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#101 Old 9th Apr 2010 at 5:31 AM
One of my most uttered comments: "Who in the world picked out your clothes!"

Alexander Goth looked like such a nerd when he became a Teen, I got him different glasses, a different hairstyle, and sharp threads.

I hate when they age-transition and their clothes don't even match--the top and skirt will clash or something. Ugh.
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#102 Old 9th Apr 2010 at 11:35 AM
This thread is made of win! I'm laughing so hard at 430 in the morning lol
I usually multi-task when playing Sims, so most of what I say is because of the sounds...
*BOING!*- Oh HELL no! Did you really ruin a good relationship by flirting with her sister in the same room?!?! Whats wrong with you?!
*Lullaby*- WTF? I sent you to bed for sleep, not for a new baby!
*Fire alarm*- OHMG, did you really burn the kitchen down with a TOASTER PASTRY?!?! Stop running around and leave the room!!! Dont just stand there, put her out!! Oh just great!! Just go ahead and die then!!
*Zhizzz, tears*- Roaches?? ROACHES?!?! Why!! *Checks outside* Who the **** keeps knocking over the damn trashcan!?!?!
*Dramatic music*- oh please no, not today...Why RepoMan?! You came all the way here for a chair?!
*Cheers*- GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT NOW!!!!- Said before I got OFB and could lock doors.
Add to this list "What the heckysmeck are you doing?! Stop screaming at me!! Do what I tell you to do!! ZOMG so ugly!! Don't complain about your makeover/new objects and be grateful!! Get out of the damn bathroom!! Why aint you on the bus?!"....and other assorted ravings lmao

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#103 Old 9th Apr 2010 at 3:25 PM
Originally Posted by AlexandraSpears
Two words: Birthday Cake. Click on the cake and it'll say "Bring (name) to Cake." You can do this right when you get the notice that the baby's birthday is a day away.

Ugh. I've been playing The Sims 2 for five years and NEVER used a Birthday Cake to age a baby. I thought it was only for birthday parties. Silly me. ^^'' Thanks for the tip.
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#104 Old 10th Apr 2010 at 4:45 AM
Originally Posted by blackmiranda
Ugh. I've been playing The Sims 2 for five years and NEVER used a Birthday Cake to age a baby. I thought it was only for birthday parties. Silly me. ^^'' Thanks for the tip.

I only just found out and I've been playing since this past fall. You don't need a party either.
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10th Apr 2010 at 12:00 PM
This message has been deleted by gazania.
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#105 Old 10th Apr 2010 at 5:18 PM Last edited by Ghost sdoj : 10th Apr 2010 at 5:23 PM. Reason: forgot the Turtle of Hope
In a restaurant lot: Is that cheesecake she just ordered? NO! She's pregnant and I don't want to deal with twins! Oh great, here comes another one of his conquests ordering cheesecake! A third one?! What is it with pregnant sims and cheesecake?! Hey don't give her that plate; I just took it off the menu! I don't want four sets of twins!

Ok, you ladies are all moving into the same lot together, and maybe that will prevent the twins from happening? Or better yet, you are going to just stay pregnant forever now because I'm never playing that lot!

(Turtle of Hope for one more contestant by midnight tonight:

I am Ghost. My husband is sidneydoj. I post, he downloads, and I wanted to keep my post count.
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#106 Old 10th Apr 2010 at 7:24 PM
I find Owned businesslots particularly nerve killers. I have to keep the shop open for long enough and so my lovely playables do stupid stuff like become enemies and such. Thats when i curse. A Lot. And call them stupid. And other stuff.

Last play session I had a nanny blocking the way for the parent to reach the job carpool. The Nanny insisted she needed to feed the toddler, who had just barely slipped below half in "hunger". She stomped and waved that ms Picaso was in her way.
And I called her ugly stuff.
And said "the reason you are here madam, is that mrs Picaso needs to go work and earn her promotion!! Now give up and go get another bottle or something!"

Nannys are bothersome. But this particular nanny will continue her little life, because my! was she a little Neatfreak. And also pretty clever with the kids.. So. I forgave her. Eventually.

