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Default Plane Crash - Thriving Challenge
You and your fellow Castaway’s are not looking to go home - ever.

You are a mixed bunch of people from around the world; the Airplane landed in water, sank into the dive spot - but everyone came out alive.
Confused and afraid, a leader emerged and they all chose to stay together. Help did come, and many people left, but others did not.

This tropical beach world has everything! Long balmy days, eternal spring, tropical foods and fish, a warm ocean with ocean wonders, and beautiful gemstones and tropical birds.
The rescue boat is waved thanks. Some did leave, though a few many remain.

It could be any Biome or Culture together; the Sahara, Ancient Egypt, Inuit, etc; with multiple Islands or a chunk of Island near the coast. (Think Costal Sunset Valley)
It could be ANY WORLD you have or Download: make it bare with no buildings: ANY Climate; Frozen Tundra, Tropical Island(s), Vast Woodland, USE ALL NATURAL MATERIALS: THIS CAN ALSO BE Historical if you so choose; building from one Civilization to the Next.

Cultural Mix:

Your Island Home is filled with People from the Multicultural Plane Crash - the Leader that brought you together; going for home - from all different walks of life, all kinds of Diversity; Egyptian Muslims, Chinese Buddhists, French Catholics, Afrikan VooDoo, Thai Children, Japanese BizzMen, Americans, Witches and Wiccans, LGBTQAPD+, Street Kids, People of All Religions and Rich and Poor! 

What Cultures do they have? You can Include French, Chinese, and Egyptian castaways too.
Soon, a Walled City Marketplace is on your island or Costal town; it is the main focal point of your city; be(e) creative; all other things will function around it. Houses are spreading out around it, with natural building materials, and Places of Worship. NOTE: ALL GAME BUILDINGS MUST BE DELETED: NEED SHELTER? IF YOU CHOOSE THE TUNDRA MAKE IGLOOS FOR SHELTER: DO NOT USE ACTUAL WALLS, ROOFS, DOORS, AND OR WINDOWS AT ALL. NONE THEMED FURNITURE IS A NO; NO PHONOGRAM OR COMPUTERS OR PORCELAIN TOILETS/SINKS/MIRRORS/OR REFRIGERATORS IN ICE WORD OR SAHARA OR ISLAND.


Sinks = Sink in Ocean? 

Toilets = Nothing.

Fridges = Nothing. 

Counter = Rock Slab
Stoves = Fire. (Campfires and University Signal Bonfires!)

TV = The Big World of Everything!

Beds = Fall on the Sand and Zonk Out!

Cribs = (; Caveman Set, includes primitive crib.) 

Shelters: (Castaway setModTheSims3) OR:
Caveman Shelter (Clone of W.A. Tent with animal skins and tusks)
Big BonFire in Center; Community Fire. (University)

Seasons Totem Pole On Camp Sight. (Seasons)

One Magic Man or Magic Woman; Witch/Shaman. (Supernatural)

Whatever you decide, this is your stay too - so, if you want, create yourself as a fellow castaway as much and as honestly as possible! 


Easy: Vegitarian, 
( No Meat, with Eggs, and Oils. ) 

Difficult: Seagan 
( Vegan but with Fish and Shellfish. )

Challenge: Vegan 
( No Dairy, No Honey, No Eggs, No Animal Products. (No Wools, Furs, Meat/Fish/Bugs of any kind and No Leather/Animal Skin Clothes and No Foods with Dairy and Eggs and or Milks: No Shelters of Animal Products: Includes Birthday Cake) 

Vegans Can have: All Veg’s, All Fruits, Seeds, Nuts, Breads, Water, Juices, Berries, Coconuts, Rice, Kelp, Seaweed, Edible Flowers, Tofu, 
Mushrooms, Fried Tofu, Cookies (Think Oreos), Steamed Vegs and Fire Roasted Fruits.) 

You have unified your plane crash team, young and old alike, from all walks of life - now, who will you be?


Choose any Culture you like or mix together: 
Here are some Suggestions: with each one, a different Island may be needed: Inuit needs an Ice Island/Eternal Winter; Aztecs need a thick Tropical Jungle; Bygone Egyptians need a large sandy Sarah along the Nile River: Choose one or a few to mix together. Is that Culture Long Gone? Is Egypt the place to re-build, like they did - with your crash victims on the Nile? Basically it can be any Island or Costal Place moving into any environment you like.

Ancient China,

Ancient Rome,
Ancient Greece,
Ancient Egypt,
Irish Viking, 

The French Court,
Samuri Japanese,

Native American Tribes,
Abandoned New York,
English Settlers,

Afrikan Villages,
Chinese (or any) Pirates,

The Mayans,
Mermaid Culture,

The Aztecs,
The Inuit,
Hindu Empire,

Christian Sects,
Islamic Culture,

African Kingdoms,
Futuristic City,



Modern Japan,
Modern Africa...

