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Alright everyone, thank you for the fabulous comments! They mean so much to me, truly. Unfortunately for you all, I am leaving for a week long vacation tonight. I was hoping to get chapter 16 done before then, but it's just not quite ready to post. I found myself rushing to get done and sacrificing the quality of the story. Instead of posting a sub par chapter, I'm going to have to wait until I return to my computer. So when I get back in a week, I will have a little bit more of the story to complete and will have it ready for you all to read! Sorry about the extra wait; thank you all for being so faithful!

Andygal: I love Pleasantview stories too! Glad you are pleased with how the characters' lives are going! I did not change anyone's aspiration, good question though! I'm just kind of rolling with the flow of the story. Don actually makes a pretty good father now, believe it or not.

JuleiaPantene: Thanks! So glad you are still enjoying!

Malrose828: I love how into the story you are! You really pay attention to their character development and such. Thanks for the wonderful comment!

MMAA: Thanks, I would love to keep going on forever! You just keep reading forever

PhoenixSpirit: Well I'm glad you think Caliente sisters look good, because I took one look and said "woof".

MamaLambNC: So happy I made your bookmarks! I hope you do keep checking back! Thanks for reading and the comment. Thanks for the comment! I hope you enjoy chapter 16!

CNASara: Yeah...I guess my story is pretty sad too, haha. So glad you read, enjoyed, and commented! Thanks!
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (16)

Yay! Chapter 16! I know it has been a really long time since an update (a little over a week), but still I apologize. Like I said, I went on vacation and chapter 16 just wasn't quite ready yet. But now it is! So please enjoy, rate, comment, or whatever tickles your fancy (or mine).


Sweets Dreamer sat in the zebra print chair regally. He swished his tail from side to side with his furry head held high. This is my chair, he thought to himself. I am King Sweets, and this is my castle. He purred with joy as he thought about how much he loved being a cat.

The door opened suddenly and Sweets twitched his ears and looked at the intruder menacingly. Cassandra Dreamer walked in the bedroom and smiled brightly when she saw her cat. “Sweets! There you are, you silly boy!” She plucked the cat from the floor, as he was already trying to escape her clutches, and lifted him high into the air. “I’ve been looking all over the house for you!”

Cassandra had recently adopted Sweets from the animal rescue shelter as a sort of mid life crisis impulse. She knew elderhood was just around the corner, which meant there would be no more babies. She was sad for never having more children with Darren, and Sweets unintentionally stole Cassandra's vulnerable heart. Cassandra puckered her lips while making kissy faces at the irritated feline. “I just love you so much Sweets my sweetums!”

Unfortunately for Cassandra, Sweets did not enjoy the babying. He was an independent, sassy cat who liked to sleep in human beds and spend his day sitting proudly on the counter tops. He avoided Cassandra as much as possible in attempt to preserve his dignity.

Despite Cassandra’s final attempt at having another "baby", her last birthday came. She blew out her candles while her family and friends gathered to help her celebrate the big day. The small crowd cheered for their beloved their mother, friend, wife, and sister.

Everyone in the crowded kitchen clapped and yelled as Cassandra burst into her new form. Her eyes went wide as she finished the transition. This isn’t so bad, she thought to herself. After all, now I can look forward to grandbabies.

The next morning, Eden and Destiny huddled in their living room to say their goodbyes. “So I guess this is it,” Eden said flatly while frowning slightly. “You’re going off to college with Alex and leaving me behind.”
Destiny smiled reassuringly. “Hey, don’t think like that. You’ll be at Sim State too in just one little year!”

Eden forced a smile. “Yeah I know, I’m just teasing. It’s just…well I’m really going to miss you.”
Destiny noticed tears welling up in her headstrong niece's eyes. She brought her hand to her mouth and raised her eyebrows. “Aw Eden, stop! You’re going to make me cry!”

Before her lip began quivering too much, Eden pulled her aunt into a big hug. “I mean it. You’re my best friend, Des.” Eden sniffled and embraced her tighter.
Destiny wrapped her arms around Eden and squeezed. “You’re my best friend too. I love you.”
“I love you too.”

The girls managed to pull themselves apart and Eden left to find some tissues. Destiny was just about to walk out the front door when the stairs behind her began to creak. Cassandra stared at Destiny and made her way slowly down the steps. “I hope my baby sister isn’t thinking about leaving without saying goodbye to me first!”

The sisters had been speaking less and less with each passing day. Destiny put her hands on her hips while eyeing her newly aged sister. “Bye, Cass.”, she said bluntly.
Cassandra frowned, disappointed. “Oh c’mon, Destiny. I know we’ve had our differences, but you’re leaving for college. This is a big deal! Can I at least have a hug?” Cassandra put her arms out expectantly and Destiny put her hands up in protest.

“Cassandra, stop. We don’t need to get all mushy gushy over this. It’s not like I’m your kid or anything. You won’t even know I’m gone.”
Cassandra frowned. She was surprised and a little hurt. She knew Destiny finding her place in the family had always been a struggle, but she never expected the situation to come down to this. She smoothed her blouse and looked down sadly. “Well, alright then. Be safe. Don’t forget to call. I love you.”
Destiny flashed her sister a unimpressed look and walked out the door without another word.


Angela Pleasant, a recent graduate of Sim State University, stood in front of the large shiny mirror with wide eyes. Her heart pounded in the dressing room of the wedding hall as she played with her hair and smoothed her eye makeup. I’m getting married. Dustin and I are getting married. This is it. She repeated the thoughts in her head over and over. I think I might actually throw up.

Angela was deep in thought and primping when the door clicked open, causing her to jump. “Oh Brandi! You scared me!”, she said while looking at her mother in law through the mirror.
Brandi chuckled. “Sorry sweetie. Please though, call me Mom. I think we’re close enough to being there.”

Brandi took a seat in one of the plush dressing room chairs and Angela turned around the face her. “Thanks.” Angela’s lip quivered as she tried forcing a smile.
Brandi clicked her tongue and frowned back at the red head. “What’s wrong, honey? This is your wedding day! You should be happy!”

Angela burst into tears and began flailing her arms around wildly. “I am happy! I’m so happy that I don’t know what to do with myself! I’m going crazy in here thinking about this wedding!” She bit her lip. “I’m terrified.”
Brandi laughed. “Oh sweetie, that’s normal. I must have thrown up at least five times the morning I married Dustin’s daddy.” Brandi scratched her chin. “Although that may have been because I was pregnant for Dustin…”

Brandi stood up to face her still wailing daughter in law. “Oh darling stop crying; you’re going to mess up your makeup!”
Angela sniffled out her last tears, composing herself. “There there”, Brandi reassured. “You look so beautiful, what a lovely bride. And I know you’ll be a wonderful wife to my son as well. You’ve always been so good to and for him. I thank my lucky stars for you every day. I don’t know where he’d be without you.”

Angela quickly engulfed Brandi in warm hug. “Thank you…Mom.”
“You’re welcome, honey. Now get out there and go make an honest man out of my son!”

All eyes were on Angela when she exited the dressing room and walked up to the altar. Everyone agreed she made a gorgeous bride, and remarked on what a better job she did picking out her wedding dress than she had her bridesmaids’ dresses. Angela and Dustin lovingly said their vows while sliding the cool, gold rings on each others’ fingers. Everyone clapped and cried after Dustin kissed Mrs. Angela Broke, ready to begin the festivities.

After the actual wedding, Angela was able to loosen up and enjoy the special day. She smustled up a storm with her friends and family and even let Dustin shove cake in her face. All the guests had a great time and partied well into the night.

When the more tired guests started heading home, the pace of the party slowed down while some of the couples opted for a slow dance. People began to wonder when Dustin and Angela disappeared to after being seen whispering in each others’ ears and giggling.

Angela and Dustin scurried home hand in hand, leaving just a few straggling wedding guests behind. The newlyweds kissed each other passionately, spending their first night together. There was no honeymoon to take off to, but the Brokes were happy just the same.


