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Default Serena Piper's Legacy
Hey Simmers,

So I have been playing a new Founder for a little bit now, and I decided I wanted to start a Sims Legacy Family story! In order to do that, I need to backtrack a little bit before I start so that you are all caught up! This Legacy is called Serena Piper’s Legacy, and it is a little different from the common blogs that you are used to. In this Blog, I am basing the surname decisions realistically, so they will not always stay the same. An example, my founder’s name is Serena Piper. If Serena Piper has kids, they will have the surname of the father. So throughout my legacy, the children within that generation will always carry the surname of the father. So to begin, I have two sims, my Founder Sim, Serena Piper and her best friend Ryn Sierra (pronounced Wren). I intend to continue to follow the legacy with both of their lineages. For Ryn’s legacy, they will only be able to birth one child throughout each generation, and the child will always be the best friend of the heir (Serena’s lineage). The exception to this case is of course, if a set of twins or triplets are born, in that case I will choose.

So to begin, I’ll give you a description of our Founder, her best friend, and a few other characters.


Born: Serena Adrienne Piper
October 4, 1985
Star Sign: Libra

Serena Adrienne Piper was born in Oasis Springs, as the only child of, Oscar Manley Piper and wife, Julianne Morgan Piper (nee Troyer). Oscar Piper is of African American and Cape Verdean ancestry, while Julianne is of mostly German descent. Serena grew up as the goofball of the family. In elementary school, she met her best friend, Ryn Sierra. They bonded over having both moved to Windenberg from Oasis Springs. Before the beginning of the legacy, Serena was in a very serious relationship with Marcus Flex. However, after trying to be unconventional and propose to Marcus, Serena was rejected and her heart was crushed. Marcus and Serena’s relationship did not last afterwards and they broke up. Serena became heavily depressed and began dating men to numb the hole left by Marcus. She was in a brief relationship with Mitchell Kalani, however Mitchell could see that Serena was still in love with Marcus, and that she would never love him enough, and broke up with her. She then began having an affair with silver-fox, Jacques Villareal, however, Jacques wife, Luna, soon discovered the affair, and after threatening to leave with the kids, Jacques left Serena and went back to his wife. Serena is currently having an affair with, Dominic Fyres, and after falling deeply in love, Dominic left his wife, Moira, and their two children and moved in with Serena and Ryn. He is currently in the process of divorcing her, so that he can marry Serena.

Born: Ryn Giselle Sierra
December 4, 1985
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Ryn Giselle Sierra was born in Oasis Springs, the eldest and only daughter of, Christian Joseph Sierra and Ellen Joyce Sierra (nee Booth). Ryn has one younger brother, named Joel, and a half brother named, Dorian Fulton-Sierra. Dorian was born as a result of an affair Christian had in the 80s, thus Ryn and Dorian are six weeks apart in age. Christian is of partial Spanish descent, while Ellen is an immigrant from London, England. Ryn grew up as a class clown, she was voted “Most Likely to be a Comedian” in High School, and in college, she was praised several times for her wit and stand up comedy. She is currently seeking an aspiration to become a star in Comedy. Before the legacy began, Ryn was in a relationship with long-time college boyfriend, Luca Gabriel. However, after Ryn unexpectedly became pregnant, Luca began to distance himself away from her. After the birth of their daughter, Gigi Gabriel in 2011, Luca abandoned both Ryn and Gigi, as he “was not ready” for the responsibilities of fatherhood. Now Ryn finds herself a single mother, trying to make it in the world, with only her best friend, Serena, at her side.

Born: Dominic Rodney Fyres
January 31, 1974
Star Sign: Aquarius
Dominic Rodney Fyres was born in Windenberg, the youngest and only son of Mark Stewart Fyres and Ellie Louise Fyres (nee Smith). He has one older sister, Lyla Patrice Richards (nee Fyres). He is of African American descent. Dominic married Moira Fyres (nee Peebles) in 2001 and together they have two daughters, Siobhan and Morgan. Dominic is currently in a relationship with Serena Piper after having an affair, and is in the process of divorcing his wife, Moira.

Born: Luca Ethan Gabriel
August 1, 1985
Star Sign: Leo
Luca is the ex-boyfriend of Ryn Sierra, and the father of her daughter, Gigi Gabriel. He is the eldest child of Brantley Scott Gabriel and Mindy Anne Gabriel (nee Perkins). Brantley and Mindy are both of French Canadian ancestry. He has a younger sister, Dominique Gabriel. His parents divorced when he was 14 years old, and he spent his summers with his mother and school year with his father. Luca dislikes children, and currently, has abandoned his responsibilities as a father to Gigi.

Born: Gigi Nicole Gabriel
February 25, 2011
Star Sign: Pisces
Gigi is the lovechild of Ryn Sierra and her ex-boyfriend, Luca Gabriel. She enjoys art and painting.

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Default Chapter One: "Didn't We Almost Have It All?"


It was getting late and the sun was beginning to set over Windenberg. Dominic Fyres was supposed to meet his wife, Moira to talk about what the future means for them at this point. It had been two months since Dominic unexpectedly walked out on her and their two teenage daughters, Siobhan and Morgan. Dominic had been having an affair for over a year, with Serena Piper, one of the hottest and wealthiest women in the town. But he had never told Moira about the affair. Eventually he fell in love with Serena, and they decided to move in together.

Dominic remembers when he finally mustered the courage to tell Moira, he was puzzled at her nonchalant reaction. But in the twinkle of her eye, he had a feeling that she already had known.

Moira… my love. We have been together for 15 years. But I need you to know that I have fell for another woman. I am sorry for the way this has to be, but you know that our marriage has-”

“Is she pretty” Moira said in the perkiest of tones and interrupting the speech Dominic had been practicing for several days now.

“What?” Dominic responded a little taken aback at Moira’s little concern over the matter.

“Is she pretty?” Moira stated again

“She’s beautiful” Dominic almost entered a dream like state.

Moira looked down at the table, her mouth pursed as if she were thinking. She looked back up, her green eyes locking with Dominic’s dark brown ones. And then she scrunched her eyebrows as if in slight confusion.

“Then we have nothing else to discuss” she said after following a heavy sigh

Moira we still have to discuss the ki-”

“Congratulations on your happiness.” Moira strapped her purse onto her shoulder and walked out of the cafe. Leaving Dominic alone to face himself.

But as much as Dominic did not want Moira to drag this out. He felt a wave of guilt because deep down, he was deeply in love with Serena, and could not care less what happened to Moira… and worst of all? He didn’t care much about his kids either.

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Default Chapter Two: "Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This"


“And I think evolution is responsible for why everything is the way it is. Some people don’t believe in evolution. Some people don’t believe in it. That’s ok, I don’t think they’re stupid.But I think most people that argue against evolution sound really stupid.”

“Because most people that actually argue against it say shit like “Well I ain’t a monkey.” That’s. That’s not. No one said that you are. “Well my daddy ain’t a monkey.” Do you just want to keep going back until you find a monkey.Is that the point? This didn’t… did you read the thing? It sounds like you didn’t. It didn’t happen in 1972. It’s a whole…Why are you fighting this. Now human beings had a really interesting part of our evolution. We went through the ice age. "

“We had to survive an ice age. That’s really impressive. I’m not sure how we did it. Because we are a shitty mammal. We’re a poorly designed, pasty-looking, bummer of a species. People just walk around and we talk all the time. And you can trip a human being. That’s how shitty we are.We are the only thing in the world that you can just stick your foot out and ruin our fuckin day. Oww. I have a bad knee, you’re an asshole. We are just weak and shitty. We get tired. No other animal gets tired. You never see a wild boar “I need to sit down, I just did too much today.”


Ryn looked around her at the bar, it was the fourth Friday which means it was “Bear’s Night” at the local bar, when all the bears get together and have a social night. She had been hired to give a standup comedy routine, and she was sure that they would find some form of comedic substance in her Evolution Stand Up Comedy routine. Bears enjoy nothing more than human stupidity and her self-deprecating punch liners would be comedic gold… Or so she thought.

The issue with bears is that they had short attention spans and they never focused on anything more than 5 minutes long. She had barely even began warming up before the slobbering beasts had stopped paying attention. Ryn had a distinct distaste for bears. They were hostile creatures who only enjoyed fights and beer. And worst of all… they smelled disgusting.

“And… this is hopeless.” she said dropping the mic. “I’m getting a drink” she said with a scoured face.

Ryn had a bitter dislike for bears. But they had invited her to give a routine and they were paying her good money for it. And because she was a mother now, Ryn really needed the money.

Ryn waved the bartender down, “can I get a pabst-”

“RAWRR RAWR RA RA RAWRRRR” the bear boomed over Ryn’s voice.

“Hey, can I g-”

“RAWWWWWRR RAW RAW RAWR RAWR” another bear boomed throughout the small dive bar.

Ryn rolled her eyes. “Do you mind?” she winced at the bear beside her who sat stupidly with a puddle of drool on the counter before him.

Ryn could not take it anymore. A girl couldn’t even get a drink around these animals. She packed up her papers full of comedy scripts and a drawing her daughter had given her this morning. And headed home.

Nothing else mattered to Ryn anymore. Five years earlier she had welcomed a daughter in the world. And her daughter, Gigi, came first and foremost in Ryn’s life now. Before she was born, Ryn was a different person. But Gigi brought out the best in Ryn.

Ryn tucked Gigi into bed and clicked off the light. She knew that money wouldn’t be an issue if she would just let her wealthy parents provide for her. Or even her roommate and best friend, Serena. But, Ryn had to do this on her own. She was Gigi’s mother, and she was supposed to provide for her. But the wears and tears of single motherhood was taking a toll.

It was 2 AM, and Ryn had just been getting home, like every other day. She worked late hours for good pay. Sometimes she was guilty when she didn’t spend enough time with Gigi during the day, but she was working hard, to give her daughter the world. Ryn didn’t bother with a shower, although she swore she could smell the odor of bear all over her body. She slipped into bed and fell quickly into deep sleep.

The next morning was Gigi’s first day of school. And she was beaming with excitement.

When the school bus honked his horn, Gigi dropped her spoon into her cereal making a splutter and ran out the door.

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Default Chapter Three: "Scorpio Mars"


It was barely 8:30 AM when the sound of someone pounding on the door alerted Dominic from sleep. He had the day off, Serena had long gone to work, Gigi was off to her first day of school, and Ryn was catching sleep from her late night work schedule.

“Who on earth is knocking like that at this time of morning?” he yawned scratching his toned belly and feeling the cold hard floor on his bare feet.

The pounding came again.

“Okay okay I’m coming!” he yelled

If it was those damned sales people again he was going to give them a piece of his mind. But when he opened the door. His anger disappeared. And his reserves softened.

“… Moira?”

“Can I come in or is this a bad ti-”

“Of course you can come in” Dominic’s voice was soft and caring.

Moira looked around the expansive house. “Wow… it’s a lovely home.”

“Yeah well Serena and Ryn have a good eye for aesthetics.” Dominic said looking at the grandfather clock in front of him.

There was an awkward silence. Before Dominic spoke, “what are you doing here?”

Moira smiled benevolently. “You look uncomfortable” she giggled half in adoration and half in judgement. “We used to be able to sit silently all the time. We never had awkward silences before.. just silence. Peaceful and quiet-”

“Yeah well things are different now.” Dominic cut in sharply. “And you shouldn’t be here Moira. Unless there’s something the girls need.”

