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Isolation III Challenge
Hello, before I get into anything info about this challenge, I just want to mention that this is my very first challenge that I've created that I am posting the rules of, I have made challenges before but the rules were in a mess so I didn't share the rules with you. Also a few other things I would also like to mention. Firstly, if there is a similar challenge out there, let me know and I will credit the creator of that challenge as well. Secondly, I would like to mention that this is a work and progress so I will be updating the rules if needed to be. And lastly, this is the best possible name I could give to this challenge that I can think of, as your about to see once we dive into all of the info you need. Now that's out of the way, let's get into what you need to know about my newest challenge.

Many, many years ago, even before you were born, your grandfather was cursed with a deadly virus. However, the demon that cursed him, told him that the curse will come into effect when the youngest heir in two generations time, was a young adult. He told his youngest child, when he was old enough to understand, that when their youngest child was born and can understand them, they must tell them to stay inside 72 hours after they becomes a young adult, (more on that later.) When you turned 14, you were told what is going to happen to you and now you are shocked about the situation and you wished that you were not the one blessed with the curse. Now it's your 18th birthday and your finally a young adult about to go into isolation in 72 hours time, but before that happens, your parents give you 50,000 simoleons to build a shelter underground, to avoid catching the virus and tell you that this next 72 hours, is your only chance to find a partner who you can marry. After that the challenge begins.

Create a young adult sim, of any gender. They must have the Hates the Outdoor or the Insane trait and two skill related traits that they can earn money from. For example, The Bookworm and the Artistic trait would really help if you want to write books and sell masterpiece paintings, it's your choice which skill traits you give them but I wouldn't recommend giving your sim the Green Thumb trait, as you won't be able to grow plants inside, deep underground as you're not going to get any sunlight, deep down there my friend. You can choose the last two traits if you like or you can randomize them
Once that's done, now move into a lot, which is smaller than 30x30. In my case, I started 23x28 lot because of the world I was in didn't have 30x30 lot but you can choose any size lot smaller than 30x30 if you wish
Next, create another sim, this time they're the opposite gender to your sim who is young adult or older. You can give any traits. Or if your lazy, partner up with a pre-made sim.
Next we have to setup the family funds to exactly 50,000 simoleons that your parents gave you for your birthday. To do this, press Ctrl+Shift+C at the same time and type in testingCheatsEnabled true. After that's enabled, press Ctrl+Shift+C again and type in familyfunds (Name of family) 50000. Now you should see 50,000 simoleons in your family funds. Now press Ctrl+Shift+C again and type in testingCheatsEnabled false to disable cheats. If your still confused, watch my video showing you how to do this on my YouTube channel. The link will be at the end of the article.

House Requirements
Though there isn't many house requirements. There is only one very important requirement. Your living quarters has to be below top basement floor. You are aloud a stair case room or a lift on the top basement floor but everything else such as your living quarters has to below that floor. Just bare that in mind when your expanding the house or shelter (whatever you like to call it.)

Finding a Partner
Once you have that out of the way, if you have done that yet, find your partner (if you created one or have one in mind.) Of course if you didn't create one or don't have anyone in mind, just go out into the town and look for one. But there are some things to remember.
You are given 72 hours to find a partner and marry them
You are not aloud to move your partner in prior to getting married
You are only allowed to have a private wedding because your sim is rushing to beat the 72 hour deadline

If you fail to reach any of these four goals within the 72 hour time frame, you have essentially just failed the easiest challenge. But if you succeeded, well good for you as we can move onto the real challenge.