Mary-Sue Pleasant stood in her new apartment with her oldest and dearest friend, Cassandra Dreamer. She stretched, cracking her aching back while Cassandra brushed dust off her hands. The ladies had spent all afternoon and evening hauling boxes and arranging furniture. Cassandra arched her eyebrows, eyeing Mary-Sue. “Well, the last box is unpacked. You sure you’re going to be okay?”
Mary-Sue threw her hands in the air excitedly. “Are you kidding?! I’ve been wanting to do this for years! Felix is gone to college, the girls are happily married, and now Daniel is free to have whatever women he pleases at the house. He can’t hurt me anymore.”

Cassandra frowned slightly and shrugged. “I suppose. You have raised your kids. You can live for you now.”
Mary-Sue picked up on her friend’s glum tones. “You don’t think I should be doing this, do you?”
Cassandra sighed. “I just want you to be happy, Mar. It’s just that… in my mind, isolating myself from family is not the key to happiness and self fulfillment.”

Mary-Sue grew irritated. Surely her best friend should understand and support her decision. “Well that’s easy for you to say. You have a perfect marriage, your daughter doesn’t hate you. Life in the home you built has been nothing but happiness. Mine has been one heartbreak after another.”

Mary-Sue’s words stung Cassandra. How selfish, she thought. This woman has so many blessings and all she can see is the negative. How dare she say my life is perfect. She knows all the trials I’ve been through, and am still dealing with. Cassandra’s heart pounded in anger, but she held her tongue. “Whatever makes you happy, Mary-Sue. I’m just trying to support you, as a friend.”

Now feeling awkward and hurt, the friends decided to part ways for the evening. Despite their argument, Cassandra hugged Mary-Sue knowing she was going through a tough time and probably didn’t mean what she had said. “Take care of yourself.”
Mary-Sue hugged her friend back. “I will. Thanks for helping me unpack.”
Cassandra forced herself to smile at Mary-Sue before leaving the apartment complex. She patted her friend’s hand, noticing the golden wedding ring still on her finger.


Beau Broke sat patiently in the Sim State University campus lounge. He watched and listened as his potential new roommates, Letti and Ricardo Caliente explain their housing situation. “We want to live together,” Letti began, “Which is why we’d like to join you in the Bright household.”
“Indeed,” Ricardo nodded. “There was only room for one more student in the Pinenut Plaza dorms.”

Beau smiled warmly and shrugged. “Well, it’s alright with me, but I’ll have to check with my roommates. The more the merrier, and the cheaper the rent.” Everyone chuckled. “Really though, I think you guys will enjoy it. Living in private housing is great. When I first came here, I didn’t want to split up from my family in Pinenut Plaza. But boy am I glad things ended up the way they did now!” Beau blushed while thinking of his girlfriend, Allegra.

Letti beamed. “Thank you so much, Beau! I can’t wait to get settled. I’m sure living in the Bright house will be much calmer than a dorm. More privacy and quiet time for studies.”
Beau smiled back at the girl. “Oh sure. Everyone in the house is really cool. They’ll let you get whatever you need done.”

Ricardo turned to Beau. “Who exactly are the other students in the house?”
Beau started counting on his hand. “Well, there’s me, my girlfriend Allegra, Jane Stacks, and Martin Ruben.” A light bulb went off in his head as he realized that made three girls and three guys. “Say, are you two both single?”

Ricardo instantly understood Beau’s intentions. “A double date!”
Letti blushed. “Absolutely not.”
Ricardo ignored his sister. “A blind double date!”
“Ricardo…”, Letti said warningly.
Beau laughed. “C’mon Letti, what better way to get to know your roommates?”

Outnumbered and severly peer pressured, Letti soon found herself on a double date with her brother and new roommates. The group met up for some ice skating, some hoping to fall in love and others hoping it would all just end. Letti gulped, bracing herself as they all walked awkwardly to the rink.

Letti and Ricardo were not the only new freshman at Sim State University. In the Pinenut Plaza Dorms, Henry Broke was more than happy to be a college man, finally reunited with his long time girlfriend, Tabitha Burb. The couple didn’t take long to get back to their old ways of couch make out sessions, and even managed to squeeze a double bed into Henry's tiny dorm room.

Felix Pleasant and Destiny Goth, another set of new freshman in Pinenut Plaza, soon caught each others’ eye as well. Both striving architects majoring in mathematics, they spent most of their study time together and eventually their free time as well. Destiny was drawn to Felix’s sunny personality, and Felix was intrigued by Destiny’s reserved demeanor and murky past.

Lucy Burb grew quite aware of all the romance in the air around her. Her cousin’s garish wedding, her freshman cousin’s sickeningly sweet romance, and her baby sister’s obvious woohoo life was enough to make a girl sick. With graduation looming, Lucy began to grow rather impatient with Alex’s lack of proposal. She’d managed to make him her boyfriend, but that took years. I’ve got to step up my game, Lucy said to herself determinedly while gripping her pool stick with vigor. I will get a diamond on my finger.

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I've read your story from start to finish, and re-read my favorite chapters. I think that you're an amazing writer, I think you definitely have a strength in depth. Both in the depth of your characters and in the depth of your plot. It's very apparent you have put a lot of thought behind your writing.

I do have a silly request though, would it be possible to make a family tree? Or do you have one already? Your neighborhood has become so different than the original neighborhood, it's interesting to try to keep track of.

Other than that, keep up the good work. I'll be waiting patiently for the next chapter...

Just call me Blake! :)
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Originally Posted by BlakeS5678
I've read your story from start to finish, and re-read my favorite chapters. I think that you're an amazing writer, I think you definitely have a strength in depth. Both in the depth of your characters and in the depth of your plot. It's very apparent you have put a lot of thought behind your writing.

I do have a silly request though, would it be possible to make a family tree? Or do you have one already? Your neighborhood has become so different than the original neighborhood, it's interesting to try to keep track of.

Other than that, keep up the good work. I'll be waiting patiently for the next chapter...

Thank you so much BlakeS5678! I really appreciate that you've read my story, reread your favorite chapters, and left me such a nice comment. Writing is something I love to do, as well as play Sims!

There's no such thing as a silly request! I started a family tree on a website called Family Echo. It's really helpful for keeping track of simmies, story or no story. I have to log in with a password to view my tree as far as I know, but I will look for a way to share it. I'll actually update it too, haha. Maybe I can just screenshot it for ya, if all else fails?
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Yay you're back! I hope you had a nice time away
My my, things have changed quickly, and everyone is coupled up can't wait to see how your story evolves.
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Originally Posted by PhoenixSpirit
Yay you're back! I hope you had a nice time away
My my, things have changed quickly, and everyone is coupled up can't wait to see how your story evolves.

I had a lovely vacation, thanks! Yes, there is romance in the air and couples galore! I'm glad you are still enjoying. Chapter 17 will be posted later today. Yay! Thanks for the comment!
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (17)


It was a sunny, Saturday afternoon when Ricardo called his father and asked if he could come visit. Ricardo wanted Don to meet his new girlfriend, Jane Stacks. Ricardo also hoped to meet the rest of his fathers’ family, as well as ask Don about the secrets surrounding his youth.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Lothario.” Jane shook Don’s hand warmly.
Don smiled back, excited to see his son had found such a pretty young lady. “The pleasure is all mine! Please, call me Don.” The group of three all took turns smiling giddily at one another until they finally moved things to the couch.

“It’s really great to meet you, Jane. I’m sure you know Ricardo and I have only been acquainted for a short time now. He’s never brought home a girl before now. Well, besides his sister.“ Don chuckled. “Where is Letti today?”
“Oh, she’s busy studying. Like always.” Jane said with a laugh. “You’re lucky to have such a studious daughter.”
Ricardo raised his eyebrows. “I think she’s a little embarrassed she doesn’t have a boy to bring home to be quite honest.”
Don quirked a smile. “Really? That doesn’t sound like her.”
Ricardo trailed off, “Well…”

“Jane and I met on a blind date. It was set up by the guy who got us into our house for college, Beau Broke. The two of us had a great time ice skating and sitting by the fire. We really hit it off!”
“And are still together to prove it!”, Jane said sweetly while giving Ricardo's hand a squeeze.