“They need their father, Dominic.”

Dominic subconsciously looked down at the floor to not look Moira in the eyes. She was right. He felt so uneasy around her now. It was like their first date back in 1991 when he was a college junior. Except this time the uneasiness wasn’t from Dominic’s worry of Moira liking him enough, but his guilt for having left her.

“They have their father Moira. They know that. And so do you. They can always see me or come here-”

“But I can’t” Moira said slightly upset

Dominic looked up and met Moira’s eyes. “…Moira

Dominic I miss you. I miss you so much. It’s like I can’t… breathe.” she said emotionally as she folded herself into Dominic’s chest.

Looking in her eyes, Dominic could see that she was vulnerable, and it was all his fault.

Moira I’m sorry for doing this to you, but I can’t… we can’t… it’s over now, Moira.”

Moira buried her face in Dominic’s chest and he could feel the wetness of her tears. “I’m sorry Dominic, I’m sorry I made you run away, please just come back” she said devastated.

Dominic looked away his eyebrows scrunched in sympathy for Moira. She grabbed his chin and forced him to look at her. “Please Dominic, please come back to me, I can’t-”

Without another finished word, Dominic grabbed Moira’s face and penetrated her scorned speech with his tongue. He kissed her hard. He didn’t kiss her out of love. He kissed her because he wanted to make her feel better. He kissed her out of guilt. And he could tell the difference. So he pulled away.

Moira” he said more sternly. “We are done. We are over. We are getting a divorce. This is our reality now.”


Moira’s anger was what Dominic had anticipated since he left. However, now he found himself not ready for it.

Moira you are upset. But here is not the place to discuss it.”

“I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING” Moira continued, “I BARED MY SOUL TO YOU HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME- DO THIS TO US- DO THIS TO YOUR KIDS” her voice was frightening with pure rage.


Moira broke down in tears and Dominic stood and witnessed her heart finally breaking. His heart wanted to console her and stitch her back together. But his mind told him not to. Because it was over.

Moira… listen to me.” he said very softly

“I will always look out for you. But we are over, Moira. We cannot continue anymore. I’m sorry.”

Moira was unconsolable as she kept repeating to herself, “how could you do this to me, how could you do this to me.”

Moira, I want you to leave now. Okay? I want you to go home and take some time to think, okay?”

Moira straightened up and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I will never forgive you. For as long as I live” her voice was soft but with the unbroken sting of a Scorpio that was scorned.

“Goodbye Dominic.”

Dominic was hollowed out. Moira deserved to feel every way that she felt. And Dominic was intensely guilty. He watched her as she walked out of the door and then grabbed his head rubbing his hands through his hair and holding back the tears he couldn’t show in front of her. He grabbed his hips and looked down at the floor with a sigh.

Dom…” Ryn’s voice came casually from the kitchen.

Dominic walked into the kitchen to see the pigtail bun laden Ryn seated with a face stuffed with pancakes.

“Food. Eat.” she said through a mouthful of pancakes, pointing her fork at the plate she had made for him in front of her.

Dominic loved Ryn’s sense of humor. Her energy always made him feel better about anything. And he knew that he could always confide in her.

Ryn chomped down the pancakes while looking Dominic in the eyes. “You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to. No talk. Just eat.”

“Okay” Dominic whispered, his eyes still wet with prisoned tears.

And so they ate in silence. “Thank you for breakfast” Dominic’s voice was still plagued with anxiety. “I um.. I think I’m going to go back to bed now.” He pushed in his seat and walked up the stairs in all his gloom.

He needed to talk to Serena.

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Default Chapter Four: "Photograph"


Serena Piper had been begging Ryn and her boyfriend, Dominic to go out all week. But as usual, Ryn was far too tired from work to do anything on the weekends and Dominic was acting like a sap this evening when Serena got off of work. He said that he needed to talk about something, but when Serena got home he was already in the bed sleeping, head buried under the covers. But Serena knew of someone who was always up for a night out. Her good friend, Dorian.

Dorian was the half-brother of Serena’s best friend Ryn, and the three of them had practically grown up together as siblings. He was Serena’s “favorite boy”, and was full of the wit and sass that always kept her laughing.

“Girl, the nightclub is going to be hot tonight. Ryn’s an old hag, but whatever. We can still have a good time.”

“Old hag, hahaha, Dorian you’re ridiculous.”

“Well she is. She used to be ‘party animal Ryn’, but after having Gigi she’s all old hag momcopter or some shit.”

“So where is your boy toy?” Serena said raising an eyebrow

“Hey SergDorian yelled as Sergio’s car pulled up into the driveway.

“Guess I spoke too soon.” Serena remarked

“Hey Serena, how’s it going?” Sergio said as he clicked the lock button on his car keys

“Nope” Dorian said as he grabbed Sergio’s keys. “We’re driving your car tonight babe okay thank you love you.”

Sergio smiled looking at Dorian’s eyes and then his lips. “Just don’t stay out too late, you know how you two do when you’re together, and I worry.” Sergio gave Dorian a peck on the lips before leaving the two to their usual devices.

“Yeah don’t stay out too late Dor, you know how Serg worries.” Serena taunted at Dorian

“Oh he’s just saying that because he wants another booty call tonight.”

“Oh gosh, Dorian, you could have kept that to yourself” Serena screamed in half repulsion and half humour

“Last night I rode that horse like I was in a horserace girl… and it’s definitely a horse…”

Serena cupped her hands to her mouth

“I can still hear you guys… still walking into the house.” Sergio chimed in

“Yeah, keep walking, with that fine ass.” Dorian teased

Sergio shook his butt in response

“I love you two” Serena laughed

“So how are things with you and whatshisface?”

“Things are going … pretty well actually.” Serena said a little surprised at how much of a breeze she and Dominic’s relationship has been going. “He broke the news to Moira and he said that she took it pretty well.”

Serena was still not aware of the scene that took place at her house this morning.

Dorian just stared at Serena with a slight judgement in his face.

“Stop doing that” Serena said biting her index finger guiltily

“I ain’t say… not… a word.” Dorian teased

“They’re over now, and they both seem to be passed it. So now we can all just move on.” Serena said with a sigh

“You’re a naughty girl, Serena Adrienne PiperDorian continued teasing

Serena made a slight awkward eye roll, and Dorian could tell she was still sensitive on the topic of the affair.

“Hey, nothing wrong with being naughty. I like naughty. I’m naughty. I was naughty to Sergio last night…”

DORIAN” Serena laughed

“… think I’ll be naughty again tonight.” Dorian said as he jingled the keys

“Good god, I cannot deal with you sometimes.” Serena joked as they got into Sergio’s Corvette Stingray.

Serena and Dorian got to the nightclub at the best time. They were piling into the club with a large group of people. Before then it had been pretty empty. “Formation” by Beyonce began blasting and the dance floor started sizzling. Serena and Dorian no strangers to the dancefloor did what they did best and started busting moves.

DORIANSerena yelled over the loud commotion “HEY DOR!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ALL THE WAY OVER THERE, YOU GOOF??”





“Umm… Serena

“WHEN HE FUCK ME GOOD I TAKE HIS ASS TO RED LOBSTER I SLAY!” Serena continued as she sang and danced to the song


Serena turned around and sure enough to find her mother dancing on the dance floor. Her mother? In a nightclub? No way.

“MOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” she yelled over the music

“Sweetheart, what? I’m too old that I can’t enjoy a night out?” Julianne said fanning herself after working up a dance sweat

“Well.. no. Mom I’ve never seen you in a club. Or dancing. To Beyonce. And where’s dad?”

“Oh nevermind your father, he’s a buzzkill and I wanted to go out, so here I am. It’s good to see you and Dorian.”

Serena scrunched her eyebrows in confusion at her mother using words like “buzz kill”, she had honestly never seen this side of her mother.

Nevertheless, they both came to have a good night and so they did. Serena even took a selfie that she uploaded on snapchat, “Found my mom at the club. My mom is cooler than yours.”

The night was filled with dancing, singing and lots of selfies. And most of all. Serena was happy with the way her life was going.

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Default Chapter Five: "Flushed"


Serena woke up with the hangover from hell. She had stayed out all night with Dorian and even convinced her mother, Julianne to hangout for a whole 30 minutes. But now it was Sunday, the day of Sabbath, the day of holy rest, and paying for last night’s sins. Serena just saw it as a day to cure a hangover. A really bad hangover. Awful… hang…over…

Serena felt a surge of vomit and rushed to the bathroom.

“Jeez what did I drink last nig-”

“you know your period is a whole week late.” the voice in the back of her head chimed in interrupting her thought pattern.

Suddenly Serena’s heart started pounding and she felt like she was about to melt into a puddle. She could taste the adrenaline in her mouth, as she faced what could be a potential reality.

She did what she knew best.. running to her best friend and confidant, Ryn.

“… psst. Ryn?”


“…RYN!!! WAKE UP!!!”

Ryn was jolted awake by Serena’s scream. And seeing a figure standing over her bedside scared her enough to flinch and collapse out of the bed.


“I’m sorry, but I think I have an emergency.”

“Yeah?” Ryn rubbed the sleep from her eyes, “What’s the big emergency?”

“… I just threw up.”




Ryn gave Serena a blank stare. “Puh-lease don’t tell me that’s the end of the story”.

“…I’m a week late.”

“A week late?” Ryn reiterated as she sat on the bed, “do you think you’re pregnant?”

Serena let out a heavy sigh and sat on the bed beside her

“I dunno.” Serena put her arms in her lap and stared at the floor in thought. “I guess, I’ve been so busy with other things lately I hadn’t thought about it. When I didn’t get my period, I just assumed it was late. And then forgot all about it until just now.”

Ryn looked her best friend in the eye, “Serena… you need to take a pregnancy test. I have one in my dresser.”

“What on Earth are you doing with a pregnancy test Ryn?”

“Hey, I had a close call last month with whatshisface… Johnny. So I had bought like four tests”

Johnny ZEST?! The town sleezer, Ryn??” Serena laughed

“Yeah… yeah I shacked the town thot, so sue me.”

The two women laughed and then there was a silence and they both knew why.

“… Ryn. What am I going to do? I don’t know if I’m ready for a baby.”

“Hey now, let’s not get all worry wart. And besides, you’ve been talking about starting a family since you turned 30 last year. C’mon”

“Yeah.. but. I just don’t know if I’m ready anymore” Serena looked down at the floor again lost in thought

Ryn focused on her friend’s expression, and raised an eyebrow. “Do you think you’re not ready for a baby… or that Dominic isn’t ready for a baby?”

Serena’s eyes widened as she looked up quickly at Ryn

“… or are you worried that he doesn’t want a kid at all? Or a family?” Ryn continued

“I just..” Serena paused and sighed, “I just don’t know what to think. I mean with the whole thing with Moira and the kids. He just told her he was going to divorce her not even that long ago. It just seems like things are going too quickly.” Serena’s head began to spin with the frustration of it all.

Serena listen to me” Ryn’s voice was reassuring, “I thought of all of these same things when I was pregnant with Gigi. It will work out. I know me and Luca did not work out, but look what came out of it?”

GigiSerena smiled as she thought of her goddaughter

“Exactly.” Ryn nodded, “go take the test. And then the rest will work itself out.”

And so she did. And sitting on the toilet, awaiting the results, Serena realized how her life could change. Dominic had been wanting to talk to her about something and lately he’s been very distant and burdened. What if he broke up with her? It was all just too much. Serena did not need another heartbreak… Marcus Flex was more than enough. Serena reminisced on the pain of her last serious relationship until the results were ready. It seemed like the longest minutes of her life.

