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Here's my score thus far:

+20 Peter Sims
+20 Quinten McAuley
+25 multiple victims at once
+20 Joel Jeffress (scared to death by the ghost of Quinten while imprisoned)
+100 Peter Sims became ghost
+100 Quinten McAuley became ghost
+20 Katy McGaw
+20 River Smith
+25 multiple victims at once
+20 Cooper Olshfski
+ 20 Marion Almassizadeh
+25 multiple victims at once

- 10 Loki's aspiration went green
- 10 Loki's aspiration went green
- 10 Loki's aspiration went green

Running Total: 285


+20 Blair Mace
+100 Joel Jeffress became ghost
+100 Cooper Olshfski became ghost
+20 Johnson Pai
+100 Marion Almassizadeh became ghost
+20 Matthew Howe
+20 Trista Shaw
+20 Camryn McGaw
+ 30 General Buzz Grunt
+25 multiple victims
+30 Best friends with General Buzz Grunt
+100 Katy McGaw became ghost

- 10 Loki's aspiration went green

Running Total: 960
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#177 Old 30th Apr 2013 at 11:36 AM
Can I just say this challenge is perfect for weeding out undesirables in my hood? I only played my killer for two days but she's done quite a bit so far (I think!).

I bent the rules a bit and made her pretty, because how can anyone think little ol' Delilah here can be a serial killer? Don't be silly!

She's a Pleasure sim who wants to have 50 dream dates. Perfect! I'll date them then stick them in my shed when I'm done. :D

Victim #1: Shelby Barrett. Oh yes darling, do I come in! You simply must have lunch here. No no, I insist!

So after entertaining her for a bit, I showed her to my "entertainment" room.

Welcome wagon finally arrived and Calista Fuchs happened to pass by. That makes Victim #2!

So glad to have you with us, dear! Come come, let me show you through the back. Have you met Shelby here? She's such a sweetheart.

She REALLY likes those kisses.

Malcolm's wondering what's going on back there. Soon, darling, soon. (I actually have plans for him so I'm letting him go.)

Cowplant eats Shelby while I wasn't looking. Oopsie!

Mmm, nothing like a warm cup of milk before bed.

Calista ends up escaping and I had to boolprop her back in. I got annoyed at canceling her "leave" action all the time, so I barricaded the door with a stereo till I need to get in again.

The next day, Victim #3 shows up, Christopher Tsang. Cowplant ate him as soon as he stepped in.

Decided to work on my LTW and go on a date with Eric Charvat who keeps trying to get into my entertainment room. No, baby, look here! Pay no mind to the cries of agony inside.

They didn't really have good chemistry to begin with so they only had a great date. So I let him go... for now.

Victim #4: Theresa Collin passes by and I promptly show her in.

How sweet of her to clean up after Calista's accident! Look at her just sleeping while Theresa does all the work. What a loser.

Victim #5: Xavier Haggerty. Theresa constantly high-fives him. She's just a happy lady, isn't she?

At least until Calista bites it. Bye-bye darling! Hope you enjoyed your stay.

So far:
- Shelby Barrett: +20
- Calista Fuchs: +20
- Let Malcolm go: - 30
- Cowplant eats Shelby: + 30
- Calista escapes: -50
- Calista comes back via boolprop: +10
- Christopher Tsang: +30
- Cowplant eats him: +30
- Failed to imprison Eric: - 30
- Theresa Collin: +20
- Xavier Haggerty: +20 bonus +25 for multiple prisoners
- Calista starves to death

Total: 95

I'm not sure I'm doing the points right, so if I made any mistakes let me know!
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Okay, so here's my idea for a serial killer in a fresh hood (slightly off topic, but...):

