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Untitled Sims Game
Its a beautiful day and you are a Horrible Goose...

This challenge is based on the Untitled Goose Game. We shall create a single sim based on the titular untitled goose, and watch them get into all sorts of mischief.


1. Create your sim. Either gender, Young adult or Adult, based on your interpretation of what a humanoid goose would look like. They MUST have the Kleptomaniac trait, but the other traits can be anything else EXCEPT Good or Evil. (Mr./Ms. Goose is a force of chaos, not of morality or lack thereof) Also, they must have the surname Goose. The first name can be whatever you think fits best.

2. Plonk them down on an empty lot in the town of your choosing. Place a few basic necessities on the lot, as if you were starting a rags-to-riches challenge. Once all the initial money is spent on the lot, The challenge may begin.

1. Mr./Ms. Goose will utilize their kleptomaniac trait to get just about everything they need or want. They are forbidden from returning the items they've stolen, but they can sell them. They may purchase items if they wish, but money cheats are not allowed.

2. The only Career Mr./Ms. Goose may have is that of Master thief. They can make money in other ways, though.

3. Once Mr./Ms. Goose can afford a house, they may move into it. However, they must pack all their stuff with them every move. They can sell cheaper stuff to pay for nicer stuff if they want.

4. As soon as you can afford it, get the "No Bills Ever" lifetime reward. Everybody knows geese don't pay bills!

5. Mr./Ms. Goose doesn't fit in with the other sims, so they cannot marry or produce offspring. They can adopt pets though.

6. The object of this challenge is to earn 1,000,000 Simoleans. Once that is complete, do as you wish.
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idk if i will ever play this, but gid bless your soul for creating it
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