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Default The Sanders Sides Challenge
Hello, this is my first ever challenge, so please go easy on me.
Anyway, between watching Thomas Sanders on Youtube and playing the Sims, I realized I wanted the Sanders Sides in my game, so I decided to do just that. But after I made them and made them a nice house to live in, I was stumped as what to actually do with them, because letting them live normal sim lives just didn't seem to fit what I wanted to have in mind. So, I scoured the internet for any kind of challenge for them and found none.
So, here we are, I've decided to make one myself!

Now, I have to say that this challenge was heavily inspired by this Inside Out challenge, the only one I have found at all. So I have linked that challenge here:

If making this challenge is in some way breaking any rules, I will just take this thread down, no harm done.

Now, on to the actual challenge I have adapted from the Inside Out challenge above:

The goal of this challenge is for the main four Sides (Patton, Roman, Logan, and Virgil) to raise Thomas with as many high skills as possible by the time he becomes a young adult. For each Side, I have set specific things they have to teach Thomas, or do for him until he becomes a young adult. I know technically the Sides should be the same age as Thomas, but doing it this way seemed like a more fun way to play, so make the four Sides young adults and then make Thomas a toddler so you can create them all in CAS. If you have mods, you can just have one of the Sides adopt Thomas a baby and then edit him in Master Controller to make him look how you want, as I did. You should play with aging on normal, but you can do long if you want, just make sure to edit the young adult stage to longer than the preset so the Sides live longer.

The Sides:

Patton is a caring, adorable father figure. (I had him adopt Thomas, since he refers to himself as Thomas' dad in the Youtube series.) In the household, Patton's job is cooking for everyone, so his highest skill should be cooking. He is allowed to learn other skills, but you must make sure cooking always stays the highest, he has to max this skill out before Thomas moves out. Or for an extra challenge only let him have this skill. If he burns a meal, instantly make another one(or give him the Natural Cook trait so that won't happen) since Patton doesn't give up when he's doing something for his family. He must always cook meals when the others are getting hungry, if they grab anything besides leftovers he cooked from the fridge, Patton must ignore them for a day depending on how many times it happens and with who. He can still cook for them, but he isn't allowed to talk to them or eat with them. He can go out and make friends in town, but his highest relationships have to be with his household. His relationships with the others cannot drop below halfway. If he stops being friends with any them, you lose. If Thomas gets taken away by child services, you lose.
Traits for Morality: Natural Cook, Good Sense of Humor, Excitable, Family Oriented, and Childish. I only have the base game, so if you have EP that have traits you feel are better, feel free to use them.
Caring for Thomas: During the baby and/or toddler stage, it is Patton's job alone to feed Thomas, and as a toddler, Patton must always feed Thomas in a high chair, he wants the best for his kiddo after all. He is also responsible for keeping Thomas' social up. During the toddler stage, Patton must also teach Thomas to talk. You lose points if Thomas ages up before learning that skill.
During the child stage, like with everyone, Patton must cook meals for everyone. He also should oversee Thomas gaining the cooking skill. You can do this by having Thomas cook on a child's stove. You can't really make an adult tell him to do this, so as long as Thomas does it while Patton is in the same room, it counts. Thomas must max out his skill on the child stove before aging up. Also during this stage, should Thomas make friends at school, they must be brought over and meet with Patton. If Patton doesn't get along with Thomas' friends, Thomas must stop being friends with them.
During the teenage stage, Patton must continue to get Thomas to improve his cooking skill. Thomas must get his cooking skill to level 6 during this stage. As before, as long as Patton is in the same room while Thomas cooks, it counts. And like with his friendships before, should Thomas start dating someone, Patton must approve of that sim or Thomas will remain single. If their relationship starts to drop for whatever reason, Thomas has to be the one to try and get it back up again.
During the young adult stage, Thomas must max out his cooking skill, and that's pretty much it. You can get him married, but he can't be moved out until he completes the required skills taught by all the Sides.
Morality's Restriction: Patton is a touchy-feely, co-dependent guy. He can only interact with the other Sides and Thomas when his social need is halfway down or lower.
Patton can also console Thomas, only if he gets sad about something.

Logan is a calculating, factual guy. In the household, Logan's job is cleaning up after everyone. No one else is allowed to clean, because they'll just do it wrong, obviously. You lose points if anyone but Logan cleans something. If anyone else cleans something, Logan must ignore them for a day. The highest, or only skills Logan should have are Logic, of course, and writing. He has to max both of these skills out before Thomas moves out. Logan can have friends, but he shouldn't make them a priority outside of the household, he at least has to be good friends with Thomas and the Sides. If Logan stops being friends with two or more members of the household, you lose. If Thomas is taken away, you lose.
Traits for Logic: Neat, Bookworm, Perfectionist, Genius, and Computer Whiz(Or Loner if you prefer.)
Caring for Thomas: During the baby and/or toddler stage, it is Logan's job alone to change Thomas' diaper and that's pretty much it. During the toddler stage, Logan must potty train Thomas. You lose points if Thomas ages up before learning that skill. He must also read Thomas toddler books that only have titles that seem to teach something, as well as helping Thomas with the block toy since it teaches logic. This toy has to be maxed out before Thomas ages up, you lose points if he ages up without it.
During the child stage, Logan must always help Thomas with his homework. He also should tutor Thomas in the logic skill up to level 6. He must get to level 6, and have an A in school before aging up.
During the teenage stage, same thing. Logan must always help with homework and continue tutoring in the logic skill. He must also now start tutoring in the writing skill as well. Thomas must get his logic skill to level 10, and writing skill to level 6. However, Logan isn't the only one teaching Thomas the writing skill during this stage, so he can only teach him a total of three levels, whether it's first or last, it's up to you, Thomas just has to get to the required level before aging up. He must also remain be an A student in school before he ages up. If he fails school, you lose.
During the young adult stage, Thomas must max out his writing skill, and that's pretty much it. You can get him married, but he can't be moved out until he completes the required skills taught by all the Sides.
Logic's Restriction: Logan can only aid Thomas when his bladder or hygiene need is halfway down or lower.

