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#176 Old 3rd Jun 2006 at 2:31 AM
Originally Posted by HunterGreen
(did you ever finish the poverty challenge?)

Um, I'm still saying "not yet" ... but I seriously doubt that I ever will, it just takes too long and it's too easy and boring now. I don't even remember how old my grandchild sim is ... my score is quite good though, the family value alone is more than 500.000 I believe (not even counting childbirths and such). I'll probably just drop the grandchild in a pool at some point and claim it was an accident =).

In other news, I'm finished! Done! Over! And they ALL survived! The ending was very neat, as well: One day before she had her scheduled three days off, she maxed the last two skills (cooking and creativity), subsequently fulfilled her longtime want to Sell a Masterpiece and thus went to work in platinum, and promptly got promoted.

But I might have disqualified myself by accidentially leaving some hacks installed (they were in a sub-subfolder, and I only found them today) -- most of them shouldn't have had much of an effect (community lot skilling, hygienic swimming and suchlike), but things like Eat More Talk Less and noeatcrap probably did ... so I guess I'll have to do this again and see how it compares.

Call To Meal is an extremely useful feature to survive flu epidemics, I learned (and also to prevent fires, by keeping the idiots well-fed at all times, resulting in very fat sims =) -- when they eat they sit down, which helps them get well. Same goes for inviting to join a game of chess -- even if you quit, the other sim usually keeps sitting there for a while if they don't have anything better to do.

Anyhow, my score is:

+ 100 Basic points
+ 020 Never used Influence (really!)
+ 105 Skill points of fellow patients (my own don't count, right?)
+ 071 Aspiration points of fellow patients (70.400 all in all)
+ 007 Household friends
– 042 Days institutionalized (Turned off aging on day 28, now it's Sunday again (two weeks after) -- hope my math is right)
+ 261 points

The house looks very nice now, as well (of course that's what I mainly care about =) -- this is on the night she comes home with the last promotion:

Thanks again, I had fun!
#177 Old 3rd Jun 2006 at 2:54 AM
Is there any way to play this without owning any expansion packs?
I just have the base game for now, and would really like to play this challenge.
Could there be an alternate ending for those without any EPs?

Such as, "you get out of the asylum when you master your career and prove yourself worthy" or something.
And even though you cannot buy any extra skill items, I would be sure and make my Sim get a job in whatever skill is needed from the item I buy.

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#178 Old 3rd Jun 2006 at 3:03 PM
Why don't you just look up what LTWs there are (there must be lists, try and randomly pick one of those? It doesn't make a difference whether or not the sim knows about it.
#179 Old 3rd Jun 2006 at 4:00 PM
Well I started this challenge today and everythings going great! I made a crazy bunch of sims with their names like this: Michelle 'Bulimic' Asylum and Darren 'Pilot' Asylum...the '' is their 'condition'. My sim doesn't have a condition at all though...she was wrongly insitutionalised because of her evil step-mother. Anyway my sims lifetime want is to become a 'Criminal Mastermind' and she's working towards her second promotion now...There have been two fires and my sim was home at the time so rang the firefighter...luckily . Because of the cramped conditions some sims actually seem crazy as they pillow fight each other in different rooms! One sim will be in the bedroom hitting an invisible person while the other person is in the A few aspiration failures and lots of bathing in sinks...and one sim (a lesbian with my sim) is really popular and is friends with 4 other inmates...she's the only sim anyone is friends with. Anyway it's been fun so far, after about a week in sim time, and I look forward to my lesbian sim getting promoted soon....
#180 Old 4th Jun 2006 at 11:44 AM
ooooo I soooo have to do this...
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#181 Old 4th Jun 2006 at 9:53 PM
HunterGreen, regarding the fights: I've started over (with a new family, new house, and no hacks this time) but again I still haven't had any fights after about one sim week ... maybe it has to do with the extreme personalities you made? But perhaps mine will start to fight once jealousy sets in -- this time I took the liberty to have all sims check out everyone else at the beginning, so that they would be able to flirt autonomously, and now I have three sim couples in my house (none involving the controllable sim). All of them have been loyal so far, but who knows what the future will bring ...

And I had (and still have) the same problem with bubble baths (and playing in the tub!), but I don't think a shower would have been an option ... iirc the rules state explicitely that it must be a tub.
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#182 Old 5th Jun 2006 at 12:45 AM
Originally Posted by plasticbox
HunterGreen, regarding the fights: I've started over (with a new family, new house, and no hacks this time) but again I still haven't had any fights after about one sim week ... maybe it has to do with the extreme personalities you made?

It must be. I forget now what the personalities were like, but I am pretty sure there was at least one or two sims with NO nice points. I noticed before (when I was doing something similar: watching what sims do autonomously), that sims with red aspiration are more keen to fight. In any case, I'm glad I made the extreme personalites, it makes the house all the more chaotic (and its interesting to see certain sims who have enemies and best friends in the house).

I really hate the bubble baths. A lot.

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#183 Old 6th Jun 2006 at 12:04 AM
Finished the second attempt -- this one went very fast, I had no idea that Freelance Web Designer is already the second highest level of the Slacker carreer (the controllable sim had an LTW of becoming Professional Party Guest) so it took me by total surprise when boom, she got promoted, game over.