How Do I Win This Challenge
Well I can tell you that there are three ways of winning this challenge, that's where the III comes into the title. These three ways of winning the challenge are:
Grow your family to 20 Generations, (not counting your starting generation) Finally, after 20 generations, without interacting with the outside world that the virus decides to kill itself off and you're free to go outdoors again which you have never experienced before. (The challenge ends once your youngest sim of the 20 generation is a young adult)
Raise your funds to 50,000,000 simoleons. But if you don't want to wait for 20 generations to pass, there is a quicker way to get rid of the virus. All you need is gene replacement surgery, which will get rid of your faulty genes, which ultimately gets rid of the virus, which will cost 50,000,000 simoleons. Once you have more than 50,000,000 in your household funds to get the surgery, the challenge ends.
But your saying there is a even quicker way to finish the challenge but I heard it's the most difficult way to finish the challenge and that is, mastering every skill in the game. (Only mastering the 10 base game skills are mandatory to finish the challenge. However, if you have most of the expansions, or even all of them like me, why not challenge yourselves and try and. master all of the skills though World Adventures to Into The Future.) But this only counts on the youngest child of each generation, (not counting the starting generation,) and you will have to restart again with the next heir if it looks like you will not be able to complete it. And it only can be accessible from the third generation onwards.

Most importantly, you are not aloud to cheat as it would just wouldn't be fair. However, there are two exceptions to this rule.
You are aloud to use resetsim if needed to be, if your sims get stuck. If your sims spawn outside and it happens to be the infected sim, it will not count as death as it just wouldn't be fair.

The second cheat you are aloud to use is Trigger Age Transition, however this can only be used on your sims birthday.

Your age span must be set on long and the lifespan must be under 220 sim days.
You are not aloud to move to a different lot during the course of the challenge.
No one is aloud to leave the facility of the living quarters as there is a chance that the other sims can infected with the virus and die. The exceptions are:
Only when your heir needs to find a partner
Their older siblings (Young Adult and older) can move out and leave the living quarters

You're not aloud to have pets in your household during the course of the challenge as they may carry the virus themselves and can ultimately kill the sim if they step outside. (I recommend you lock your doors to prevent that from happening)

You are not aloud to adopt a child during the whole challenge, you can only get them through pregnancy.

You are not aloud to hire any services such as Butler, Maid, Repairman, etc.

If any of the infected heirs in your household tends to step outside, they are automatically killed off (You can use any type of death to kill them off)

If it's the youngest raining heir at that time, you have just failed the challenge

Your Child and Older sims will not be able to attend school as they could get infected with the virus as well.

You can only randomize everyone else's traits except the two sims you start off the challenge with.

Lifetime rewards such as No Bills Ever and Inheritance can't be used during the course of the challenge.

However, you are aloud to use The Young Again potion once during the entire challenge.

Once your heir has came a young adult, they are giving 48 sim hours to find themselves a partner. This is the only time that they will go outside in their whole lifetime. Mostly the same other rules will apply when finding a partner (mentioned in the Finding A Partner section of the page. The only difference is that your just giving your sims 24 hours less to find a partner.)

Your heir's older brothers and sisters, if they have any, are forced to move out when there a young adult. (However you are aloud to keep one of your older siblings as a helper) The helpers are restricted though in these forms:
There not aloud a job like every other sim.
They are not aloud to get married however they are aloud to enter a romantic relationship
They are only aloud to have a maximum of two children during there time in the house. They have to move out if they want more (Once their children are young adults, they have to move out)
They are aloud to leave the facility, however they can only leave once a week.

You can have a third helper and the start of the challenge. However, they are restricted in the same way (except one of their children is aloud to marry your youngest heir) Otherwise the same rules apply to them.

Your sims are not aloud to get a job of any kind.

If your sims do die of accidental death, Such as electricution, fire, etc., you are giving 50,000 simoleons for compensation.

I think that I have covered all the rules that you need to know. Sorry I didn't explain it the best, I tried though, that's the good thing. Also credit me for making this challenge by leaving a link to my YouTube channel which is called OPA! Simmer, do subscribe by the way. Though I won't be doing any LP of this on my channel, due to school. I will still be posting little updates, maybe once every couple of weeks, of course if I am still playing the challenge and as well on my Twitter @OPA_Simmer as apart of my current households. The links to everything will be at the end of the article. Anyway, I hope you do enjoy my challenge, let me know how your doing in the challenge and should I change any rules.


Link to my YouTube Channel:
Link to my video, showing you how to change your family funds:
Link to my Twitter:
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I'm starting the whole process of the challenge now, just one question that I didn't read you address. Are supernaturals allowed in this challenge?
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