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It was going to be perfect. Everything was planned out. She'd marry the rich man Leo, the son of her parents close friends, then they'd live together and have children.

Except it wasn't perfect.

Maria didn't know where she'd gone wrong. Leo started off really nice, bringing her gifts and giving her lots of attention. Maria believed it might actually work out, that Leo was a great guy. In fact, when Maria fell pregnant he was even more caring, doing a lot of things Maria would usually do whilst she rested. Then the baby came.
It was a girl.

Instantly Leo changed. Leo stopped bringing gifts. He didn't give her much attention at all and he refused to help with the baby. He left everything to Maria, but he chose the babies name. Laurence. Laurence looked like Maria a lot. She had blue eyes and blonde hair, with Leo's nose. If Maria dressed Laurence up in something other than a dress or skirt, Leo would get angry. He insisted that his little girl must wear girly things, even if he never bothered with her. When Laurence was about seven Maria fell pregnant again. Leo left Maria to do a lot of things and when they found out Maria was having another girl he stopped bothering. If Maria even breathed the wrong way then Leo would get very, very angry. Once she dropped a plate.
She'll never forget what happened next. He made sure of that.

Whenever somebody asked about a bruise or a cut, Leo would jump in and tell them about how Maria fell over or Maria bumped into this or Maria walked into that. If she dared try to tell someone Leo would know. The punishment was almost unbearable, but she put up with it for the sake of Laurence and her new little one.

She gave birth to little Gemma who looked more like Leo. Gemma had Leo's hair, eyes and nose but a few features resembled Maria. Leo was now spending more time at work, later hours and more 'business trips'. Maria knew what was going on, she wasn't stupid. However, the hypocrite would whack her one if she even glanced at another man.

A little while later Maria found out she was pregnant again - with a boy. Leo now refrained from hurting her stomach, he was thrilled about the little boy. He decided on the name as soon as he found out. Fletcher. Maria wasn't completely off the hook if she did something wrong, but he took more care now due to the fact he wanted a boy. When Fletcher was born he was favoured over the girls instantly. It was as if he were Leo's only child. Whenever Maria reminded Leo about the girls he would wave it off.

"Who's my boy? Fletcher is!"

"Gemma needs some more clothes, babe."

"Go get her some then!"

Edit: I don't have plans to continue this story. Sorry!

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Hi there, I am interested to see what you have in mind with this story. Great job! Hope to see a new chapter.
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I'm already sunk into this story, can't wait for the next chapter to come :D

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Can't wait for the next part!
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cool story
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Is it just me or this story is dead?
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