Ricardo smiled at his girlfriend. “Yes, but it was a double blind date. Letti and her date, Martin, did not fair as well as we did. She didn’t want to go on the date in the first place. Then, Martin turned out to be sort of a dweeb.”
“He’s a really nice guy,” Jane piped up. “We’ve been friends for years. He’s just not very…charming.”

Jane shrugged her shoulders. “He really likes her though. In his mind, the date was perfect.”
Ricardo nodded. “It’s kind of sad actually. She’s more interested in her books than any boy.“
Don couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of his daughter turning down some poor, nerdy boy. I guess she really is my daughter, Don thought to himself. Letti the heartbreaker.

The group sat for an hour more, laughing and talking until Jane excused herself to use the restroom. When she was out of hearing distance, Ricardo cleared his throat to finally ask his father the questions that were on the forefront of his mind. “Dad, I have to tell you one of the biggest reasons I’m here. I want to talk to you about Dina, my mom.”
Don sighed. “I figured you’d have questions sooner or later. What’s on your mind?”

Ricardo grew nervous. “Well, here it goes. She’s lied to me my whole life, to make a long story short. I grew up thinking Mortimer Goth was my father. I never knew a home outside of the Goth mansion. The only reason you and I met was because I bumped into Letti by accident. Aunt Nina found out we met, told Letti all she knew, and Letti told me. I went behind my mothers’ back to meet you.” Ricardo kept going while Don sat speechless and wide eyed. “I just want to know why she lied and what else she’s hiding.”

Don breathed a large sigh. “Oh Ricardo, I’m so sorry. I had no idea. All these years I just figured you had been living with your Aunt in their old house...I didn’t, I wouldn’t have…” Don composed himself. “Let me tell you everything that I know. Your mother and aunt lived together. I met them, and you and your sister were born. I hate to say it but once I found out they were pregnant, I cut off all connection. Anything that happened after that is a mystery to me.”

Ricardo was disappointed. “That’s all? Really? I don’t know who else to ask. I can’t trust anything my mother tells me. She’s…unstable.”
Don shook his head sadly. “I’m sorry, son. I don’t know what she did or was trying to do. I do know Mortimer Goth though. I was engaged to his daughter at one point. But that was quite a while before you were born.” Don left out the part where Mortimer’s wife went missing and Don was accused of murdering her.
Ricardo was growing agitated. “His daughter? That doesn’t make any sense…”

"Well…before he married your mother, if they were actually married, he had another wife and two children with her. Cassandra and Alex. Alex is probably a few years older than you and Cassandra is my age.”
His head swimming, Ricardo covered his face with his hands. “I’m so confused.”
Don frowned. Both men noticed Jane walk in the room and straightened up. “Just ask your mother if you want to know the truth!”, Don whispered before Jane sat down.

Soon after their dizzying discussion, Ricardo declared it was time to leave. Don exclaimed, “Wait!” and leapt up from the couch. He darted upstairs and returned with a sleepy looking toddler. “Ricardo, this is your sister. Carmen.”
Slightly amazed, Ricardo smiled at the little girl who had a faraway look in her eyes.

Ricardo reached out and tickled Carmen, waking her up a bit more. “Hi, sleepy head! It’s nice to meet you! I’m Ricardo, your big brother!”
Carmen giggled, looking up at the young man. “Hi!”, she said plainly and gave her brother a little wave.

Ricardo played with his sister a little more until another person joined their gathering. Don smiled at the sight of his sons finally meeting. “Lorenzo, this is your big brother Ricardo.” The young men stared at each other, smiling slightly. They silently both remarked on how alike they looked. “I’ll leave you two alone for a moment.” Don walked upstairs hoping for the best, still holding Carmen.

Ricardo pulled Lorenzo into a bear hug. “It’s good to meet you, little bro!”
Lorenzo smiled a little sheepishly, accepting the hug. “Yeah. Same to you.” The two talked for a moment before Jane and Ricardo said their goodbyes and headed back to Sim State. Although Ricardo was happy to finally meet his estranged siblings, his hug with Lorenzo reminded him of Gideon. I wonder how that poor kid is doing at home with mom, he thought to himself while driving down the highway.


Nina Caliente bent down on her aching knees to give Scout a pat on the head. They had just gotten back from a nice walk, and Scout was eager for some rewarding affection. Nina had grown close to the little dog since Letti had left for college. Since her birthday, Nina had been trying to reconnect with family. Whenever she called her daughter, Letti was busy with some experiment or assignment and didn’t have time to talk. “You’re not too busy for poor old me, are you Scout?” Scout yipped in agreeance at the old woman.

Nina stood up slowly and sighed, breathing in the fresh outdoor air with closed eyes. Perhaps I’ll try giving Letti another call today, she thought to herself. Surely she’ll have time to talk one of these days.

Nina hobbled into her kitchen and plucked the phone off receiver. Her index finger hovered over the numbers as the dial tone sounded. She looked at the digits, and suddenly found herself dialing her sister’s phone number instead of Letti’s. What am I doing? We haven’t talked in ages. This is a bad idea.
The phone rang and rang. Somebody answered, but it was not the voice Nina anticipated. “Hello?”, answered a worried sounding young man.
Nina quirked her eyebrow. “…Is Dina there?”

On the other end, Gideon racked his brain for a match to the voice on the phone. It sounded like his mothers’, but of course it wasn’t her. “She’s…busy. Who, who is this?”
Nina was confused. “I’m uh, this is Dina’s sister. Can I ask who this is?”

Gideon was baffled. “Sister? I didn’t know she had a sister…I have an aunt?”
Nina snorted. “I’m not surprised. Hi, I’m Aunt Nina. Listen, is Dina there or not? I’d like to talk with her.”

“Her sister!” Gideon suddenly sounded relieved. “That means you’re family! You can help! Listen, I need you to come over right now! I think there’s something wrong with my mom. Please, I don’t know what to do.”
Nina could tell the boy was about to cry, and grew worried herself. “Well...I don't know. We haven't spoken in a long time. I don't know if she'd be too happy to see me.”
Gideon raised his voice in panic. “That doesn't matter. Please, come quick! I'm desperate.”

Without another word, Nina hopped into her car and headed to the Goth house. She recalled the last conversation she had with her twin. Dina had told her she was living with Mortimer Goth and was pregnant. Surely Mortimer had passed since then, leaving Dina to raise her boys alone. Gideon ran outside to greet Nina and then hurried her upstairs. “She’s in here, and has been for weeks. I’ve been bringing her food but she hasn’t been eating or speaking the last few days. The door is locked. I don’t know what to do!”

Nina made a fist and pounded on the door. “Dina! Are you in there?! Unlock the door right now! You’re worrying your son and me to death!” Nina and Gideon listened carefully, waiting patiently for a response or any sign of life. Nothing.
Gideon’s lip quivered. “You don’t think she’s…dead…do you?”

Just as Nina was about to bang on the door again, a blood curdling scream followed by a crashing boom sounded from the bedroom. Nina’s hair stood on end as Gideon cried out, “Mom!”. Both their hearts began to pound wildly as Gideon burst into tears and Nina whipped out her cell phone. She dialed 911 wildly as she prayed silently.


Ricardo burst through the hospital doors. He asked a passing nurse for directions and quickly found his Aunt and brother. He embraced Nina in a big hug. “Aunt Nina, it’s so good to see you. Letti is on her way.”
Nina squeezed her nephew back. "Oh, good. I'm so glad you're here."