Arthur Mitchell takes Alexander Goth to a a Four Walls Build project (a partially built house) in Pleasantview and kills him
Arthur Mitchell kills Tiffany Sampson of Sims State University in her bathtub
Arthur Mitchell pushes Mary Sue Pleasant off of a balcony
Arthur Mitchell bludgeons John Burb to death
Using a merged neighborhoods technique, Dexter Morgan finds Arthur Mitchell stalking one of the Capps in Veronaville and Dexter takes Arthur to Old Silo Farm, wraps him in plastic, and stabs him fatally in the chest

Dexter Morgan vs. The Trinity Killer in The Sims, FTW

QUESTION: Is it cheating if you use move_objects on in this challenge (i.e. lure the victim into the house by natural means, but use move_objects on to drop the victim into his/her prison)? This reminds me A LOT of something I did ages with my apocalypse neighborhood using that cheat, and it could be kind of fun to do that again.
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#179 Old 4th May 2013 at 9:19 AM
I like this! I'm already doing the serial killer challenge, so I think I'll blend the two.
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#180 Old 12th May 2013 at 8:12 PM
Originally Posted by Roseblossom90
Murdering Millionaire Challenge

Use money cheats to lower your funds down to $100. From here on out, no money cheats are allowed.

For every person killed, use a random number generator set between 0 and 100 to determine whether or not your killer is caught. For every friend beside yourself that your victims had before they moved in, increase the chance of discovery by 10%. After all, if your friend came up missing you would be worried too. If caught, you must pay $20,000 as a bribe to the cops. If you do not have enough money, then it is game over
Where would I find a random number generator? Also ,the cheat for money ,it's only worked ONCE for me ,so can I just add stuff to make the place look even more run down and reduce funds? You know like the fake air vents and pipes in Apartment life.

The Sims 3 is my life.
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#181 Old 15th May 2013 at 6:55 PM Last edited by Roseblossom90 : 15th May 2013 at 7:23 PM.
Sims2Celeb Sorry for the long response time. It's been a hectic couple days for me.

Originally Posted by Sims2Celeb
Where would I find a random number generator?

This is the one that I use personally.

Also ,the cheat for money ,it's only worked ONCE for me ,so can I just add stuff to make the place look even more run down and reduce funds? You know like the fake air vents and pipes in Apartment life.

If you do it this way, I am pretty sure that it will not take away from your net worth. I am trying to remember different ways to reduce your funds and net worth but can't remember any at the moment....I will get back to you as soon as I DO remember. lol

ETA: Okay, as far as the cheat "familyfunds (family last name) (amount of money)" I think it has to be done while in the neighborhood view if I am not mistaken so see if that helps. There is also the checkbook from which allows you to send money to pretty much anybody so you could do this until your killer is down to $100.

So far that is the only things I can think of....I'll let you know if more ways come to mind. (And of course you could always just go ahead and do things the way you mentioned. After all, I am sure that everybody bends the rules in one way or another. There are no prizes so do what you deem necessary. )

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#182 Old 9th Jun 2013 at 1:06 PM
I'll try this but my sim probably wont look like a killer :l
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#183 Old 21st Jun 2013 at 1:57 AM
Well, I'm in and I already decided who to use
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#184 Old 22nd Nov 2013 at 12:28 AM
This is so hilarious Fivey! I love the pictures and the storyline. It's the exact opposite of how I play my sims. So I decided to create a hood and try it out. I was snickering the whole time. I tweaked it so I can't say I'm doing the challenge but your challenge has inspired me. I *hehe* made my sim have no nice or outgoing points then chose popularity for his aspiration. His story is that he has horrible social skills and that people don't want to be around him. He greets all visitors but if they aren't nice to him [which many aren't because of his people skills] he pens them up as hostages. However, if after checking them out [flirt interaction] a red x appears on their name in the friend panel he shoots them dead right there. The hostages get a chance to change their tune when after starving them in the pen he invites one to dinner and a movie at his cabin. He hopes things will come around but rarely they do. That is till he met Ethan. Funny thing. He let Ethan out of the pen and Ethan decided to set him up with his good friend the mailman. What a good friend he is! *chuckles* So Ethan went back into the pen til the date was over. Things turned out great because the date guy seemed to be quite naive of what was going on. Ethan was let loose to scurry on home. After the date he proposed stay the night and the rest is history. Now they are married. Oh, my sims name is Gunther Getalong. He lives on a ranch with a small cabin and looks like a cowboy. His natural preference is male which I learnt by checking with ACR. So now he tries to shoot people without his husband noticing. When that doesn't last he will just lock the husband in the house I'm guessing till he sees reason. The next step is to have his husband get abducted. This will be how he plans to take over the hood. After all the aliens are looking for someone to be on their team to take over the world. He will be the trainer. Those townies must die! I think the hood will crash after so many but it's an interesting to watch.