Virgil is.. Well, an anxious guy, but all he really wants is to look out for Thomas' mental and physical well-being. In the household, his only role is to fix the things that break. So, his only skill to max out is the handiness skills. And the writing skill, but you only have to get that up to level 6. I only included the writing skill because it was revealed in the series that he used to help Thomas write a lot of bad, angsty poetry and stuff so I thought that would be fun. Virgil is a bit of a loner, so don't worry about having to spend time with the other Sides, cause he'd rather stay in his room blasting loud music to keep himself calm anyway. If another Side fixes something, just ignore them for two days, that'll show them. Silent treatment always works. As long as he has at least a friend level relationship with Thomas and a good relationship with Patton, you can't lose for Virgil. As Virgil came to be a bit later in Thomas' life, Virgil can only interact with Thomas starting in the teenage year. Sucks, I know, but that's how it is. Virgil is not allowed to talk to Thomas at all until then, if he does, you lose points. I just fixed this by keeping Virgil's door locked to everyone but the angsty boy himself.
Traits for Anxiety: Neurotic, Loner, Handy, Grumpy, Light Sleeper
Caring for Thomas: Virgil's side is kinda short, as there isn't much he can really do for him since he doesn't interact before Thomas is a teenager. He must teach Thomas handiness to level 5 during the teen stage, as well as writing level 3. It can be before Logan does, or after, as long as he helps Thomas get three levels of writing. Since only someone with a high logic skill can tutor, just have Thomas do his writing skill in Virgil's room while Virgil is in there with him and it counts. Same with handiness, just have him read a book or something with Virgil around.
During the young adult stage, just help Thomas max out his handiness skill and call it a day. You can get him married, but he can't be moved out until he completes the required skills taught by all the Sides.
Anxiety's Restriction:[B/] Virgil can only aid Thomas while he's feeling at least a little stressed, or while he has a calming moodlet from freaking out due to his neurotic trait.
One more thing for Virgil, if Thomas has an upset moodlet, Virgil is the only one that can console him, unless it's because of something sad.


Roman is the creative, passionate side. He's also a bit stuck-up, but he's a good guy. His role in the household is really only to entertain his fellow Sides, as well as Thomas. But that's no small feet, Roman has the most skills to learn during this challenge. He must max out the painting and guitar skill, but also the charisma skill as well. He must remain at least friends with the Sides and good friends with Thomas. If he slips lower than that with two Sides, or just Thomas, you lose. Thomas gets taken away, you lose. Roman will have a lot of friends, as you need to in order to max out the charisma skill, but his household must be the highest relationships.
Traits for Creativity: Brave, Artistic, Ambitious, Charismatic, and Snob(Or childish if you wish, since that will allow him to play more with Thomas)
Caring for Thomas: During the baby stage, Roman can also get Thomas' social up, but during the toddler stage, it's all about the fun. He must play with Thomas whenever Thomas starts to play by himself, Roman must swoop in and entertain him, whether it's just watching tv with him, or picking him up and tickling him, it's Roman's job. I know this helps social, too, so just make sure you only do play-like options with Roman. Leave the snuggling to Patton, it's all he has besides the feeding. Also during this stage, it's Roman's job to teach Thomas to walk, as well as play with him on the xylophone. He can also read any toddler books with fun titles to Thomas.
During the child stage, it's all about that painting. Have Roman and Thomas paint together. As long as Thomas reaches level 5 before aging up, it's all good. Also like with Patton, Roman has to approve of Thomas' friends.
During the teen stage, you gotta pick things up. Have Thomas reach level 6 in charisma and the guitar skill. Again, as Roman can't actually teach Thomas these things, as long as he's in the same room while Thomas learns them, it counts. More of the same, Roman must also approve of whoever Thomas wants to date or Thomas stays single.
During the young adult stage, Roman must help Thomas get to level 9 in all three artistic skills, but it is only mandatory to max out one of them, so take your pick. You can get Thomas married, but he can't be moved out until he completes the required skills taught by all the Sides.
Creaticity's Restrictions: Well.. He doesn't really have one. His only requirement to be able to aid Thomas is that his fun is in the high green. Roman is the fun guy, with his required skills always giving him fun, it would be hard to ever let it fall down, so it's easier this way. He's creativity, he has no restriction.

I'm also adding Remy as a bonus Side to make the challenge a bit harder. He doesn't have any skills to max, but his thing is Thomas can only get sleep from the child stage until he moves out, if Remy is asleep. It's sure to make things a little harder and maybe a little more fun because Remy is a party animal, and likes to be out at night and he'd rather drink coffee than sleep.
Traits for Remy: Heavy Sleeper, Party Animal, Friendly, Absent Minded, and Childish(Cause he's kind of a sassy, immature guy)

That's pretty much it. You have to get Thomas moved out with all his required skills. I don't really do points, but I mentioned them in case you do. So if you want to play with points, do your own thing with it. Otherwise, the only ways to lose this challenge are if Thomas is taken away by child services or the Sides' friendship levels fall too much. Either way, have fun and leave feedback. I'd love to know how this challenge goes for other people.
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