Ricardo flashed a shaky smile at his Aunt. "I came as quick as I could." He looked to Gideon. “Hey you. I hear you’ve been quite a trooper through all this.”

Gideon snorted. “Are you crazy? This is all my fault.” A few tears dropped off the teen’s cheeks. “I should have called somebody way sooner.”
Ricardo quickly engulfed his little brother in a hug. “Don’t say that. You did the best you could have.” He patted his brother’s back and Gideon welcomed the hug with a desperation for affection he wasn’t aware he had been carrying. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there, Gideon.”

Ricardo backed away to wipe his own tears.
Nina sighed. “Well I’m glad you’re here. She’s been asking to see you. She doesn’t want anyone but Ricardo. They’re moving her to the psych ward any minute, so you should go say hi now.”
Afraid to ask, Ricardo bit his lip. “What happened?”

Nina sighed. “Schizophrenia, to say the least. The paramedics say she must have had it for a few years. Been hallucinating for weeks locked in that room by herself. Things just finally got the best of her.”

"They broke down the door and found her passed out on the floor. She was pretty dehydrated and a little malnourished. She has a concussion, but they were able to revive her. She just sat on the floor babbling when they did.”

"Wow. I don’t know what to say.” Ricardo shook his head and looked at his shoes.
Nina nodded understandingly. “Nobody does. Like I said, go see her. They’re taking her soon.”

Ricardo took a deep breath and slowly opened to door to his mother’s hospital room. He peeked in and saw her lying on the bed. She noticed him instantly and a big smile spread across her face. “Come in, come in!”
Ricardo crept in the quiet room, shutting the door behind him. “I’m so glad you came to see the baby, Don. Isn’t he beautiful?”
Ricardo’s heart skipped a beat as he realized his mother just called him Don. He played along, hoping to use his mothers' confused state to his advantage.
“Yeah. His name is Ricardo, right?”

Ricardo walked around on the other side of the bed. “Yes, I named him that. Is that okay?”
Ricardo nodded. “Yeah. I like that name." He paused for a moment, thinking. "He’s a really great artist, isn’t he?”
Dina’s expression changed. “Yes. He likes to paint. But, I did something bad to them.”

Ricardo sat down in the chair across from the bed. “What did you do?”
Dina sat up and fluffed her pillow, turning away from Ricardo. “I don’t want to tell you. You’ll think I’m crazy too. Everyone does."
“It’s okay, he forgave you. I will too.”
Dina nodded. “I burned his paintings. All of them.”
Ricardo grew excited, but kept calm. “Why did you burn them?”
Dina started to whimper and cry a little. “I just was trying to help! I didn’t want to hurt him! I just couldn’t tell him about her.”
Ricardo’s heart rate sped up as he remembered the mysterious woman he painted, the event that seemed to trigger his mothers’ downward spiral. “The girl he painted? Did you want to hide her?”

Dina sat on the edge of the bed and hung her head. “Yes.”
“Who is she, Dina?”
“You already know, Don! It was Bella. You always thought she was prettier than me. Everyone did. Michael, you, Mortimer.”
Ricardo’s head was spinning. “Who’s Michael?”
“Bella’s brother. Don't you remember? He left her everything, you know.” Dina laughed a little hysterically. “Everyone knew. I was the laughing stock of Pleasantview. He gave his baby sister all his money. He was supposed to give it to me! That’s why I married him! He must have known that’s why.”

Dina continued sniffling. “So,” Ricardo began. “You married Michael, Bella’s brother. He died and left Bella all his money. So you had to move in with Nina?”
Dina pounded her fist on the bed. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore!”
Ricardo bit his lip. He had to be careful if he wanted the rest of the answers. “I’m sorry. Let’s…talk about us now. We met after that, remember?”
Dina smiled softly. “Yes, I remember. You’re the only one I really loved, Don. Now we have a baby and we can be a real family now. Isn’t that exciting?”

Ricardo racked his brain. How can I keep this going? He was learning so much, and now so close to the end. “But you married Mortimer instead of me? Why?”
The frown returned on Dina’s face. “I didn’t want to. I just needed his help. He loved Bella, and I love you. She came back but then she died. They had another baby. I was mean to her...and Alex. Cassandra took them away. I was glad because then Mortimer could be your father. But he was too sad and he died. I tried to make everything okay. We had a baby so I could keep the money. I tried to fix everything with the money I finally got. I deserved it.”

Ricardo rose from the chair and stood close to his mother. “Why didn’t it work?”
Dina sighed. “Because Ricardo found out my secrets. He hates me. He blames me for everything. I just wanted to provide for him.”
Now teary eyed, Ricardo finally understood his mother. He bent down and kissed the back of her head. He walked to the door.

“He doesn’t hate you. He understands. He loves you and he’ll come visit soon, okay?”
Dina lit up. “Okay! And, you too?”
Ricardo nodded, choked up. “Yeah. I’ll come too.”
Dina relaxed back on the bed and closed her eyes, a small smile on her lips. “I love you, Don.”
Ricardo's lip quivered. I've got to get out of here. “I love you too, Dina.”

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Schizophrenia? Dina? Wow, I didn't see that comin'!

Keep up the good work, for as long as possible!
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I just discovered your story. So well done! The drama, the pathos. And no, I'm not being sarcastic! All I read was the last chapter, now I'll have to read the others. Gaaa, I'm trying to write a story, and it is just SO time consuming to get the pictures organized. Can't imagine how you did this.

I'm up to chapter 9; it just get better and better! Although it's getting harder to keep track of everyone, it's got a natural flow. I even like that you kept the same houses, although it looks like you did some re-decorating. I especially liked that everyone got a makeover - especially Cassandra; I always thought it was just WRONG that she looked like a cross between a farm-hick and what's her name the Goth chick...nevermind.

I DID wonder how Brandi was putting all those kids in that house (trailer?). Can't wait to read the rest.

OH and a question! You said something about a picture limit?

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Originally Posted by grammapat
I just discovered your story. So well done! The drama, the pathos. And no, I'm not being sarcastic! All I read was the last chapter, now I'll have to read the others. Gaaa, I'm trying to write a story, and it is just SO time consuming to get the pictures organized. Can't imagine how you did this.

I'm up to chapter 9; it just get better and better! Although it's getting harder to keep track of everyone, it's got a natural flow. I even like that you kept the same houses, although it looks like you did some re-decorating. I especially liked that everyone got a makeover - especially Cassandra; I always thought it was just WRONG that she looked like a cross between a farm-hick and what's her name the Goth chick...nevermind.

I DID wonder how Brandi was putting all those kids in that house (trailer?). Can't wait to read the rest.

OH and a question! You said something about a picture limit?

So glad you have found my story and loved reading it so much! Yes, I redecorated and remodeled everyone's house. Happy you noticed and appreciated that, as well as the makeovers. Brandi's house got a pretty big remodel. 4 bedrooms and 3 baths now, with room for more. I never like Cassandra's style either; she has so much potential!

Yes, writing my story and writing in general is a lot of work, especially the pictures. I have been reading your story and have enjoyed it! If you ever want any help or tips, feel free to PM me!

Another fan has told me it's a little difficult to keep track of all the characters as well. I'm in the process of working on a family tree; hopefully I can share that the way I want to and it will help readers keep track of everyone.

Yes, there is a limit to how many pictures you can post per chapter and that is 50. I tried having more than 50 on a chapter and it won't let you post it. There was some kind of error message, but I can't remember what exactly it said now.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting, grammapat. I really appreciate it. Also thanks to MMAA for your comment; I always appreciate your enthusiasm!
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I love this story!!! I am so eager to read the new chapters, when I read them they just go by in a flash! You are an amazing writer. I know it must take forever to organize everything and interact with your fans but you still do it!
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Came back from holiday - new chapter *claps in excitement*
Loved it, as always.
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Originally Posted by JuleiaPantene
I love this story!!! I am so eager to read the new chapters, when I read them they just go by in a flash! You are an amazing writer. I know it must take forever to organize everything and interact with your fans but you still do it!