Gunther Getalong

his ranch

Townie : Dude, it was him! I saw him shoot her down right there.
Reaper : quiet! *evil low pitched chuckle* I need the extra work. Things have been slow lately. Christmas is coming you know. So run along.

wonder what he is thinking...

obviously not what Gunther is!

Ethan : yeah, so I have this friend that I think you will get along with really well.
Gunther : well I am kind of busy right now, but heck, why not. My life can't be all about my work. Give me sometime to clean up this mess.

I think if I was that townie seeing a guy shoot down another I would be freaking out. He looks more like he is waving his fingers saying "Bring it On"

hmm, so there was a fire and the sprinklers came on, then another one when the fireplace wasn't even lit and there is the fire surviving in a big puddle of water. I thought it quite comical.

Hope you don't mind me sharing even though I didn't stick to the challenge outline.
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30th Nov 2013 at 11:52 PM
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Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
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This is more or less how I infected my hood for my zombie apox challenge. Hilarious, but omg, terrible.
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Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Originally Posted by FranH
Another fine product of SimWardrobe:

Look under Sims 2>Objects>Shooters>Assault Rifle.

It works best if you have OFB. I had it before, and it didn't work. Now that I have OFB, and Seasons, it works beautifully.

Some of those sims, though, really enjoy using it...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe I just found this person's site like a week ago (downloaded the openable gift, thus changing the face of my Sim birthdays forever) but THIS is super amazing! I'm not much of a gun person but I do have a mafia family that I created and this will be so perfect for if they need to whack some people!
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#187 Old 21st Feb 2014 at 3:09 AM
I had another idea for a "serial killer".

Get a Sim, move them in a house (I usually use females for this, but a male could work too. Just looks kinda creepy with a guy but whatever) cheat as much as you want for money but build them a big, beautiful garden with lots of pretty things and garden plots and plants. Then set it up to where all the plants are thriving and everything looks great, mods are allowed. Then call the Garden Club, pass the test and get the special wishing well.

Now the fun begins. Wish For Love. You should get it on the first try. Romance the Sim that appears, get them to move in and then marry them or whatever you want.

Now in the garden, is a mysterious plant that lures unsuspecting Sims to it's clutches, oh heck -it's the cow plant duh. Make the "loved" one eat the cake and boom, death and also life juice, yum!

Now remember, you must wait a while before you make the next Wish For Love or you might get a Crumplebottom beat down. But the process should work every time. It did for me flawlessly and I had an elder female Sim that was staying alive forever with this strategy.

Also, if your Sim has a Lifetime Want of marrying off three kids or having six kids or anything like that, you can always have kids with the victims first. If they are Romance and they wanna Whoohoo 20 Sims, you can achieve that too.

You could also just Wish For Friendship and simply move in your "best buds" without all the romance but I couldn't resist the black widow with lots of graves in her garden...
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#188 Old 19th May 2017 at 2:15 PM
I'm gonna do this challenge, but with two different tweaks. 1, I'm gonna play this on The Sims 3 (I lost my Sims 2 games). 2, I want to make two serial killers instead of one, because I'm thinking of making Jason Dean and Veronica Sawyer from the movie Heathers (Jason Dean - or JD, as his name is shortened to - is a serial killer and Veronica is his girlfriend who he involves with the murders). This should be interesting!
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