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Default Why Are The Men In Control?
Hello reader! I don't have much to say other than I'm sorry if somebody else wrote this challenge before me! Now, LEZ GO!!!


Dexter The Bear:
21 Day Pregnancy:

You were born in a house with four brothers and zero sisters in Great Britain. Kinda sucks. Anyway you got along with your life fine. Your parents had decided you would be a teacher when you grew up, so you were given the finest education money could buy. A week after your 18th birthday you had started your career in education and had done fine. When you were walking home that night to your home, you were grabbed by a stranger and thrown in jail on a boat. All the way there you pondered on what was happening. Three years pass. It's 1734, your twenty-one now, and your forced into marriage on an island where women are slaves to men.

-Create one female sim wearing a dress (Nothing of this generation)
-No Makeup! It's 1734
-Must have the following traits: Neat, Natural Cook, Rebellious, Nurturing, and Animal Lover
-Create one male sim wearing something nice (Nothing of this generation)
-Must have the following traits: Flirty, Brooding, Ambitious, Snob, and Proper
-Create two horses of opposite gender (For Breeding)

-Pick an empty island with nothing on it and build one house
-Place this house for every family
-Build a lot for riots (Must use University Life)
-Build a lot for men to socialize at

-No using cheats to kill men
-You may only kill men once every woman is on board with killing their despicable spouse
-Only one spouse can die every three seasons! Killing them every day would make the challenge way too easy!
-Leave some men to breed with
-No being spotted away from the house by your husband! If you are caught you will be forced to stay in the house for two days! Two followers will be lost for a whole season, or seven days (If you don't have seasons)
-If a man shows up at the riots they must be killed! (If your husband has shown up you must not kill him and follow the rule above)
-Every two seasons (14 days) you must try for a baby! Don't wan't the men thinking you're doing something wrong now do we??
-No cars! Your transportation is a horse.
-Have fun!

Make an equal island by trying to keep lots of people alive! Take over by killing some of the rioters husbands! Once the women outweigh the men by a good many, (Almost every rioters husband is dead) you win!

I hope you all enjoy it! I know I was pretty bad at writing this, and the challenge is kind of simple, but if you do try it please send me pictures of your island, your main character and her family!
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