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Great update :] Arthion reminds me a lot of Zevran, who was my favorite character xD

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I'm glad you liked it I never thought that Arthion and Zevran were a like but I can see that now and I love Zevran apart from his apperence in draon age 2. Is Arthion your favorite character in witch queen? I'm glad you like witch queen Misanthrope.

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I've only played Dragon Age: Origins.

I haven't tried Awakening or DA2. From the reviews I've read, they aren't as good as the original-- DA2 is supposedly shorter, has less interesting characters, and worse graphics? I don't like the changes made to the elves either :/ Merrill's face is all weird and deformed looking.

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I have to agree with you there my friend, DA2 has Zevran in one of the quests but he is not as hot as he is in DA:O he does not make an apperance in awkeaning to myknowledge as I have never tried that game. The only interesting character for me is fenris who's is my avatar at the moment.

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Oh yeah, and I meant to ask you---

Did you use some sort of mod on Arthion? How did you get him to look so buff/muscular?

I tried to recreate some of my characters in Sims 2, but all the guys in TS2 are so skinny. I wanted a warrior who was convincingly strong, but they're all too damn thin :/

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I used an outfit to make him all buff and musular.

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Default Chapter 7: The temptation of light

Hours passed in a blur of shadow and weariness for Geraldine as they fled from the forge. When she was about fall to sleep with fatigue as Arthion send up came “I think that we out of range of those who are after us. With sleep we will revive to see Aziza about what we need.”

Since they had slipped past from the blood eagles their movements have been long and hard as they tried to escape the minions of the witch queen.

She arose the tent with her magic. Her strength had now vanished into nothings she walked into the tent before she fell. Arthion stood next to the fire of the camp before entering the tent. He was worried since he had let drop to the ground, she had not spoken a word with him since then. “good night, my dearest friend and ally” he spoke to her as she lay down on the rug to sleep.

Moments after she lay down to sleep, he slept on the other rug to dream of he and his love Vanessa after he destroyed Kalian.

For she awoke soon after he slept. Her eyes were as cold as the pale skin above her head in the light of day “the sky is dark as the witch queen plots her plan through although it is near it’s end with being victorious” she whispered as silently as the light wind which flowed into the tent. She stood silently and stepped other to Arthion who was still dreaming of his love, Vanessa.

“Why do you feel nothing for me but feel something for the head of the blood eagles?” she asked to him although she knew that he could not hear her in his dreams. “for years I have sort after you and your affection have never been for me and has left me as cold as corpse without your love, now I cannot sleep without my dear”

She curled up next him to sleep with him so that she get some better sleep with man that she had crush for years. Many time she had seen him with Vanessa over the last few years.

As she started to dream she felt his warmth against her flesh. A smile fainting appeared on her cold lips.

She started to dream, the cold and darkness filled her mind, covering her entire mind in it “oh no” she feared on where she was, “kalian I see you their, what have you done with me? What is that wish of me?”

A cold and evil smile appeared on the lips of Kalian “it is good to see here in this place which I created” Geraldine looked slightly confused “is this in your mind?” she asked her. An amused grin appeared “this is the dark castle of my own mind when I wish to speak to some in their dreams.”

She stood from her throne making Geraldine tense as she was not sure what happened with what may happen to if the queen kills her in her own mind. She appeared next to the queen in a dark corner of the room “look their is the one who call friend” snarled the queen to her.

Horror filled her when she realised that it was her friend Jane who was in pain on the ground “oh my god” she choked in surprise. Kalian laughed “she is the host for the dark god but she does not have in her yet. Pain will fill her to make her weaker” Geraldine stood in horrified silence.

She moved again so that she stood before the throne of the witch queen. “how dare you prey upon me and my friend, what do you want with me, you monster”. Anger flashed in her eyes as she said “I actually have an offer for you, witch of light”

Surprise spread across the face of Geraldine “no, please fall silent evil one. I will not listen to your voice as you will lead me to my own destruction” she turned her face away from the queen before she could speak a word of her deal. Fear bloomed once more as she did not want the queen would to her if she listened to what she had to say as she had never heard of the queen speaking to anyone in their dreams before now, showing the witch queen powers.

“I can make him love you” she hissed, a smile appearing on her face as Geraldine turned back to face her “what do you mean Kalian I have no crush on any man” a evil laugh echoed around the room from her lips.

“I can see into your heart and soul, you love Arthion but I cannot see who he loves instead of you. I can change that for you.” Geraldine looked around at Kalian and saw that she looked that she meant to what she said for her although that she was known to her a enemy as the blood eagles would have reported this to if she didn't already know as she was the most powerful mage in the Dales.

“how?” she asked her, Kalian could since the fear and the worry in her voice. “there is no to be frightened I do not wish you dead instead I want to make happy Geraldine. I could place a spell on you that will make the first person that you kiss will fall in passionately love with you and will give the happiness that you wish to have”

For moment a small spot of doubt was in hear but it was brief as she thought of the amount of times she had seen Vanessa kiss Arthion many times before even when she was child she had loved him. Vanessa had moved down to Galore from Bastion in Antiva after her boyfriend, Callum left her for a more appealing female mage and her father who was fur merchant had a new business idea which made them move down their.

She first meet Vanessa after she spent a week in a inn after father fell ill in their. She herself was on the way to train with a witch in the village of Haven to learn the ways of light. When she returned several years later she had seen her with him.

“what’s the catch, with you my queen I guess that would be” kalian smiled with joy “their is none my witch, now” she raised her hand and a shimmering red light passed through her body “now the deal is done and may this bring you much happiness.” “at last he will be mine to love and he will love me at last instead of her, my thanks to you Kalian” she smiled with her thanks as few people were happy with her for anything that she did with her powers.

Geraldine felt the darkness of Kalian's mind retreat from her own leaving her to sleep with a warm feeling in her heart as the magic of queen sank into her.

She opened her eyes to see that Arthion was poking at the embers of the fire as the sun slowly started to rise in the west. “rise and shine my dear Geraldine the day is starting and we need to reach the lake of night before nightfall on this day which is coming” she arose slowly from her slumber.

She walked out of tent to walk over to him “Arthion, may talk to you for second please” he looked at her “yes? My friend” he answered her, as she looked at him with delight.

Geraldine looked closely at him, she pulled him closer “wait what are you doing?” he hissed slightly as the breath was being pulled out of his lungs by her embrace “for years I have had a crush on you, it has raged with in like wild fire making me fell so alone and cold. I have not felt this way even about the handsome magisters in Tevinter Imperium. Vanessa will betray to her queen is it is clear that this is only person she cares about and is using you to her own advantages”

Arthion eyes flashed with anger as he truly did love Vanessa despite what she and his sister Violet said and nothing would change that for him.

He looked into those pale blue eyes of hers and realised that they were quite pretty but not as pretty as those of his love. A smile decorated her lips with her joy.

Her lips touched his and he kissed him passionately. Arthion could not help himself as she kissed him.

As they kissed he felt something sliding down his neck, it was cold and filled him making his love for Geraldine complete. Arthion looked back at the stars above as he felt her kissing him even more “oh my love is but crow compared to this swan” he felt so enwrapped with his love of Geraldine.

“I see what you mean now about Vanessa, for the next time I see her I will cut out her heart and bring it to you my love” he was pulled back and kissed her lips and hugged her tightly.

Laughter echoed around the mind of Kalian as she sensed what was happening as her spell was cast “hah hah” she laughed evilly “my spell is cast enjoy it’s effects for you have fallen under my power when you come to Shadow Daine you will be mine and a true blood eagle all corrupted what you have asked for.”

Her eyes were filled with spite after what happened with this witch of light.

“everything is going to your ultimate design my dear Kalian” Arthur stood rubbing his hands in evil delight. Out of all the witch queens minions Arthur was the oldest and one of the most loyal minions, he was the queen’s play thing who never complained or turned against her. He was also apart from Vanessa and Vanlanthiriel the closet to the witch queen, being allowed into her private chambers to hear her most inner most thoughts and plans.

When the witch queen died if she was slain he would along with for now and always he is devoted to the queen, his fate is bond to that of the queen.

“yes it is now I must truly rest as the is rising and you know how much I can’t stand sunlight” he nodded and her mind went black as the queen closed off her mind as her own dreams fell over her. Kalian slept and dreamed of what would when her plan will succeed and she becomes an all powerful goddess.

As the run rose Arthion and Geraldine were now in love with the other under the witch queen’s power, with their joy the seeds of darkness began to take root in witch’s mind. With her now tempted by the queen, the light of her magic started to fade in the darkness of the witch queen’s own power.

The camp fire was still burning as they left the camp to see Aziza for her aid to slay the witch queen and stop her plan or die trying.

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Great story! I love it. It's very interesting.
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Poor Arthion and Geraldine, they are in love, that much is true but not of their own choosing. I hope that somehow they will catch onto what Kalian has done. I really want to punch her lights out.....edenz~
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Default Chapter 8: The blood of demise

The sun shorn high above them as they walked towards the entrance of the lake of the night. The ruins before marked the border between the rest of dales and the lake, few made this journey as Aziza was known for being a witch, second to none save Kalian herself. She had been in the dales for hundreds of years as she was immortal by some twist of the fate.

Arthion looked round a tree to see that the entrance of the ruins was not guarded by the mermen who had watched the entrance of the for those who wished to see the witch needed to pass him.

Arthion’s worry started to bloom in his heart amongst the love and lust for Geraldine he had in him “this cause for worry if the merman is not here then the chances could be that the witch Aziza has joined the queen forces or have been slain by that demon woman Vanessa. Or that the Kalian has come to slay us both and through are deaths to find all those who wish her death”.

His lover turned him a smile on her lips from the pact that her deal with the queen had worked.

“I’m glad that you see that your old lover Vanessa would lead you to your demise my love” she hissed to him reaching a hand to touch his face. Her desire for him and her lust was getting stronger than ever for Arthion, her thoughts went to that of her deal with Kalian for his love with Vanessa to turn to pure hate for love with her.

She stroked his check and he rubbed his face all around it with a smile on his lips as he did so.

He then grabbed her tightly and kissed her passionately. Arthion whispered in her ear “when we have slain Kalian we will marry with the keeper’s blessing and we will be happily web to grow old and watch are children have children” she giggled as she hoped that this would happen to them both or that she would have to join the Dalish.

After they had kissed and dreamt of their future together passing through the entrance off the ruins and running to the far east of the runs. Sand flow around their feet, into their hair and covering there skin in sand making their body’s look golden from the sand. There gaze fixed on to the merman who sitting near the edge of the surf, watching the waves on the lake.

Slowly she approached him in case it was a trick, illusion or disguise for them to be fooled by and captured by the blood eagles. Geraldine moved towards him “man of the sea tell us now or your life will be for fit to me for not telling me” Arthion skipped towards them muttering about what he would do with her when they on their own that night.

“do not take a tone of violence with me” he smiled slightly as he examined his new hair style in the reflection of the lake’s surface “if you wish to speak with my lady like that Werecat Amaris all you have to do is ask me.”

Anger flashed all over her body as she asked him with all her rage in her voice “then summon your mistress then so that I can speak with her instead of speaking with a fool like you” he stood and said with a smirk on his lips “why should I when she is coming hither to speak with you”

She blinked back her rage when she noticed that the mermen had been speaking truth from his lips. Aziza was swimming towards her gracefully through the water of the lake of night. Her yellow eyes looked up at the face Geraldine as she drew near.