Thanks for commenting! Happy to see you're still enjoying the story. I wish I could make the chapters longer, but MTS only allows 50 pictures per chapter. Also, like you said, it already takes forever to organize everything and keep up. It's totally worth it though. It's so rewarding to finish a chapter and receive thanks and praise from fans like you who love my simmies just as much as I do!

Thanks to PhoenixSpirit for you comment too! Glad I could provide a little post vacation surprise!
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (18)

Hello all! Chapter 18 is ready for your entertainment. This one is a little longer than usual; I even had to condense it down from it's original draft. I hope everyone enjoys. If you do, please feel free to leave me a comment. I'd also appreciate a thank and rating!
For those of you who have asked for a family tree or are having trouble keeping track of all the characters: I have finished the family tree as far as the story has progressed so far! Here is the link to view it. There is also a link on my profile as well as in my signature.


It was graduation time at Sim State University. Jane Stacks was the only senior in the Bright house, and got the graduation party all to herself. Ricardo embraced his girlfriend, placing his hands around her waist. “Congratulations, babe. I’m so proud of you.”
Jane smiled back, glowing with pride and happiness. “Thanks sweetie. I’m going to miss living with you so much! I won’t see your face every day. It kind of stinks being older.” She chuckled and shrugged her shoulders.

Ricardo smiled sympathetically. “I know. I’m going to miss you too.”
Jane grew serious for a moment. “I love you, Ricardo. I promise I won’t let us lose touch.”
Ricardo smiled coyly. “Oh, I’m not worried about that…”

Ricardo suddenly bent down on one knee, clasped his hands over his heart, and gazed up at his girlfriend. “Jane, I love you too. I’m going to make sure we never drift apart. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Jane looked down at Ricardo lovingly, her pulse starting to quicken.

Ricardo removed a black box from his pocket and opened it, unveiling a shining engagement ring. “Jane Stacks, I want you and only you forever. No matter what part of life we’re in. Will you marry me?”
Jane gasped at the presentation of the ring. She took it gingerly, and slid it on her ring finger with shaking hands.

Jane threw herself into Ricardo’s arm and nuzzled her face into his chest, whispering yes. After a long hug and a lot of clapping from surrounding party guests, the newly engaged couple released themselves and looked deep into each others’ eyes. Jane wiped a tear from her eye and whispered, “I love you.” Ricardo smiled uncontrollably, feeling like the luckiest guy in the world.

The Bright house wasn't the only Sim State building throwing a graduation party as Lucy Burb and Alexander Goth ended their senior year. Although he was grateful to see his big sister, Alexander didn’t enjoy all the attention that came with having a party. Cassandra pulled him into a warm hug. “I’m so proud of you, Alex! I knew you’d do great things in college!” Alexander smiled uncomfortably and hugged his sister back.

While Alex was getting praise and hugs, Lucy was hitting the fruit juice. Hard. She wasn’t enjoying the party. In her mind, she had failed her goal of getting engaged. Here we are graduating and still boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re about to start our lives and still just going steady?!, she thought while guzzling the purple fizz. Lucy had already beaten the odds and made the prude Alexander Goth her boyfriend, but it wasn’t good enough for her. Lucy wiped the sticky juice off her chin and started looking for Alex, ready to make a hard decision.

Once Alex was located, Lucy pulled him into the semi private cafeteria for a serious discussion. They sat down and Alex looked at Lucy obliviously. She raised her hands into the air. “I don’t know what to do anymore, Alex. I really don’t.”
Alex smiled, blind to Lucy’s sad demeanor. “What do you mean?”

Lucy frowned. “I love you. I know you love me too despite that you never say it back because ‘love is too unpredictable a feeling to risk expressing’ or whatever lame excuse you always say.” She sighed deeply. “I love you, but I can’t wait around forever. We’re graduating. We’re adults. I don’t want to walk out of this dorm not knowing what’s ahead, who I’m going to live with, who I’m going to start my life with. You’re the only one I want, but you don’t want the same things I do. I’m done trying to force your feelings. I’m breaking up with you Alex. I’m sorry; It’s for the best.”

The reality of the situation hit Alex hard. He tried to reason with Lucy. “Oh Lucy, c’mon now, let’s talk about this. Don’t be rash. I’m sorry you feel this way but…”
Lucy cut Alex off. “No! Don’t you get it!? I’m tried of being the one doing all the work! It’s over. Don’t make this harder than it is.”

Alex sighed as a cheeky grin spread across his face. “You should really learn to be more patient.” He brought a small, black box from underneath the table and slid it across the white plastic surface to Lucy.
She gasped and brought her hands to her lips. “Alex, what are you doing?”
Alexander chuckled. “I planned on a much more romantic way to do this, but you just could not wait.”

Lucy snatched the box from the table and whipped it open to find a gleaming, diamond ring inside. “Alex, it’s beautiful! I don’t know what to say!”
Alex laughed. “Well, there’s a first time for everything. That’s why I love you though. You’re so full of spunk and life that you light up any room you walk into. You are incredibly smart and beautiful. I would not want any other human being in the world to be my best friend, my partner, my wife. Lucy Burb, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

Lucy slid the ring onto her finger, her face glowing. “Did you say you love me?”
Alex laughed nervously while holding hands across the table. “Yes, I love you. Please though, do say yes before I go into cardiac arrest.”
Lucy smiled lovingly at her fiancée and giggled herself. “Yes, I will marry you.”
Before the newly engaged couple could experience another moment of romantic bliss, Lucy’s sister Tabitha strutted in.

“Oh my God, Lucy! Did he just propose to you?!” Tabitha practically screamed, alerting the other party guests of the big announcement.
Alexander closed his eyes and brought his palm to his face. Lucy frowned and threw her hands up in a defeated fashion. “Thanks a lot, Tabitha. You really know how to kill a mood.”
“Yeesh, sorry!” Tabitha started to walk away but before she was out of an ear shot yelled for her twin brother. “Tristan! Where are you? Lucy just got engaged and guess what, it’s technically after graduation so you owe me twenty bucks!”
Lucy groaned and looked to Alexander. “Welcome to the family.”


Daniel Pleasant stood in front of the frozen food display at Belladonna Groceries. The cool air from the freezer made him shudder as he eyed the different instant chicken dinners and frozen lasagnas. Ever since Mary-Sue moved out, dinners had not only been lonely, but prepackaged.

Daniel mumbled to himself while he threw random boxes into his shopping basket. He paused for a moment, hearing a familiar voice. He turned around, and was delighted to see his son, Felix.

Daniel walked over to his son and tapped him on the shoulder. Felix turned around and smiled. “Dad?! Hi!”
Daniel chuckled and smiled back, setting down his grocery basket. “My boy! It’s great to see you! What are you doing here?”

"Oh I’m just here on behalf of the dorm, picking up a few things.”
Destiny Goth walked up behind Felix and smiled. “Felix, who is this?”
Felix blushed and stepped aside so Destiny could shake hands with Daniel. “Destiny, this is my dad. Dad, this is my girlfriend."
Daniel smiled at the young woman and shook her hand gently. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Destiny. Felix is a lucky kid to have a beautiful girl like you on his arm.”
Now Destiny’s cheeks were flushed red to match Felix’s. “Well, thank you Mr. Pleasant. It’s great to meet you.”

The group of three chatted a bit longer until Destiny announced she was going to go check out. Before Felix could accompany her, Daniel pulled him aside. “She’s a great girl, son. You’re lucky.”
Felix nodded. “Thanks Dad. I know.”
Daniel looked sideways, the cogs in his mind turning. “You know…you don’t really need college. You can come live in the house with me for free. There’s enough room for you to bring Destiny and enough saved up that neither of you will have to work.”
Felix protested. "Oh c'mon dad that's nuts..."
Daniel was being serious. "No, really Felix! It'll be great! Just me and your family."