She closed her eyes…

She took a deep breath…

And then she looked at the results.

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Default Chapter Six: "The Happy Couple"


The Von Haunt estate is one of Windenburg’s premier locations .

Located in the upmost area of Windenburg, surrounded by the snow-covered Rose Morning Mountains and the surrounding lying countryside, the mansion is definitely place for exploring and going out and about.

It is a historic and enchanted garden property that’s been up kept as a famous museum and tourist attraction. Its most notable landmark is the enormous and perfectly pruned maze where Sims can get lost for hours.

It is also allegedly inhabited by the ghosts of the Estate before its new owners took over. If you believe in that stuff.

Dominic knew that Serena had always wanted to visit the Von Haunt Estate, and so he chose it as the perfect place for their date. He really needed to talk to Serena, and bringing her here was the perfect place for just that. But Serena was far too distracted upon arrival by a bizarre army of knights. (Seriously, bears? knights? What the the heck is next?)

Serena studied the stoic painting before her. She remembered studying about the owner of the Von Haunt Estate in high school, and then again for a History 101 course she took in college.

The Late Lord Shallot was a troubled artist, who would often burn his paintings. It’s said he accidently started the deadly blaze of 1898 by hurling an oversized water colour into the fireplace. Some claim they can still smell the smoke of the inferno, but Management can assure you that the restoration has completely replaced all materials in this room and any lingering, haunting stench is pure imagination.

As Serena studied the painting, Dominic studied her from behind. Serena, as if with a sixth sense, turned to Dominic smiling. “Oh Dom, this is everything I imagined and more. It is absolutely enchanting. Thank you for bringing me here.”

“It was nothing love, I am just glad to be here with you.”

Serena came in closer and kissed Dominic on the cheek, leaving a perfect red lipstick print on his shaven dark skin.

Dominic embraced Serena, wrapping his huge arms around her small light frame. “You are an absolute dream to me, Serena Piper.”

But when he pulled away his face was filled with worry, or regret… Serena couldn’t quite figure it out. “You wanted to talk?” she remarked, studying his eyes.

Dominic smiled and it was filled with pain, “yes. Let’s go to the patio.”

The couple sat in silence for what seemed like eternity. Only stopping to speak about how beautiful the garden was and how perfect the weather had been all day. But Serena was patient and empathic, and then finally, Dominic was ready to talk.

Serena, I know that you can tell that I have been feeling troubled lately. The other morning, Moira stopped by the house.”

Serena was now beginning to understand what had been troubling Dominic. Her heart did a flip as she began to dread his next words, and so she clung to them. Studying his facial expressions all the while.

“She was devastated, Serena. Completely and utterly devastated. She begged for me to come back to her. She cried. She screamed. We kissed. I wanted her to feel better.”

Serena pursed her lips and looked off into the distance for a moment. Dominic studied her expressions and waited until her penetrating eyes locked back with his.

“You have to understand Serena.” Dominic’s eyes were like a sad puppy, and it melted Serena’s heart. Whatever he was going to say, she knew that she would not be able to hold any malice. He was bearing his heart to her, and his vulnerability was powerful. “Moira and I have been married for 15 years. 15 years and two beautiful daughters. When we married you were not even done with highschool yet. I am far older than you, you know?”

Serena scoffed, “that’s just age, I don’t, I don’t c-”

“That’s right, you don’t care.” Dominic interrupted which Serena was fine with because she couldn’t think of the right words to say.

“And that is what I love about you so much” Dominic’s eyes were glazed with tears and his smile was warm and inviting.

“The first time I saw you, it was raining, and you were just sitting in the corner of Starbucks, drinking your coffee and skimming through a book on your ipad, just skimming away on that iPad. And I lost my breath, you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. And it felt like I had realized that I had been waiting almost 46 years to find you. And I finally did.”

Serena smiled, the day that they had first met over a year ago, she was reading “To Kill A Mockingbird”. Ryn was still in a complicated relationship with Gigi’s father, and often they would fight, and so Serena always escaped to Starbucks to just get away for awhile.

“Well SerenaDominic’s voice brought Serena back from her past

“I had been thinking for awhile. I thought about us. I thought about me and Moira. I thought about my daughters, Siobhan and Morgan. And I just thought and thought and thought. Hell, I thought so much I was beginning to think my thoughts were thinking me. And I came to confirmation.” Dominic finished his speech and stood up from the table. Serena’s eyes were fixed on him as he straightened his vest. He walked around the table and offered his hand. Serena placed her fingers into his heavy palm and he guided her from the seat.

SerenaDominic’s voice toned down to a soft lilt, his dark brown eyes were self-assured and focused on Serena with a look of hunger and deep love and it made Serena slightly insecure and so she looked down. Dominic kneeled down at her gaze and looked up. “You are my confirmation.”

He reached into his back pocket.

Serena Adrienne Piper” he said with the focus of a man who had never been so sure about anything in his whole life. “Will you do me the honor… of being my wife?”

Tears gushed from Serena’s eyes and she cupped her hands to her mouth. “Are you sure?” she could barely get the words out, “Because I don’t want.. I don’t want to intrude- I don’t w-”

SerenaDominic’s smooth tenor relaxed her reserves, “will you marry me?”

Serena gently took the ring from it’s case and studied it as the moon’s light caused it to twinkle like a million galaxies.

“Yes” she smiled sniffling, “yes, I will marry you and I will be your wife” she could barely get the words out before Dominic had stood up and embraced her. Both of the love laden people in tears.

They embraced each other and kissed and kissed and kissed some more. Only stopping to wipe away each others tears and to laugh.

And the night was truly perfect. The breeze of the wind seemed to be dancing around the couple’s bones and jostling their skeletons. The sun had began to set over the Rose Morning Mountains painting the sky in pastels of roses and causing them to live up to their name. The lights of the Von Haunt Estate lit up around them as if on cue like a scene in a movie. And neither one of them could stop from smiling.

But the night wasn’t over just yet…

Serena pulled away from Dominic and studied his eyes for a second.

“What?” Dominic smiled

“Well… I have some news of my own to share.”



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Default Chapter Seven: "Daughters"


If there was one thing Ryn knew better than a good stand up comedy, it was definitely, how to throw down in a kitchen. Cooking was one of her favorite past times and she was about to whip up a mean BLT. That is until Serena interrupted-

RYN!” she screamed in horror as she scurried into the kitchen

“Yeah what’s up- HOLY CRAP SERENA, you know that Victoria Secret undergarments are cute but they make you look huge as hell.

And Ryn was partially right. It wasn’t Victoria's Secret that made Serena look huge, she was just huge period. As if she were carrying twins, even though her doctor informed her that she was indeed carrying a single baby girl. She and Dominic did not want a surprise baby, and were both excited to be anticipating the birth of their daughter.

Ryn look I’m getting stretch marks” Serena whined, “what am I going to do my body is ruined.”

Ryn kneeled down to look at Serena’s growing belly, “aww look she’s kicking, do you mind if I touch?”

Serena nodded in assurance.

SerenaRyn said sternly, standing up. “Don’t worry about your body, you’re nourishing a whole human being.”

“So does that mean it will go back to normal?” Serena timidly asked with scrunched eyebrows

“Nope. Gigi WRECKED my body.”

“Oh man, Ryn, that’s not what I wanted to hear.” Serena stumped her foot in frustration

“Hey, I’m always honest.” Ryn shrugged as she went back to finishing her BLT. “And besides” she said placing a piece of lettuce into her mouth. “You’re as big as a house.”

“Thanks.” Serena was sarcastic with a blank expression

“Ya you’re welcome”

“I - I really appreciate that.”

“I know”

“From the bottom of my heart” Serena continued with a hand to her heart

“That’s why we’re besties” Ryn chimed in as she ate a sliced tomato

“Well, I’m going to go put these elephant ankles in a sitz bath” Serena looked down at her swollen feet.

“Make sure you get the water very warm” Ryn yelled as Serena exited the kitchen

Just as Ryn had finished making lunch and was about to sit down to enjoy it, did she get interrupted once again. This time by Dominic.

Ree, can we talk for a second” he yelled from the kitchen

“God dammit” Ryn mumbled under her breath placing her plate down with a force

“Yeah what’s up my boy?” she said plopping down on the seat beside Dominic

“I just” Dominic balled his hands up, “do you think it was wrong of me to ask Serena’s hand in marriage before speaking to her parents?”

“Who Mr. and Mrs. P?” Ryn hoped Dominic could hear the growling of her stomach, begging for that crunchy bacon BLT

She twisted her mouth, “naaah”

Dominic shrugged half in frustration

“I mean, they always support Serena. And I’m sure they’d like you. But it would probably still be a good idea to meet them… ASAP” Ryn realized that it did seem a little absurd to marry someone who’s parents you haven’t met yet.

“Yeah I think so too” he agreed as he grabbed his BLT beside him

Ryn’s eyes widened as she stared at her half bitten BLT, “WHEN THE FUCK!? HOW THE FUCK!?!?” she yelled

“I mean she’s met my parents and they were never too fond of Moira.” Dominic continued as he chewed Ryn’s sandwich

“Are you like a silent ninja or somethin’” Ryn muttered under her breath as she watched his cheek full of the sandwich she had just made

“They’re just ‘happy I’m dating a black woman’” Dominic rolled his eyes at the petty comments his parents had made

“Half black woman.” Ryn corrected, “well not even half black” she began muttering to herself, “like a quarter black or like a-”

RynDominic said trying to bring her back to the conversation

“What the hell is Mr. P anyway? Like Black and Cape Verdean or some shit”

RYNDominic persisted

“What even is a Cape Verdean?” Ryn continued to herself


“Sorry, what were you saying” Ryn stated after finishing her musings

“Do you think her parents will really like me?” Dominic’s eyes were full of hopeful fulfillment

“Yeah man. They’ll like you. Just be cool. Don’t try too hard. They’re very intuitive.”

“Okay. Thank you Ryn.”

“Anything else you need? I would like to go make myself another sandwich.” and Ryn’s gurgling stomach agreed

“Oh” Dominic said licking crumbs from the corner of his mouth and looking down at the stolen plate of food. “Yeah” he laughed, “sorry about tha-"

"Yeah” Ryn said with stinging eyes, “I hope you choke"

Dominic laughed nervously

All this talk about babies and marriage had gotten to Ryn, and since she had the morning open, she thought it would be the perfect time to spend it with her own kid. Gigi, was a good kid after all. Even as a baby, Ryn never had issues with her. She slept soundly through the night. And rarely ever cried.




After several hours of play, it was time for Gigi to do her homework.

“Ok Gi, remember our deal. I take you to the park, and you do all of your time tables by yourself."

"I know.” the young blonde haired girl said as she plopped down on the ground with her math book, “I’ve been practicing, I know all of my Nines times tables now. Look Mom"

And so Ryn watched as Gigi did her home work out loud so that her mother could see how smart she was.

"Wow you did ALL of that? With NO fingers?” Ryn acted surprised… until a young woman caught her eyes observing them from a bench

Ryn being quite the extrovert decided to strike up a casual conversation, “hey” she said approaching the teenage girl with a smile and wave, “mind if I sit here?”

“Not at all” the girl said, scooting over

The two women watched as Gigi sang a song she learned in school to remember her math equations

The girl laughed, “your daughter is so cute.”

