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Default The Victims of Asylum Challenge
Newscaster: Recently Mental-Brooke Asylum has shut down due to poor treatment of patients and unhealthy living conditions. The asylum was holding 4 mentally insane sims, they're conditions have only been worsened by the treatment of the doctors. Due to the closing of the institution, those 4 patients have managed to escape before relocation. Their whereabouts are currently unknown, the police have been searching for them since last week-when they escaped- to no avail. The police ask for any help with the investigation, the 4 patients are dangerous and not in a stable enough condition to be out in the public just yet.

You were only a teen when you were sent to Mental-Brooke, your case wasn't too bad at the time- you were just mildly depressed, and your over dramatic mother had sent you to Metal-Brooke. A couple of months in the institution would help you greatly and get you back to normal. They had promised.

Unfortunately 2 months into your stay- your parents were involved in a serious car accident and were pronounced dead a couple hours later in the ER, so you had to stay in the institution until 18. Instead of getting healed, you were tormented for years only becoming worse and worse every passing day- they kept you even after you turned 18. The doctors used you as a lab rat to study certain human behaviors in the most horrifying ways possible. You were broken, and you had no hope left in life.

You weren't the only victim to their experiments, there were 3 others. You occasionally passed each other in the halls when being taken to somewhere in the facility- usually the examination rooms. You didn't know the other victims, but whenever you made contact with them in the halls, for only a moment the broken look in their eyes would be one of understanding and pain.

One day, awhile later- you overheard the doctors talking about how the facility was being investigated and that there was a large possibility that the institution would be shut down. And for the first time in years, a glimmer of hope entered your heart, just a glimmer. As the days passed from then the doctors would look nervous, and even a bit scared. Every time you saw the fear in their faces whenever a detective would be coming over later, brought you immense happiness. And then one day, while you were being brought to your cell- the doctor forgot to lock the door. At first you thought it was some sick test to see if you would leave and mess with your hope. But hours passed and the door never locked. So at what time you thought was midnight you pushed the door open, and you were free.

You desperately ran around the halls trying to find a way out when you stumbled across another cell- one who's door looked exactly like yours and you looked through to see a man. He looked to be around your age and you then recognized him as one of the other patients. You spotted the keys to his cell hanging on a rusty hook to the side and you opened the door. At first he attacked you- but after looking at the clothes you had on and recognizing you as a fellow patient he stopped. And so the two of you wandered the halls and found the 2 other patients and released them as well. The four of you then found a window- smashed it open and escaped.

You were finally free.

The 4 Patients:

The Sociopath:
-young adult
-This patient was brought to the institution instead of jail for not showing remorse for killing his parents
-I suggest he be male, but you can choose it doesn't really matter much
-Must have insane, charismatic, genius, mean spirited and hotheaded.
-CAN NOT have traits good, unlucky, loser, coward, hopeless romantic, friendly or family orientated,
-Make him look handsome
-Sociopaths are manipulative and antisocial, they lack empathy for others, usually have high IQ's and are very charming when they want to be- they are also very impulsive. He must act like this during your gameplay.

The Nymphomaniac:
-young adult
-Was brought to asylum for out of control behaviour by father
-Is female
-Must have traits Insane, flirty, commitment issues, and good kisser. you can choose the last one
-CAN NOT have traits hopeless romantic, good, never nude, non-flirty.
-She has a a VERY high sex drive.
-dress her up so she looks seductive.

The Thief:
-young adult
-Was taken to asylum for a severe case of ]ADHD
-Doesn't matter what gender
-Must haves Traits kleptomaniac, athletic, insane,and handy, you can choose the last one
-CAN NOT have traits hates the outdoors and couch potato.
-Can't sit still
-Recommended to dress the this one with sporty clothes.

The Depressed One(The MC of the backstory):
-young adult
-Can be either gender
-Must have traits, Insane, loner, neurotic, heavy sleeper, and hates the outdoors. (you can't choose any for this one)
- Dress this one whatever way you want to, but if you want a theme to go with his/her personality dress them up maybe somewhat careless, and un-put-together?

NO cheats allowed unless told so in rules or unless the cheat is resetsim. No mods needed to play, but if you want to spice things up a bit, get Dexter the bear, weapons systems and woohoer (if you get woohooer i highly recommend kamasimtra too) i'll explain why these mods may make the game more fun later. The lifespan should be set to normal.


First you must move to an empty and secluded lot away from the rest of society, if you choose to play in Sunset Valley- then I suggest moving to 53 Waterfall Way etc. Once you move to the lot, reduce you're funds to 1000 Simoleans (by using the familyfunds cheat). From there on:

-You can either, chose to put in your own home from edit town, the lot must look simple and basic like a starter home
-Or you can instead start off with 4000 Simoleans and build a home yourself.