Aziza arose from the lake to stand before them “well it is a strange pleasure I have been sent to give what a strange comfort of company. My old apprentice who could not take that pressure of power I tried to teach and the tail of fish joined to your flesh after you legs were cut off and the hero of the Dalish with is heart of the purest heart to all now but soon to be blacked by the shadow. Now what is you wish of me”

Arthion looked at the lake with a look of sadness he felt shy all of a sudden “we wish for your help with” Arthion whispered in response to Aziza's question, Aziza nodded and gestured for them to follow her down the beach towards the cauldron and her witchcraft implements.

When she reached their Aziza turned to them both “I know what you both seek” a shine were in her eyes with that statement “my aid with your quest for death and failure of both the queen and her plan to become a goddess but alas I cannot aid in this quest”

Geraldine’s anger that had vanished had resurfaced on her face and one the rest of her body with her refusal to aid them in their quest “why not? I have that idea that you are a coward and weakling to her will”

No anger flared in Aziza only sadness glowed in her eyes to see that anger although she sensed a change in her soul although she could not sense why this was. “I am afraid that I am for this will spell my end and that of my daughters from my own flesh would also meet in either hell and heaven”

A glance showed them Aziza's two daughters. A rumour had spread across the Dales about these daughters of Aziza. They were hardly ever seen by their mothers victors who always wished for something from her. Rumours said that they along with their mother visited a sister of Aziza on a island in the Boeric ocean where they sung to passing ships and brought sailors to their doom by their singing.

The youngest one of them turned her head to look at her mother with a look of fear and doubt. “we are leaving soon to are sister until the queen fails in her plan” she told them before getting hot water from the spring she was sitting in splashed into her face by her sisters tail.

“Why are you here Geraldine?” she asked her. An angry silence that came from Geraldine that did not stop her from continuing “you were my mother’s apprentice for a time until you changed when that witch of light came and persuaded you to become her own apprentice in secret but when you were truly going to become a sister to me you fled and turned your back on us all for the light”

The anger of Geraldine surfaced once more sending her lover into a shy silence “shut up you creature of darkness. I am here to speak to Aziza and not to you” the mermaid just smirked and fell silent.

Arthion raised his head as her rage became shame for her actions is this was not in character for her to do. With her rage cooled made his shyness fade also, he fixed his blue on eyes on those yellow eyes that were those Aziza “I wish that we has another to ask for help but you are our only chance. We all have been in the grip of fear around are necks sucking the hope out of us but I know that you are not sacred by this, please could you tell this why thus maybe so”

Worry was now apparent on her face making her slightly cute in a witch way. “a witch as myself has seen the tyrants of this realm come and pass with a rivers of blood flowing behind them and fear devouring those who live Galroa, the dales have suffered because of these to. The witch queen will be victorious and dominate this world, for the shadow will fall upon the world along with death for those who stand along with her. I wish I did not have to do this but I fear my demise”

She looked around to see Geraldine. Aziza still sense that something was changed with in not just Geraldine but Arthion but it felt more like vial over his soul. Geraldine's change to her manner may be caused to darkness but she was not sure what this meant for her.

Aziza decided until she had time to deal with this more carefully to forget about this, she raised her hand towards her workstation which caused a bright red light to appear and then vanish into the ether leaving behind a vial of golden liquid behind on there.

She pointed with a finger to direct their gaze to the vial “the witch queen needs this for her plan to make it complete with a death of a god to seal his power with in her making her the goddess of darkness. In that vial is hind’s blood, a deadly poison to mortals which would kill them in a week very painfully and also kills immortals by making them die most painfully and will take a while to kill the poor unfortunate victim but in this high dosage it will kill the victim in one to two days with a painful death”

Silence fell between the three of them, only the sounds of waves could be heard until a gasp of shock from Arthion broke the silence.

“you were planning to give this vile substance to the queen?” a nod from Aziza was the only sign of an answer she gave him. He could sense the anger that was about to come the mouth of his lover Geraldine “please witch, come with us and help us slay the or at least tell us how we could stand a chance” his request of her made her smile slightly, it seemed to have calmed down Geraldine.

Aziza eyes filled with a strange inner most glow as she smiled “with some due thought to your plight I will make the choice to give my aid but first I must become a woman who can walk on land as thanks to my powers I can move and breath on land in this form to a spell which behind these ruins of stone I can be on land but with the spell I may led you my aid and that of another”.

Blue magic started to twinkle around her body as her spell started to take effect on her almost instantly. Aziza did not answer Geraldine when she asked a question “who are you talking about?” no answer came to her as Aziza rose of the ground. With her magic taking effect on her making her keep silent so that she could concrete while Arthion and Geraldine watched with wonder.

More magic appeared around her body as the power of the spell increased. She did not wonder what would happen to her when the spell is complete as this would lead her on an adventure with them both. She usually used this spell for her own purpose when she wanted to leave her ruins and her palace which lay under the water of the lake of night.

Aziza was then transformed into bright blue flash of light making Arthion and Geraldine avert their gaze from the brightness of the light that was Aziza. Then suddenly the light vanished to reveal Aziza wearing a white dress now that her mermaid tail was gone making her now human.

A smile was on her lips as she saw the look of surprise and wonder on the face of Arthion at her new appearance. “you ... You look pretty” he told making her smile and Geraldine grip his hand. “now I can take you to she who can also aid you in the demise of Kalian and her plan.”

She led the way out of the ruins towards a dark path that lead into the darkness of the Arbor wilds. In those wilds is where not only did the headquarters of the blood eagles, the unholy temple and Shadow Daine were located in the dark wilds. Galroa was on the edge of the wilds with few daring to enter their depths since even when the witch queen was ruling their horrors in those dark trees.

It was the perfect place for someone to hide from the queen as she and her minions where weary about venturing to deep into the wilds but soon that may all change with the growing powers of queen’s minions.

Arthion wondered to himself of who Aziza was taking them to and what he should do his former lover Vanessa when he saw her again maybe kill her or torture her for he now wish all the pain that he could muster from his soul to fall upon her. Those thoughts kept him and his new lover Geraldine silent as they followed Aziza.

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That was really good, I liked the surprising ending!
And good job using the Sims2 for your story, I don't see that very much anymore, it was a good change of pace.
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I am glad that you like it, I have to agree as their are little sims 2 stories being made nower days.

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I love it!!!!

I'm currently have 616 downloads and their all in their little folders.
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Default Chapter 9: Lair of maiden of darkness

Mid day passed until they reached a dark part of the wilds near the Dalish camp that was over the over side of the cliff. Through the trees they could barely see an entrance to the cave. Arthion looked around at the trees and the signs of little life that was around this area apart from then.

A smile on the lips of Geraldine had appeared since she was tired of travelling through the wilds with dark creatures watching her from the shadows in trees and from under rocks and boulders “Aziza why have we come to this place on the opposite side of the lake of night?”.

The lake of night had on its far bank an entrance to the Arbor wilds in which only by travelling through the wilds to the unknown south reach could be reached also by crossing the lake of night although Aziza would kill any one on her lake’s surface.

Aziza snapped at her when she asked her “I have come to bring you aid. She will aid you in your quest” Arthion blinked with confusion as he could see that no one lived this side of the lake of night. He knew that through a passage in the cliff and down a narrow path led to hidden Dalish camp site which has been abandoned for five centuries before.

“I ask you this, who do you mean by aid. No one lives here as their hardly anyway to get here through the wilds with creatures with only with your aid we avoided them” he told her, his eyes looking around for any sign of danger but no sign of monster or minion of Kalian had been here recently and they had never been here as even the queen was weary about going deeper or out of the wilds and so were her own minions.

A silence fell between all three them as Geraldine and Arthion waited for an answer from Aziza but no answer was forth coming. She did not want to tell them who she meant as their aid for they would kill her friend on sight.

Aziza left them to walk to the hidden entrance of a hidden cave in a cliff wall. She could see that a torch was burning bright inside the cave as she approached the entrance.

She entered cave and shivered for it was a cold as the grave, she knelt before a fire pit and casting spell which made logs appear in the fire pit. “you are early, I was not expecting to see you until the rising of the full moon in three days time” a voice echoed from a corner of the cave “you know if you want freeze to your demise in your hiding then you will do so” she told the voice.

The fire gave the cave some warmth as she stood to look for her friend who lived in the cave.

Her eyes fixed on a woman who had standing near the fire pit. Her eyes where fixed on with some worry “why did you come hither? When you brought me here you said that you would bring me food so I can survive here in my hidden cave unless” she fell silent as Aziza heard a twig snap outside making her friend her snarl like a wolf to hear it “I sense her, I sense her, you have led her to me” she snarled panic in her voice.

Aziza wondered what she meant as she herself did not see the queen at all.

“please calm down, the queen is not” she feel silent when her eyes noticed that her friends eyes flashed crimson like the colour that belonged to those of the witch queen. “you have betrayed me, maiden of the sea” she hissed at Aziza.

A scythe appeared in the hand of her friend, she waved her hand causing a wave of red light where here hand moved from her hand making Aziza float of the ground above the fire.

“oh my god, Vanlanthiriel! The first blood eagle and the maiden of darkness” cried Arthion for he and Geraldine had creped in when Aziza spoke to her.

Vanlanthiriel turned away so that they could not see her face “serve you the queen for I sense her magic. Bring your word from your lips so I could hear what you wish from me”

He blinked after she had spoken her words to him “we do not serve that foul fend known as your mistress, we wish to stop the queen and we were led to you by Aziza as she said that you could aid us in our quest but seeing you here makes me wonder as it has been few years since anyone has seen you. What happened to you?” he asked her, a smile appeared on his lips as he wondered about his now nemesis who was his former of lover.

The eyes of Aziza who were filled with fear in case Vanlanthiriel decided to set her on fire with her magic “on that night when she vanished a few years ago, assassins tried to take her life so they kidnapped her from her Shadow Daine to end her life as she knew for a while what the queen had planned that is now in action. The assassins were hired by that vanishing Dalish elf, Alyan who wished to prove himself to all as the true hero of the Dalish. She was almost slain by them but although her attackers where all killed by her magic and combat skills. I found her a few days later mortally injured and close to death in a shrine to the dark god, Nor, which the queen had found a few years before. I took her from that place to my home under the lake and healed her wounds. When she was healed enough I brought her here for she had no wish to return the queen after her near death experience and every phase of the moon or sooner if she requested me to bring her food and supplies so that she could live here in safety while hiding from Kalian and her forces who search for her” she fell silent with a hissing grown of pain.

Looks from Arthion noticed that Vanlanthiriel was looked mournfully at the wall of the cave before clicking her fingers making Aziza fall from her floating position.

She was knelling as she tried to stand as pain shoot through her magically formed her legs, she was knelling before a fire a pit. The warmth the fire warming her skin. “what will you do now Vanlanthiriel? If we came here then it will only be a matter of time until Kalian finds her way here and brags you back into her service” with a groan of pain she stood behind the fire pit.

Vanlanthiriel turned to look at them, her eyes where her own blue colour. With her slight smile on her lips “what you say is true but with my powers and my long standing friendship to the queen will not be enough to get all three of you into Shadow Daine”

“then you will aid us?” asked Arthion with a hopeful look on his features.