“Yeah, she’s a good kid” Ryn agreed, “what’s your name? I’m Ryn, and that’s my daughter, Gigi”.

“Nice to meet you” the girl smiled, “I’m Morgan.”

Ryn squinted her eyebrows, there was something very familiar in Morgan’s appearance.

“Do you go to school in the area, Morgan?” Ryn investigated

“Oh no” Morgan laughed, “I live in in the northern part of Windenberg, almost closer to Veronaville. I just like this park, my dad used to take me and my sister here all the time.” Morgan sighed and looked back at Gigi, “you should cherish your daughter, I wish all the time my dad was here."

Ryn frowned, "I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, Gigi’s dad isn’t in her life."

"Yeah well, sometimes I feel like mine was never there.” Morgan continued still staring at Gigi, she laughed lost in thought

“I hope you don’t mind me asking” Ryn replied, “did he pass?”

“No” Morgan laughed, “he actually left me, my mom and my sister for another woman.”

Finally, Ryn realized why Morgan seemed familiar, “you’re not one of Dominic Fyres daughters are you?”

Morgan met Ryn’s eyes, “yeah…” she scrunched her eyebrows as if slightly offended, “how do you know my father?”

Ryn couldn’t tell Morgan that “the other woman” was her best friend, Serena. Or that the home Dominic had left her family for, was one that he shared with her.

“I just” Ryn stumbled slightly, “I knew him a long time ago. And you favor him quite a lot.” she smiled

“Oh” Morgan said with a look showing she was skeptical of Ryn, “that’s the first time I heard that, most people say I look just like my mother.”

“Yeah” Ryn said slightly nervous and straightening her blouse as she stood from the bench, “well… it’s in the eyes”

It was getting late and Gigi had finished her homework and had gone back to playing. “GIGI” she called, “it’s time to go sweetheart.” She turned to Morgan, moving her wind blown hair from her face and behind her ear, she smiled, “it was nice meeting you Morgan, take care now.”

Morgan smiled with a slightly hidden expression of skepticism still on her face, “yeah… nice meeting you as well.”

Windenberg always had the most beautiful nights. The clouds were always thick over the mountains and the stars always glistened like jewels. The air was cool and the breeze was refreshing and the sound of the ocean surrounding the island-like town was a cascading white noise.

Whenever Ryn had time she loved to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, with Gigi and take her out to lay in the splendors of grass and starwatch. It was one of Ryn’s favorite childhood memories. When she was Gigi’s age it was 1990 and her family had just moved to Windenburg. Ryn had been very emotional because she had to leave her Kindergarten friends and her grandparents behind in Oasis Springs. This was before her little brother Joel was born, and it was just her and her parents, and sometimes even her half-brother Dorian when he came over to visit. 1990 is also when she met Serena in Kindergarten, another girl from Oasis Springs who she had never met before, though her parents knew her parents from college years. As the years progressed, Ryn’s parents began getting a little older to lay outside with her and eventually it would always just be Ryn, Serena and Dorian. As pre-teens and teenagers they would always have sleepovers and just lay outside and watch the stars and talk about boys and laugh at silly pre-teen trivialness.

Ryn realized how the times have changed. After the three of them went their separate ways for college, their late night star watching days ended. But Ryn had become accustomed to doing it on her own. And then she had Gigi, and when Gigi was a baby she would always look up and laugh at the twinkling of the stars, and so whenever Ryn and Luca got into a fight, she would always take Gigi and just sit under the stars and think.

Ryn was happy to pass it on to her daughter.

“That’s the BIG DIPPER” Gigi said with excitement

“Yep.. that is the Big Dipper.” Ryn agreed

“And this one? That’s… the North Star?” Gigi pointed in confusion

“That’s actually Venus” Ryn raised an eyebrow anticipating Gigi’s excitement

“THAT’S A WHOLE PLANET MOMMY??” Gigi sat up looking at the bright dot in the sky

“Yep. That is the Goddess of Love.”

Gigi’s eyes were wide as she returned back to her lying place on the grass and she couldn’t look away


“Yes sweetheart?”

“Is that where daddy is?”

Ryn’s eyes become emotional, “Sweetie” she turned to face Gigi, “no sweetie, daddy is here on Earth just like me and you.”

Gigi’s eyebrows scrunched as she looked at her mother, “then how come we never see him? Margaret at school said that he was dead.”

Ryn knew that one day Gigi would ask about her father, Luca, but she had not anticipated that she would ask this soon. “Yeah well… Margaret has an old lady name” Ryn remarked

The two of them giggled.

Gigi, you know I love you right?”

“Yes” Gigi said shuffling her feet like any child who has sat still for a long time.

“And you know Aunt Serena loves you? And Uncle Dorian? And Uncle Joel? And Uncle Sergio? And Grammy and Grandpa?”

“And Uncle Dominic?” Gigi responded

“Yes and Uncle Dominic and even Uncle Dominic and Aunt Serena’s baby, I’m sure she will need all the love when she comes into the world also.”

“Will she be like my little sister?” Gigi asked

Ryn laughed, “she’ll be like your little sister, you two are going to grow up together, just like me and Aunt Serena.”

The two girls were silent for a moment when Ryn realized that Gigi was falling asleep. And she had to get ready for her next comedy routine for the night.

“Come on sweetie, let’s get you to bed” she said helping her little girl up.

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Default Chapter Eight: "Ryn's Room"


“Do the people that work in these little shops in the airport have any idea what the prices are every place else in the world?! [audience laughs] Ya 14 dollars? Tuna sandwich, we think that’s fair, [audience laughs] that’s what we charge in our country.

Then you get on the plane. The pilot of course always has to come on the P.A. system. This guy is so excited about being a Pilot that he can’t even stand himself. [audience laughs]

Well, I’m gonna take it up to about 20,000. And then I’m gonna make a left by Pittsburgh and then I’m gonna make a right by Chicago, then I’m gonna bring it down to 15,000 – the whole route, all his moves, we are in the back going, yah, fine, that’s – just do whatever the hell you gotta do, [audience laughs] end up where it says on the ticket, really, that’s all my concern. [audience laughs and cheers]

“Do I bother him, with what I’m doing, knocking on the cockpit door, “I’m having the peanuts now. [audience laughs] Yeah, that’s what we’re doing back here. Thought I’d keep you posted. I’m not gonna have them all now. I’m gonna have a few. I don’t wanna finish it because it’s such a big bag!”

Then the stewardess has to come out, they have to do their emergency equipment show, you know that thing they do, one reads it, the other one acts it out. [Ryn singing] “Hey we have seat-belts, oxygen masks and things for you to use” [audience laughs]

“They show you how to use a seat-belt, in case you haven’t been in a car since 1965.[audience laughs] “Oh you lift up on the buckle, ohhhh !!! I was trying to just break the metal apart ! [audience laughs] I thought that’s how it works. I was going to try to tear the fabric part of the belt. I thought if I could just get it started…”. “

The audience was loving Ryn’s stand up routine and by the end of the night she had raked in a lot of money from tips. It was always why coming to Legends Comedy Nightclub was her favorite place to perform.

Just as Ryn had finished up and was packing up, maybe grabbing one drink, before heading out, did she spot Geoffrey Landgraab. Geoffrey was one of the richest men in the world. Multi-Billionaire, Philanthropist, Interloper. Ryn had remembered a party he had invited her family to when she was a little girl. It was so extravagant and Ryn wanted to one day be as rich as Geoffrey and as pretty as his wife, Nancy.

Ryn knew that she had to have a conversation with him. She was a bit star struck and he was after all, a great admirer to her father.

Geoffrey was surrounded by an entourage, Ryn knew it would seem kind of awkward to walk up to them randomly, but no stranger to being extroverted, she knew she had enough charm to invite herself over.

As Ryn approached Geoffrey he spotted her in her sleek blue dress and stared at the blonde bombshell walking towards him.

“Hello, Mr. Landgraab, do you mind if I have this sea-?"

"Go ahead and sit down, you are a d-de-delif-deliful looking woman.” Geoffrey said blinking unevenly

Ryn ignored it, she could instantly tell that he was drunk and his breath was strong with whiskey, but nevertheless, she just wanted quick words with him and then she would leave him to enjoy his night.

Mr. LandgraabRyn boomed her voice loud from excitement, “I just want you to know that you are a great admirer to my family. You helped influence my father growing up, and motivated him to be as successful as he is now. And he has always wanted to meet-”

“Slow down my lady.” Geoffrey said waving his hand

“Yes.” Ryn stopped abruptly, placing her hands in her lap, “of course.”

Geoffrey stared at Ryn’s thighs and made his way up to her dress, he could slightly see her panties if he stared hard enough and they made him excited. He had to have her.

“What is it you said your name was again?” Geoffrey said standing up and helping Ryn off of the seat

Ryn allowed him to hold her hand, she dusted off the bottom of her dress as she stood and Geoffrey watched has she brushed her derriere.

Ryn.” she smiled looking him in the eye like any friendly extroverted human being would. “Ryn Sierra. My father is Christian Sierra.”

Geoffrey stared at Ryn for a little while, “oh Christian” he slurred, “he’s the CEO of Corrine Estates?”

“Yes!” Ryn smiled, “that’s actually where my name comes from. They named me after the estates” she laughed at how ridiculous it sounded

“Well” he said, he was standing so close to her she could smell the alcohol on his breath and his cologne… and it didn’t smell too pleasing. “They did a good service having you.” he flirted

There was an awkward silence and Ryn looked around the room with an awkward smile as Geoffrey continued staring at her transfixed. The bar had cleared out fast.

“Is this really about to happen” Ryn thought to herself

But before she could think another word, Geoffrey had already stuck his tongue down her throat. She at first curiously allowed it until she could taste his alcohol followed by gooey saliva that she was sure was tar as a result of smoking cigarettes.

“Woah there.” she said pulling away and looking around for Geoffrey’s entourage, of which was nowhere to be found. Had they really left him?

Well. Ryn didn’t want to leave him very drunk all by himself.

“Okay, let’s get you a cab home?” she said grabbing his shoulder

“A cab!?” Geoffrey slurred in disdain at the notion of a taxi

“Yep. C’mon bud.” Ryn continued, ushering him to the exit

“Do you know who I am, young lady?” Geoffrey slurred, “I’m Mr. Landgraab, I don’t take taxi’s” he laughed

“Well” Ryn assured, “your entourage left you here by yourself so it’s either a taxi or your feet” she was growing slightly impatient and annoyed

Geoffrey laughed again, “my keys are downstairs on the bottom floor. We can go get them and you can drive my car.”

Ryn wrinkled her nose in disdain looking at Geoffrey’s growing boner and watched as he licked his lips at her, saliva glistening on his chin.

“Okay, let’s go get the keys.” she said turning and walking towards the elevator.

But when they got downstairs, Geoffrey’s keys were nowhere to be found. As Ryn turned away from Geoffrey he balled up the shoulder of her dress from behind and slammed her hard against the closet door.

Ryn tried to move her face to stop Geoffrey from kissing her.

“come on dude…” she said as Geoffrey’s forced lips locked with hers

“You are going to have me tonight” he growled licking around her mouth like a dog

Ryn grabbed at his face but Geoffrey was stronger and forced her arm behind her back, he began sucking her neck as he thrust his bulge up and down her dress

“Ew. Gross. Chill out dude, I’m about to fucking murder you” Ryn raged with fury

Ryn was able to lift her body off of the closet but Geoffrey slammed her violently back against it causing her head to go fuzzy

Geoffrey managed to open the closet door in their struggle

“GET OFF OF ME” Ryn yelled in a blood curling scream with eyes wide with fear as she realized the real danger that she was in.