Felix was not amused by his father’s suggestion. “Dad, are you kidding? I love college. I want to be an architect. I need to get my degree. I’m sorry you’re lonely, but that’s not an option.”
Daniel sighed. “I guess. Well, just come and visit me more. Okay?”
Felix nodded. “Sure, okay Dad. I have to go now though.” Felix started to walk away, but turned around at the last minute. “Dad, do everyone a favor and get Mom back. I love you. I know she does too.”
Daniel smiled halfheartedly as he watched his son walk out the tall glass doors of the grocery store.


Cassandra Dreamer stood alone in the newly redecorated bedroom that used to belong to her daughter, Eden. Eden was gone at college, and would never need the bedroom again. A retired architect, Cassandra designed and decorated the room for a grandbaby that still hadn’t come yet.

Cassandra frowned and sighed. She was suffering from empty nest syndrome despite her step son Dirk and daughter in law Lilith moving back in. She desperately wanted pudgy little grandbabies squalling all throughout the house, but Lilith and Dirk were more interested in their careers and hobbies than having children. Cassandra feared the room she so carefully designed would never be occupied. It had been a several years since the couple moved back in, and having children had never once been brought up.

That night at dinner, everyone besides Cassandra talked and laughed with one another. She picked at her salmon glumly, not joining in on the conversation. It didn’t take long for Darren to notice his wife’s unusual demeanor. He rubbed her arm playfully and smiled. “Care to join us for dinner, Cass?”

Cassandra looked around the dinner table at everyone staring at her, amused expressions on their faces. She sighed, and made the quick decision to stop holding her tongue and just speak her mind. “Are you two going to give me a grandchild, or what?”

Dirk’s eyes went wide while Darren choked on his salmon. Lilith screwed up her face and looked to her husband. “We just…”
Dirk looked back at his wife, eyes still big as saucers. “We uh…”
Cassandra frowned and gave the table a little smack. “What could you possibly be waiting for? We have the money, we have the room. You’ve both reached the top of your careers and fulfilled your lifetime wants, Dirk twice over might I add?! I can even watch him or her while you’re working!” Cassandra whined and whimpered while Lilith and Dirk furrowed their eyebrows, searching each others’ faces for a good excuse.

Not receiving any help from Dirk, Lilith decided to just be honest. “We’re just…we don’t know if we want any children.” Lilith knew this would either offend or crush her mother in law, a family sim deprived of enough of her own children during adulthood. Lilith grimaced, anticipating Cassandra’s response.

Cassandra closed her eyes and pouted. Through gritted teeth she mumbled, “That’s absurd. Why would you not want children?”
Daren chuckled nervously. “Now now, Cassie. Just because they’re married doesn’t mean they’re obligated to have kids. Not everyone has such as strong of family desires as you.”
Darren looked at his father thankfully but Cassandra didn’t seem to care.
“Fine. Excuse me for wanting grandchildren. I’m just saying, it’s the perfect time.”

Everyone finished dinner quietly with one thing on their mind: babies. Lilith carried her thoughts upstairs and even still while she relaxed on her bed. The perfect time. She replayed her mother in law’s words over and over until Dirk walked in, bringing her out of her thoughts.

Dirk flopped down on the bed and groaned, tired from a long day at work and an emotionally exhausting dinner. “Sorry about Mom. I know you don’t like when people assume we’re having kids.”
Lilith shrugged her shoulders. “It’s alright. She’s right you know. It would be the perfect time.”
Dirk raised his eyebrows, taken aback. “Lil, are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Lilith shocked herself with her words and quickly tried to make a recovery. “No! Of course not. We never talked about having kids. I’ve never wanted children. Can you imagine me, a mom?” She snorted.
Dirk pursed his lips and shrugged meekly. “I think you would make a great mother.” His response put butterflies in Lilith’s tummy.

Lilith looked away quickly, trying to hide her sudden excitement. “I don’t know.”
Dirk chuckled. “Look, Lily Pad. I want whatever makes you happy. I think you would make a fantastic mother, and I know I would love fatherhood. I also wouldn't mind it being just you and me. Whether you want ten kids or none, I’ll be happy with whatever you decide.”

Lilith pondered her husband’s words for a moment. She nodded her head and took a deep breath. “Okay, what if we just stop not trying? We’ll just see what happens. If it’s meant to be, it will be.”
Dirk smiled a big smile at his wife and wrapped his arms around her. “Well then, let’s get busy not trying.”

While everyone else was in bed, Cassandra was downstairs feeling blue and slightly embarrassed. Unable to sleep thanks to the upset at dinner, she thought maybe watching television would help. Sweets kept her company, even more engrossed in the soap opera than Cassandra.

Cassandra was paying close attention to her program when she felt like someone was watching her. Alarmed, she turned her head slowly and found a strange young man in her living room. She screamed and threw up her hands. The young man jumped and yelled as well, equally surprised. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you or rob the house or anything! I knocked and waited but nobody heard and I just saw you sitting there through the window! Please, I…”
Before he could finish his ramble, Cassandra interrupted. “Who are you, and why are you in my house?! You’ve got one minute to explain yourself before I call the police!”

Ricardo panicked, and began waving his arms. “Please no, no, no! Don’t call the cops! My name is Ricardo Caliente and I’m looking for Cassandra Goth!”
Cassandra quirked an eyebrow. “Well, I was Cassandra Goth. I’m long married, Cassandra Dreamer now.” She paused. “Did you say Caliente?”

Ricardo could tell Cassandra was no longer afraid and calmed down himself. “Yeah, Ricardo Caliente. But this is perfect! You’re just who I want to speak to then.”
Cassandra looked at the young man curiously. “Well, go on with it.”

Ricardo smiled and took a deep breath. “Well you see, my mother is Dina Goth. I have recently learned that technically, you are my step sister. I don’t know how much you know, but your father Mortimer helped raised me. Since he has passed, everything has gone to my mother. Now, I’ve also learned that my mother’s means of obtaining Mortimer’s assets were not honest or deserved. Now that she’s…unable to make legal and financial decisions, everything belongs to me. Here’s the good part, I’m signing it all back over to you and your family.”
Cassandra sat silent, letting everything sink in. She opened and closed her mouth like a fish. “I…don’t understand…”

"You must be crazy! Are you aware that fortune is worth over half a million dollars? That’s not including the house, the vacation home.”
Ricardo stared at Cassandra with a cheesy grin on his face. “I know. But, I’m not crazy. I’m simply returning what was taken from you. My little brother, Gideon, he’s a true Goth but too young to be in charge of so much. I can’t manage it all in the mean time. It’s best somebody older and wiser handle everything. If you just sign a few papers I have in my car, it'll all be taken care of.”

Cassandra leapt up from her chair and wrapped her arms around the young man before her. “Thank you. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me.” Tears began to well up in her eyes.
Ricardo hugged her back, filled with joy. “It’s my pleasure, ma’m.”


Unlike her sister, Angela was busy popping out babies left and right. She’d already given birth to her first child who was now a toddler, a daughter named Rose. Now Angela was squatting in the family study, moaning and hollering as her second baby tried to make it’s way into the world.

Dustin was gone at work, but luckily Brandi was napping in the other room. She sat up groggily and rubbed her eyes. “Angela I heard screaming are you…oh my gosh the baby is coming!” Brandi’s face lit up with excitement. After four children of her own and one grandchild, the panic of childbirth wore off of Brandi.

After plenty of screams and cringes, Angela delivered another healthy baby girl. “Wow,“ she breathed. “Another dark haired daughter!” Everyone was surprised when little Rose came out with big brown eyes and jet black hair, despite her blue and green eyed parents with red and blonde hair. This second baby had shocked everyone all over again by following the same suit.

Before she could say another word, Angela felt another cramp run down her middle. “Oh my…” Angela twirled around and soon was holding another baby girl in her hands. “Twins!”, she and Brandi cried at the same time. Angela laughed. “Well, it does run in the family. Won’t Dustin be surprised when he comes home from work?!”