She nodded to with a harsh grin on her lips and answered his question with a snarl “yes I will aid on this one promise, that you take me home to my clan which you live Arthion” he blinked when he heard speak his name “oh yes I know who you are for else you forget that I am of Dalish birth and I am from the same clan as you now live. I ask thus that through this if I am still alive or dead bring me to my clan so I can be buried as a true Dalish elf not like this ... Demon elf that I have become through the blackest of magic if I am dead for if not then still bring me so I can make peace with my younger sister. Do I have your word Dalish upon your life and that of your mage sister’s?” she breathed hard to catch her breath while she waited for answer from Arthion.

He stood for moment thinking, he had completely forgotten about her being of Dalish birth and that she had a younger sister called Saphira Mahariel who was now a fully grown Dalish hunter, the best in their clan. She spent some of her time hunting with her friend Tamlen or Violet, she had been raised by the keeper’s second since her mother’s demise and her sister joining the blood eagles.

With that in mind he gave his promise “I give you my word that you I will fulfil your request, this I swear upon my life”

“Then I will aid you but first” she turned and started to walk out of the cave “come with me witch, I must speak with you alone”. She left the cave with Geraldine following her soon after with some worry.

When she managed to catch up with Vanlanthiriel, her eyes was watching the waves hit the shore of the small beach. Some times she would bathe in sun to get rid of that pale skin of hers “what did she promise?” she asked her.

“what are you talking about blood eagle?” asked Geraldine.

With turn she gave her a reply "I sense the queen with in you, she has given you something hasn't she. What did she offer you witch?” hissed Vanlanthiriel.

A flash of anger appeared on her features, her own body had tensed up with rage to what Vanlanthiriel was saying to her “if this is the answer you want then I will give to you. The queen offered me the love of the Arthion, is that such a crime. Still a monster like you would not understand love” a snarl came from the lips of Vanlanthiriel with her stating that she did not understand love.

“The foolish, the foolishness of this did that you have spun with such evil in what words where told you to. Temptation is that of the queen, many of the eagles have been lured to her by promises. If she given you his love with no catches this pact was will lead to your doom and that of your love. I sense the queen’s magic upon you, if you are smart then let me remove the magic on you both, as it will mean your doom” a laugh escaped from mouth of Geraldine.

“oh why should I pander to the demonic will of a monster such as yourself. My love, will love me by what ever means I need to use and you will not stop me” she snarled at her.

They both run to do what they needed to do to get the quest. as Aziza was heading to the blood eagle armoury to get some armour for herself. Geraldine was going to the inn to rest along with Vanlanthiriel while Arthion visited his clan to see if they could help.

Sadness filled the mind of Vanlanthiriel as she knew what the reaction would happen when Vanessa found out about Arthion's betrayal of her love for him. Her rage would be immense, her thoughts were to tell her but she needed to make sure that neither Geraldine or Arthion followed her to Vanessa. She would rest for awhile and then make her to see Vanessa with the hope that she would take her life for bringing her this news.

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Default Chapter 10: The summoning of night

Unknown to them Vanessa had her own plans to stop the queen. She did not know what Arthion was planning along with Geraldine and also that he was planning to kill his old lover. The abandoned house had belonged to one of the blood eagles who now lived at the barracks. As it was daylight the queen was sleeping meaning that she could do this without the queen knowing what she was doing.

She stood before the dark pedestal which lay a book of black magic and dark secrets that was given to her as a birthday present by Kalian last year. She turned the pages to find the spell of summoning.

When she found it she hugged herself with to comfort herself as who she was going to summon may kill her by trying to do that. “with love for your my darling Dalish hero. I risk this for you, my love although I have not had word from you in a while I know that you still love me. If I die then know that I died for you my love, my Arthion” a sigh escaped her lips, her mind up with the decision that she would try and summon who she intended to help her stop the queen.

She raised her hand and started to chant what was on the pages “with light, shadow and magic of night. By the powers of my soul I summon you upon my mortal life to speak with me, I summon you here Nari, goddess of night, wife of Nor and goddess of the darkest magic” she felt the power surge out of her as she started to summon her from her realm in the heavens. The queen had made it impossible for her or any of her husband’s fighting force from finding by magic or coming to the dales to look for him unless they were summoned by the queen herself or one of the blood eagles.

For all intent and purposes she did not know what will happen to her husband now that queen had Nor imprisoned in Shadow Daine. Awaiting night where he would taken else ware by her along with some of the more powerful blood eagles so that nothing would happen to him inside his host form until the time was right.

Her mind was on her love Arthion, as she summoned the dark goddess. She had been in love with him since she became a blood eagle and for longer that but through the events to the queen’s rain their love for each other grow and apart from Geraldine and Vanlanthiriel where the only one who knew as the queen would slay them both if she found it that her most powerful enemy was in love with one of her minions.

The spell was complete when Vanessa heard a sound behind her. She could sense that her spell had worked and to her relief that the effort had not claimed her life by summoning the goddess of the night.

Nari looked around the abandoned house before fixing on the back of Vanessa's head “to what have I a human to summon me here in these dales of the light, speak thus so I may decide I what I should do to you for summoning in such a fashion human.”

With a cold look in her eyes Vanessa turned to fix her cold on the goddess “I know who you are and the way you speak tells me that the queen has managed to keep what happened from the eyes of immortals for a time so tell me what has been so well hidden from us”

A small breath before speaking to her companion “the plan of my queen was once mine until love closed on my heart. She wants his power bound in his blood so that immortally may touch her lips. I myself hoped that me and my love could stop but alas she is to strong for me to slay” Vanessa felt a cold shiver go down her spine as Nari thought on what needed to be said to her next.

With tired rage in her voice, the goddess spoke to her once more “regret shall not save my lord husband from her grasp. Does she have the poison to slay him?” a nod from Vanessa was the only answer. Anger was now in that of her red eyes and that of her own voice as she enraged with this mortal for summoning and not stopping the queen soon.

“what a most fowl news, I see in your mind mortal. The poison will arrive with a friend of yours soon but a warning of the pain that will hit your heart soon. Betrayal of he that you love so.”

Vanessa blinked in disbelieve with that end of words spoken from the goddess. “you lie oh dark goddess Arthion would never betray me for another” she swiped at her eyes to stop herself from crying. Thoughts treacherously wormed their way into her, she had not seen him recently as she had waited for him to come and see her but he had not come to her.

“I guess that you wish to help, then come with me as I need to make you look like a blood eagle or else the queen would have sensed what I have done.”

A cold laugh from her companion was the only sound for a moment until she spoke to her “a guess will served... My intention is done for what it will be. To follow you for now oh mortal I shall but if this be a trap for me and my husband then death shall be a part of your punishment” with a smile she took of into the air and with Vanessa following her soon after to a destiny that should come soon.

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Default Chapter 11: Love and hate of a broken heart

Rest came to Geraldine in beds of the witches cracked heart tavern. Dreams had come to her of her love and those of a future which makes her closer to her love when he was not with her.

Vanlanthiriel watched her sleep as she could not afford to rest as she had a job to do before she could do that “oh what betrayal you have caused to the head of blood eagles. What shall she do to you when the truth is laid before her eyes and her love, friendship for Arthion will be destroyed by your desire. I hope that it is worth it for what the queen will make you pay for your loves affection”

With that aired to the room around them she stood her wings extended to send the cramps out of them.

A need of secretly to leave the inn without waking her sleeping companion. She crept out of the room without making a sound, her purpose was clear in this and with hope she will return before they meet up with Arthion and Aziza before the sunset on that day.

She left the inn with no one noticing her departure and flight off into the distance.

The barracks of the blood eagles was only one of four as their numbers grew but this one was closet to Shadow Daine and the more powerful members of their order dwelt inside the stone walls of the barracks. Few lived around the area who weren't in service to the witch queen as she was known to come here often to speak with Vanessa who lived in the barracks.

Vanlanthiriel looked down in the barracks for she had not been here since her assassination attempt years ago. She sighed with relive as she landed on the platform that ran around the upper levels of the barracks, fear of the queen being here was none existent for she could not sense here around the barracks or the surrounding landscape. For if she was here then all this would have been in vain not just for her but those who were planning to stop the witch queen’s plan also.

With no knowledge how Vanessa would react at her return she walked along to a closed down on the far end of the walk way.

Vanessa dressed in slivery white armour, her eyes fixed on a book on unit tactics when she heard the door open. She had asked for privacy from her fellows since her return as she did not want word sent to the queen about Nari being with them.

“did you not hear me?” she asked without looking from her book. “I wanted to be alone for a while and this women who is with me is a new recruit, I was taking to Shadow Daine with me later” she told the intruder on her privacy.

A laugh came from Vanlanthiriel as Vanessa finished “is that how you great me my old friend? I know that you have not set your gaze upon my face for years” Vanessa looked up with surprise for she knew that voice well and although she had not heard it with the believe that she had perished.

She looked up from her book with a smile, “Vanlanthiriel it has been a while my friend” she walked to book case and knelt to place the book back in it’s place “you could always use your magic to do that” joked Vanlanthiriel. A chuckle from Vanessa came “well that would make lazy and if you think it is such a great idea then you do it Vanlanthiriel”

When she stood to face her “then what is it that you want here Vanlanthiriel for if you wanted to speak to me then I would have returned to the fold a while ago” her arms were folded as she waited for an answer from her companion.

Silence came from Vanlanthiriel for a moment while Vanessa wondered what she would say to her that had brought her out of where ever she had been for all this time.

“of what I bring may lead you to your rage my friend then before that I ask you of who your companion is for she looks nothing like a recruit for the blood eagles” asked Vanlanthiriel.

Vanessa looked over at her companion while she told Vanlanthiriel her identity. “for you are right to say that she is not a recruit but come to aid us in are battle against the queen that is soon approaching us. She is the wife of our queen’s immortal guest and wishes to set him free” she told her.

Nari smiled at them both “for how many move with us to fight against the queen. Two of her most trusted allies now a secret in their treachery. The who has a heart of confusion, a witch of the sea who has been touched by fear. And then theirs me, Nari the dark goddess who will risk the rage of any for my love’s safe return to me.”

For a moment Vanlanthiriel thought of leaving, keeping her friend safe from her dire news and to stop her rage from falling upon her old lover. She shook her head, she knew Vanessa far to well to know that she would be more enraged if she saw for herself than her telling her about it.

She took a beep breath before telling Vanessa what had happened “of this dire news to you especially for you, I wish it was not my business to bring this to you but as a friend I must tell thus. Geraldine has made a deal with Kalian for the love of Arthion for now he hates you and wishes you slain. For his love for the witch is strong and hers for him is” Vanlanthiriel heard her friends shaking breath as she finished telling her about her loves betrayal.

No words came from Vanessa for a moment “Vanessa? I am sorry that I had tell this but” she fell silent as she noticed that Vanessa was starting to cry “you did what you thought was right. I feared this was true for Nari also told me this but from you who is the truthful of all of us that I believe.”

As her tears started flow more heavily Vanlanthiriel moved to comfort her friend but was waved back by Vanessa “go leave me to my sorrow Vanlanthiriel” she wept. Vanlanthiriel looked at her, her eyes filled with sorrow that she could not comfort her better “I am sorry for what he has done to you my friend. Be assured that he will pay for it in due time. What you do next is up to you for know that we are heading for Shadow Daine tonight” and with those words spoken Vanlanthiriel vanished in a flash of white light.