OR ALL of them.


Hunters with Quivers of Arrows, Gatherers with Veg Clothes, BeachCombers, and Divers all come with skills, some useless (No one plays Chess or Broods on a desert Island, EVER) some value, (Kids with Scouting have the Fishing and Painting Skills) and some essential, (Gardening, Fishing, Collecting, Green Thumb, ect.)

All castaways have survived; but not all get along. Tempers flare and hunger strikes everyone, babies scream, and some form groups away from the others - but somehow, you all come together in the end. Hunger and thirst and tropical bugs have forced you all together. Mixing and mingling happen, and island children are born. Elders die. Your mix of castaways are eloping and facing the world as one tribe. Soon, Mystical things began happening. It started with the Moon.

The young men transform into Werewolves to defend their fellow Castaways; an Alpha Man Werewolf turns eight promising hot-headed young men or wemon into Wolf Men and Wolf Women as Warriors of the Castaways. They live away from the mixed tribe, The Alpha Wolf Man keeping watch, and live as they do. 
A young woman, pale and bitten by a Vampire Bat becomes colder and colder. Soon, she thirsts for Blood. Some parents give their sick children to her to make them well, and forever Vampire Bat Children. She (or He) turns eight Castaways into Vampires, worshiping Vampire Bats and Life Blood. Other castaways cringe at them and their Culture of Blood; the Cold Ones flee underground to underground caverns to avoid the Sun and some sims question the Vampier’s Humanity. No one sees them again save their underground lair somewhere under their feet. 


Many dead people mean a restless Spirit World. Children come with Mistic Powers of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. These Children are plagued by visions and can see and commune with the Invisible Mighty Dead...some say they even have an insane trait from seeing into the world of the Spirits from birth. All but for a young Cultural Anthropologist, seeks the crazed child out, and translates his or her mutterings from the beyond. The child is accepted, and their Sight is transformed to All Castaways - they can ALL now see and interact with the Mighty Dead - and they want things!
Food and drink is given to the offering table as well as jewelry and gemstones where the Sacred Urns are kept. They are welcomed into the tribe again, eating with their decendents, loving old living lovers, even playing with the ghost children before the sun sends them to the Alter of the Mighty Dead. (You have constructed one; yes?) 

A Young Man comes back from fishing with a tall and stunning Native Woman. She speaks with a strange sound, and can sing like a song bird. Men and Wemon are captured alike by her lust and charms, her watery ways singing them to sleep. She is gone by daybreak, but at night, she sings from the ocean depths. She and her Sisters incircle a fishing boat, and young men and young women from it. The irisistable Mermaids haunt the shores; some even grow legs and lay with their sim lovers, vanishing back into the sea forevermore; sharks hunt the flesh; but a mermaid’s love captures the Soul Forevermore. 
Their children are the most amazing wonders. 

Soon, the young people of the crash are the Elders; more Urns and offerings; an Undead Woman known as ‘BoneHilda’ is Necro-danced out of an old English Grave Patch by a few foolish young girls who play with magic so much they become Witches, Worshiping The Earth and holding Circle in the Sea. Depending on your tradition, they are burned, feared, or esteemed and respected. The BoneHilda explains she was an Indencherd Servant to pay her parents Debts as a English Slave Woman; she Died with Unfinished Work of gulp - cleaning up other’s messes for all time!

Most of the group have lived into Earth and Ancestor Worship; many others hold true to their parents and grandparent’s Faith; still others study the Island - a legend has spread about another from of Sim - the Tropical Fey Court.
Masters of illusion, Fairies pull tricks on the castaways, rarely seen. A Changeling is created and the Fey Vanish from all the Islands. The Changeling has wings, and eats Flowers and Veg’s, Fruits and Honey, with green skin and big feet and a wide mouth of a Forever Changeling Fairy Child without aging. 

The Market has grown to a 60 by 60 plot of land; selling every item the island has to offer. Food, Drink, Tropical Birds, Jewelry and Gems, Snakes, Fish and Scales, Sunken Treasures, Egyptian Statues, Bamboo Books, Yoga Mats, Sharks, Urchins, Saplings, Fairy Dust, Potions, Tea, Cakes, Fruits and Flowers, even other Plots of Land!

If any of the Castaways Die; they go the the Alter of the Mighty Dead.
A Statue or Common Kitchen could be at the center of your Village or Dynasty.
Grand palaces and Places of Worship are allowed but not a rule. 
Do NOT drink Seawater it gets you The Shakes. Have Fun!

(Coconuts/Coconut and Banana Trees/Nuts/EdibleFlowers:
(Kelp/Seaweed: Island Paradice.)
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