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Is it safe to delete Garden Club members?
My neighbourhood is almost game-townie free, except for Garden Club members that appear in every one of my hoods. I don't like them.

Similar to deleting Apartment Social Group Members, I went to Program Files > EA GAMES > The Sims 2 Seasons > TSData > Res > NeighbourhoodTemplate > G002 (?) > CharacterFiles (?) and deleted all files in that folder. As I'm planning to create a new neighbourhood, I'm aware the effects of doing this will only show up in said neighbourhood, just like when I deleted the Social Group townies. I assume this means that no Garden Club members will show up in new neighbourhoods from now on?

However, does this also mean that my sim won't be visited initially by a Garden Club member, inviting them to join said club? If my sim ends up wanting to join the Garden Club later on (I highly doubt this), will there be no one to inspect my garden to induct my sim? Will there be literally no one in the Garden club? Will there be no way to join the Garden Club because of this?

I don't like the pre-made Garden Club members (eg. Jill Smith, Matthew Smith), but I'd be okay if my game generated it's own members as they will suit my game style being generated with my face templates and custom content. I have kept a copy of the character files I have deleted just in case I need to replace them.

So, what happens from here? Have I ruined anything? Will my game generate new Garden Club members in new neighbourhoods or completely annihilate the Garden Club?

Thanks for your help in advance!
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I use some empty stealth hoods (I can't remember who's, but I think they're sort of the "standard" ones), so I already have randomly generated Garden Club members in my game - or, one so far, I guess, as the game hasn't needed more than one.
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I've always had at least one spawn even with clean/empty templates. It's like other service NPCs; the game will spawn one if it needs it.
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They are necessary for Sims who wants to join the garden club - and there are advantages for joining the garden club.
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i had one spawn, now that I have married her in I expect another will take her place. Odd thing, I expected her to come with only $1 like the original ones, but she cam with some thousands like a regular townie.

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I edit my Garden Clubbers to suit me.

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Knowing at least one Garden Club member is also useful if you have a Plantsim that you want to cure.
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Having Jawusa's empty templates and Visitor Controller (they are banned by default) they will not spawn until you unban and call one by phone.
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Visitor Controller alone is enough: when you use that, you don't even *need* any clean templates to keep anyone away...
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Well...after 9 replies of people who'd know what breaks a game..I am pretty sure you are safe! No one told you is was a very bad thing to do YET!...hehe

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It really depends on how well integrated they are in the hood you're going to edit them out of. If it's a new un-played hood there's probably no harm, but when you delete characters in a played hood who have interacted with other sims on community lots or home lots it breaks memories/relationships and such that will eventually corrupt the game from what I understand.

Best bet is to empty template the stealth hood and let the game generate new ones that will have your defaults

or if you're feeling up to it you can always make sims who you would want them to look like and replace them via sim surgery in SimPE and edit them in there (Names and personality) until it suits you.
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