Nari arose from the bed and walked to stand in front of Vanessa “the sun is setting, soon night shall upon us. What do you intend to do now?” asked Nari. Vanessa bid not answer but continued to cry.

From outside the sun had set and a cry went out from Theodosia. she was one of the liveliest of the blood eagles since she like Vanlanthiriel where among the first blood eagles, she had survived about six assassination attempts on her life and her powers were more of seduction and temptation. “night has fallen upon us my fellows, time for us to go hunting.

Vanessa stopped crying and straighten, wiping the tears from her eyes. A ferocious light in her eyes of determination “I was prepared to die for him and now for him to turn on me ... Is unforgivable on his part. Put on some armour for we are going to Shadow Daine the two of us. Fear not I am continuing this betrayal of mine but I may put an end to another's.” Nari smiled “be careful for in your eagerness for revenge you may seal your own fate instead of theirs.”

Vanessa turned to the face the mirror as Nari went to go and put on her armour for the journey that lay before them. She looked into the mirror wondering wither or not she should tell the queen of what was happening or not. She decided not to but she knew that queen would be glad to her of her news about her enemy, Arthion. A silvery sheen spread across the mirror’s surface as she attempted to contact the queen.

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Default Chapter 12: The seer child

Arthion ran through the trees not caring that they cut his flesh with their sharp branches and thorns. He had been to the camp only to see that it had been destroyed by the black priests, those who lived either bead or fled. He ran to the Dalish camp that was hidden by a cliff, to there he hoped the surviving members of his clan lay hidden from the minions of the witch queen.

He reached a stone platform that looked into the land "thank the makers” he whispered for he saw a Dalish camp down of his clan.

A stone flight of steps led down into the camp which he now treed with eager feet to see how many members of clan now lived. He noticed as he descended that Alyan now approached him from below.

“Arthion” he cried with surprise when Arthion finished coming down the steps “I am surprised to see you alive and well my friend. Forgive me for what I did earlier, it was wrong of me and that I understand now.”

Arthion smiled “I am glad to see that your well too my friend and I forgive you. Now what has happened in my absence for I see that we have moved location?” Alyan’s look of happiness faded when he asked that question to him. To be replaced with a look of fear and worry.

“A few hours after you left us, a black fog rolled into the camp which was so dark and thick that it covered the light of the suns rays. Then they came, all in black robes so that they would not been seen until it was to late. They were led by that accursed dark angel of theirs” Arthion winced. If he had been their then it had been their own doing and not that of the queen’s as he only left the temple that was their own if he wanted to take souls, have some fun or he was personally summoned by Kalian.

Alyan gave him a cruel smile “yes he was their, if it was not for the keeper he would have taken my soul, if he had not been cut with a dagger by the keeper. We fled here taking as much as we can with us. I am sorry to you this but ... They found out about your sister gift.”

Arthion paled to hear that “what?” he asked, Alyan recoiled from him for a moment as he could sense his blood thirsty and murderous rage was a raising in him “we only noticed afterwards but they came and took your sister... I'm not sure it for some foul doing of black priests or the queen wants a new Dalish blood eagle”

With some directions from a nervous looking Alyan he entered the tent which contained the keeper. His eyes where closed, arms folded of his chest he seemed to be dead save from some few motions. “by the creators what did he do you? My keeper” the keeper turned his head towards him but his eyes where still closed.

“I saved Alyan but only to seal my own fate for when my cut hit my body felt like I slashed my own soul. Unfortunately I did not slay him for he escaped after I slashed him. I am sorry for what happened to your sister but I need you to see the seer child for she wants to see you especially” Arthion did not move “what will happen to you my keeper?” he asked. He coughed slightly before answering “my second, Marethari will take over as keeper after my death and soon after we may move on from the dales”

Arthion left him thinking that his clan the Sabrae clan, had been the biggest known Dalish clan until the many attacks of the queen’s forces had forced them to spilt the clan in two with Marethari leading them. They would join back up into one clan when the danger to them was stopped.

At a run Arthion entered the small building, which lived the seer child. For moment he stood their in silence until a voice echoed to him “well meet Dalish hunter.”

He looked around to see a blind girl looking at him though she seemed not see him due to her apparent blindness.

Many rumours and tales circled this child for her gift was that of foresight. She had foretold of the queen’s death and those of the people that she cared about who all had slain by the queen. Her name was Laurina, her parents where of a strange nature for her mother was the one that the queen processed to get near the prince for her father was Arthur himself. Given to the Dalish at the age of 4 after she had told the witch queen of her death and that her mother was killed by Vanessa.

“You feel of rage and hidden confusion my Dalish hunter” she told him “so tell me what makes you so like this.”

“It was beauty stuns me apart of you for the last I saw of you, you were but still a bade but now you are a fine young woman of beauty and splendour” she giggled “ah ha you charm me so for what I know will affect me so will cause harm to you maybe”. She swooned slightly before speaking for few charmed her so with such words of fanciful bless for she scared many boys of her age with her gift and her blindness.

Laurina blinked slightly before telling Arthion what she seen in the future when she spoke it seemed to him that the very wind had fallen silent to hear what she had tell. “The future of the nearest is dark for you. Darkness falls around and night shall be plunged into death for you will not be in time. For what happened with the queen’s plan succession well result in death and bloodshed. So is the future of your treachery” as she finished she rubbed her hands together to make her hands warm.

Arthion looked at Laurina with contained and silent fear for he knew what she truly meant that despite all their efforts they would ultimately fail. Their failure was foreseen and was unable to change that fate, that would slay all them.

“Then these can be cannot be changed with our original plan then ... In the shadow of the night. The queen shall breath her last” he started to run out not hearing what Laurina yelled after him “wait, wait the future can be” she fell silent realising that he could not hear her. She sighed and fell silent.

As he ran through the camp he noticed a lone elf with sitting on a log. He recognized her to be Saphira, he hoped he could keep his promise to her older sister. Saphira was one of the best hunters in the clan with her magical gift and her skills with a bow being of the highest skill. Thinking that she was protecting the clan he decided not to ask her or any of the other surviving warriors of their clan for their aid.

Arthion ran through the dark of the forest knowing where he needed to be to do what needed to be done. For he would not be stopped by either man or monster could stop his goal of bringing death to the hopefully still sleeping witch queen. For with luck, great skill she will be slain upon this night so her rain would end and her plan will succeed without anyone dying.

With those thoughts flowing like raging rapids he travel to Shadow Daine to slay the queen.

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Default Chapter 13: Desperation of an assassin

Aziza, Vanlanthiriel and Geraldine where standing in a glade about twelve miles away from the gate house of Shadow Daine. “he’s late” hissed Aziza “Arthion told her us to be here for sun set and that was three hours ago and he has not arrived” added Vanlanthiriel. All them looked around the land surrounding in hope of seeing Arthion coming.

“He will be here soon, I’m sure of it” Geraldine told them both for she was faithful that he will come and their plan could be began.

A yell came from a top a small hill in the distance “you waste your time for he will not come”, they all turned their heads to Alyan running towards them. He had no fear at the sight of Vanlanthiriel who had been the first and only blood eagle to almost kill him.

Alyan felt the gaze of all three of them, bearing into his very flesh. “what is that you mean by that Dalish?” asked Vanlanthiriel to him, her two companions nodded in agreement to her question.

He gave a small laugh to Vanlanthiriel “I see that although you are now against the queen you still have your sense of style and that hidden sense of violence. Now to what I have left my place of sanctuary to tell you thus, my friend Arthion is heading to Shadow Daine as we speak to assassinate the queen” he heard a snarl which made his flesh go ice cold with it.

Geraldine also felt afraid by the snarl that came from Vanlanthiriel, she seemed to furious with Arthion’s actions. “thank you for your words” whispered Geraldine. Alyan ran off into the night calling back to them “I wish you the best of luck then for you most certainly need it if you are to fight against the forces of Kalian and to attempt to kill her.

With Alyan gone, they all prepared to also depart “we must go by the gate house to reach Shadow Daine for it is the quickest way there for if we avoid the gate house for a different route will take longer” Aziza told them with all haste of words.

“For we must travel the fastest route to stop Arthion for he does something foolish or ends up dead” added Vanlanthiriel and those words aired to them all, they started to move off.

Vanlanthiriel was going to fly while, Aziza and Geraldine where going to use their magic. As the wind blow throw her air as she flew into the night the sky, with a sense of thrill and bloodlust. She had not felt this way in such for a while, not since she had been told of the plan that she now tried to defeat.

When that blood red dark elf came to them and told them about the dark god, for all but the queen herself told her the truth of their informants true being. She had been made to drink the blood of their informant to see if she was telling the truth of what she had been saying.

While his friends made their way to the gate house, Arthion stood before the main and only entrance to Shadow Daine. “Shadow Daine the home of Kalian and her seat of power for now I’m here I sense her evil from here” he whispered to himself.

He felt a slight twinge of guilt about leaving his companions without telling them where he was going. Arthion hoped that he will succeed so that what the seer child prophecy does not come true for he will rescue the dark god and the queen before she awoke from her sleep.

Deciding that going through the front door may not be a wise cause of action as the queen would sense him before he could even kill her. So he started to climb the walls in the hope of making his way in through the roof.

He moved a section of stone one the roof making a hole big enough to drop down into the room below with a soft thump. He stood tiring to make as little noise as possible so he would not wake the sleeping figure of the witch queen.

His eyes looked around the room and the sounds of pain echoed all around the room making him feel depressed for he could not tell where these sounds where coming from. He knew these sounds ever so well from the queen’s reign and his life in the elven ailenage in Kirkwall.

Arthion’s eyes fixed on the crystal ball which glowed slightly with his gaze “what does this do? A fowl device of the queen”.

He watched as an image formed in side the crystal ball making it glow even brighter. He gasped to see his sister standing in a black and darkened room. Violet looked older now than she was and with stunned realization that her 18th birthday had come to past. “violet” he cried but he knew that she could not hear him.

The image changed to show the head of the black priest order “what is he doing to you? I swear after this is done I shall free you from his foul grasp even though I do not know where the unholy temple is, this I swear to you, my darling sister” he pulled out a knife and cut his palm. Letting his blood drip down on to the floor to make his oath binding that he will find her and rescue from that monster’s grasp.

Before he could do anything he was shoot back on to the floor, cursing for the large noise that came from the crystal ball and his fall “by the creators” he cursed as she stood. The crystal ball had now stopped glowing but instead it was slightly humming with it’s power.

Arthion moved towards the bed which still lay in peaceful slumber was Kalian herself. She slept during the day light hours which had always struck him as strange but Vanessa had explained to him that she preferred the night for her powers were strongest then and that some of her minions where known to live when the sun was down.

He stood over her, disgust in his mind to see her looking so peaceful and innocent “through your actions many lives have been destroyed and many have perished. Through my actions this night I shall not just save the dales from your evil but the whole of Thedas” he grimmest slightly with pain from his hand and the sounds of pain that echoed around the chamber.

Thinking that he could stand these sounds any longer he turned on his heel and walked away thinking that the queen would not wake for his taking his time to assassinate her.

