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Sims 4 Mod Constructor -- Issues with Python
I am currently making a social interaction mod in for Sims 4. I am trying to export it out of Sims 4 Mod Constructor. I have the right version of Python (Python 7), however I am still returned with the following error,

The file 'Mods\CatatonicGamer_socialinteractionasktobedrankfrom\Python/__pycache__/CatatonicGamer_socialinteractionasktobedrankfrom.cpython-37.pyc' does not exist. This can be caused by selecting the wrong version of Python. If you're sure you have the right version, it may be a programming error.

I looked on other forums and was told to try putting Python in the C:\Users\ folder. This did not help the problem either. Please assist me in figuring this out.
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Did you follow a Python installation tutorial? I recommend this one:
Make sure the path in MC is pointing to the .exe
Also I would recommend further questions about MC in Zerbu's Discord server, which there's a search feature on Discord and there might be more details on there.

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Thank you for your response. I went back and installed it using that tutorial and it fixed my issues. I think my problem was that I had the anaconda version, which I am using for school. This messed up my file paths more than I thought it had. (:
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