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Default Country Livin' Challenge
Farm Build-Up Challenge for the Sims 3
Created & Written by Syrah (aka. PrincessZeda)

You receive a letter in the mail from your recently deceased Grandparent. It’s the deed to their old homestead that they grew up in as a child. You decide that it’s best to start out fresh with this fixer-upper property, and begin your new life as a farmer with a bustling family.

In this challenge you will begin with no money to your name and stuck on a rundown, abandoned farm. Throughout the challenge you will be cleaning up the lot to make the place livable again with your earnings from running the farm.

▶ It is strongly recommended that you have both NRaas’ MasterController and MasterControllerCheats mods installed. You will be editing your household funds to pay to lift restrictions. You will also need these mods to expand your household slots if needed.
▶ It is optional to have Pets EP installed. You will be able to run a crop farm completely without Pets, though you may miss out on score points from selling horses.

▶ Your first Sim will be the property owner. He/She must be at least young adult with any combination of traits you want.
▶ It is optional to add more Sims to your household, whether it be your husband/wife, children, or farmhand. Just keep in mind premade family members here cannot be counted towards the final score.
▶ It is optional to start out with as many pets as you want. Just keep in mind that premade horses here cannot be sold for score points.

▶ The lot must have a rundown, abandoned theme. Overgrown landscape, dirty furnishings, trash/clutter everywhere. You cannot start out on an empty lot. If you can’t find a themed lot like this online, edit one from in-game to give it the same vibe.
▶ Furnishings must be extremely limited inside the home, and of poor quality. Most rooms should be bare excluding decor clutter. Pick 3 of these furnishings that will already be the lot when you arrive (only 1 of each): Sink, Single Bed, Bathtub, Stove, Fridge, Toilet, Couch.

▶ Once you arrive at the lot, you must edit your household funds to $0. Use FreeRealEstate cheat if needed to move into the abandoned homestead.
▶ Any Sim from the 1st generation (Property Owner, Wife/Husband, and their children) cannot have a job or part-time job. They must work the farm or earn profit from skills (though not recommended).
▶ All, if not most of the household profits must come from crop farming, selling horses bred on the farm or horse competition prizes from the Equestrian Center.
▶ At the start, the house is almost unlivable due to power and plumbing being shut off. You will have to pay a fee to turn them back on. So at first you will be living out of sleeping bags and using public bathrooms.
▶ You can only use facilities available at public lots, not on other residential lots.
▶ You cannot use a stove, fridge, T.V, or any other realistically electric powered furnishings on the lot until you pay the overdue Electricity Bill.
▶ You cannot use a sink, toilet, shower/bathtub or anything else related to plumbing on the lot until you pay the overdue Water Bill.
▶ Decor clutter or trash on the lot must not be sold for profit. Just place it in the family inventory or remove the gained funds through NRaas.
▶ [EASYMODE RULE] You don’t have to start paying the actual lot bill until you have paid off the overdue ones. Just cheat in the exact amount every time.
▶ The Challenge ends when the last child of the 1st generation that is living on the lot dies. This means not all of the Property Owner's children must live on the lot. At least one child must live on the lot their whole life.

These are one time payments that must be paid off in order to use furnishings related to them on the lot (see Rules). These can be paid at any time, but must be in full (no partial payments).

Overdue Electric Bill: $1,000
Overdue Water Bill: $850

+40 Get Married
+120 Raise 6 Children from baby to young adult
+50 Make the Farm livable again OR Raise enough money to move into your own dream homestead
+100 Earn $100,000 from farming, horse sales, or equestrian competitions
+20 Raise a Grandchild on the lot from baby to teen (repeatable)
+10 Per 5 Crops planted on the Farm (repeatable; counts when the action of planting is used, not how many plants are on the lot in total)
+20 Sell a Horse bred on the Farm (repeatable)
+30 Do not follow Easymode Rules

▶ Added more clarification/description to some rules.
▶ Raised overdue bill prices by a good amount.
▶ You now have to raise a Grandchild from baby to teen to earn score points.
▶ Added clarification to Crops Planted scoring.

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Sounds really good, I love playing farming families so I'll definitely give it a try!
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I'd love to see your stories for this challenge!
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This sounds fun! Reminds me of Harvest Moon, so I think I might try it Would the age span be set to normal or be set to something longer?
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I'd say that normal aging is the standard, but if you want to choose something different you should mention it if you post your scores anywhere!
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Definitely giving this a try. It looks fun.
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Awesome! I'm definitely gonna try this.
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Gonna be doing this on my youtube channel as my first lp
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I'd love to watch it! Please link us when you do!
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So I have started the series you can find it over on my youtube I will link you guys the first part
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