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Get Collecting Legacy Challenge
Get Collecting Legacy Challenge

Click to view in Google Docs and save a copy! There are extra links there to guides for the collections.

This is a challenge for completionists! The different generations will take you through all the collectibles in the game in a way that feels natural and engaging, but it still can be quite difficult to complete. If you would like to try a different kind of challenge, this is the one! Check out the Collector’s Legacy Challenge by Jade (@simdiv on Tumblr), if you would like an alternative to mine.

Find me on Reddit and Twitter.

Disclaimer: you may follow the standard legacy challenge rules, or not! I aim to have fun in my game so follow the rules that are fun for you. I suggest you follow the order of the generations for a better experience, but you may mix or skip any you dislike/don’t have the pack/don’t want to do.

  • You may start with a rags to riches style, but my personal recommendation is that you start with a single sim in a starter home or tiny home if you have the pack. If you think that you won’t have enough time to finish the collections in a normal lifespan, change to long and go back to normal once you’re ready to go for the next generation.
  • The extra difficulty mode is completely optional.
  • Only the collections must be completed to finish the generation before changing to the next. You do not need to fulfill an aspiration, max out a career or a skill to consider a generation done; they are there to guide you and give your sim a foundation, but if you want to do it all, all power to you.
  • Partners: you may decide for your sim their romantic life (or roll a dice for everything that matters to you: sexuality, lifestyle, commitment), unless you would like to follow an extra difficulty mode option that tells you to marry or romance someone in particular. You choose if, when they move in, they can bring money to the household and/or if they should quit their jobs. They cannot help you with your collections.
  • Heirs: roll a random number between 1 and 4 (or 6 for maximum chaos). You may choose who the heir will be, adopted or biological. Choosing the youngest child will give you more time to complete the collections, so you may consider that. Once your toddler ages up to a child, you might want to check the next generation to get a jumpstart on the collections.
  • Moving out: divide the household funds among the children and use that as the money they get when they move out. For example, if your household funds are 3,000 simoleons and you have two children, each child gets 1,500 simoleons.
  • Storing your collectibles: how you do this is up to you. You may use your founder’s home as a museum, build an actual museum, display them in each generation’s home or sell them once they appear in the household collection in-game menu. There are chests where you can store a lot of items to move them from lot to lot comfortably.
  • You cannot intentionally collect the future generation’s collectibles for them, however gifting is okay.

Saves: lilsimsie and SimLicy’s saves are both great if you would like to switch up your worlds a little.

Mods: play with any mods you like, but I would suggest you don’t use any cheats that could make it easier to find collectibles.

Generation 1: Diggin’ it up
Remember picking up those weird shaped stones when you were little because you thought they just looked so cool? The shinier the better! Even if your parents did not really think anything of you deciding to study geology, they had no idea that it would lead you to become the greatest scientist of your generation. But how are you going to make sure you pass down all your knowledge, if all that matters in your life is your job?

World: Oasis Springs
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Career: Scientist
Traits: Genius, Noncommittal, Materialistic

- Metals
- Crystals
- Elements
- Microscope prints

Tips: the Forgotten Grotto secret lot has some more rocks if you would like to check it out, but you will need level 10 Handiness to enter. If you want to cheat this, it’s up to you. However, you will need to go to Sixam to find exclusive crystals and metals.

Highly recommended mod! Carl Collectibles Ready

Extra difficulty mode: Reach level 10 of the Scientist career. Make an enemy at the lab and use all your creations to make their life impossible. Experts sometimes have their differences!

Generation 2: Every kid wants to be an astronaut
The stars, the planets, the galaxies, the giant void of space. You lived and breathed science since you were born so it was of no surprise that you, too, would take an interest. Now, the secrets of the universe have a hold on you and your parents will not tell you more, afraid of repercussions from the military that raided their lab. Science fiction movies and astronomy books are not cutting it anymore⁠— you have to get out there.

World: Strangerville
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Career: Astronaut
Traits: Geek, Bookworm, Ambitious

- Space prints
- Space rocks
- Aliens
- Geodes

Extra difficulty mode: Have an epic romance with an alien, who definitely once gifted you flowers that suspiciously resemble those plaguing Strangerville. Finish the Nerd Brain aspiration and change to the StrangerVille Mystery aspiration.

Generation 3: Living the cottagecore fantasy
Scientists, laboratories, outer space… Nothing beats the simplicity and quiet of the countryside. Living off the land with the hard work of your own hands is one of the most rewarding things a Sim can do. Plus, those rabbits are really cute. All that is missing now is a little one.

World: Henford On Bagley
Aspiration: Country Caretaker
Career: Register with the Ministry of Labor as a Farmer
Traits: Vegetarian, Loves the Outdoors, Family Oriented

- Gardening
- Village Fair Ribbons
- Insects

Extra difficulty mode: Give your lot the Simple Living Challenge and the Wild Foxes Challenge. Go crazy with your farm! Add absolutely everything: bees, Patchy, insects, anything you'd like to have! Get yourself a partner that enjoys the farm life just as much as you do so you can get that extra pair of hands to help.