Unfortunately for him Kalian’s eyes opened as she started to wake from her slumber wondering what was Arthion doing in her personal chambers.

He walked over to the small room that was in the far corner, looking through a small bared window “by the gods” he whispered in realization.

Arthion looked at the dark god who looked straight at him “do not ... Stand their ... Foolish elf ... Help me” he choked as his hands clutched at his throat as he hissed in pain.

He stood their in silence watching the dark god’s pain consume him “so your Nor, the dark god who the queen” he did not finish as his eyes were fixed on something behind him.

Arthion heard a cold laugh behind him which made his skin feel as cold as ice. He knew that laugh well from times she had attacked his clan with the blood eagles at her back. “oh my Dalish assassin you have not succeed in the task of bringing my death and now you are talking to my victim who will die oh so very soon.”

He turned in hope he could hurt her so he could stand a chance of escape but he could do so since his body froze with a cold and unholy meaner and with a flash blue light Arthion was gone. Kalian sighed slightly “I shall kill him slowly and painfully just like how you will die dark god”

She had noticed that the dark god had fallen silent along with Jane who was hanging from a wall by the magic that had been causing them both pain for soon the pain will be soon over for shall both be dead and she will be the goddess who will dominate the world.

Kalian then vanished and reappearing down stairs where she sat on her throne to await more visitors for she sensed that their will be.

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Default Chapter 14: Passage to shadows

With no knowing of what happened to Arthion in Shadow Daine, they hurried to the gate house. Vanlanthiriel landed hidden from the blood eagles who guarded the gate house, Aziza and Geraldine appeared there a few seconds later. “This pointless they will never let us pass alive to Shadow Daine” Geraldine hissed angrily. A small laugh came from Vanlanthiriel “you are not thinking my dear witch, I have not been with the my fellows for years but I am still a blood eagle” Aziza nodded in agreement. She hoped that Vanlanthiriel’s presence would get them past the gate house.

Vanlanthiriel led the way with a confident air in her stride while her two friends seemed to afraid and worried in their stride as they walked on to the bridge.

From the battlements they were spotted by Annette. For a brief moment their was silence before she cried “halt! What is your business? One of you come forward so we may speak with you.”

Whispered conversation broke out between each other. “I should go” said Geraldine, a growl from Vanlanthiriel silenced her “keep your tongues” she told them as Geraldine and Aziza started to argue about who should go and speak with the blood eagles on the gates. “Both you are acting like children, I know that these times have been troubling for the both you but if this argument continues it will lead to both your demises. To save your friendship I will talk to them” before they could argue with her, she walked towards the gate.

Annette looked down at the figure of Vanlanthiriel who stood tall and silent below her. No words came from both of them, until Annette started to talk to her with her “I was not a member of the blood eagles but from your name I know from the lips of Vanessa and the other powerful blood easels but now I see you I wonder if their tales of you and your powers are true.”

A slight laugh came from Vanlanthiriel after she finished “ah yes I can see how you may think that since you have not ever seen what I can do if you want me to show you then come down here and I will show you what I can do”.

Annette considered this offer true if she could defeat her that would get her more respect from the other blood eagles and a enemy in Vanlanthiriel for defeating her. “No but a kind offer you make maybe one day I shall take you up on it. What is your business here, Vanlanthiriel” she asked her.

“My business here is to take these two with me to Shadow Daine. As I believe that the light witch is a traitor to our queen so she will be silenced so her treacherous words will not corrupt us” Annette frowned slightly as Vanlanthiriel had not explained the sea witches business in Shadow Daine. Thinking this she asked her “but what the witch Aziza, we did have business with her for this plan of the queens but that has concluded. So I ask what is her business with the queen?”

Vanlanthiriel did not answer straight away for she did not know that Aziza had previous workings to the queen. With a convincing or at least she hoped was one told her “she wants to see the plan come to a success after she has aided to it. Now will you let us pass?”

Annette pondered on the information and looked at her fellow blood eagles on the gate house. “open the gate!” she yelled as the gate slowly opened, a cry of thanks from Vanlanthiriel cheered her slightly.

Vanlanthiriel beckoned them both to follow her through the gate, under the watchful gaze of the blood eagles. Geraldine and Aziza walked in silence with thoughts about their friend who was leading the way and how glad they that she was on their side.

Rachel watched all three of them thinking that they had little knowledge of where and what happened to her while she had been for what of a better term missing for all this time before now but still who they to question. Vanlanthiriel was one of the first blood eagles and was in high favour with the queen, who they to stop her. The only thing they would must likely do is die or gain the wrath of the queen.

Cries echoed down from the walls above them as the blood eagles. Vanlanthiriel smiled to hear what they where saying to her but a snarl from Geraldine showed that she was angry that the blood eagles where yelling insults and snarling at her for being a traitor to the queen.

They continued to walk on to Shadow Daine with cries of the blood eagles following them as they walked into the distance.

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Default Chapter 15: Falling into shadows

The night was thick around them and the shadows clung to the walls when they reached the dark gates of Shadow Daine, a wolf looked up at them while they thought about what will happen when they would all step inside the walls of Shadow Daine as they knew that few people who went in never came out alive or totally whole in either body or in mind.

Then with sudden bust of motion Geraldine ran through the gate leaving her two friends behind her as she left. Aziza was about to dash after her when a cold grip took her wrist “I wish to speak with you my mermaid friend.”

Aziza gave a small smile “what is it you wish to say with me?” Vanlanthiriel could hear a slight hint of fear in her voice as she asked her.

Aziza turned to look at Vanlanthiriel trying to hide the fear and worry that was inside of her about being near Shadow Daine and what was about to happen. “Aziza have you sensed the queen’s powers upon our group?” she asked her.

A nod from Aziza was given as an answer she gave to Vanlanthiriel “yes I have sensed but I thought that all came from you. If you ask so then ... It must be someone else but then who is amongst are group of traitors?”

Vanlanthiriel gave her smile “why of course, it is not you but are fair witch Geraldine.” silence fell after those words were spoken.

Aziza nodded with some sadness “yes... I thought that could be the case but why would she do that Vanlanthiriel?”

“Aziza you must understand that what she has done is not for ill but for love, through that I fear that she has sealed her fate. The queen once told me that the temptation for something that was forbid would make the person fall into such much desire that they would do anything to get it. In this instance for love of another has driven Geraldine to lust and hopeless longing after Arthion. I know that she will no longer be on our side after are venture inside Shadow Daine.”

A gasp from Aziza made it clear that she was worried “then what are we do? Leave Shadow Daine? Or slay both Geraldine and Arthion?” Vanlanthiriel shook her head “no this would happen anyway she would become a blood eagle. We need to know what she is doing so we can stop her.”

With a clam air that concealed worry which followed both Aziza and Vanlanthiriel , they joined Geraldine and walked into Shadow Daine.

The shadows inside the throne room of Shadow Daine seemed to whisper to them as they walked towards the throne. They had noticed with some fear that they were expected for Kalian sat their watching them as they approached her.

She smiled to see Vanlanthiriel was there for it had been years since she stood before her “Vanlanthiriel it has been to long since we have last spoken my friend. I am glad that fears of your death were proven false or through if you were alive all this time then why have you not have returned to me sooner?”

A small giggle from Vanlanthiriel as she bowed to her queen in respect “you do not miss a thing my queen. For my time in apparent missing state I was taken from the Dales and forced to serve a magister in the city of Neromenian in the Imperium thanks to those templars and magisters there it took me a while to return you my queen”

Kalian gave her a warm smile filled with her friendship and kindness. “I can see why it has taken you so long to return me as crossing warring nations to get back to the Dales” she looked around to see both Aziza and Geraldine standing their also.

“a question for you Aziza, my dear sea witch. What is your business here? as I have the potion and I use it on them both when we travel with both anywhere and I also have hind’s blood so I can no reason for your appearance”

Aziza almost let the worry sounded in her voice when she spoke “I... Wanted to know wither the potion worked and that honour of seeing you my queen”

Kalian looked at Aziza with more gaze and what seemed be a curious air of hidden evil. “Hmmm” she told her with a smile “for now with you, witch that claims to be pure and righteous in her goodness of light. Come to me so my may speak with you”

Geraldine walked forward towards the queen to see what she wanted from “what do you wish from oh queen?” she asked her with some annoyance as she did not really wish to speak with Kalian at all.

Kalian smiled at her with some small sense of evil. “oh please call me by my name, my dear Geraldine” she started to laugh slightly to see the expression on her face when she told to call her by her first name. A slight hiss of evil intent came from Kalian “you remember the deal we made together my dear witch?”

She blinked in surprise “what do you mean?” She stuttered in response. Geraldine waited for an answer from the queen who sat their silently for moment and started to laugh with all coldness and evilness of the slopes of hell.

“hah ha ha hah” she laughed “do you think that I am that foolish to forget what deal we made together. With your deal their is a price of that you like and desire so much is that of the love of that would be assassin who came to end my life not two or more hours ago. You have shown to me that your lust for love and sins of the flesh have brought out something that makes you of worth to me traitor of my rule for siding with those who wish me bead and my plan to not be victorious.”

Geraldine gasped in disbelieve but she was not surprised that the queen had lied to her about their being no catch to their deal. She fell to her knees in desperation hoping that her pleas may make her spare her for the fate she may give her my end her life. “please my queen, no Kalian” she corrected herself “spare me please I ... I do not deserve to die for my misdoings” Kalian raised a hand to silence her.

She lunged up like a flash to stand before Geraldine. Purple light streamed from Kalian and focused around the head of Geraldine. A cold laugh came from Kalian “your words of desperation fall on death ears for I shall not spare your fate. You see the good and the righteous do not how close they are to evil and darkness they truly are. You my dear cling to light when you have given your soul and so your body to me for your lust and desire have sealed your fate. Now standstill and expect my gift” Geraldine smiled for she now realised that she truly was lusting for what the gift the queen was going to be stall upon her.

Purple light streamed up her body turning her hair black and her dress to the colours darkness. She hissed as the dark powers of the witch queen flowed into flesh and deep into her soul. The feeling for her was amazing as it was making her feel warm and cold all at the same time.

“What's happening to her?” asked Aziza quietly to Vanlanthiriel. A sigh came from her “Geraldine that we know is gone forever replaced with darkness from now on she is with the queen as a blood eagle.”

After the purple light had gone she hissed at the queen “thank you, my queen, I have not felt this life in all my years. I ... I ... I am so great full to you” kalian smiled as she rarely got some much happiness from someone who made a deal that led to them become a blood eagle.

Kalian looked at both Vanlanthiriel and Aziza. Her gaze fixed on that Aziza, with her gazed fixed on her she started to give her orders “Geraldine welcome to the blood eagles. Now we have work to do, Vanlanthiriel, go and use the potion on are most honoured prisoners. Make sure she is tightly bond. Geraldine you shall protect whilst I prepare my self for this ritual. Now you Aziza, you have no purpose in this now but for your help I will let you live ... For now”

Vanlanthiriel rushed to obey her queens orders while aziza started to feel cold.

Then her vision went black and she knew no more. When she awoke she found that she had been lying on the cold black stoned fall of the throne room of Shadow Daine, another look around told her that she was all alone as it seemed to be that Vanlanthiriel had left with the queen.