But usually its only ACR that get my vocal attention.(Micromanagers Anon. ACR is first step towards Moderate Sims Handling)
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#107 Old 11th Apr 2010 at 3:28 PM
"Why are you taking that toddler upstairs for a bath when there's a bathroom only a few feet away!"
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#108 Old 11th Apr 2010 at 6:33 PM
Originally Posted by Sacred Nym
"The door is locked! Bed Nazi is ON! You have your own bed! Why do you insist on trying to sleep in your dad's coffin?!"

Oh my god! XD the father is a vampire! (or are you using the allmenus on cheat?)

"...Holy macaroni you're sleeping with your wife.."
from yesterday when i was paying attention to small stuff such as family sleeping "OH MY LORD! You're snuggling with her in sleep how cute and sweet of you c:" Please do keep in mind shes engaged to a servo xD that she made look humanistic. Oh and they're not married both aspirations are romance so they both have a fear of getting married so they're engaged.

"No I will not bless you fufu since you're sexy and so is your sneeze XD" <--seasons

"Stop flailing your arms and complaining the bathroom is nearby go to it already!"

"ARGH! Pets are so high maintenance! They demand to be fed every half hour or so!"

"Woah I don't want you to die on me but I want you to share some of those hot sneezes with your lover" <---while the sexy husband has a cold.

"Just sit down and shut the hell up!"
#109 Old 12th Apr 2010 at 7:33 PM
Pollenfairy, Male Vampyres can father children and female Vampyres can become pregnant without the allmenus on cheat. I have two hacked beds in my game currently, but I *think* I had a Sim fathered by one of the Grand Vampyres before I added either one, and allmenus on only works when testingcheatsenabled is enabled in userStartup.cheat, and cannot be used with Free Will enabled.

gulhare, OfB is my favorite expansion, and I rarely have issues with my Sims fighting one-another, especially when I`m playing another Sim`s owned business. They`re usually too busy shopping.

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#110 Old 22nd Apr 2010 at 6:58 PM
"What the hell are you DOING? Why didnt you get on the bus?? Right, walk to school NOW-oh, its saturday. Ill let you off then..."

"No, thats not your bed IS IT. Go to YOUR freakin bed"

*Fire* "Oh, well done. No, really, well done, YOU THICK F**K"

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#111 Old 22nd Apr 2010 at 7:37 PM
I use this one all the time. "No! I just used moveObjects on to take that infant OUT of the snowbank and put it in the house!! WHY do you keep picking it up and carrying it right back outside?! Don't put it back in the stupid snow!!!
go to school, go to school, put that down and go to school! (also work)
Stop whining! The fridge is in the next room and there's food in it. if you starve to death, it's your fault, and I'm not saving you (as if they care)
Okay, you invited her to your house for a date. Why are you playing punch me punch you with your brother?
No, Nanny don't put the toddler in the high chair. you're going to go take a bath and leave her there, you idiot!
don't just stand there holding your baby for hours and hours when he has a dirty diaper. Change it!
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#112 Old 23rd Apr 2010 at 2:36 AM Last edited by strawberrieflavored : 23rd Apr 2010 at 2:56 AM. Reason: figured out what ACR was =P
Lol, this thread is more like "Things you've shouted while playing The Sims 2" =P Not too many positive exclamations to be found, haha!

"That's not your freaking bed!! You've been living here how long?!"

"I thought I told you to _____!" (insert some action here, that my sim blatantly disregarded)

"What do you mean, you can't get there?? Just step around it/them! Or push it/them out of the way! It's not that hard!!"

"Nooo! Stop it, nanny!! Don't you know anything about taking care of kids?!"

"What the-? Why is the baby on the floor AGAIN?! Some great parents YOU are..."

"[Toddler], if you play in the toilet one more time, I swear I'm deleting all of the toilets in this house!!"

"Lobster thermidor again?! You're BARELY hungry!!"

This may be a silly question, but what is ACR? Figured it out =P
#113 Old 23rd Apr 2010 at 3:01 AM
On the positive side of things:

"wow! you are totally hot!" (He was such and average looking teen)

"Man, she is totally digging you. Get your butt over there and flirt with her"

I did also find myself saying recently "do it because I told you to!" Gave me great pause as all I could think was "dear God I've turned into my Mother".
#114 Old 23rd Apr 2010 at 5:30 PM
Originally Posted by Clashfan
I did also find myself saying recently "do it because I told you to!" Gave me great pause as all I could think was "dear God I've turned into my Mother".
Laughing so hard I`m coughing from it!