From here on you can choose to play this challenge one of two ways. Redemption and Normality or Criminally Insane. Both ways have different goals to reach, different themes to them and different game play.

Redemption and Normality:

The objective of this way of the challenge is to basically go against their illness and help "cure" the victims of their illnesses and help get them to be able to live normally in society. Each Sim will have different goals to achieve to be thought of as "cured".

Redemption and Normality- Rules for everyone:
-The sims CAN NOT get arrested, they have escaped the asylum and if the cops arrest them- they'll be taken back to another one. If your sims get arrested you lose the challenge.
-If any patient dies, you lose the challenge.

Redemption and Normality- The Thief:
-The thief may never steal anything, if he/she does that is strike one and they must return the object. The thief only gets three strikes- so if they steal more than three times you have lost the challenge. If the thief doesn't return the object or if he/she sells the
object then you have also lost the challenge
-Must work out until fatigued at least once a day (if you don't have a exercise machine at home send them to the gym).
-must master handiness and athletic skill by becoming an elder
-everything that breaks in the house must be fixed by the thief
-earn enough lifetime rewards points by becoming an elder and purchase the Multi-Tasker reward.
-earn enough lifetime rewards points by becoming an elder and purchase the Mid-Life Crisis reward, and change the kleptomaniac and insane trait.

Redemption and Normality- The depressed one:
-The depressed one can only have a part time job, a job is not mandatory.
-The depressed one's mood can never turn red, if it does he/she has "committed suicide". Always keep his/her mood in the green. Decrease $150 of your funds if it turns yellow. If the mood turns orange then decrease $500 from your funds, if his/her's mood turns orange 3 times then he/she has "committed suicide" and you have lost the challenge.
-The depressed one must make and maintain best friendship with the 4 other patients as well as 3 other best friends aside from the patients. If the depressed one ever loses best friend status with someone other than the patients then decrease $200 from your funds, now you must find someone else ( not the person you lost the friendship status with) and get to best friend status with them. If the depressed one ever loses best friendship status with one of the patients decrease $250 from your funds. You may not cheat to get the relationship to maximum with any one.
-You must accept any and every opportunity the depressed one receives and complete it by becoming an elder.
-the depressed one MUST leave the house and go to an community lot once per day for at least an two hours.
-The depressed one must converse with at least one person per day.
-The depressed must never get the lonely mood. If he/she does that is strike one. If the depressed one gets the lonely mood more then three times you have lost the game.
-The depressed one must gain enough lifetime rewards and purchase the Mid-Life Crisis reward, and change the insane, Loner and the neurotic trait. One of the changed traits must become friendly. This must be done before becoming an elder.

Redemption and Normality- The Sociopath:
- The sociopath must never be mean to anyone, they must always be friendly. If the sociopath is mean to someone more than five times, you have lost he game.
-The sociopath must join the law enforcement career and reach level 10 before becoming an elder.
-The sociopath must become at least good friends with all of the other patients.
-the sociopath must accept any and every opportunity he receives and must complete them by becoming an elder.
- the sociopath must gain enough lifetime reward and purchase the Mid-Life crisis reward. He must change the mean spirited, hot headed and insane traits.

Redemption and Normality- The Nymphomaniac:
-The nympho may only have a part time job, a job is not mandatory for her
-The nympho must find herself someone she is attracted to and become their girlfriend. If the person she is attracted to is already married or in a relationship she must find somebody else.
-the nympho can only enter relationships with someone she's attracted too
-The nympho must never be unfaithful, if she cheats(flirting counts) then you have lost the game
-she must keep their relationship at maximum without ever moving her partner into the household.
-She must woohoo with her partner at least once a day (she's a nympho she's gotta keep satisfied)
-If her partner ever cheats on her, she must break up with her partner and find somebody else
-if her partner dies, she must find somebody else.
The nympho must gain enough lifetime points to purchase the Mid-Life crisis reward and change her insane and commitment issues traits.

Redemption and Normality- Relationships:

Relationships don't really matter(unless it's the nympho), if you want to have children go ahead. If you are considering getting the Depressed one a partner, the partner CAN NOT be one of the best friends. Getting married and having relationships can help get lifetime points faster *hint hint*

Criminally Insane:

This branch of the challenge is more, embracing their illness and getting sort of a revenge on everyone. In this part of the challenge the mods-if you want to play with them- come into place.