Generation 4: The simanime enjoyer
Being raised among animals, once you discovered the Voidcritters as a child, there was no turning back. You go to all the festivals and you love collecting every cute little thing you come across: cards, plushies, and what are those brand new Simmies?! You absolutely have to have those. Hope no one at work ever finds out.

World: Mt. Komorebi
Aspiration: Mt. Komorebi Sightseer
Career: Salaryperson
Traits: Proper, Childish, Lactose Intolerant

- Postcards
- Voidcritters
- Feathers
- Simmies
- Holiday Cracker Plushie: purchasable from computer.
- MySims trophies

Extra difficulty mode: Collect the Spirit Dolls. Have a full house with cats, dogs and hamsters.

Generation 5: The jungle adventurer
Get up, go to work, come home, make dinner, be too tired to do anything else, go to sleep. Repeat the next day. That’s what your parents did, and that’s what you’re doing now. Where is the excitement, the mystery, the epic romances, the new experiences that make it worth living?

World: Reside anywhere you choose, but travel to Selvadorada to complete the collections.
Aspiration: Archaeology Scholar
Career: Freelancer (Writer or Digital Artist)
Traits: Romantic, Art Lover, Adventurous

- Ancient Omiscan Artifacts
- Omiscan Treasures
- Fossils

Extra difficulty mode: You really fell in love with the Selvadorarian culture, enough to make you consider planting roots there. Max the Selvadorarian Culture skill, marry a local and own a vacation home.

Generation 6: Ah, Batuu!
You’re sure that you’ve heard the name Batuu before, you just cannot place exactly from who or where. There are books and photos and really strange trinkets that have been passed down to you from your great-great someone, and now that you’re looking at them… What is that glowing blue crystal? It’s… it’s calling you.

World: Reside anywhere you choose, but travel to Batuu to complete the collections.
Aspiration: Choose among Hope vs Order, Paragon of Hope, Enforcer of Order, Galactic Privateer
Career: Manual Laborer. Quit and choose your preferred career once you return from Batuu.
Traits: Randomise!

- Lightsaber parts
- Batuu records

Extra difficulty mode: Your Batuu artifacts from a galaxy far, far away would surely sell well among geeky collectors. Start a business after your travels to sell your extra collectibles.

Generation 7: Simtatouille
Impressing you takes hard work, an excellent meal, and having woken up on the right foot. In this city, you decide which restaurant is all the rage this year and which is going to have to close down forever. Enough is enough with those fast food chains. Cuisine is art and it should be treated as such.

World: San Myshuno
Aspiration: City Native
Career: Critic (Food Critic branch)
Traits: Mean, Foodie, Snob

- City Posters
- Snow Globes
- Experimental Food Photos

Extra difficulty mode: Become a celebrity and have your own 5 star restaurant.

Generation 8: It’s a magical world we live in
You’d think that, as a barista, the chances of discovering there is a whole magical world out there were pretty slim. But in the blink of an eye, you’ve been thrown into a war of centuries, and are now faced with a villain to defeat. Reaper will stop at nothing, so you must become stronger. If you have to use untamed magic, so be it. When you are ready, Grim, come out and this will be settled once and for all.

World: Glimmerbrook
Aspiration: Spellcraft and Sorcery
Career: Barista. Become a Criminal (Boss branch) after your experiences in The Magic realm. You can sell your potions in the black market if you learn to make them
Traits: Self-Assured, Gloomy, Evil. Give the Evil trait last.

- Magical Artifacts
- Frogs
- Sugar skulls

Extra difficulty mode: Defeat the Grim Reaper by cursing him, and take his place. However, there are many ways to bring the Grim Reaper to his knees, if you are into that…

Highly recommended mod! Deadlyspellcaster

Generation 9: The Twilight Zone
Something is going on in Moonwood Mill, your parents always said. The people are strange, the buildings are strange, and it can get eerie enough to give you goosebumps. Not the ideal place to be dispatched to for your first undercover job, really. Will you find out the secret? Or will it eat you first?

World: Moonwood Mill
Aspiration: Werewolf Initiate
Career: Secret Agent
Traits: Paranoid, Hot-headed, Glutton

- Moonwood Relics

Extra difficulty mode: Will vampires be your friends, or your worst enemies? Take a stand. If you side with vampires and have become a werewolf, find a cure, become a vampire and choose a vampirism related aspiration that fits your goals.

Generation 10: Life's a beach
Finally, a holiday. It feels like it’s been forever since you last had one that didn’t turn into a full on adventure. Time to relax, enjoy life at the beach and who knows, maybe find that summer lovin’?

World: Sulani
Aspiration: Beach Life
Career: Fisherman
Traits: Hates Children, High Maintenance, Lazy

- Seashells
- Buried Treasure
- Message in a bottle
- Fish

Tips: the Forgotten Grotto secret lot has a unique fish that can only be caught there. You will need level 10 Handiness to enter. If you want to cheat this, it’s up to you. You will need to go to the Sylvan Glade for another exclusive fish.

Extra difficulty mode: Get married in Tortosa. Throw a spectacular, over-the-top wedding!

Happy collecting! :D
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