Brandi scooped the first twin off the floor while Angela admired the second. “Flora and Fauna,” she said lovingly. Dustin and Angela both loved the nature hobby, and Angela worked as an ecological guru. It was only natural they'd chose to name their children after flowers and nature.
“I love it,” Brandi said. “It’s perfect, and little Rosie will fit right in.”
Angela nodded in agreeance while she studied her baby’s face. The dark features were those of her own mother, Mary-Sue. Mary-Sue had yet to meet her grandchildren; Angela felt a pang of guilt upon realizing that. Angela sighed as she set the baby down in a nearby swing. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to give my mother a call.”

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I wish Cassie had another child, atleast she won't be depressed. And its not too late, if you're considering a hack that allows elders to get pregnant. (There's one at Back Alley Sims, called 'Alternate Pregnancy Controllers' (which allows sims between teen to elderhood to have babies, though, you'll have to remove inteen if you have it)). Though, you'll have to think of something as to why Cassie suddenly got preggers again.

Just sayin'!

BTW, story's great as usual, kinda had a mini hear attack with Alex and Lucy part.
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My goodness! Everyone is getting engaged I wonder if they'll stick together, or if they'll stray... so many options, only one story! Can't wait till the next chapter
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Indeed very nice story. Good texture and imagination. I expect with impatience the next chapter. I would very much to see to lead the mansion of Goth a true Goth.
#93 Old 26th Aug 2013 at 10:00 AM
I'm enjoying this story! I need the next chapter! Seriously... hurry...

P.S. I think you have a lot of readers who need the next chapter :P

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Thanks to TotallySimsCrazy, Xariss, PhoenixSpirit, and MMAA for the comments! I appreciate it so much. I know everyone is waiting patiently for the next chapter, and I am so sorry for taking this long. I have just started college and have been crazy busy. Don't fear, I have been thinking about you all and the story every single day. I can assure you The Pleasantview Diaries is NOT going anywhere and that I will post chapter 19 ASAP. I have started it and really want to share it with you all! Sorry again, thanks for waiting!
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I forget college starts in August in the US, I'm from the UK and have another month before I go back for my final year at uni O_O
Hope you're having an awesome time, don't sit at a computer all day thinking you have to get the chapter out, enjoy college It's a blaaaaaaaaaast.
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Great Job! Love the family tree and all the drama in all the families. How funny we both have a Rose in our Broke families.
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Originally Posted by Tasia714
Great Job! Love the family tree and all the drama in all the families. How funny we both have a Rose in our Broke families.

Thanks Tasia714! Great to hear from you again. I'm glad somebody utilized the family tree and liked it. I'm glad it works!

And thanks to PhoenixSpirit! School is my first priority, and unfortunately, now that's it's started they chapters will probably be coming out a little slower. I will try my best though, and still try to enjoy college Chapter 19 will be posted shortly!
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (19)

Holy moly! I know it's been forever since I've posted, and I am very sorry. Unfortunately, things like real life got in the way of that. School has started back up for me, and my first year of college is proving to keep me very busy. Because of that, I can't promise that I'll be uploading weekly anymore. But I do promise that the story is NOT going anywhere. I will try to upload as often as I can. Please enjoy this chapter and keep up the wonderful feedback!

For the readers (if there are any) who do not have an account on MTS, I've decided to provide my email address. Please, if you read and enjoy the story don't hesitate to email me at If you do have an account here, you can just comment or send me a PM.

Several people have alerted me that the characters are getting hard to keep track of. Who's related to who and why, names and dates yadda yadda. Considering the nature of my story, knowing that information is pretty important. To help everyone out, I've created an interactive family tree. It's pretty neat, so you should check it out. Especially if you're struggling with names and faces while reading the story. It's up to date with the story as of now. I will try to keep it up to date. So I guess, spoiler alert, don't look at it unless you're up to date with and have read the latest chapter. Here is the link to view it. There is also a link on my profile as well as in my signature. Hope it helps, let me know how you like it!

So now that all my rambling is done...


“Is it crazy that I’m so excited for tonight?” Kaylynn Lothario asked her husband as she placed her hand on his shoulder.
Don smiled at his wife and began to embrace her. “Of course not! Even though we’re about to get all saggy and grey, it’s still our birthday!”

Don kissed Kaylynn passionately and smiled his electric smile. “This is going to be one hell of a party!” The couple had spent most of the summer redesigning and redecorating their roof to make it into a rad living space. Now fall was upon Pleasantview, and the Lotharios decided it was time to break the deck in.

The sun went down and the party guests began to arrive one by one. Don sighed happily and decided to be the first at the of the night to age up. He stood in front of the cake, blazing with too many blue candles for his taste. His friends and family stood around him cheering for their friend, father, and husband. I never thought I’d be here; not like this. It’s been a hell of a ride. I’ve come a long way, Don thought to himself as he blew on the candles, extinguishing the ample flames.

Don sat back and waited for the inevitable transformation to take over his body. With color and light, Don changed into an elder. The guests whooped and hollered while Don inspected his new body with unsure eyes. He wondered if he could still be a ladies man now that he was an old man.

Before cake could be served, Kaylynn saw a perfect opportunity for a picture. “Stop right there! Nobody move!” Kaylynn whipped out her camera while her children and step children let out a groan simultaneously.
Carmen whined through smiling teeth. “Mom, this is like the hundredth thousandth picture you’ve taken!”
Kaylynn laughed while her camera clicked and flashed. “What?! This is the first time the four of you have all been together. I’m so happy you’ve all met and made friends.”
“Don’t listen to her, Carmen. Mom is just trying to stall because she knows it’s her turn to age now.” Ricardo said to his little half sister playfully. Ricardo had started referring to Kaylynn as "Mom" since the incident with Dina, his biological mother.

Kaylynn bit the bullet and walked over to her cake. She knew there was no stopping this birthday, so she might as well accept it with finesse. As she thought about what she might wish for, Kaylynn recalled the years she spent aching for children and a family. Love had found her a husband, and circumstance had brought her four wonderful children. I’ve got everything I’ve really always wanted right here with me, she thought. She smiled, a peaceful expression on her face, and blew out her candles.

When the candles were extinguished, Kaylynn clapped jubilantly. She felt her skin begin to tingle as her body started jerking uncontrollably. It had been a long time since her last birthday, and Kaylynn forgot what it really felt like to age. Finally, in a burst of confetti, Kaylynn changed into her elderly form.

Everyone laughed and talked for the remainder of the party, reminiscing and creating new memories. After the last guest left, Kaylynn and Don scurried off to their familiar bedroom where they tested out their unfamiliar bodies. Much to Don’s delight, everything still worked just as well as it did in the hot tub before the birthday party. The couple held hands in bed and smiled at each other lovingly. “Thank you,” Kaylynn whispered.
Don smiled, puzzled. “For what?” He asked while rubbing his wife’s hand.
“For staying by my side all these years. I love you.”
Don kissed Kaylynn’s hand. “I love you too.”


Jane Stacks, soon to be Jane Caliente, stood proudly in her fiancée's aunt’s new dining room. A recent college graduate, Jane had quickly found a job as an architect. Nina Caliente had become acquainted with Jane, and hired her to build and design a new bathroom and dining room in her home. Jane was happy to help a future family member, and admired her work with a sense of satisfaction.

A bathroom and dining room were not the only new things in the Caliente house; Dina Goth had moved back in with her twin sister. Nina’s birthday resolution had been to grow closer with her family. When Dina was diagnosed with schizophrenia, Nina saw it as the perfect opportunity to make up for lost years. Rather than have Dina rot away in the psych ward, Nina took responsibility for her twin and had her move back into their old house.
It was hard at first; Dina took a while to adjust and stop asking about Don and her "baby", Ricardo. Eventually, Dina reverted to a happier time in her life. Despite Nina’s dutiful care, Dina still managed to engage in bizarre activities like eating moldy sandwiches on the roof at 3 in the morning.

