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Field Researcher
#301 Old 10th Sep 2019 at 8:54 AM
New update:
A few months ago, I acquired two, Lenovo, W540 ThinkPads. One, is my "Daily Driver", taking the place of my T440p.
My computer:
32gb/DDR3 PC3-14900/RAM
i7-4900mq CPU (Quad Core)
Two, 1tb, Samsung EVO 860 SSD's
480gb M.2 NGFF drive, for a total of 2.5tb Storage
nVidia Quadro, K2100m graphics
3k Display
PCI Express w/2x USB 3.0 ports, for a total of six ports.

After fixing the GraphicRules.sgr, and the VideoCard.sgr, The Sims 2, runs better on this computer, than any computer I've used for it in the past, using the nVidia graphics.

I HIGHLY recommend this machine, if you're looking for a serious computer for running Vegas, Photoshop, AutoCaD, any other 3D rendering software, as well as TS2, and many other games.
Total cost of this machine with the upgrades, was $553 USD, and has been worth EVERY penny!
Lab Assistant
#302 Old 28th Dec 2019 at 12:50 AM Last edited by The ForestBalrog : 28th Dec 2019 at 1:45 AM.
Originally Posted by Kayinwonderland
WHAT TO DO [*] put the disk in your Computer but do not run autoplay immediately! Click with the left mouse button on your drive -> select "open" -> look for Autoplay -> click with your left mouse button on it -> select "Settings" -> click on "Compatibility" -> Select "Run in compatibility mode -> chose XP Service Pack 2 (this is ESSENTIAL! Do not choose XP SP 3 like recommended)
[*]Click on Autoplay to install it
[*]Directly after Installing a game open the Grumpy Loader (before opening set the compatibility on XP SP2, like I described above) and install the Patch, that belongs to the Game/EP you just installed, by clicking on 'load' and choose it (It may says that there is a Error and asks if you want to ignore it. Click on YES)

How do I install the patch after installing the EP if I can't install the EP without patching it? I'm trying to install University but at the end of the installation it tries to update and fails, and then uninstalls the entire expansion. I can't cancel it from trying to update either, and I can't install the patch from the link provided during the installation process, and it won't let me install it before installing University, so I'm stuck in a weird conundrum and can't actually complete the installation for University. Anyone have any idea what to do?

Update: I got it to successfully install. I followed the tutorial here.
Basically I had to download the update files from the link provided and place them in the program files folder and replace all the files with the updated ones. Then I installed the game, once it got the portion where it checked for updates it said that the game was up to date and the installation completed. I had tried to install the regular Sims 2 patch beforehand also, and tried using Grumpy Loader, that did not fix the problem. This was the only way I could get it to work. Hopefully it helps anyone else having the same issue.
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