Still no fights except for beating up visitors ... and only two or three fires that the sane sim managed to extinguish herself (they were basically on gelatin diet). They're all in red aspiration of course, but otherwise seemed quite content most of the time -- I had built a really crap house this time so that they could afford a hot tub, which certainly helps with the hygiene and fun levels.


+ 100 Basic points
+ 020 Never used Influence
+ 080 Skill points of fellow patients
+ 092 Aspiration points of fellow patients (92.000 all in all)
+ 013 Household friends
– 022 Days institutionalized (they'll be Elders in 7 days)
+ 283 points

I guess it helped that I had two popularity sims among the uncontrollables this time -- they both scored lots of points for making best friends with their inmates.

It would be nice, I thought, if there was a follow-up to this challenge -- kind of a "level 2", now that they've managed to escape the asylum. What's next? I think I'll just try to populate the neighbourhood (I made a new empty one for this challenge), which should be somewhat difficult given that they've only 7 days left, damaged personalities, no jobs and hardly any money ...
#184 Old 6th Jun 2006 at 1:22 AM
.. So far my sims have had 0 deaths and I'm already 20 days in.... I wanted someone to catch fire.... awe drat...
#185 Old 13th Jun 2006 at 10:37 PM
I'm going to do this one, already started building the asylum :D
Just wondered though, are the inmates allowed to make friends with other families from the neighbourhood, for instance if I'm playing another family who visit a community lot and they get to meet one of the inmates, and become friends, can the normal sims invite their new crazy friend over to their house to socialize?

I get it that the non selective sims can't invite any friends they make to the asylum.
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#186 Old 14th Jun 2006 at 4:44 AM
The rules say the sim can only leave the asylum to work, so I'm guessing that visiting other sims houses would be out. Though, if it has nothing to do with their aspiration, I can't see why it would matter.

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#187 Old 14th Jun 2006 at 11:39 AM
Lol, thanks,
I've started and my founder doesn't have time to socialize, she's too busy calling the fire department...
#188 Old 14th Jun 2006 at 7:20 PM
This challenge sounded really cool so I tried it out. I made a large kitchen so I could have mulitples of things, which sounded good to me and it was kinda good because there weren't long lines for the appliances. I had a fairly nice living room and bedrooms. And my bathroom was great. I had a sepreate room for everything. No one was walking in on the others taking a bath or going pee. Everything was going great. Well, I left for work the next morning. A fire set out and killed everyone but 4 people. The next day before I left for work I made food for all the leftover idiots. Another fire started while I was at work and finished the rest off. I couldn't save any of them because I worked from 1pm to 10pm and the fires always started after I had just left. Doesn't that suck!!! Well I liked the challenge and am so determined to make it work next time.
#189 Old 14th Jun 2006 at 9:50 PM
Oh lol Persephone, bad luck, isn't it always the way, that as soon as the warden sim has gone to work, that some idiot will start a fire Hope it goes better the next time :D

I haven't had any die yet, but one of my non selectable inmates has escaped :confused: She just said "Bye" like a visitor, and left the lot
Has anyone else had that happen?
#190 Old 15th Jun 2006 at 2:03 AM
Moonlight it is bad luck but it did teach me a few things. I tried it agian and I acutally did pretty well. I only had one death and got a score of 225. I had alot of fun with this one.
#191 Old 15th Jun 2006 at 12:09 PM
That's great then I think when I've finished this one, I'll try again. Still haven't lost anyone yet, and my escaped sim came back, so I have a full house again.
#192 Old 25th Jun 2006 at 1:33 AM
this challange sounds cool i'm gonna join
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#193 Old 25th Jun 2006 at 2:50 PM
Curious about the have five top level business do you get around that?
#194 Old 26th Jun 2006 at 7:48 PM
I think you'd probably have to turn aging off, but it would be a tough one to achieve even with that.
#195 Old 28th Jun 2006 at 9:00 PM
I started this challenge a few days ago and boy, has it been an eye opener! Although I don't use much in the line of cheats (mainly mods to either fix problems or enhance gameplay) I normally play with a huge safety net under my sims. On the rare occasion something does to wrong the repercussions usually aren't too bad.

I'm having a blast watching the inmates try to function on their own and at the same time attempting to keep them out of harm's way AND am enjoying reading others' stories!

I've spent almost more time keeping track of my sim's story than actually playing, I think. If anyone cares to read it, it's on my website. The site's still sort of under construction, but if you take the Storyville link from the main page you'll get there!
#196 Old 15th Jul 2006 at 1:35 AM
Well, I completely lost! LOL

However, due to popular demand, I did go ahead and play Vincent to the end and finished his story.
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#197 Old 18th Jul 2006 at 6:18 PM
Now at last I want to try this.

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#198 Old 18th Jul 2006 at 6:43 PM
This sounds like a lot of fun, I think I'm going to start it tonight after work
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#199 Old 19th Jul 2006 at 3:20 AM
I am playing mine now - two girls died a few days ago (too little food) and I have two sims in constant fights. It is really entertaining. I do not follow the rule by the letter, but I am having fun.

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#200 Old 19th Jul 2006 at 9:45 PM
Arrh one of my globel hacks made my sim pragemt! Now she has belly and everything - what do I do - can I buy baby thing?

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