She began fighting back harder. Geoffrey grabbed her neck with one hand and stuffed his other hand up her dress. He pushed their two bodies into the closet.


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Default Chapter Nine: "Family Matters"


Being the self-assured man that he is, Dominic had psyched himself up enough to a point where he was pretty confident about meeting Serena’s parents. That was until now. He knew that the Piper’s were apart of the elite upper class… but nothing had prepared him for this.

“Umm..” his said dumbfounded as he looked up at the gargantuan mansion “that’s a house?”

“What” Serena remarked, “Of course!? Don’t be silly come on” she said as she waddled up the stairs with her bouncing raven colored ponytail

Dominic saw it as a magnificent castle of wealth. Serena just saw it as her childhood home.


“Mom? Dad?” Serena yelled knocking on the door

“My goodness Princess, come on in” Oscar’s face was ecstatic to see his daughter.. and her new beau too.

He gave Serena one of his bear hugs that always sent her back in time. “Look at you Princess” he said getting a look at Serena’s huge belly and then at her face. “I don’t think I’ve seen you without makeup since you were 12″ he joked

And indeed Serena had gone makeup free. She had read in her latest pregnancy book that makeup was bad for the child. And she wanted to do everything by the books. Mostly out of common nervousness of being a new parent.

“Serena darling, it’s good to see you” Julianne yelled from the other room, her voice echoing throughout the huge walls of the estate “we are having grilled cheese and soup for dinner. We thought we’d try something a little more… southern”

“Southern..?” Serena smirked looking at her father

“According to your mother” Oscar said as he took his first real look at Dominic who looked slightly nervous

“Go ahead and make yourself at home son” Oscar reassured “we won’t bite you. Come on, you two go to the dinner table.”

“And so Serena just ran all over the park holding her diaper in her hand. And everyone was just staring at me chase her down” Julianne laughed as she reminisced on Serena’s childhood to Dominic

The two of them had been chattering away for awhile. And Dominic had warmed up quickly. Serena on the other hand, had gone completely quiet no less than 30 minutes into their visit

Julianne noticed Dominic staring at Serena who was twiddling her fingers on her very pregnant stomach.

Serena?” Julianne said clearing cheese from her teeth with her tongue “are you alright darling? You’ve been fairly quiet.”

"Actually… I dunno mom” Serena continued twiddling her fingers

“Everything okay Princess?” Oscars voice came from the kitchen, he had been busy cleaning up the dishes

“I’m worried about Ryn… she didn’t come home this morning. And she hasn’t called or anything. It’s beginning to scare me.”

“Well honey, she’s done this once before hasn’t she?” Julianne reassured

Serena felt slightly offended at her mother bringing it up. Once in 2011 when Gigi was still a baby, Ryn had ran away. It was during one of her many off phases with Luca. And no one could find her for almost a week. It was Serena and Dorian who found her at a hotel in Strangetown.

They had all sworn to secrecy to never speak about it again. Yet, here her mother was, just candidly open about it like it happened yesterday…. but it didn’t. Serena was sure of it. Ryn was different now. And Serena had a very bad feeling about this entire matter.

After the talk about Ryn slowly died down, Oscar whisked Serena away from Julianne and Dominic who both were far too busy cackling about Donald Trump running for presidency.

“Princess, we need to talk. Follow me” Oscar lured Serena upstairs away from the listening ear of Julianne.

“What’s wrong dad? Is something wrong with mom?”

Oscar raised his eyebrows almost impressed at how sharp his daughters awareness was. “You’re very intuitive, just like me and your mother.”

Serena sighed, “I figured something was wrong when Dorian and I saw her at the nightclub earlier this year.”

“A night club” Oscar chuckled, “try a dive bar, a strip club, and everywhere else young and wild people go. It’s almost like she’s having a mid-life crises in her 60’s.”

Serena was silent, waiting for Oscar to get to the root of the problem

Oscar sighed and looked around the room, “the problem is” he said fixing his gaze on a lamp that reflected in his large framed glasses, “your mother isn’t having a mid-life crises.”

“Then what is she having, dad” Serena’s anxiety began to grow

Serena, she has cancer. Skin cancer. Stage 4. And it is spreading.”

“Dad…” Serena’s eyes began to glaze with tears

“Neither of you told me anything” she shook her head

“Your mother didn’t want you to worry.”

“Well I am worried, dad. I’m worried about a lot of things at this moment.” Serena interjected

“I’m telling you now, Serena.” Oscar’s voice was calmer and more softening

“What is she going to do? Just nothing and die?”

“She did not want to seek treatment for awhile. It took a lot of convincing on my end before she finally made the decision, just yesterday, to begin chemotherapy. We had actually been trying to figure out the right time to tell you all of this.”

Oscar and Serena sat for a little while longer in silence. Oscar with his arm around his daughter’s shoulders. And they both sat and thought until Julianne and Dominic called them back downstairs.

It was late when Serena and Dominic arrived home. Gigi was at her grandparents house after Serena had Dorian drop her off. But now it was nearing closer to 24 hours since Ryn disappeared and Serena was more than sure that something was very wrong.

“I want you to relax, Serena.” Dominic massaged Serena’s aching back “do you know what tomorrow is?”

“What’s tomorrow?” Serena sounded exhausted at anticipating another thing

“You see. You are so caught up in wanting to help everyone else you are forgetting about yourself. Remember our child is past her due date. Tomorrow you are being induced"

Fuck. Serena had completely forgotten that tomorrow she was birthing a whole human being. She couldn’t do that now. The baby would have to wait. “Dominic, what about Ryn sh-"

Ryn is a big girl, Serena, she’s a grown woman, and she knows very well how to handle herself. Remember the time she sprayed that guy with pepper spray and then crushed his nuts with her high heel shoes and pushed him on the ground and started beating him with her purse?“

Serena knew that Dominic was trying to reassure her, but this was not some pepper spraying comedy story. This was something more than that and something Serena could not shake.

Dominic, I can’t let this go. I think Ryn is in trouble. This is not like her at all. To be gone a whole day and not call virtually anyone?“

"Then what do you suggest we do?” Dominic had given up trying to convince Serena

Serena turned to face him, looking straight into his eyes.

“It’s time to call the police.”

The next day Serena found herself at the hospital getting ready for delivery. A police report had been filed with a missing person’s case. It was all they could do for the time being. And track down Ryn’s car. And last whereabouts.

Great. Her best friend could be lying face down in a ditch and here she was in a robot. Or whatever the hell this contraption is… it’s so warm. Everything is mov…ing….slow…ly. The drugs had hit Serena like a ton of bricks.

“Okay sweetheart” the doctor yelled over the machine, “you’re probably feeling very loopy right now because of the drugs. Now you just lay there and we’ll get that bad mamma jamma out of you in no time!”

Had she just referred to Serena’s baby as a "bad mamma jamma"? Serena was beginning to get confused as to what was reality and what was drugs.

But the delivery was painless. And before they knew it, Serena and Dominic had a 6lbs 5oz bouncing baby girl.

Serena smiled as she looked at the infant who already favored one of the two parents. “Welcome to the world, Mackenzie Marie Fyres!”

And with the birth of Mackenzie, came the ending of Generation 1. Thank you all for tuning in. See you in the second book of Serena Piper’s Legacy.

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Default Book Two/Chapter One: "Swamp River"


Several months had passed since Ryn’s disappearance and each day didn’t get any easier than the last. The only thing that kept Serena going was Mackenzie. Serena recorded every milestone and she made sure that she spent as much time with Mackenzie as she could. She never wanted to leave her daughter’s side. Serena also had another thing on her mind that kept her mentally in check following her best friend’s mysterious disappearance. She had recently discovered that she was expecting another baby. Both Dominic and Serena had been shocked at the discovery at one of Serena’s routine check ups. She had no symptoms whatsoever, but nevertheless they were excited and anticipating their second child, whether it was too soon or not.

“This way Mackenzie can grow up close in age with a younger sibling” Serena reassured Dominic and thus he agreed. Serena was an only child herself and she neither had siblings or cousins. Ryn was the closest she had to a sibling, and now she was gone and nowhere to be found.

Serena started to get her usual pit of worry in her stomach, but she quickly swallowed the anxiety as she cooed and spoke to her baby.

Ryn had left sole-guardianship of Gigi to Serena in her will. Serena remembers the day Ryn had asked her about it back in 2012. She had written the will specifically in case Luca’s name ever came up. And in the wake of Ryn’s disappearance a judge had declared that considering Luca was nowhere to be found nor had he ever supported her, Gigi was to stay with Serena. Ryn’s parents however, wanted to have their granddaughter each weekend, and so Serena and the Sierras made custody arrangements, which also included Dorian, who Gigi would stay with one week at the end of every month.

Gigi was a very inquisitive child, and she would constantly ask about her mother. And Serena never filtered anything from her.

“They still haven’t found mommy’s car?” she asked looking up at Serena with wishful eyes

“No sweetie, they still haven’t found any trace of her. Not anywhere.”

Gigi wanted to cry but she was too confused to let the tears flow. “It’s not FAIR” she yelled stomping the floor, “mommy could be hurt and no one can find her. Not even the police?”

“The police are doing all they can sweetheart.” Serena felt infinite amounts of sympathy for Gigi and she couldn’t even bother thinking that Gigi would have to continue growing up without her.

“I don’t want you to worry” Serena started playing with Gigi’s hair, “I’m sure your mother would want you to be okay and to play and go about doing all the fun things that little girls do.”

“I wished especially hard on a star last night” Gigi whined, “mommy said that if you close your eyes really really hard and if you wished hard enough that it would come true. How come she hasn’t come home yet?”

“Oh sweetheart” Serena held Gigi close and Gigi buried her wet eyes into Serena’s stomach

When Serena went to check on Mackenzie she was sound asleep. Serena shuttered at the thought of Mackenzie losing her mother at a young age. Serena’s greatest fear was if something were to happen to her and Mackenzie was forced to grow up without her. And she was sure Ryn had the same fear for Gigi.

Serena checked the baby monitor to make sure it was functioning correctly. She had to go attend to some business with the Sierra’s and would leave the kids with Dominic, who was napping in the bedroom.

Ryn’s parents, Christian and Ellen Sierra had been investigating their daughter's disappearance ominously as soon as Serena had informed them that she was missing. They had hired several private investigators and none of them ever came up with any substance. As far as the Sierra’s and Serena had known, Ryn was going to do a comedy routine at Legend’s Comedy Nightclub which was located downtown. Serena noted that she remembered hearing Ryn as she was leaving the house. The time was 10:00 PM and Serena knew this because after being awoken by Ryn leaving, she had went to the kitchen to get a drink of water and checked the time.

By the end of Ryn’s stand-up comedy, there had been only one staff member working who was closing. The staff member had been fired the next day, because the night of Ryn’s disappearance he had drank and partied with guests and left the Nightclub without closing or locking up.

All of the guests who attended Ryn’s comedy routine noted that she was the last to leave the club.

Geoffrey Landgraab and his friends stated that they had talked with Ryn before they had all left. Geoffrey was the last person to talk to Ryn, but he said that she had only stopped to discuss her admiration for him as he was exiting the door.