Wondering wither Vanlanthiriel will betray them and their plans to stop the queen. Even if she succeeded in her plan and she knew off their plans they would be slain in the most gruesome ways possible for their evil plans against the queens. Not knowing if she would find him in their used her magic to appear in the dungeons of Shadow Daine.

Aziza heard something echoing around the dungeons, with a moment to think she remembered the song was by his clan. She walked over to the part of the dungeon to which the singing was coming from.

She looked through the bars of the door to see Arthion relaxing on a bed whilst singing “Arthion my dear Dalish, it appears that I have found and you should know that finding you here is both great and curious in that you here in these dungeons”.

Arthion stopped singing and arose from the bed to walk towards the locked door to speak with Aziza.

Arthion looked through the bars with a look of slight confusion when meet her eyes for a moment then looked for her companions. “aziza?” he gasped slightly “what are you doing here? Has the queen captured you to? And where is my love Geraldine and our former blood eagle Vanlanthiriel?” he rubbed his hands together to get some feeling back in them for the dungeon was freezing cold.

She sighed and meet his gaze with a look of sadness and pity. “my dear Dalish elf” she said to him with some sadness. “to tell you thus shall bring your rage and sadness hence why I shall not release you until I finished telling you. Geraldine made a deal with the queen for your love with Vanessa to be banished with hatred for her but love for you. But now she has paid her bet to the queen by becoming a blood eagle.”

He gasped in disbelieve to hear that as he could not believe that she would do this to him. “you may think that I am enraged but if we are to follow the queen I must put my rage and I think that ... Her love spell on me has worn of on me so I can stop Geraldine. Now we need to move fast to get to the queen and stop so you need to get me out” he commanded aziza who was taken a back by this change of events.

Taking his commands she told him to stand back while she cast a spell to open the door. Arthion took her command like she took his and within five minutes the door clicked open allowing Arthion to walk free from the dungeon in which he had been imprisoned in.

Arthion looked with a admiration for Aziza's powers “come with me and together we shall stop them all.” she shook her head and went pale as she gave her answer “for you and the deals people have made with you involved make extremely infamous elf even you succeed or fail and some how escape, so I shall not come with you as I am going to join my family.”

A sigh came from Arthion “shame but do you have a clue where they would have gone?” Aziza gave a question some thought before answering him “ this rather depends on the queen and how much protection she needs so that no one can stop her, if that is the case then she will go to the dark temple with the black priests protecting her and not even I know where that lies. She will more likely go to the mages tower of Falcon’s flight as it not that far from here and is protected by the queens magic.”

He turned and started to run towards the doors that led out of the dungeons of Shadow Daine, with a call over his shoulder to Aziza “I shall take a look a tower at the tower but if she is not then we are all doomed and thanks for your assistance in this, may the maker watch over you” she smiled slightly. Although he lived with a Dalish clan now he still acted like a elf from an alienage by his choice of religion and he also used the gods that Dalish worshipped to along with the maker. Aziza hoped that she may see him and answered him quietly as he just ran through the door “may he watch over us all in these dark times.”

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Default Chapter 16: Dark rituals of the gods part 1

Arthion was following the tracks left by the passage of the queen and her minions on their way to there. He looked around his eyes taking on where he was “Falcons fall, the tower of the mages which they used to cast spells from a far. Most of them where from the Tevinter Imperium” he whispered slightly to himself, the only way he knew this was from talking to his former love.

Before he continued he noticed that was their were two people guarding the entrance at the base of tower. Gold light hide his view of the second guard but he had never seen the first guard, thinking that they must be new blood eagles who could be easy to get past and climb up to the top knowing that would be the likeliest place for the queen to be in the tower.

As the light faded, Arthion did not first see who it was until she spotted him. Her eyes narrowed until faint white line showed from her eyes, she called to him “Arthion stop hiding in the night time shadows in which is concealing that well. Come hither so may speak you to traitor and one who has a hearted colder than that of the queen’s evil ways.”

He knew who that voice was and for a moment he felt a sense despair about him as he knew what she may do to him. Arthion looked behind him at the long dark path that he had followed to reach here and wonder wither he should flee from this place and never return. Remembering that if he fled that he would be hunted down and killed by the queen and her minions.

Arthion stepped forward so that he would come into the limited light cast by the flame of candles or wall torches. Vanessa fixed her pale blue eyes on him making him shiver with her cold rage.

“Vanessa” gasped Arthion as he felt a freezing feeling racing up his spine making him feel frozen inside and afraid. He coughed slightly before he started to speak to his former lover who he could tell was enraged with them. “Vanessa” he asked, his voice came out as a horse gasp of worry and fear “Vanessa ... I’m ... I’m sorry” she gave a small evil smile that did not show any villainous nature that you have.

Arthion started to gave her a small smile that made her more rage full. “so I am I Arthion for falling in love you and” she took hard breath before continuing “you turned my love into betrayal as you lust for the fairest maidens in these parts for your monstrous desire. You should be turned into a desire demon then your lust and desire shall show these lands who you truly at” Vanessa started laugh with an evil air at him.

Arthion started to slowly walk back, fearing what will happen to him if he stranded still he will make himself a prime target, his eyes watched her with strong interest so that he maybe able to escape her punishment.

Vanessa stopped laughing at him, she started to cast her spell “unfortunately I do not have the strength at this moment to make you reveal your true form but I shall make you suffer. Even if the queen shall cause your demise I shall still gave you as much pain as I can give to a soul for the rest of my days for your betrayal of me.”

He was about to run when he felt his body being locked into place. Releasing that he was frozen in place as magic pierced his body from every direction making hiss in pain. He did not have time to scream as the pain of all his mistakes of his life came back at him.

As the pain faded from his body he started to speak once more “what? You are enraged with me for fighting against the queen” he snarled at her “you have done nothing to stop the queen.”

Vanessa’s companion who had remained silent until now “you dare mortal” she snarled “Vanessa risked her life for you to bring me here for my assistance, she did it for you but you have betrayed her love for you and if not for me, she would have turned back to the queen’s side”

Arthion felt humbled by this woman who talked to him “she really did that” he asked her. A nod was the answer he got from her.

Vanessa snapped at him “yes I did, I summoned Nari who is my companion here as she was the one who first told of me your betrayal. I risked my life for you but I still wish to stop the queen in her plans thanks to Nari talking me around before I was called here by the queen.”

When they walked inside the tower with the hidden rage of Nari and noticeable anger of Vanessa. Nari examined the bookcase, she rose a hand over the books casting a green glow over them until one book glowed black against the green over all the books. She graded hold of the books spine and pulled back. It creaked as it swung to the side as she walked through the space. As she walked she heard a whispered argument between Arthion and Vanessa “mortals” she hissed “keep you rage with each other for a time when my husbands life in the balance and the future of this world.” Both of them fell silent and followed her in silence.

Flights upon, flights of stairs twisted inside the tower as rooms passed by. The doors were covered in cod weds and looked like to be locked. Since some trouble with a group of blood mages in reign of Arthur's father, Thorstein crimson blooded was defeated and the tower sealed by magic so that the artefacts inside could never be used by evil again.

Vanessa told them as they travelled up the stairs towards the top floor that it was more probable is that the queen would perform the ritual on the roof at this time for it was the time of the full moon.

Before the next stairs that lead up to the top of the tower they stopped on the landing before the stairs that lead to the roof. He turned to face Nari who moved around with an inpatient air. “Nari?” he asked quietly.

Nari spun on her heel to face them as she and Vanessa had been standing around the landing. “what do you want elf?” she asked him with a look of annoyance for she wanted to move on to defeat the queen. Arthion addressed her worry just encase she would try and kill him “Nari I think that it would easier if you do not head up to the top of tower with us”.

Moments pasted in silence from Nari who’s eyes burned with fire with those words that Arthion had said to her “with what made you think that I am on of weak human women that squeal at the sight of blood and play with my dresses in my chambers. I shall not stay here for if you cannot stop Kalian and she becomes a god then I stand a chance of stopping her” she folded her arms as she waited for an answer from Arthion.

When Arthion answered her, he made sure that he hid his worry from her as she was a goddess and could kill him without a second thought “I am saying that if the queen sees you now she will use her full strength against you and kill us in the process” Nari raised an eyebrow in reaction to his request.

She was silent for a few moments while she considered what he was suggesting until she gave him her answer “fine” she hissed in annoyance to Arthion “but if you both fail then I shall make sure that the death is no escape for you both. I will stay here and come like a storm upon the queen if you so need me.”

She stepped aside to let both Vanessa and Arthion climb up the stairs up to the roof while Nari watched them. While Nari prepared herself to go and stop the queen these two mortals failed stop her then it would up to her to save her husband and save this world from her.

Arthion stood upon the top of the tower looking around his surroundings until a voice hissed towards his ears that sounded like a beautiful sounding songbird “hello my dear lover Arthion” said the voice.

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Default Chapter 16: Dark rituals of the gods part 2

His eyes focused on the speaker of voice which was Geraldine who faced him giving Arthion a smile filled with her lust for Arthion.

Arthion looked at her noticing that she had been changed into blood eagle by the dark powers of the queens magic “Geraldine? How could you have done this to me ... And to yourself my dear friend Geraldine. All of this for my love as you were jealous of me and Vanessa when we were both great friends so why Geraldine” he asked with a pleading air around him.

Geraldine walked up to Arthion, stroked his check making Arthion feel all warm inside his heart and made it glow for the passion that the spell though that was on him was gone he still had the raw passion that he had inside of him for her love. A lovely smile decorated the lips of Geraldine as she saw the expression of desire upon his face.

“Oh my dear Arthion” she sighed “why say those things to me my dear though true. Why does this Vanessa deserve your love when she is as worse as the queen” she whispered to him so that no one could hear her save from Arthion “the queen made me into this but I am as happier than I have ever been in my life. My love, my heart burns for you my dear Arthion.”

Kalian looked over at them with a cold smile “Geraldine deal with him for if you do not then I shall slay him myself when my ritual is complete then no force in heaven or hell shall save the from my divine wrath.”

Geraldine gave a smile to him as she started to cast the purple light around his head making him feel dizzy as the hypnosis took it’s effect upon Arthion. His vision was blurred as he looked at the red eyes of his former lover “what are you...” he said with a slight slur but an ice cold finger fell upon his lips. She gave him a smile full of all the lust she had for him still as she hushed at him “silence.”

Her hand wrapped around his back as she pulled him down as her head went closer towards his exposed throat. Arthion was confused by the hypnosis that was clouded his mind he looked at the back of Vanessa “Vanessa?” he gasped. She did not turn to him as she appeared to be enraged with him for his betrayal of her “if you wish for me help you then think again knife ears for you and this demon deserve each other and may you find ever lasting sin in your lust” Arthion was about to snap at her when he felt cold breath against his skin.

Geraldine whispered into his ear while her head was on his neck “shush my dear now with this kiss I shall make you my eternal lover for all time forever to dwell in the shadows, consumed by are eternal bloodlust and sin”.

A gasp passed from lips as Geraldine's fangs pierced into his neck and his blood was slowing being fed upon his blood while he was helpless stop her from feeding upon. Geraldine was in a realm of total bless as she had not fed on blood before and she was enjoying feeding on him.

As Geraldine fed upon Arthion, Kalian started the ritual to make her goddess. Vanessa along with Vanlanthiriel watched with silent fear as they were unsure of what they needed to do to stop as they were not strongest even with there powers combined they could not defeat Kalian.