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#115 Old 23rd Apr 2010 at 6:47 PM
"All-Mighty-Lord! Get the f**k out away from the door!"
"Turn left! Turn left!"
"There's a backdoor! Use the Goddamn back door!"

-Things yelled at my navigation impaired Sims.

"She's your God-forsaken wife! You boned her in the park and now you're shy about peeing in front of her!"

-Something I yelled at the Mayor...I mean former Mayor of my hood. (He died a slow and deserving death)

" find THAT attractive?"

-When one of my Sims found Goopy a total stud. *Vomits*
Test Subject
#116 Old 23rd Apr 2010 at 7:51 PM
Leave that f..... game alone! my sims keep playin that game, forgot its name, when they hold cubes in they're hands and mark numbers on them.
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#117 Old 23rd Apr 2010 at 11:44 PM
" Stop woohooing and feed your baby!" , Stop checking out that elder, your wife is right there!" "Why the heck did you leave your baby in the bushes!?" "Stop feeding the baby! It's hunger bar is full!" And you know, sometimes I am totally speechless when it comes to my sims stupidity

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#118 Old 24th Apr 2010 at 1:41 AM
*game freezes* "no don't crush ! DON'T !!"..... *5 mins pass and still frozen* "c'mun crush already -.-"

All and all, no good.
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#119 Old 24th Apr 2010 at 1:47 AM
My most recent one:

WHAT?! HOW?! I sent you too woohoo! OMG, I don't want you too have another kid no!(the joys of not having a sound on your computer)

Tybs, don't you think you're a bit old, to roll want to beat up Romeo?...Oh okey, fine, because your aspiration is low. Go invite your sister over.
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#120 Old 24th Apr 2010 at 3:47 AM

"Go potty train the baby. Okay.....come on.....NO!!! DON'T 'HOLD YOUNGSTER' IDIOT! POTTY TRAIN HIM!!!!"
"Lilith! Get out of your sister's dorm! If you want to play computer games use your own computer!"
"So you're making toaster pastries. Just make sure you pay attention. *puts in oven* Wait! Why are you going to watch TV? You'll forget the food. THE HOUSE WILL BURN DOWN!!!!!"
Mad Poster
#121 Old 24th Apr 2010 at 11:41 AM
"Why are you running upstairs to throw up when you were in that downstairs bathroom just now!"

"I told you to eat. Not relax. That baby will be awake before you know it!"
#122 Old 24th Apr 2010 at 11:54 AM
Since installing tons of behaviour-altering mods in my game it's pretty stress free and I don't find myself saying "what the hell are you doing?" at my screen anywhere NEAR as much as I used to.

However... I have ACR installed (Autonomous Casual Romance) and I often have to do double-takes when I spot some casual woo-hooing going on without me authorising it! lol. It's quite entertaining actually when you see things like a Young Adult virgin woman kissing the arm of one of my teen boys at a club, or a male Romance student sim get it on with every female student at college (often in front of his other conquests), although perhaps not so entertaining when a married sim decides to go woohoo someone he fancies behind his wife's back. *slaps wrist and probably something else* :p
Mad Poster
#123 Old 24th Apr 2010 at 12:15 PM
I just put up with it, myself. I have Vista, which my husband calls the memory hog. So probably the fewer mods I have the better at this point, until I can get myself another GB of RAM.
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#124 Old 27th Apr 2010 at 3:40 PM
"Why do you want to use THAT toilet just because shes using it? Theres 3 other ones in the house but NOOO you want to use one that someone else just HAPPENS to be using?? Grow up. Literally, GROW UP." *sigh*

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Even the best fall down sometimes...
Even the stars refuse to shine...
I somehow find, You and I..Collide...
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#125 Old 27th Apr 2010 at 6:42 PM
"Sit? You're going to sit? You always sit! Get off your lazy a** and go do something productive!"
"Stop playing SSX3! You just played it on the TV! I am going to make your family have an intervention if this comes up."
"STUPID CAT! GO EAT! ...oh, your bowl moved so that's why you can't eat. Oh. I guess I'll fix that."
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