone everyday to adopt one of your pet.

This is to make sure I do something other than caring for my shelter pets...And I figure the more you know people, the more they talk about you and find sims to adopt your pets...a kind of business networking. I used the ''popularity'' aspiration to help me with the number of friends for each level, but I dont know if its balanced yet.

If I have more then one pet for adoption that day I do a roll to decide wich one the visitors wanted and I add the pet to a household that don't have any pet via the ''manage household'' option.

Also, since Cats and Dogs have Vetenarian clinics, I figured I had to bring every pet for a checkup and neutering/spaying, and of course, curing any disease they might have when I adopt them. This is a lot of in-game time though...but I can chat with the other sims waiting at the vet and make pet-loving friends. ^^
I added a 300$ base price to cover the cost of preventive shot and neutering/spaying.

I also brang up the fee to 50/trait since pets have only 3 traits. And I decided the trait ''hunter'' is worth 100 instead of 50.

I don't apply the events when the pets can get sick since they can get sick for real. But I do apply the penalty if two animals fight each other.

Appart of that I play by your rules ^^

Thanks again!
Lab Assistant
#14 Old 12th Jun 2018 at 10:53 PM
Poked in here before but was too busy with my RLC to actually do it, but now I finally started it! Thanks @PrincessZeda for writing this down, very well thought-out and fun challenge!
Some personal rule changes I will apply:
1. I lowered the base chance for successful adoption by 10%. Every negative trait lowers that by another 10%, but puppies/kittens/foals get +20%.
2. I have multiple animals per boarding room as long as they are not pregnant or aggressive. Requirement for one food bowl and sleeping place per pet stays.
3. Added Piggy to negative traits. Peeing where they shouldn't is the most common reason for why pets land in a shelter!

I started with having the pets locked in their boarding rooms for realism's sake but quickly gave up on that thanks to countless routing issues und locked door chaos, especially when trying to take a dog out of its room for walks or such. And they constantly visited each other's rooms through the connected outdoor area anyway. I don't know how others do it, do your pets stay in their rooms or can they roam around freely on the lot?

I collected some wildflowers on day 1 and still occasionally let my sim go dumpster diving for free furniture because building even the smallest house for 2 people AND the start of my adoption centre with 8k Simoleons left after buying the largest lot was... hard. I assume that's ok since part-time jobs and profitable hobbies are allowed. I guess dumpster diving is kind of a hobby... The garden hasn't brought in anything yet in week 1.

In week 1 we took in 6 dogs (of which 4 were puppies!), adopted out 3, and paid a bunch of money for sick animals thanks to unlucky rolls. Last attached screenshot is how the lot looks like at the end of the first week.

edit: Ah yeah, I forgot to say I'm in Appaloosa Plains and when the Bedlington Terrier Ancha was adopted out I decided to put her in AP's Bedlington family
Field Researcher
#15 Old 21st Jun 2018 at 4:54 PM
I just started this challenge last night and am LOVING IT so far. Except I'm quite unlucky and have rolled for sick animals on every pet brought in (4 so far, not finished with week 1 yet), and had a pregnant dog come in as well. Sadly though, I don't have enough space for the litter of 4 that she produced, so I had to roll for an inspection (I got a 6!) I still have to build more rooms before they age up because they are all going to be large dogs and sadly won't fit in the small pet beds that are in the large kennel.

"900 years of time and space, and I have never met someone who wasn't important."
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