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Originally Posted by grammapat
"The architect didn't know how to build a roof" hahahah.

I just learned how to use the tab camera. lol

But now when Mary-Sue goes to the bank, we won't have this problem!
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Amazing story! I just love the theme of Pleasantview and the stories of families living there. It's both mysterious and quite peaceful. I could read it like millions of times! And your writing is really good. Coming with the photos reading it is a real treat. Can't wait for the next chapters
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Originally Posted by marja.kwiatkowska
Amazing story! I just love the theme of Pleasantview and the stories of families living there. It's both mysterious and quite peaceful. I could read it like millions of times! And your writing is really good. Coming with the photos reading it is a real treat. Can't wait for the next chapters

Thank you so much! I am so glad you are enjoying it!
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Six - Kaylynn's Visitor

A Pleasant Story

Chapter Six

Kaylynn's Visitor

Kaylynn ran from Daniel and Mary-Sue's house after she heard Daniel describing her as "the maid" and protesting to his wife that he only wanted to stay married to her. She jumped in her maid service van and drove though Pleasantview, trying to stay focused on the road through her tears.

When she got home to her little shack on the outskirts of town, she flopped down on her bed and thought about Daniel and his lies to her. She'd thought he loved her and that he'd been the victim of a cold woman in his marriage, but after seeing how Mary-Sue responded to catching them in bed together, she knew Daniel was nothing but a liar.

Kaylynn had moved to Pleasantview about a month ago after having to drop out of college because she couldn't afford to continue her studies. She could have returned home to her mother, but living with a drunk narcissistic woman who ignored her most of the time, and screamed at her the rest of the time, hadn't been appealing. She'd never known her father, and she had no other family, so her options had been limited.

She'd scraped together every penny she could by selling almost all her possessions, and found a tiny shack to rent in Pleasantview. The name had made her think it might be a place with good opportunities and nice people.

Her shack was unfinished, had limited indoor plumbing, and the utilities were primitive at best. But it was a roof over her head, and she could afford it on her paltry maid's salary. Even if she did have to shower with the trees.

She didn't love being a maid, but it least it meant she was excellent at cooking and cleaning. She fixed herself a nice plate of salmon and thought about the events that had brought her to this sad state--eating alone in a drafty hut.

When she'd first landed in Pleasantview, the only job she could find was as a maid. And unfortunately, that meant that all she had to wear was her maid's uniform. She didn't like it, but the only other thing she had to wear was a ratty track suit since she had sold all her clothes to be able to afford to move to Pleasantview.

Shortly after she'd arrived, she went out into the town to try and meet some people and perhaps even make some friends. She consulted the Pleasantview Neighborhood Directory and went to the Pleasantview Community Center, hoping it would be a nice place to introduce herself to the townsfolk.

Somehow she just didn't have any luck with approaching people. Perhaps it was because she was so shy and simply didn't have much practice at starting successful conversations, but everyone she tried to talk to had a negative reaction to her.

She'd tried to introduce herself to a young woman who had just climbed out of the pool, but the woman just stared at her with a stony expression.

Another woman had angrily asked, “Are you a member here?” before she simply walked away.

Kaylynn hadn't realized it was a membership-only club, so she went to ask the attendant about how to join. The clerk had seem surprised by Kaylynn's question and asked, “Aren't you here to clean the locker rooms?”

Kaylynn had told her that she was interested in joining and wanted to inquire about the cost, but explained that she couldn't afford too much.

The girl had turned away and muttered, “If you have to worry about how much it costs, I'm sure you can't afford it.”

Discouraged, Kaylynn had exited the building and began to walk back to the road. Suddenly a man approached her and began speaking rapidly. “Well hello there, dear! I am delighted to meet you!”

Kaylynn thought he looked a little odd, but since he was the first person to be kind to her, she attempted to introduce herself. Before she could say a word, however, the stranger continued, “I can tell you are a discriminating and intelligent person and I'd like to tell you about the amazing opportunities we have here in Pleasantview! Just look around and see all the potential here. Look!”

Kaylynn felt uncomfortable with his attentions and ended the conversaiton as quickly as she could. When she had finally gotten outside the Community center to the sidewalk she'd realized that her few simoleons were gone!

“Oh no! I only have a few left at home!”

She'd called the police to report the robbery, but the officer who'd arrived to take her report had seemed amused more than anything.

“Well, it happens to everyone in Pleasantview sooner or later. If you don't want to be robbed, maybe you shouldn't go places you don't belong!”

The officer had then made a disgusted expression and covered her face with her hand, as though she smelled something bad.

Kaylynn didn't think she smelled bad, but she knew when she wasn't wanted. She'd gone home feeling defeated.