(And no one would ever suspect a business tycoon such as Geoffrey to ever do anything horrible.)

This left Ryn alone.

And to make the investigation even more complicated, all of the surveillance cameras in the club had been shut off due to a circuit problem they had been experiencing for weeks.

Ryn’s whereabouts were like digging for gold. And Serena knew this. Christian knew this. Ellen knew this. But still they were relentless in trying to find out something about what happened on Ryn’s last night. That was until Serena contacted Christian and Ellen this morning and asked if she could come over. She had found something they had all been looking for.

“As you both know, the last private investigator that we hired tried to use the “Find My iPhone” locator on Ryn’s phone and came up with no signal.” Serena pulled out a paper from a red folder. It was the print out of the find my iPhone locator map. “Well” she said pointing at a dot on the paper. “I have been persistently checking to see if I would get a signal of Ryn’s phone. And this morning I got one.”

“Wow, so where is it located” Christian eyes were intrigued and excited to find something new in the case.

Ellen’s expression remained blank as she looked at Serena and then to Christian and then to the paper

“Well… here” Serena handed Christian the paper

Christian held the paper up as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, “this is near Swamp River in Strangetown?”

Serena’s expression matched what Christian was thinking

“How do you know any of this is accurate?” Ellen sounded unimpressed, “I say leave it to the police either way could be dangerous” And with that Ellen left the two of them standing in the yard.

Ellen had spent the past four months in constant fear of Ryn’s safety. But she was beginning to get burned out by all of the theories and speculations her husband and Serena thought up. And apart of her felt that Ryn was gone. For good.

“I’ll take the paper and contact the lead on the case” Christian’s eyes remained locked on Serena’s as they both silently acknowledged a sinking reality. “Thank you Serena, for all you’re doing to find Ryn. I am sure we are getting close to a resolution.”

As Christian began walking into the house, Joel had been standing behind them listening the whole time.

Joel was Ryn’s teenage brother. As teenagers themselves, Ryn and Serena would carry him everywhere they went when he was still a baby. He looked very much like Ryn in some ways, and his model-like features had gained the attention of a few modeling agencies, but Joel wasn’t interested in that stuff that he considered "frilly” and “plastic”. He was more into motorcycles and driving monster trucks and making out with chicks at mosh pits. Serena hadn’t heard much from Joel since Ryn’s disappearance, and she could imagine that it must have been taking a toll on him.

“You said you found my sisters phone?” he manage to choke up

“Yes.” Serena’s voice was calm as she could feel the tension that Joel was feeling

“I’m going to go find it. And then I’m going to kill the bastard that took her.” Joel growled

Joel. That’s not safe. You would be best to-”

“I DON’T CARE. SERENA” he yelled

Serena was silent

“My sister is missing, she could be in danger, or worse.” Joel’s eyes began to tear up, “how could anyone do anything to her?” he said with a hard sniffle. “Hm? She has always been nice and friendly to everyone in this fucking town, how could anyone hurt her?”

Serena nodded her head in frustration, “I ask myself the same thing every night.”

Joel let out a sigh and looked up at the sky, the sun was setting and the sound of crickets were beginning to fill the air. “She’s dead isn’t she?” he said looking at Serena, and then he broke down in tears.

Joel. The tough guy Serena had known since he was born. Was crying.

Serena wrapped her arms around him. She couldn’t answer his question. And Joel knew that she couldn’t. Neither of them knew the state of Ryn, or whether she was dead or alive. And so they stood for a moment and just hugged each other and cried together.

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Default Book Two/Chapter Two: "Mean Girls"


Dominic: “And so I was thinking. The groomsmen could wear blue and…”

It had seemed like an eternity since Serena and Dominic first got engaged. And quite a lot had happened since that day at the Von Haunt estate. They had been recently talking about finally going ahead and planning the wedding. But Serena was not particularly enthused, so much was on her mind. She couldn’t even fathom the concept of a marriage yet. But Dominic just chattered on and on about it.

“… and I was thinking. Babe? Are you listening”

“Mhm” Serena lied with daydream like eyes as she finished her breakfast

“Okay” Dominic chuckled with a smile, “because when you stare off into space like that it makes me feel like you’re not really focusing. But, I was thinking and babe how would you like a wedding in July? It’s the perfect weather and we could go on a nice honeymoon afterwards.“

"Or we could just… not get married. I dunno” Serena was nonchalant as she picked at her chipped nail polish.

Dominic went silent for a moment, “I’m sorry-wha-what?” he half-laughed reducing it to some kind of odd joke

“I said. Or we could not. Get. Married.” Serena was a little more insulting in her reiteration

“What do you mean?” Dominic’s voice was full of attitude and so were his eyes, “you don’t want to marry me anymore, is that what you’re saying?”

"No I’m not saying that at all Dominic. I just" Serena hesitated, “It’s just too much going on right now Dominic. You know with Ryn gone, and juggling two kids now and being a full time stay at home mom."

Serena you’re acting like an idiot" Dominic shot back, “And don’t use the kids as a way out of this. And what about the new baby that’s on the way? Do you want our next son or daughter being born a bastard too?"

Dominic!?“ Serena was appalled

"What the fuck is wrong with you Serena? Huh? Ryn is gone, not getting married isn’t going to fucking change that. And I’m sick of you always being so wishy washy lately.”

"Okay you are stepping way out of line now buddy.“ Serena smirked at how absurd Dominic was being, she stood up to go inside


“If you think that because I want to postpone the wedding is me not wanting to be with you anymore…” Serena’s voice was full of venom and Dominic realized he had ticked her over the edge, “then perhaps we shouldn’t get married at all.” And with that Serena stormed into the house her high heels clacking against the cobblestone.

Dominic knew that he had been way too aggressive and lately his temper had been a lot more shorter than usual. He and Serena had been arguing a lot. But he knew for sure that he loved Serena and he loved his daughter, Mackenzie just the same. But he also had to make room in his heart for the family he had left. For his daughter's, Siobhan and Morgan. And even for Moira.

“I’m going to make you a promise little carrot” he said holding Mackenzie in his arms, “I promise that I will always do the best that I can to make you happy, and to make your mother happy, and your half-sisters as well.”

But sometimes Dominic felt like his heart was being stretched to it’s limits.

Tonight his daughters, Siobhan and Morgan were coming over to have dinner with them. They had not met Serena before, most of the time they declined. Dominic was unsure why this time was different, but he was happy to see them finally coming around.

Dominic made his way downstairs to whip up dinner for tonight. He was going to make Siobhan and Morgan’s favorite meal. If he could just win them over and they could see how charming and bubbly Serena was. Perhaps they would finally accept her. Dominic hoped that this was more than just a pipe dream. Before Ryn disappeared things went a lot easier, but without her presence, her impact was very visible. And Dominic and Serena had been starting to struggle with just about everything.

And Serena always found herself in the basement at the bar that they had installed. She seemed to grow an affinity for drinking in the recent months.

And she was drinking… ALOT.

Dominic was no Ryn in the kitchen but he was a connoisseur when it came to spices and flavors and he still knew how to make a semi-decent meal. He had actually started to develop a growing hobby in cooking.

He saw Serena entering the kitchen out of the corner of his eye. Neither said a word and there were still hurt feelings from earlier. Dominic knew that he should apologize first or he would be sleeping on the couch tonight, but he just couldn’t bring himself to apologize, mostly out of child-like pettiness.

“I’m taking Gigi over to Dorian’s, I’ll be back soon.” Serena’s voice was flat but with a slight unsteadiness

“…you haven’t been drinking have you?” Dominic’s voice was still full of the same attitude as this morning except slightly toned down

Serena didn’t say anything as she grabbed her keys off of the counter and yelled for Gigi to come down. Of course she was being reckless, but Dominic knew that Serena was always a better driving when she drank. It was like a weird contradictory effect, or witch craft. Sometimes she seemed like a witch … Dominic chuckled at the vengeful thoughts of Serena flying on a broomstick and casting spells on everyone she passive aggressively despised.

Serena, Dorian and the Sierras had all kept their custody arrangements of Gigi in good standing. She lived with Serena and Dominic most of the time and for school. She stayed with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sierra on the weekends and the last week of every month, she stayed with her Uncle Dorian.

“Hey Gigi GorgeousDorian joked as he kneeled down to give his niece a hug

“Can we do nail polish tonight?” Gigi asked trying to hide her growing excitement. Dorian was her favorite uncle, she liked Uncle Joel as well, but she didn’t always understand him or his hardcore rock music and the strange girls that would come over with dark eyeshadow. And Joel wasn’t always open and inviting to Gigi as Uncle Dorian was. Joel was after all, still just a kid himself, and saw Gigi as a pestering little rugrat, but he still did his best to be a good uncle. But in Gigi’s eyes, Uncle Dorian and Sergio had Joel beat by miles.

“You know it, I have a new color called Glitter Magic, and then we can order pizza and watch Twilight and talk about boys.” Dorian joked

“eew boys are icky” Gigi scrunched her face

“Haha we’ll wait until you’re older for that then.” Dorian said as he looked up at Serena. He could tell something seemed to be bothering her.

“What’s up?”

Serena folded her arms, “can we talk outside for a minute?”

“Is everything okay?” Dorian said inspecting Serena’s expressions and body language which told him something was very wrong

Serena bit her lip and looked off into space, “umm… so this morning I was having really bad cramps and I went to my doctor to make sure the baby was okay.”

“Oh my god, Serena, is everything okay?” Dorian clutched at his chest

Serena was silent for a moment, “I lost the baby.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Rena, come here.” Dorian said giving Serena a hug

“I haven’t told Dominic yet, I just don’t know how to break it to him. And this morning we got into an argument, and tonight his kids are coming over, and we just seem to have a lot going on lately. Maybe it was all the stress on the baby? I don’t know.”

Serena, honey” Dorian placed his hands on her shoulders looking her in the eyes, “breathe”.

“Take some time to breathe and give yourself some space. You’re right you’ve been very stressed out lately. Tell him when you feel like you’re ready.”

Serena let out a sigh of relief, it felt good to talk to Dorian. She no longer had Ryn to talk to and bottling things up was self destructive.

“So his daughters are coming over tonight?” Dorian changed the subject

“Yeah…” Serena rolled her eyes, she suspected that Siobhan and Morgan were two divas and would likely never really like her, “they’re both bitches”

“Oh my god SerenaDorian cackled, “so Morgan is the one Ryn saw at the park?”

The two gossiped for what seemed like hours.

“Oh” Dorian clapped, “girl” he clapped again, “I have some news of my own to tell you.”

Serena waited in anticipation and Dorian just smiled causing her anticipation to overflow, “WHAT!?” she yelled

“Well I was going to tell you when you came over, and then you just dropped that whole miscarriage bomb on me and now I feel guilty.” Dorian began

“Whatever Dorian, just tell me” Serena said bouncing up and down, her heels clacking on the ground

“Me and Sergio are having a baby.”

“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD” Serena screamed as she wrapped her arms around Dorian’s neck, “when? is it adoption? or surrogacy?”

“Genetic Transfusion, actually” Dorian announced

“Wow Dorian, you’re going to be a daddy?” Serena smiled

“Daddy Dorian” he joked

“I never took you for the daddy type” Serena raised an eyebrow, “maybe Sergio, but you’re more of the Primadonna Girl.”