Criminally Insane- Rules for all:
-The maximum number of times you can be arrested in this branch is three times per patient. If you get arrested you must hunt down the cop that arrested you and kill them. This is where the Dexter or weapons mod can come in handy you can kill them using the mods. If you don't want to play with mods- get creative! Lock the cop in your basement and starve them or something. The sim that the cop arrested, can't go to work (if they have a career) until the cop dies. If one of the patients gets arrested more then 3 times- you lose the challenge.
-If any patient dies, you lose the challenge.

Criminally Insane- The Thief:
- The thief can not have a career
- The thief can help make money but stealing one item per day (if you steal too much the cops will get suspicous)
-if anyone witnesses the thief steal they must be killed.
- The thief can'y steal from the same lot twice, but can after the third day passes. for example if the thief steals from the pool on Monday, he cannot steal from the pool until thursday.

Criminally Insane- The depressed one:

The depressed one was the one that was experimented on most out of all the others, so she/he has decided to get back on what has happened to him/her in a very sick way.

- the depressed one must kidnap someone every two days. The kidnap-ies must be locked in a cell somewhere. You don't have to torture them or anything if don't you want to. Just make sure they're fed right.
-If anyone kidnapped escapes their cell, you lose the challenge
- If more than 2 people die (death of old age is the exception to this rule) you lose the challenge
-If a cop ever enters the lot, the depressed one must kill him/her
-if a cop ever sees the kidnapped victims of the depressed one you lose the challenge
-Have at least 12 sims kidnapped by becoming an elder.

Criminally Insane- The sociopath:
-Join the criminal career and become the Emperor of evil before becoming an elder
-anyone and everyone (except for the other patients) who is mean to the sociopath without the sociopath being mean first must be killed.
-Anyone with the good trait must be killed by the sociopath
-the sociopath must be mean to everyone.

Criminally Insane- The Nymphomaniac:

-Wohoo with anybody at least 2 times a day before 12 am (except for the fellow patients). If you don't woohoo twice before 12 am three times then you lose the challenge.
- if you would like to play with mods, then you can use the nympho as a source of income by making her become a prostitute using the woohooer and kamasimtra mod.
-The nympho must break up ALL the relationships that she can without ever marrying or getting engaged to the sim. Break up at least 10 sims relationships before becoming an elder.
-Every wohoo the nympho has must be a try for a baby- if you're playing with the woohooer mod, it can be risky woohoo.
-If the nympho ends up having so many children that there is no space left in the household for you to try the try for a baby option, then you can choose just regular woohoo from then on. (to avoid this you can always get the portrait panel/mastercontroller mod)

*Side Note: On the topic of the nympho's children, you can play caring mother with issues and actually provide for them, or not care about the kids at all, and let social services come and go as they please! If you're feeling really diabolical, you can have one of the other patients kill the children- but you can only kill off the kids once they become a teenager (you are allowed to use the birthday cake only once per child-so choose wisely). It doesn't matter as long as you're having fun.*

-To win you must complete all of the requirements for the 4 patients in whatever bracnh you choose to play.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you give it a try, if you have any suggestions to make it better please feel free to say so. I will be updating this to make it better.
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Love this idea. Very detailed. I can't wait to start this challenge. However for the sociopath, wouldn't working at the police station get them caught? I was thinking maybe the criminal career, private investigator profession, education profession or having a self employed job be better. And as far as housing you said to move them to an isolated area. Do we have to build on the lot after moving them in or can we place a house on the property in edit town?
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good idea!!! I like it and I think I will try it out
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Default Thanks For Giving It A Try
Originally Posted by crw432
Love this idea. Very detailed. I can't wait to start this challenge. However for the sociopath, wouldn't working at the police station get them caught? I was thinking maybe the criminal career, private investigator profession, education profession or having a self employed job be better. And as far as housing you said to move them to an isolated area. Do we have to build on the lot after moving them in or can we place a house on the property in edit town?

Thanks for the feedback!

Can't believe I missed something as important as that, I'll edit the challenge in a bit. But as for the living situation, I say that you can either chose to start off with 4000 Simoleans instead of 1000 and build yourself a starter home, or you may get a basic and simple home of your choosing from edit town that costs under 18 000, and then reduce your funds to 1000 Simoleans afterwards. On the topic of the Sociopath, Redemption and Normality was supposed to be the trying to go against your illness' nature, and well, the police career was the total opposite of the criminal one- I also thought it would give you a hiding in plain sight vibe. But, it's just my challenge to yours- something to help keep you entertained, so bend and twist the rules and objectives as you wish, as long as your having fun! Best of luck.
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Originally Posted by Numpie
good idea!!! I like it and I think I will try it out

I hope you enjoy it!
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How do we kidnap other sims?
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Definitely Going to Try this out, I have a similar challenge im working on that is the REality show challenge. WOrks along the same lines
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