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Default Homeschooling Challenge
(This is my first challenge so I hope you enjoy)


You grew up in a town with no school. Like every other kid in this town, you were homeschooled. Now you have a child, and you need to homeschool them.


-Creating A Household-

(You can use any town)
1. Create your parent(s). They can be either gender, and must be Young Adult or Adult, but they need to have the Family Oriented Trait (If you have generations, and/or Nurturing). The others can be up to you.

2. Create your child. They can be either gender, and must be a child. The traits are up to you.

-Creating A World-

1. Go into Edit Town Mode. (Drop Down Menu >> Edit Town)

2. Delete the school. (Find the school and delete it. Simple as that)

-Creating A House-

(Motherlode is allowed)

1. Make or empty a room which will be your 'Schooling Room'

2. Add a large desk with a computer for your parent (Desktop Preferred) (Teacher)

3. Add a smaller table or desk for your child (Student) (Don't forget chairs ;D)

4. Add a couple skill items for your child (Easel, Oven, etc) (Ovens can be placed in the kitchen if you like)


Every day from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM your teacher and student will work on school (This includes Social Interaction, skill leveling, or field trips))
At 12:00 the teacher will serve lunch for everyone


1. If the food costs money, do not cook it. You must buy the ingredients.
2. Do not cheat your sim's needs, relationships, or skills
3. (Optional) While school is going on, turn free will off to keep your sims from walking away


When your child graduates (Has a birthday) their grades are counted. There are 2 ways to do this

1. Easy Way
Pick a goal for yourself (Ex level 5 in art and 3 in cooking, or level 4 in three skills). If your child graduates after finishing the goal, you get an A+. If your child doesn't complete the goal before they graduate they get an F.

2. Complicated Way
Each day mark how many skill levels your student gains before 4 PM (On a piece of paper, online notes, etc)
When they graduate put all their grades into their final grade. (1 skill point is a C, 2 is s B, 3 is an A, and 0 is an F per day.) (If they got mostly As they get an A, if they get mostly Bs their final is a B, etc. If they max out all skills or get As every class, they get an A+)

--Graduating Traits--

If your student graduates with an F you pick a bad trait (Such as slob, hot headed, etc)
If your student graduates with a C you randomize the trait
If your student graduates with a B you pick a neutral trait (Such as Snob or Bookworm)
If your student graduates with an A you pick a skill trait (Such as Artistic, or Natural Cook)
If your student graduates with an A+ you pick Genius (If they don't have the trait already)


+100 points if your child graduates with an A+
-100 points if your child graduates with an F
+10 points for every skill level gained
+50 points for every lesson you get an A on
-50 points for every lesson you get an F on


1rst Place : N/A - 0 pts
2nd Place : N/A - 0 pts
3rd Place : N/A - 0 pts

if you have any suggestions, find a bug/flaw with the challenge, or try it out let me know (How many points you have)!
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