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Default The Sims 3 -- Boxed Legacy Challenge
The Sims 3 -- Boxed Legacy Challenge

This challenge is based off of “The Sims 4 Captive Challenge: The Room of Monuments” by Diversion over on the TS4 Challenge forum. Check it out here!:

The Concept: Your founder starts on an empty lot inside a 1x1 box, and is only allowed to increase it a few squares at a time by completing several challenges. Your legacy family must live inside this ‘house’ for all ten generations.


Create one Teen, YA or Adult sim in CAS, preferably human, and plop them down anywhere in town. A bigger sized lot is recommended.

Your household must start with 1,000 simoleons, and you are not allowed to keep the funds from selling the Future Portal, University Welcome Kit, or the Camera. You may keep the items themselves if you wish.

Build a 1x1 walled square on the lot and place your sim inside.


The challenge ends after the Generation 10 heir becomes a young adult.

No cheats or mods (extra money, faster skillbuilding, etc.) that make the game easier.

You may not expand your house except for when you complete challenges. Decorative things (wall paint, floor tiles, etc.,) and everything in Buy Mode is fair game.

You are not required to follow the traditional Legacy Challenge rules. Whether you want to or not is up to you.


For every challenge completed, add the number of squares specified on the list adjacent to the one(s) already placed. You can only complete each challenge ONCE unless specified otherwise. Any of the sims in your active household may complete them.

(This list is nowhere near finished: I’ll add more goals as I come up with them. Feel free to leave a reply with any suggestions you may have!)

Change to any outfit - +1 square
Walk ten steps - Add a door to the house.
Befriend someone outside of the household - +1 square
Fulfill a wish - +1 square
Get a job - +1 square
Complete an opportunity - +1 square
Make 1000 simoleons - +1 square
Collect 5 unique types of insect - +1 square
Collect 5 unique types of metals - +1 square
Collect 5 unique types of gems - +1 square
Collect 5 unique types of space rocks - +1 square
Pick 5 unique wildflowers - +1 square
Collect all types of any collectible - +3 squares per category
Buy a car - +1 square
Adopt a dog - +1 square
Adopt a cat - +1 square
Adopt a horse - + 1 square
Collect 3 unique minor pets - + 1 square
A litter of puppies/kittens are born - + 2 squares
A foal is born - +1 square
Win an horse-riding competition - +1 square
Grow a perfect plant - +1 square
Make contact with aliens - +1 square
Visit a foreign country - +1 square
Collect 5 unique types of relic - +1 square
Complete a tomb - +1 square
Go to University - +1 square
Get a degree - +2
Visit the Future - +1 square
Build a plumbot - +1 squares
Collect 5 unique types of nanites - +1 square
Any sim gets an A in school - +1 square (only eligible once per unique sim)
Reach the top of a unique (not done before in your legacy) profession/career - +3 squares
Reach the top of a unique part-time career - +1 square
Max out a unique skill - +3 squares
For every 50,000 simoleons in the household funds- +2 squares
Have first kiss - +1 square (only eligible once per unique sim)
Get married - +2 squares (only eligible once per unique sim)
Have a child - +2 squares (repeatable)
Have multiples - +3 squares (repeatable)
Add a unique supernatural type to your family line - +1 square
Turn an imaginary friend real - +2 squares
Build a simbot - + 2 squares
Become best friends with the Grim Reaper - + 3 squares
Complete a unique LTW - +5 squares
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