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Default My Island/Shipwrecked Challenge
ok so this is my first challenge I've made so if theres something wrong with it or something you think i should add tell me and i'll try to fix it. The main everything here is Base Game but i will put in this -> {EXPANTIONPACK: item} for expansion pack stuff you may want to use but this can completely be played without them. DISCLAMER: your going to need a 1-6 dice....

You were on a cruise, it was amazing you had the time of your life! On the way back it suddenly started to sink! You and a stranger had drifted a shore a small island. You have no idea how long you've been there but your alive! and you plan to keep it that way.

Start the game on any island you want as long as it's small (not mini), unpopulated, and there's no buildings. So really any island with that criteria. To get furniture have a lot somewhere maybe by the shore that has dumpsters on it. {AMBITIONS: You can put junkyard spanwers on the lot too}

Make 2 young adult sims whatever gender you wish. They've been in a shipwreck so mess them up a little.
Give them both 1 bad trait, example; Hates the outdoors, Coward, Couch Potato, Hot headed, Absent Minded, {SUPERNATURAL: Brooding}, Neurotic, {AMBITIONS: Dramatic}, and Unlucky.
And Give both of them them 2 good trait, example; Loves the outdoors, {SEASONS: Loves the Heat, Loves the Cold}, Green thumb, {SUPERNATURAL: Gather}, Angler.
The 3 others can be whatever you want
When your done make sure you don't give them any relationships (they're strangers remember)

Your lot:
You can actually make your lot in Edit World if you want because money is no object in this challenge.
Your lot can be whatever size you want since you 2 are the only ones on it it doesn't matter. You can put a shelter on it as long as it's 5x5 or smaller, don't make it look too fabulous, try some wood or make it look like a cave. Its mostly if you have Seasons and don't want to freeze or burn to death, but don't put one if you want it to be harder (i'll explain building later)
Your lot can only have a 1 fire pit, 1 place to sleep;{GENERATIONS: Sleeping bag}, a place to clean either a bathtub or a shower, a toilet, a skill item for each sim (no electronics), and 3 harvestable plants from "buydebug"(this one is not necessary)
Once you go to live mode cancel the newspaper delivery, and delete the mail box so the mail carrier won't come with "testingcheatsenabled true" you won't be needing it anyway.

There's not many rules the only one is that you can't buy anything once you put all the requirements you don't put anything else done unless told to.
Building! You can build things when you get 5 skill points in Handiness, Logic, Athletics, {AMBITIONS: Sculpting, or Inventing} Now when I say you can build i mean you can add 1 new FULL room with windows, doors, wallpaper, flooring, a roof, and a light, but don't put furniture in it. (don't make the whole lot into one big room )

Roll every morning around 6am
1: 1 of your sims has caught an illness. At the end of the day they must die somehow
2: Theres a food shortage, get rid of 2 plants and all the food in your sims inventory
3: Tsunami! Get rid of everything thing! Beds, harvestable plants, cooking appliances, pluming, skill objects, everything but your buildings.
4: Theres been another shipwreck! You rescued the only survivor. Add another sim to your household, age/gender doesn't matter.
5: New Seedings! Add 2 more plants to your lot.
6: New items washed ashore, go collect them! Buy 5 new items, whatever you want!

How to end the game:
You can either populate the whole island and just go on and on forever
or You can have a full household and everyone must have mastered 5 skills each.
Either way i hope you have fun and please post your pictures of your sims when you try the challenge it would mean a lot! :D
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I'm going to be trying this!
Or actually I did try it already, I set up the family in Isla Paradiso, but it seems that there isn't a whole lot of things to gather?
I have been playing 3 and 4 randomly, and I just can't seem to remember what stuff is from which game, but shouldn't there be bushes or things you can pick seeds and things from in 3?
I'm going to give it another go tonight, in one of the other towns anyways
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I hope you don't mind but I am going to make a world for this challange, so you arn't just in moonligh falls or something.
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MrCrumplebottom1's Castaway Island is free on the exchange and is just about perfect, except their is one building, but that can be bulldozed in edit world. Also their is some really awesome castaway items by lhawk07 including all bathroom needs you can find lhawk07's Shipwrecked Items here. I have been wanting to play a castaway challenge and I'm going to except this one
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Doing this now, may post screenshots later
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Definitely giving this a go! I plan to try to populate the entire island but it may be a little difficult unless I get enough 4's.
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