Despite her strange behaviors, Nina was glad to have her old sister back, and enjoyed the company.
“Nina! I’m so glad I caught you before work. I just wanted to say thank for letting me move in with you. I just didn’t know where I would end up when Michael died.”
Nina played along, like always.“Yeah, don't mention. It’s no problem, sis.”

Dina leaned in closely to her twin. “I’ll tell you what, I’m glad that old fart died. You know why I married him, don’t you?”
Nina winced. “For his money?”
“Yeah! And I didn’t get one cent! He left everything to his pretty little sister, Bella. I’m not worried though, she’ll get what she deserves. Seriously though, I hope something awful happens to her. I never want to see her again.”
Nina frowned. This was not the part of her sister she missed.

Later that night, Nina hobbled up the stairs to bed only to find Dina sound asleep in the wrong room. Nina sighed. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get Dina to sleep in her old room. She always ended up in Nina’s bed.

Nina’s heart softened as she watched her sister’s breaths rise and fall. She crept over to her dresser and slipped on her zebra print night gown. Rather than kick her out of the bed yet again, Nina lifted the covers gingerly and slipped into bed.

Nina kissed the back of her sister’s head; a face full of silver hair that used to be a shining blonde. It’s just like when we were kids. Another sleepover, Nina thought to herself. “Buenas noches, mi hermana.” Nina whispered and turned off the light.


Alexander Goth and his fiancée Lucy Burb stood outside in the backyard of the Goth mansion, finally ready to be wed in their new home.
After receiving ownership of the Goth family assets, Ricardo Caliente decided to return the mansion and fortune to its rightful owners. His step sister Cassandra Dreamer became the legal owner of her late father’s fortune. With her own money, home, and family, Cassandra decided to pass everything on to her younger brother, Alex. He was a new college graduate and needed a place to bring his home fiancée and start their lives together. So as tradition would call, Lucy and Alex were wed under the family wedding arch.

Surrounded by friends and family, Lucy and Alex said their highly anticipated vows.
“Alex, from my first day at Sim State I knew you were the one for me. I promise to love you forever and always with faithfulness and it’ll be hard, but patience.”
“Lucy, I know it took me quite a long while, but I am now completely certain that you are the woman I want to be by my side for the rest of my days. We will face the world together, partners in crime, and science of course. I love you, my dear.”

The couples’ vows created a considerable amount of laughs and tears from the audience. Everyone was elated to see the two together and so incredibly happy. The crowd stood to clap and cheer as Lucy and Alexander shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

After the romantic portion of the wedding subsided, Lucy cranked up the music and began to have fun with her husband and guests. Everyone talked and danced, and even laughed at Alex when Lucy shoved a huge piece of wedding cake into his mouth.

A delicate clinking sound turned everyone’s heads just as they finished munching on the cake. The guests saw Angela standing up with a smile on her face and a champagne glass in her hand. “A toast”, she declared, “To my beautiful cousin and her dashing new husband. Two of my best friends, some of my favorite people in the world.” The wedding party smiled and joined Angela.

The crowd grew quiet, holding their glasses in anticipation. While resting comfortably in Alex’s arms, Lucy looked on to her cousin happily. Angela cleared her throat. “Now, I know none of us thought we would ever see this day. Well, some of us did and those of us have a hefty chunk of bet money in our pockets. But whether or not we thought these two love birds would tie the knot, all of us are so delighted they did, and privileged to share the day with them. Lucy, my maid of honor, cousin, and best friend. I wish you all the happiness in the world, even though I know you now have exactly what you’ve always wanted. I know you’ll take great care of her Alex. I love you both so much. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! To the happy couple” Everyone cheered loudly and tipped back their glasses, filling the backyard with pure happiness.

After the guests left, Lucy and Alex made their way to their bedroom. Alex sat down on the bed and smoothed his hands over the sheets, trying to stall. He was far too nervous to face his wife; his heart pounded wildly. He knew what was to come next, naturally. He felt Lucy join him on the bed; he thought he might faint. Lucy grabbed Alexander’s shoulder and pulled him down onto the bed. “Hey you, I think I can hear your heart beating all the way over here.” She chuckled and smiled lovingly at her husband.

Alex thought his vision was starting to blur; he felt sweaty. “I think… I’m going into shock. I’m sorry…I wanted this to be romantic. I just…can’t…so nervous.” Alex gluped; he had never struggled with his words before.
Lucy leaned over Alex. “You’re not going to shock! Don’t be nervous. It’s just me.” She kissed his forehead.
“I’ve never done this before.” He closed his eyes.
“That makes two of us.” Lucy smiled. “It will be perfect.”

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Hi, I've just spent at least an hour reading every chapter you've written and I think this is exceptional. Obviously college is a huge thing so that should definitely be your priority but I really hope you stick to this and don't let it fizzle out - it really is amazing. It made me smile, chuckle, and okay, water up a bit as sad as that is. I love Lucy and Alex together, you've made Alex into a really good character, physically and verbally. I always struggle with what to do with him.
I'm doing something similar to you, but on a blog website, and it'd be really cool if you could check it out - it moves slowly because its very detailed... it's taken me a good ten hours to just play one day in every family and write their stories, and I've not even finished writing yet... I'm enjoying making comparisons between our blogs!

PS - I forgot to mention just how breathtakingly CLEVER is was to introduce Brandi and Benjamin. I've done it before, thinking "Oh I'll just shove her with a townie", but you're right, he DOES bear a resemblance to the late Skip Broke! (In my Pleasantview, John Burb will be finding comfort in the arms of fellow family sim Brandi)

Thanks again!

EDIT: Oops, did I forget a link? *facepalm*
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Originally Posted by queenofsimcity
Hi, I've just spent at least an hour reading every chapter you've written and I think this is exceptional. Obviously college is a huge thing so that should definitely be your priority but I really hope you stick to this and don't let it fizzle out - it really is amazing. It made me smile, chuckle, and okay, water up a bit as sad as that is. I love Lucy and Alex together, you've made Alex into a really good character, physically and verbally. I always struggle with what to do with him.
I'm doing something similar to you, but on a blog website, and it'd be really cool if you could check it out - it moves slowly because its very detailed... it's taken me a good ten hours to just play one day in every family and write their stories, and I've not even finished writing yet... I'm enjoying making comparisons between our blogs!

PS - I forgot to mention just how breathtakingly CLEVER is was to introduce Brandi and Benjamin. I've done it before, thinking "Oh I'll just shove her with a townie", but you're right, he DOES bear a resemblance to the late Skip Broke! (In my Pleasantview, John Burb will be finding comfort in the arms of fellow family sim Brandi)

Thanks again!

EDIT: Oops, did I forget a link? *facepalm*

Wow queenofsimcity! Thanks for the wonderful comment. It's one of the most detailed and thoughtful I've received. I'm really committed to this story, despite darn old education getting in the way. I plan to keep it up as long as it takes to unite all the Maxis made families, or I die. I really love writing and playing with the characters, so it's easy to stay ambitious with it.
I'm so delighted to read that you loved the chapters so well; I love entertaining! It really means a lot that my story can evoke real emotion in people. I really like Alex for some reason. He and Lucy's relationship was planned, but their sweet romance built on itself. I am influenced by the actions of the Sims themselves for elements like that in the story. It's about 50% plan and 50% play experience.
Glad you like Benjamin and Brandi together! That was not planned, as he really did just show up on her doorstep one day. I think they make a cute couple I like John and Brandi together! I never thought about that. I typically don't like ending marriages, but they would make a cute couple.
Thanks for providing a link to your story! I totally eat up stories about Pleasantview; I love seeing how other people play out the lives of some of the most notorious Sims. I will most definitely check out your blog
Thanks again! Don't be a stranger!
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