“Shut the fuck up betch” Dorian laughed

They were both silent for a while before Serena said what was both on their minds, “I miss Ryn

Dorian and Serena both felt strongly that Ryn was dead. There was still no trace of her since that night at Legend’s Comedy Nightclub and the police had no leads to follow. No trace of her car or anything. It was like she just vanished into thin air.

“I think about her everyday” Dorian chimed in placing his hands in his pocket and looking off into space “… we have to make sure we take good care of Gigi.”

“Definitely” Serena reassured

It was 6PM when Siobhan and Morgan came over for dinner. And Dominic was a little more excited than he thought that he would be. He hadn’t sat down to a family meal with his daughters since he left. The girls in turn looked forward to seeing their father. Serena on the other hand? Perhaps was a different story.

Serena was quiet during the beginning of dinner and felt a twinge of nervousness. She hadn’t realized how much she wanted Siobhan and Morgan to like her until now. And they were both stunning young women. Siobhan looked more like Dominic while Morgan was almost the spitting image of Moira.

“I’m so glad you girls joined us for dinner tonight. I wasn’t sure what to make for dinner, so I decided to make your favorite when you were just little kids.”

“Oh no dad, it’s a good meal.” the girls chimed in

“Good.” he nodded as he stuffed his mouth with more food, “so what have you girls been up to? Anything new going on? How about you Morgan, how is your first year at college going?”

“It’s going good dad, my classes aren’t too challenging. Serena, I heard you went to Brown University?” Morgan asked turning to face Serena

“Yes! As a matter of fact I did, but I ended up transferring. I’m an only child, and so I couldn’t imagine being away from my parents so I ended up going to a small liberal arts college outside of Windenberg.”

“Oh… that’s nice” Morgan said with a fake smile as she pretended to care. Perhaps she could hear what Serena was saying if her breasts weren’t just… all out there like that.

“Yeah I know it probably seems a little silly to transfer from Ivy to a school with little to no acclaim to it. But it worked for me and that’s all I cared about.”

So this is the Serena Piper, that her father LEFT her mother for. Morgan tried to contain her composure and it was taking The Force for her to not burst out laughing.

“Oh” Morgan sounded pretentious, “well… bless your heart.”

Serena smiled completely unaware of Morgan’s subtle insult. “But I’m sure you will love Brown, it’s a really nice school. Beautiful campus. I mean Rhode Island is a small state, but it’s rich in culture."

Siobhan sat unimpressed. This woman really wants to talk about Brown University? How does she feel knowing she’s a homewrecker? Surely she can’t think that her or Morgan really liked her?

"Yeah…” Morgan’s voice trailed off not sure what the fuck Serena was talking about

Serena smiled and nodded

Morgan just sat and stared at Serena for a second. I mean she was kind of pretty… kind of. She looked a little bit like a dude to Morgan. I mean those cheekbones.. and that pointed chin. And those big ridiculous boobs that she seemed so eager to flaunt.

“So enough about me” Morgan continued, “Siobhan here is actually a published writer.”

“Oh yeah” Siobhan said with her mouth full

“Tell them SiobhanMorgan said with her fake smile looking at Siobhan and then to Serena, “.. about your book on the New York Times?”

“Oh really, wow” Serena was intrigued as she wiped the edge of her mouth with a napkin “what is it about?”

“It’s about this homewrecking broad who steals another woman’s husband. So she gets hit by a bus.”

“Fuck you’re so morbid SiobhanMorgan snickered holding her hand up to her mouth to hide her amusement from Serena

Siobhan did the same

“And the woman is really dumb and clueless and ends up becoming a paraplegic.” Siobhan could barely contain her giggles

“Oh my god bitch, I’m dying inside” she said to Morgan under her breath

“Wow” Serena said clueless as she turned from Siobhan to Morgan, “that really sounds like something. I’ll have to read it.”

“Fuck this bitch really is clueless” Morgan snickered under her breath to Siobhan

Serena may have been unaware of Morgan and Siobhan’s charade but Dominic who knows his daughters best just put his head down and shook his head in shame. And to keep Serena from noticing the cheshire grin on his face. His daughters, after all, did have a way of making him laugh with their ridiculous insults of people.

Serena looked at both Siobhan and Morgan who both had funny looks on their face. They were a bit weird in Serena’s mind.

“I hope you all can excuse me, it’s time for Mackenzie’s feeding” she said placing her napkin on the table before scurrying from the dining room.

After Serena’s exit the table was quiet. Siobhan and Morgan filled with inside jokes ate their food with smirks on their faces.

“Okay” Dominic sat back in his chair, “so what do you think of her?”

“What do I think of her? Dad?… she’s a slut??” Morgan laughed as if she felt it should have been obvious

Serena hadn’t reached the stairs yet before Morgan’s comment and she heard it loud and clear. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs at the word ‘slut’. With a smile and a roll of her eyes she continued up the steps.

Dominic gave Morgan a stern look, “that’s not right Morgan” he said calmly but with the sternness of a father, “why would you say something like that? You’re raised better than that. And Serena-”

“Is a whore.” Siobhan interjected, “I can’t take anymore of this.” She said slamming her napkin on the table, “I’m ready to go, are you ready Morgan?”

“Now wait a minute” Dominic’s was growing quickly frustrated

“Actually you wait a minute dad” Morgan’s fury was unwarranted, “you invited us to dinner, and we came. That doesn’t mean we have to like that- that - homewrecking trick!” she growled

“That’s enough” Dominic countered back, “where the hell did you two get off calling people such names? You’re lucky I don’t slap the words out of your mouth.”

“Well we’re grown and you can’t do that.” Morgan’s voice was full of emotion and hurt feelings, “and mom should have slapped you a long time ago. Don’t bother calling me again.” Morgan marched out the door behind Siobhan

Dominic was angry, but mostly at himself. This was all his fault after all, he knew his daughters had every right to be upset, but he had just wished the dinner could have gone better. He knew that his daughters were the real victims, but he also knew that they would be issuing Serena an apology whether they wanted to talk to him or not. Never had he heard such language from either of them and he wasn’t going to allow it.

Serena entered the kitchen as Dominic was finishing up cleaning. “Well” she sighed, “that was surely something.”

“I am so sorry Serena. It’s not like them to call someone out of their name. And I will be talking to both of them and their mother about it.”

“It’s okay, Dom” Serena reassured, “I’ve been called a slut before. They’re just upset.”

“Upset or not that language is not okay. I am so disappointed in them.”

“Yeah well… you weren’t very fair to them either. And they have the right to view me the way they do. To them I am "the other woman.” the one who separated their parents. So what? They mean girl me a couple of times? I can take it Dominic. It’s okay.“

Dominic chuckled

"What?” Serena asked inquisitive

“Nothing” he smiled, “it’s just… you have a way of understanding everything and you’re so forgiving and patient. And I…” he bit his lip, “I just love you so much.”

Serena’s face was blank, “Dominic I have to tell you something.” her eyes began to tear

“What’s wrong?” Dominic’s voice was soft

Serena could barely speak words before she started bawling her eyes out, “I lost the baby.”

“What?” Dominic was shocked

Serena tried to continue speaking but she couldn’t get another word out as she wept.

“I’m so sorry Dominic” she cried

“No” he said as he placed his hands on Serena’s shoulders and kissing her forehead, “don’t ever say that. You’ve been so stressed out, we both have, it’s been a trying time. And we both knew it could be a risk getting pregnant so soon after having Mackenzie. It’s okay Serena. It will be okay.”

“I know” Serena sniffled as she allowed Dominic to calm her down, “I know… it’s just. Another fucked up thing.”

“Well at least we’re fucked up together.” Dominic joked

Serena laughed wiping away her tears, she looked Dominic in the eyes and smiled, “Dom?”


“Let’s have our wedding”

It was late and Dorian was interrupted from sleep by a knock on the door. He sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, checking the time. 1AM. He looked at Sergio who was still asleep.

“Whoever is knocking at 1AM and interrupting my Ryan Reynold dream better need something important” he grumbled

The knock came again, Gigi was in the other room shuffling in her sleep

“YES?” Dorian yelled a bit cranky as he opened the door

“Sup Dorian

“I came to get my daughter.”


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Default Book Two/Chapter Three: "Dogfight"


“What the fuck are you doing here, Luca?”

“I told you already” Luca said with a pokerface, “I came to get Gigi. Ryn is missing. I’m her father. And I’m not leaving without my kid.”


“You’re funny Dorian. I don’t want to fuck with you man.” Luca stumbled backwards and Dorian could tell that he had been drinking.

“YOU’VE NEVER BEEN THERE FOR GIGI, NOT ONCE. MY SISTER HAD TO RAISE HER WITHOUT YOU AND SHE DID A GOOD JOB OF THAT. YOU HAVE 3 SECONDS TO GET OFF OF MY PROPERTY BEFORE I KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS” Dorian was full of rage, Luca had the audacity to come to his doorstep at 1AM, inebriated and wanting to see Gigi? After what? Never being there her whole life?

Dorian don’t piss me off man.” he said in his drunken stupor, “you know I will beat the shit out of you like we’re still in high school.”

Back in high school, Luca used to be one of Dorian’s biggest bullies. He never liked Luca, even when he and Ryn started dating. But Dorian was not the same boy from high school, and Dorian saw red.

GIGIIIIILuca yelled into the house walking up the steps, “DADDY IS HERE, COME ON GIGIIIII” More red. Dorian crushed his fist into Luca’s jaw, nearly knocking him off of his feet. And the next, they were fighting.

“Fuck man” Luca said rubbing his bloody nose, “oh FUCK I’m bleeding”

“FUCK FUCK FUCK” Luca yelled as he felt the bruise forming on his eye, and tasted the blood in his mouth

Dorian grabbed Luca’s collar and threw him across the front entrance, “you get the fuck out of here.” he growled, “the next time you come around my fucking niece, I will fucking murder you.”

Luca scrambled himself off the ground and ran to his car. “Fuck you motherfucker” he screamed as his tires screeched on the road and then he sped off.

Dorian smiled in triumph. Not only had he just protected his niece. He had been wanting to whoop Luca’s ass since the first day Luca punched him in the gut in the 9th grade. And he was glad to finally serve his ass on a silver platter.

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Default Book Two/Chapter Four: "Special Update"


Hey Simmers,

Serena, Dominic, Gigi and Mackenzie moved into a new home, I call it the "Piper Estate”, a gargantuan mansion that is centered on Windenberg Island. I did not create this home it was downloaded, I cannot remember the creator but when I find him/her I will be sure to shout them out.

In addition, Mackenzie Fyres is now a child! I thought she would favor Dominic a lot more, however she looks quite like Serena. Anyway, here are some photo’s of the Piper Estate. I hope you enjoy!

- Serena P

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Default Book Two/Chapter Five: "So Here We Are"


Julianne Troyer Piper was not a particularly quiet woman. She hadn’t been this quiet since the first time she went to a Frank Sinatra concert in the early 70s. She never liked singing along to music, how are you going to enjoy it if you are making too much noise to hear it? She would never understand. Just like she would never understand modern art, or quantum physics, or why some people drink black coffee. Or cancer. She definitely didn’t understand cancer. She never smoked. Rarely laid out in the sun. She hated heat. And yet, here she was.

“So here we are” she said in her usual pompous, Mid-Atlantic accent, she sounded dignified. If there was one thing cancer wouldn’t take it was her pride.

“So here we are” Oscar reiterated on the chair beside Julianne’s hospital bed.

