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Default Way to store vegetables
522 apples, 300 cucumbers, 600 strawberries...this is killing me.
Coz i play medieval neighborhood with branching rules, i cant sell vegetables in inventory.
How do you store vegetables of sims?
Maybe there is any custom object with juicer interface?
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I remember in TS3, there was a storage box which was great, but I haven't seen anything like it for TS2. :/ Maybe try the WCIF section?
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You could get the produce packing station from Twelve of each fruit/veggie fit in a single crate from that station. And selling them from an OFB store is more profitable in crates (too profitable, actually, but I have a mod for that )
You can also just store quantities of the produce in the fridge for use. You won't be able to get it out again though. It's used for cooking meals.
Or you could store it in the juicer. There is even a mod (by Monique, if I remember well) to increase the Juicer's capacity.

And yes, PlatinumPlumbob is right: your farm(s) may be too large. Sometimes, I have a sim run a greenhouse with 48 plots (that's three squares of 4x4), and even with my lower prices mod, such a sim rakes in the dough hand over fist. So even that is too big.
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Pack them in crates with the produce packing object from Sim Wardrode... Well I think its from Sim wardrobe. That should be much easier than if you have the actual individual fruit and veg in you sims's inventory.

EDIT: Nevermind, BoilingOil beat me to it by the time my slow internet could refresh.
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There are mods that will increase the storage capacity of the juicer, and there is a packing station that allows you to put produce in crates that hold 12 at a time.

Packing station can be found at Can't link directly due to the way the site is set up, but you'll find it under Sims 2 -> Objects -> Business facilitators -> Produce packing station.

Infinite capacity juicer by mike_1102 here at MTS, found here. If infinite seems a bit excessive, there's also jfade's version (found here) that holds 300 items and has the option of listing what stock it currently holds.

If you have questions on how to use SimPE or WW, you're welcome to PM me.
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Check out Pescado's Fruitbowl of Awesomeness. It's an essential for all my farming families.
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