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Default Why are the cats going up the stairs to the bathroom? Oh...
About ten minutes ago, I was happily simming. Making friends, buying furniture, gaining skills, playing with the cat, taking a bath...
Then I see cats climbing the stairs and going to the bathroom. "Why? Only one of you has toilet training, and there's no one in the bathroom downstairs!" Then it hit me. Their owner has died. Yep. Cause of death: taking a bath during summer. Well, bad for me, I'm playing in a desert set with only summer as a season!. Then the message appears saying that bla bla bla this is a life simulator bla bla bla. Now the cats are living alone, or would be, if I didn't quit without saving.
It really bugs me. Why does showering increasing body temperature! I mean, during the summer, I don't take showers with water hot enough to scald me! So why would my Sims do it?

For those of you wondering: no, he didn't die of temperature. He died of temperature-induced starvation (if such a thing exists).
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Cold shower mod, found here on MTS.

I'm not arguing that it shouldn't be in the vanilla code, should have come with Seasons, but it's not. I suggest telling your sims to get a drink before getting into the tub; I don't know of a cold bath mod.

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I've never had a Sim get too hot while being inside, unless the room is not weather-proof (or they are doing exercise). There is a CC air-conditioner somewhere, I think here on MTS, that you could use in bathrooms if Sims get too hot while bathing. Although like I said, never happened in my game.

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This only happened in flat-roofed houses (the bathroom is on the floor directly below the roof), so I think the room is seasons-proof.
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Most of my sims have showers, unless there are toddlers, but I didn't know a sim could over heat in the tub. Does this mean hot tubs are not a good idea in the summer?

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I have no idea why that hapened and it has never happened to me but I suggest you use a mod/hack to lower your sim's body temperature while showering if necessary
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I didn't know they could overheat taking a bath either. I'd suggest the same thing Peni did, have them take a drink before getting in the tub.

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Sounds like he died of starvation to me. Sure sims will pass out from the heat but if he wasn't extreamly hungry before the bath he wouldn't have died. Always take care of hunger first.

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. . . why I'm sometimes quite glad that my graphics chip won't let me run Seasons!

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Don't know if it's a hack I've got, but my sims never seem to overheat/freeze so easily.
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Yes, Jo, he died of starvation. I told him to shower first because then I could worry about hunger only. And I have never had a Sim die of starvation, so I was pretty confident (and he wouldn't have died if it wasn't for the stupid temperature).
Yesterday I had about 3 Sims overheat in that same hood.
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there is a hack from MATY that prevents overheating in tubs if they are placed inside
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It is not a hot tub, it's a bathtub!
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Pescado's hack works on bathtubs.,7708.0.html
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Thanks for the link, Charity!
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