Mrs. Piper, I am sorry, there’s not enough chemotherapy in the world to stop the continuing process of your cancer.” Doctor Soto wished that he could say more, but he had given this speech time and time again. And most of those he has given it too, have sadly departed.

“How long” Julianne’s voice was calm but if you were the right kind of observer, you could hear the tiredness behind those words.

“I estimate a month. If even that. I advise you to not strain yourself as it will only aggravate the cancer. Use a wheelchair and a walker as it will-”

Dr. SotoJulianne interrupted, “I thank you for the worry but I will not be needing neither walker or wheelchair.”

“Honey, I think the doctor is right” Oscar wanted to listen to whatever Doctor Soto suggested, whatever could help Julianne to not suffer anymore. “You’re body is shutting down. You need to let yours-”

Ozzy I have made myself clear” Julianne was poignant, “I have never needed help a day in my life and I will not start using it now. Now my legs are perfectly fine with walking, if I tire, I will rest. But I have told you I am not using a wheelchair and I will not say it again.” Julianne had the type of stern firmness that made everyone in the room listen. And neither Oscar or Dr. Soto argued against her will.

“Okay, Mrs. Piper.” Doctor Soto stated as he stood up, “I just really want you to be slow on your feet. I’m sure Mr. Piper will take good care of you and see that you stay out of trouble.” Doctor Soto waved his finger at Julianne when he said ’out of trouble’ knowing too well, Julianne’s pride and stubbornness.

“Thank you for everything, Doctor SotoOscar shook Doctor Soto’s hand as he exited the door.

“Could you believe he had the audacity to reduce me to a cripple?” Julianne said in defiance after Doctor Soto left the room, “why I can’t imagine having to get around everywhere in a wheelchair.”

“He’s just doing his job, JulianneOscar smiled

“I mean, I have cancer, I’m not paralyzed from the waste down” Julianne continued, “I didn’t get my leg eaten by a shark. The audacity” she reiterated.

But Oscar wasn’t listening to Julianne’s nagging, and neither was Julianne. She was just talking to fill in space. She didn’t know how else to cope.

But soon enough, both Julianne and Oscar became quiet. And sat in silence for a while.

Oscar finally got up and sat beside Julianne on the hospital bed.

“So here we are” Julianne stated again

“Here we are.”

“Until death do us part, right?” Julianne smiled as they both looked out the window

“Don’t say that Julie, you can still fight.” Oscar reassured

“How are we going to tell Serena? She will be so devastatedJulianne continued

“We can tell her together.” Oscar wrapped his hand with Julianne’s

“Oh, we will have to wait until after the wedding. I refuse to spoil her beautiful day. Oh Oscar.” she scrunched her eyebrows and shook her head, “won’t you wait until after the wedding?”

“Of course” Oscar’s voice was flat and face was stiff as he stared at his wife, for what could be one of the very last times.

Julianne wrapped her arm around Oscar’s arm and rested her head on his shoulder, “you have given me so many good years.” she reassured closing her eyes, “so many good years.”

Tears fell down Oscar’s face and he began to shake emotionally. He could not imagine a world without his wife.

“So many good years... Aren’t you wonderful Oscar?” Julianne’s voice was soothing as she rubbed her head on Oscar’s shoulder with her eyes still closed, “such a wonderful man…. wonderful, wonderful man.”

"It all takes time"
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Default Book Two/Chapter Six: "It Was a Torrid Affair"


A Sunday afternoon never looked so inviting. Perhaps it was the clear crystal sky with not a single cloud gathering. Perhaps it was the smell of October ripening the harvest for winter and bearing orange gifts and yellows for Mother Nature. Or perhaps it was because below the beautiful weather, a nuptial was occurring. The sky stood witness, and the trees blew in celebration, and the sun cascaded rays of lilted light gently on the gathering family and friends of Dominic Fyres and Serena Piper. And a marvelous day, it most surely was.

It was a torrid affair that brought them together. But Dominic Rodney Fyres had never been so sure about anything in his entire life than the woman standing in front of him right at that instant. He didn’t care about the elaborate wedding, or the gallery of upper class family and friends who watched in anticipation… or judgement. Nothing seemed to matter to him right now. Not even that his daughters declined the wedding invitation. Everything in his life culminated to this very moment. And for once he felt like he was doing something right.

A Beethoven melody played in the background, and the smell of frangipani blossoms that were over pouring in a large three-tier water fountain imported from Dubai overpowered the air in a mixture of fragrance with Freesia, Lilacs and Gardenias. Hyacinth, Jasmine and Peonies too.

Dominic did not study his wedding vows, he didn’t have too. It came straight from the heart:

““I promise to be your lover, companion and friend,
Your partner in parenthood,
Your ally in conflict,
Your greatest fan and your toughest adversary.
Your comrade in adventure,
Your student and your teacher,
Your consolation in disappointment,
Your accomplice in mischief.
This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things. All things.”

Serena had waited her whole life for this moment. Her mother and her father’s love was an inspiration to her. And she knew as a little girl that she one day wanted that same love. She thought it would never come, and had to climb mountains to reach Dominic, but alas, she reached the top.

Serena as stunning and as cute as ever, tried to refrain from tearing up. She had cried during her makeup twice. And she needed to get this beat right. She smiled looking at Dominic, who looked as handsome as he ever had, and seemed to grow more handsome each and every day. A tinge of shyness overcame her as she let out a deep sigh which caused everyone to laugh.

Her light star colored eyes locked with Dominic’s dark brown ones as she began her vows, citing Rumi’s ‘Looking for Your Face

“From the beginning of my life
I have been looking for your face
but today I have seen it

Today I have seen
the charm, the beauty, and
the unfathomable grace
of the face that I have been looking for

Today I have found you
and those who laughed and scorned me yesterday
are sorry they were not looking as I did

I am bewildered by the magnificence of your beauty
and wish to see you with a hundred eyes

My heart has burned with passion and has searched forever
for this wondrous beauty I now behold

I am ashamed to call this love human
and afraid of God to call it divine

Your fragrant breath like the morning breeze
has come to the stillness of the garden

You have breathed new life into me
I have become your sunshine
and also your shadow

My soul is screaming in ecstasy

Every fiber of my being
is in love with you

Your effulgence has lit a fire in my heart
for me the earth and sky

My arrow of love has arrived at the target
I am in the house of mercy
and my heart is a place of prayer

You have been my best friend, mentor, playmate, confidant and my greatest challenge. But most importantly, you are the love of my life and you make me happier than I could ever imagine and more loved than I ever thought possible…. You have made me a better person, as our love for one another is reflected in the way I live my life. So I am truly blessed to be a part of your life, which as of today becomes our life together."

Dominic picked Serena up as if she were as light as a feather and looked her clear in her eyes, "you know you’re my wife now right? And I’m never letting you go?”

And he savored every moment…

Before finally kissing his bride.

Please welcome, the new Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Rodney Fyres!

“And their daughter too, Mackenzie Marie Fyres!” Mackenzie joked as she stood in front of the audience of people.

Everyone laughed and accepted Mackenzie walking onto the patio as an invitation for everyone to go up. And so they all did. Congratulating the newlyweds.

There were so many guests, at least 110 people out of the 150 that were invited. There was Bella and Mortimer Goth, Don Lothario and wife, and even Marcus Flex stopped by with his son to wish Serena good luck on a new life.

And also Bob and Eliza Pancakes, who had just become new parents!

Serena laughed and joked with all of her family and friends, looking around at everyone as they congratulated her, and chattered away.

She never thought that she could be so happy in her entire life. If only Ryn could see her, she would be at a loss for words. So much has happened and Serena was relieved to finally experience some good. All of her worries would have to wait, because tonight was hers and Dominic’s to share and to finally be happy. Genuinely, peacefully, authentically, happy.

But happiness would have to wait. A loud wailing scream for help caused everyone to stop and turn around.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no. Stay with me honey, SOMEONE CALL 911” Oscar yelled

Guests looked around in frustration, Serena could barely make out her father on the ground holding someone in his hands. Instinctively she ran down the stairs, holding her dress, like a Cinderella who’s fairy tale had come to an end. The pianist began playing, Bach’s, ’Cello Suites No. 1’ as Serena continued scurrying across the wedding chapel. Her heart racing, everything moving in slow motion.

When she reached her father, she saw her mother, Julianne, lying unconcious.

Yes, happiness would have to wait.

"It all takes time"
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Default Book Two/Chapter Seven: "The 1975"


It had been four nights since Julianne passed out at the wedding. And she never woke up. Her breathing was shallow. And there was movement here and there. But the doctors feared the worst. The cancer had progressed at an aggressive rate, and Julianne’s body was too exhausted to fight it anymore. Her respiratory system was failing and her body was shutting down rapidly.

Doctor Soto turned to look at Serena and Oscar.

Oscar” he said as he looked at Oscar’s mournful eyes, “it’s time.”

“It’s time” the raven-haired girl smiled impishly

“No not yet.” the boy was too shy to speak. His large rimmed glasses hanging over his nose.

“Okay” the girl rolled her eyes, “I will give you three seconds. One” she began counting

“No no wait.” the boy refuted

“Two” she continued as she swung her arms behind her back

“D-Do-Do you-you” the boy stuttered as he tried hard to speak up

The girl stopped counting and held her hand up to her mouth as she giggled at the boys charming shyness.

“D-Do y-you” the boy closed his eyes and clenched his fists as he tried hard to come out with the words

“Do you want to be my boyfriend?” the girl asked

The boy’s eyes widened his mouth open, “yes! Do you want to be my friendgirl? I mean g-girl friend” he said as he nervously scratched the back of his head

The girl giggled again, “you’re so cute”

“You’re cuter” he said back

“Charming” she smiled, she looked up at the sun setting over the horizon, “I gotta skitty. I don’t want to get home after dark. My mom will totally kill me."

"Yeah yeah, awesome possum” the boy said shuffling the ground with his shoes, “but hey can I walk you home?"

"That would be nice, but if my mom sees me walking with a boy I won’t live to tell the story."

"Oh okay” the boy said slouching his shoulders

“Okay” the girl laughed, “see you tomorrow boyfriend” she kicked up her heel and gave the boy a surprise kiss on the lips.

The boy stood frozen with his mouth dropped.

The girl laughed, “goodbye now. Catch ya later.”

The girl was almost out of site before the boy could come back to life, he watched her until her yellow dress faded into the distance. “Yeah… I’ll catch ya later…. Julianne Marisa Troyer.”

And Oscar smiled dreamily.

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The Story Is Over

I am so incredibly sad to say that I can no longer continue with Serena Piper's Legacy my computer broke last night and something really wonky happened with the hard drive and I have to get a new one. I am currently using my desktop and I will post the remaining entries here that I have kept queued on my tumblr. I'm not sure if anyone ever read my story, but I did enjoy writing it anyway. I do have Serena Piper uploaded on the gallery along with a few others so I may write a new story for them. But for now this is goodbye to my hard written legacy.

- SP

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Originally Posted by Justin443321
I like it but you could of made it short

... you do realize this is a legacy story right? Meaning it wouldn't have ended until the 10th generation.

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haha cool story
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Great job on making the characters!
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I enjoyed reading this. I'm sad it ended so soon, and that they never found out what happened to Ryn.
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Oh no! This has been my bedtime story for a while now. Sad to see its halted! Thank you for a great story! Im still wondering about ryn too. And Im glad dominic and serena seem to be doing well. But im still suspicious of moira cuz of her threats.
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