Kalian started to speak the words of the ritual to make her a dark goddess “upon this night before these minions of mine I take the soul of Nor dark god of the night and black magic. Are souls shall become one and the mortal life shall given to my own so my immortally and god hood shall be complete.” Vanlanthiriel looked at the hinds blood as it was a back up plan if she could not join with the soul of this god would not join with her. His powers would be hers but not his experience of using them wouldn't be but either way he would make her goddess no matter what happened.

But as she was about to continue the lines of the ritual she was stopped by a cry “stop this!” kalian turned her heard and looked surprised at Vanlanthiriel. She raised an eyebrow breaking her chant “what is this? Vanlanthiriel are trying to stop me?” kalian asked her.

Vanlanthiriel gasped slightly as she had pictured her confrontation with her old friend Kalian to have less risk than this “yes my queen” she answered. “I have followed you four years but I will never forgive you for what you have done to me and for you Kalian for slaying my mother” she yelled at her.

Kalian looked at the back of Vanessa “and you my dear Vanessa do you also feel the same about this” she asked. A nod was all the answer she gave to Kalian.

A look of surprise and sadness appeared on Kalian’s face when she realized that she had been betrayed by them “I knew that Geraldine had betrayed me but you two...” she stopped as her eyes started to glow red slightly “you two disappoint me by this as you are my friends especially you Vanlanthiriel my first blood eagle. Despite all this you can stop me as your friend Arthion is now mine” she laughed slightly when she finished.

In a flash of blinding red light Vanlanthiriel collapsed to the ground in a lifeless slumber “hopefully this will make you change your mind on your thoughts of betrayal my dear Vanlanthiriel” hissed Kalian to her.

Vanessa bashed forwards about cast the spell upon her to make go flying but as soon as she got close her body froze into place. Then a flash of white light appeared before Kalian, she looked at her not knowing who she was “I do not appreciate a fellow mage appearing unannounced before me and interrupting this ritual of mine, what is your name mage? And your business here at this time?” she asked her.

Nari meet her eyes with her own red eyes “for you may not know who I am mortal but I know who you are, witch queen of the Dales. My name is Nari dark goddess of the night and of dark magic, Nor the god who want to take his powers off is my husband. If these mortals I cannot stop you then it is up to me to save this world.”

A cold laugh came from lips of Kalian “so you are Nari I expected more although I do wonder why you have appeared when I made sure that no immortal can interfere with my plans but anyway I shall make you pay for your actions my dear” Nari looked around making a bolt of black lightning appear in her hand to defend herself from whoever the queen sent against her.

Arthion arose his skin now pale and his eyes as red as what little blood was still inside his veins. He was now a vampire the same as Geraldine and his now under the control of the queen as he heard her voice inside his mind “seize the goddess and take her to the dungeons of Shadow Daine where I will deal with her.” He slightly hissed at Geraldine before starting to obey the queens command.

As Arthion moved towards Nari, her magic was dispelled by Kalian, her eyes fixed on Arthion who walked slowly towards her. he smiled as he drew ever closer to her bearing his fangs at her thinking of her feeding upon her blood, her eyes flashed at him as he stood before her here. When he stood directly before she raised her hand and placed her index finger in between his eyes causing him to fall backwards for a moment as Nari towered over him as he sat on the stone floor.

When Arthion stood he heard the annoyed voice of Kalian who was enraged with him for not carry out her orders “foolish elf seize her ...” she stopped as she noticed that by focusing her power on Arthion she had forgotten about Vanessa and Vanlanthiriel. She cursed “by the gods how have been this foolish.”

Vanlanthiriel arose from her slumber and smiled at the queen with all the evilness she had against the queen “forgive my queen for this but you have gone to far with your plans so you must be brought to an end” cried Vanessa.

A blast of red light was cast by Vanlanthiriel was joined by a blast by from both Nari and Vanessa which as black as the abyss. They joined together to create a spiralling column of magic that arched straight towards Kalian as she was about to restart the ritual. She only managed to say one line of the next verse of the ritual “with this ritual I shall descend the rules of mortality and ascend into the realms of immortally”.

Kalian raised her arms as fast as she could to block the impact of the spell as it was about hit her. She managed to cast a protective spell in front of herself but no a veil as her spell was strong enough to with stand the blast. Breaking her spell into pieces letting the spell blast slam into her chest sending flying backwards towards the edge of the tower.

Arthion approached the queen with some worry in his movements for he was not sure what Kalian will act to this. Vanessa was keeping her eyes on Geraldine making sure that she would not rush to her mistress’s aid as Vanlanthiriel prepared to combat any magic that the queen sent against. Although the four of them were out numbering Kalian, she was not easy to defeat.

When Arthion stood before Kalian who was casting a spell, a mevolent appeared on her lips as he opened his lips to speak with her “you may think that I am beaten, Dalish vampire, no ... Arthion.. How does it feel now that the villainy of my powers have feasted upon your blood with so upon your very soul? Like Vanlanthiriel you are outcasts of your clan for if you shall return to the Sabrae clan you will be ... Slain” she laughed as her spell finished.

Arthion felt the an urge to peck the ground and cluck loudly as the queen shock her head “damn” she cursed with some annoyance as the spell took hold over Arthion's mind.

Kalian started to giggle as she watched him for she had meant to transform into his weakest form which would make him easier for her to kill. Kalian noticed that she had been weakened by the interruptions and stumbled back slightly as she felt these effects upon her body.

Laughter rung all the way around him as he acted like a chicken. Vanessa shrugged as she laughed “I know that you are known for magic Kalian but this an odd spell for you to use on Arthion”. A look of agreement appeared on Kalian’s face as she continued to watch him act like a chicken.

When the spell vanished from Arthion’s mind he meet the eyes of Kalian who was shaking slightly “a question for you my demonic queen why did you do all of this to this land? For we have done nothing to hurt you anyway”

Kalian was still shaking slightly for she had wasted her energy that she gathered to perform this ritual, she laughed slightly with an evil nature to his question “why? My reasons are my own but know this as I was born with magic with my veins such as my mother was and she was torn apart before my eyes. I shall not tell you much more Arthion but if you wish to know about my life before I became the witch queen ask the early members of the blood eagles such as Vanlanthiriel or Vanessa they may tell you.”

Arthion smiled slightly as she finished “I wished that I could” he hissed, trying hard not to sink his fangs into neck of Kalian for he would love to cause her all the physical pain and mental pain that bestow upon her but unfortunately all this must end this night.

He reached out and pushed Kalian backwards causing her stumble backwards making her fall of the palisade. Kalian screamed as she fell from the top of the tower.

He stood and looked down to see the dead body of queen. The scream chilled everyone there that night for it was fear pure fear. Arthion knew that this would mark this tower and Shadow Daine as places of horror and fear that the queen actions that queen had done during her life.

Then quite suddenly for Arthion his heart stopped beating with in his chest as the effects of becoming a vampire hit him. He collapsed to the floor hissed in agony with the pain before passing out.

Arthion’s companions where preoccupied with the dark god and Jane. Vanlanthiriel was silent as she was in disbelief that the queen’s reign was over and that she can have her promise fulfilled by Arthion as she was alive so she can she her younger sister once more.

Nari looked at her husband and sighed “my love and foolish husband I know that you have been seeing mortal behind my back.” Vanlanthiriel looked at Nari with surprise, she gave her a small laugh “he has been hiding from me for the last few months and until now I did not this hiding period of his was actually in captivity to Kalian”.

Vanlanthiriel looked at the book that the ritual was written in. She looked inside the book whilst she was watched by Nari, “ah I have found the spell to awaken them” she whispered the spell to awaken both Nor and Jane, “may light awaken you from slumber now arise from your slumber.”

Jane arose first with her slumber broken she looked around only to see Vanlanthiriel standing over her. Eyes wide with fear through she was afraid she walked back to her home with eager feet hoping that she in time would forget what had happened to her. Vanessa watched her go wondering if she should tell about what had happened to her friend but she decided not tell her yet as she had been through allot recently.

Nor through had not awoken from his slumber for an unknown reason. Nari looked at Vanlanthiriel with a look of confusion “why has he not awakened blood eagle?” she snarled. Vanlanthiriel shrugged for she was not sure why not he hadn't either “I am not sure my dark goddess maybe ...” Nari coughed slightly “maybe?” she said.

Vanlanthiriel wondered if her idea would work after all it was a way to awaken people in such a slumber in the tales could be awakened from a deep trance with a kiss. Hoping that she would not kill her for suggesting this to her but she decided to ask her “you have heard the tales about” Nari started to laugh.

She smirked slightly “you can't be serious about this as those are tales about beautiful princesses and handsome princes have no details of dark gods” Vanlanthiriel looked at her. “do you have any other ideas? My goddess as I remember that you are not goddess of dreams and what have we got to lose if you are his true love.”

Nari bent closer to her husbands face. She knew these tales for her journeys in other worlds but usually it should be the one a sleep and he should wake her up from her slumber. She looked at the sleeping face of husband with a whisper she told Nor “I love you my foolish husband” as her lips touched his.

His lips were as cold as death as she kissed him. Nari hoped that Kalian had done something to him that would make him never awaken from his slumber as he removed lips from his. For a moment nothing happened, Nari fearing the worse started to get chocked up for she sensed an end to the man she was in love with.

She was about to try again when she felt a cold breath against her skin making Nari lunged back with fright as Vanlanthiriel walked over to stand behind the altar on which Nor lied on. She looked at Nari before asking her “Nari what is the matter, my goddess for fear is something I think that you would not display.” Nari looked at her with some what disappear in her eyes “as I do not if I am sure if even the ritual was not completed successfully if it has effected him such is claiming his immorality and killing him” Vanlanthiriel watched Nari as she started to shake with nerves with her thoughts about her husband.

Nari was about to start crying until she heard a pained gasp as Nor arose from his slumber.

When he saw Nari he blinked in surprise “Nari?” he gasped. He tried to stand and almost fell, hands grabbed him pulling him to his feet.

A laugh came from the direction of Geraldine as she watched Nor arise, Vanessa was lying decide her with a small cut on her head “I wish you that have not killed my queen oh those who served for so long with unwavering loyalty. Unfortunately I am not enough powerful to make you regret your betrayal but I can still try to kill one of you three.”

She pulled out a vial filled with a golden substance and inserted into bagger that was designed for poison, commonly used for assassination by the crows. She prepared to throw at Nor aiming for his heart “may this be a lesson to you treacherous scum” she throw the dagger. As it was about to hit a bolt of black lightning hit the bagger sending it flying of the edge of tower sending it falling down towards the ground. She looked at Nor who’s hand was spread out, fingers extended outwards he looked over his out stretched arm at her “I suggest you start running, for no human, elf, dwarf or beast shall save you from me” he snarled.

As he lowed his arm, Geraldine fled by turning herself into a bat a flying away out of sight with fear of an immortal dark elf chasing after her for the rest of her existence.

Nor started to walk over to the still figure of Arthion while Vanlanthiriel checked on Vanessa. Nor looked down on Arthion “what will you do to him my love?” asked Nari. He gave a smile that she could barely see as he thought on what he should do.

With his mind made up he touched Arthion on his bite causing white light to appear where he touched him that spread and sank down into his flesh consuming Arthion with white light.

Arthion looked at his hands and noticed that his skin was normal coloured “I am ...” gasped Arthion, “yes you have been restored to your elf form” he gasped. Arthion turned around in time to grab him before he fell.

When regained his balance so he could stand without help from Arthion. He looked at him before asking him “what did the queen do to you when you were in Shadow Daine? For when I saw you appeared to be ... Dying which is impossible as you being a immortal, my lord also what were you doing in the Dales in originally?”

Arthion watched him knowing that if he pushed him even though he was weakened that he could tell through his movements. Nor gave a weak smile “hah ha” he laughed slightly to his questions “your questions have a point mortal but listen to me carefully” he coughed slightly before continuing “when I woke in ... Shadow Daine, I noticed a human hanging from the wall. Then” he coughed harder, Arthion noticed how unwell Nor looked but when he continued his voice shock slightly as if talking about was causing him pain “Kalian entered the room with a ... Smile on her face. She laughed casting spell telling me that it will cause me to suffer the pain of death for it shall weaken me ... Which it ... Has” he started to walk away from him and towards Nari.

He almost fell down as his eyes closed, Nari sprinted towards him, Nor and caught him.

She slung one of his arms around his shoulders to keep him from falling to the floor. Arthion meet the eyes of Nari as he watched her embrace Nor before asking “what is wrong with him?” he asked her. Nor answered him with a cold smile “mortal, even I cannot die I can still feel extreme pain and ... What happened is that she did was torture ... My ... My ... Soul” Arthion blinked in surprise for he bid not believe it was possible for someone to have their soul to be tortured.

As if Nor could read his mind he nodded weakly “few have the power do that to a person those who can inflect that pain on a god has power to be respected by us, now, Nor it’s time for us to depart this realm and return home together.”

As they both flow into the sky, Arthion yelled upwards at Nor “wait! You have not told me why you were in the Dales in the first place” but when the pair vanished without Arthion's question. As he walked away he heard Nor’s voice inside his mind “ the reason is half what your friend of Alyan told you about me taking over his body and my own personal business with a mortal woman in another world who does not know who I am, Alyan is not safe from me but if you try and stop me I will give you a moment to live before I slay you, now farewell mortal” and with that Nor’s voice vanished from his mind.

As Arthion talked to his allies about there victory, Kalian lay still on the ground before the tower. Her eyes saw nothing but blackness while her body was as cold as ice. She seemed to be lifeless to all onlookers and to herself who hoped that all this death shall pass from her so she could escape this with her life intact.

With her death the age of darkness and villain was finally over. It may take years but the realm shall recover and enter an age of peace that has not been seen for so many years for the darkness has pasted from the Dales for awhile.

"I know, and it breaks my heart to do it, but we must remain vigilant. If you cannot tell me another way, do not brand me a tyrant!" - knight commander Meredith (dragon age 2)

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I been reading this off and on. I loved it, every part. good job
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Originally Posted by fillyteen
I been reading this off and on. I loved it, every part. good job

Thanks, I'm glad you have enjoyed reading it.

"I know, and it breaks my heart to do it, but we must remain vigilant. If you cannot tell me another way, do not brand me a tyrant!" - knight commander Meredith (dragon age 2)

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Default Epilogue Part 1: The sightless queen

The light was turned from white to blue as pasted through the glass, warming the face of the woman who stood before window. It had been a few months since the death of Kalian with events following being both joyful and mysterious. The death of the queen meant that many of her most monstrous servants have fled or taking to occupy the more dangerous buildings that have been used by the time to have been called by all the witch age since that seemed to fit in perfectly with events of past years.

Soon after Kalian’s apparent death a group of Dalish elves ventured deep into Shadow Daine and the small house that Arthur had been living in. Shadow Daine was haunted by the sprits of the faithful minions to the queen who gave a warning that they would stay in Shadow Daine until the queen returned and that they would slay any that would entered Shadow Daine. Arthur ran soon after the queen’s death fleeing deep into the mountains and had never been seen again by anyone in the Dales.

She looked out of window with a sad smile “do you think this all wise? Me becoming queen and restoring the royal castle for me to live in.”

Vanlanthiriel was relaxing upon a bed while her friend looked out of the window “my dear listen to me, the spell I cast upon you did not hurt and you are the rightful heir to the throne of the Dales even though you were born out of wedlock, you are Arthur’s only child. I believe that you’ll bring peace and wealth to the dales much more than I and the other blood eagles ever could.

She sighed slightly at her “I know, I wish it was not so but I fear the humans in other realms shall come and take us other for their fear of the Dalish and magic. I wish that ... I was never told that I was child of a mad king who married the woman who led me into near exile for my gift of foresight.”

Vanlanthiriel arose to and embraced Laurina who was shaking with some nerves “listen if I was queen I would cause of a stir as me being a mage and a former servant of the witch queen ruling other the people shall stir discontent in the masses, that may led them to come after me and slay me either by mobs or Templers I will be slain or forced to flea.”

Laurina nodded in agreement with her statement, though she herself was queen, she had made a very risky decision to make both her and Vanessa members in her court. Vanessa keeping her position as head of the blood eagles and Vanlanthiriel being not only her adviser such as Vanessa was but in charge of non blood eagle military actions

With eager feet they left for they had for they had business to deal with all three of them about a matter which has recently arose.

As Laurina sat down upon her throne of silver and sapphire blue with Vanessa and Vanlanthiriel standing either side of the throne. She looked down into the courtyard to see Arthion standing there waiting for them. “I am glad you have come at my summons, Arthion as I feared that the rumours of plans that you have maybe true” she told him.

Arthion looked away for a moment afraid to answer when he heard some giggles from behind him “who’s there and who is foolish enough to attack he who slew the murderous queen Kalian” for moment silence. He knew that the queen was waiting for an answer from but he feared that who ever was behind him may wish him harm or to attempt to assassinate the new queen for the memory of Kalian and the dark times that her reign brought.

Footsteps as something or someone approached from behind with words of greetings for him “greetings Arthion it has been some time since I have seen you.”

He spun on his heel to fix his eyes on face of maiden whom he had not seen in some time, Arthion smiled as he embraced his friend Aziza with all the friendship that he held for this witch.

Before Arthion could ask why she has been so long since they had seen Aziza since that night upon the death of the witch queen had fell upon. She answered his unasked question “to answer your question upon where I have been since I left that night in Shadow Daine after I had freed you from your imprisonment. I say this with great shame un to myself I have been on the island of Par Vollen with my family awaiting the news of Kalian’s death or victory. When I heard of your victory Arthion I did not hurry to return to my watery home just encase that death had not claimed her but it appears at has and as for the armour I am wearing it is part a gift from my sister and for my protection since travelling to the Dales at this time from Rivain is not as safe even I with my magic and with some combat training,” Arthion nodded seeing that maybe true for someone of Aziza’s power.

Laurina smiled to see her again “Aziza I have feared that you have left this world for I have not seen you” Aziza bowed to her “if you have business with me but I guess it is Arthion you wish to speak.” Aziza fell silent to allow the queen to speak with Arthion singularly without her voice to break it.

With a breath before speaking her gaze fixed upon the face of Arthion. “now Arthion, answer my question if these plans of yours are true, answer me” she snarled to him.

Arthion spoke to her with some bravery in his voice as he told the queen “what you have heard about these plans of mine?” he asked her with. He wondered wither that she knew of what had happened to led him to this cause of action.

For a moment there was no answer from the queen until she answered with some annoyance present in her words “I have only heard rumours about these plans of yours that rumours have said that you have a foolish idea that will end your death.”

He nodded before saying to her “yes it is true that I have plan that those believe that my plans are foolish.” Arthion watched her smile and giggle as she knew that she believed it but she was not sure why she needed to be told this. He looked at Vanessa as he continued telling them his plan.

“since the day of my last failed assassination on the queen I have been terrible dreams of my sister with the head of black priests order I sense that there something sinister is happening to her but before I see anymore I arise in a feverish sweat. This dream I have been seeing every night since then.”

The queen shock her head slightly “you want me to aid you with your plan by sending my forces to aid you in this” he nodded. Aziza looked at Arthion knowing that Arthion’s infamous rage may appear by the next words that queen would say to him “Arthion, I wish I could help you but I cannot not send my forces to aid you on your personal quest since I fear that the queen’s forces will oppose me so I ...”

Arthion looked at with a look of angry. He had been looking after the Dalish and been helping them in their plans of splitting the clan up after what happened with the queen. Aziza looked disappointed as she watched the queen and her advisors vanished inside the castle.

Arthion looked stunned by the words he had heard from the queen. He felt rage but he kept it hidden from the queen encase she sent her forces to imprison him.

Aziza looked at Arthion as he stormed past her. As she watched him enter the castle she laughed slightly “Arthion will not obey her, he cares for his sister and no matter what happens he will go after her.”

Arthion had walked inside a room that was only half finished for castle had been in ruins since the start of Arthur’s rule and since the demise of Kalian plans had been made to restore the royal castle to it’s former glory. The room he was in was supposed to be the armoury.

Eyes glanced over the few armour and weapons which had been placed inside. He was extended his hand towards a long bladed two battle axe when someone said from somewhere behind him, “she may brand you are traitor or imprison you if she knew that you go off into the wilds.”

He turned to see Vanessa standing there, her face was a picture of noble elegance. Arthion smiled slightly for he knew what Vanessa thought of this as she was only just started to forgive him for betraying her. Arthion’s eyes narrowed “if you have cometh here to stop me then your wasting your time my dear Vanessa”.

Vanessa graded hold of his waist and pulled him close to her “I have not I have come to warn you of...” she looked at the stone floor for a moment for she along with the other blood eagles were hiding a dark secret from the rest of the dales. Arthion looked at her “what’s wrong?” she looked up at him “oh, be careful of the head of the black priests. Even wounded he is powerful and not even I could defeat him.”

Arthion frowned “you fought him?” he asked, she nodded “yes, when the black priests first arrived in the Dales from where ever they came from for not even now where we are sure where they came. I was challenge along with Kalian and Vanlanthiriel by there leader. Defeat for me and Vanlanthiriel but near victory for the queen as she almost slit the throat of him also he wounded her. They made pact sealed in blood until the day of the queen’s ends they would work together. When the queen died I went in search of the black priests in the Dales only to find that they had fled.”

They removed from around each other waists until they were just holding their hands. Arthion gave a confident smile “I will find the head of the black priests, he shall be slain also I shall save my sister from is evil grasp. Then I shall return to the half of the Sabrae clan that will remain in the Dales” Vanessa returned the smile “I hope that your keeper can live long enough for your return as my magic cannot keep death away from him.”

Arthion realised her hands and hers his. He walked towards the door as Vanessa told him as he left “Arthion, if you betray my love again then you will wish that a beast had killed quicker than I will” he gasped slightly with some fear. He hoped that he would not have to find out what she’ll do to him.

Vanessa also added to her speech earlier “I wish you look my Dalish hunter, my hunt bring you the death of your prey” Arthion smiled and left Vanessa alone in the armoury.

"I know, and it breaks my heart to do it, but we must remain vigilant. If you cannot tell me another way, do not brand me a tyrant!" - knight commander Meredith (dragon age 2)

My sims stories: Witch queen
Nocturnal Dawn
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