Discouraged by her failure to make friends, she'd given up on it and just focused on her work. And then one day she was sent to clean at Don Lothario's house. From the moment she walked through his door, he charmed her and flattered her and was very "kind." She'd been so lonely he had actually talked her into woohoo, in public! Twice!

She'd invited Don over for dinner one night and although she'd spent too many of her precious simoleons so she could make him a lovely turkey dinner, it had been clear to her that he was shocked by the place where she lived, and was only interested in her for one reason.

When Don had left her that night, the last time she saw him, she could tell he was disgusted by her home and probably disgusted by her, too. He was relieved to make his escape and had never contacted her since.

In the two weeks that followed since she'd last seen him, she'd overheard people talking about his fiance, Cassandra Goth. She'd also heard rumors that he was seeing two sisters who lived next door to him.

Kaylynn finished her meal and stood up shaking her head. To think that she had once dreamed of marrying him! The autumn chill was seeping into the cabin and she moved closer to the makeshift fireplace to warm herself.

Her musings were interrupted by the phone--it was the maid service office. She'd been fired! In her fluster over what had happened with Daniel, she'd taken the van home and forgotten to return it. She tried to protest.

"I'm so sorry! I just forgot! I can bring it back right now!"

"You'll bring it back right now all right, or we'll be reporting the van to the police as stolen. You've broken our rule of using the van for personal driving, and we have a one-strike policy," said her boss.

Kaylynn hung up the phone sadly and drove the van back to the maid service office. She dragged her feet on the walk home. She wasn't sure she wanted to stay in Pleasantview now, but she didn't really have enough simoleons to leave.

"Well," she declared, straightening her shoulders. "No whining, and that's that then! I need to get a new job, and I'll save simoleons until I can leave and find a new place to be my home!"

When she got back to her shack, she immediately started looking through the paper to see what jobs were available.

There was nothing she was even remotely qualified for.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and she opened it to find Don Lothario.

"What do you want?" she asked him abruptly.

"Oh, baby, I've missed you," he began, but Kaylynn cut him off.

"I don't believe that for a minute. I haven't seen you for weeks. I think you just came by for a woohoo call!"

Don tried to look innocent and protested, "Oh no, Nin. . . I mean Kaylynn! I just wanted to see you!"

Kaylynn recoiled from him.

"You can't even keep straight who you're trying to seduce! Why don't you go cry to your fiance?"

Don looked shocked as Kaylynn continued.

"Oh yes, I know about Cassandra. Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you'd hook up with the richest girl in town. Get lost. You won't find what you're looking for here."

Kaylynn actually felt nauseated while she was looking at him.

Don left after a few more half-hearted protests, but she had no trouble sending him away. Her feelings for him had fizzled and she felt nothing more than pity.

Suddenly she was exhausted. It had been a long day. She climbed into her uncomfortable bed and made a resolution that tomorrow she'd renew her job search. She was a strong person, and she wasn't going to lose her grit.

Kaylynn woke the next morning feeling rested but very very hungry. As she moved toward the stove to make some breakfast she felt a strange rumbling in her stomach and with a sudden "bloop," she was pregnant!

"Oh no," she thought. "What am I going to do now? I can't get a job while I'm pregnant, and I am NOT going to subject a baby to my toxic mother. Maybe I could. . . ?" Her thoughts trailed off. She didn't know WHAT she was going to do.

She ate some breakfast and then laid down outside to comfort her aching muscles.

She was carrying Daniel's child! What a mess!

"Well baby," she said to her stomach, "No matter what, I am going to protect you! This may not be the best home, but at least the roof doesn't leak."

Being pregnant had made her tired and she fell asleep under the trees.

She was awakened by the sudden arrival of her landlord, Samael Abbadon.

He didn't waste any time on pleasantries, and immediately spoke, "I'm here to evict you. We won't, I mean, I won't, have any of your kind living in our, I mean, my, houses."

"My kind?" Kaylynn was confused. "What exactly is MY kind?"

Samael looked at her in disgust. "Girls who get themselves knocked up without a husband, that's what kind. We, I mean, I, don't put up with that kind of trash."

Kaylynn didn't want to beg, but she couldn't help herself.

"Please, Mr. Abbadon, don't kick me out. I don't have anywhere else to go and I'm going to have a baby!"

Samael turned from her as his cell phone rang and he picked up.

"Yeah? Yeah, I'm there now. Yeah, no problem. Okay. Yeah, she's no use in this condition."

He hung up and turned back to her.

"I'm coming back in an hour to lock the door. You'd better get your stuff out if you're gonna."

Kaylynn could only look at him in stunned silence.

As Samael left, Kaylynn was overcome with fear and anger. How could this have happened? Where could she go?

She dried her eyes and took a deep breath. She knew one place she might be able to go. Maybe he had a little bit of a heart? She packed her few belongings in her suitcase and headed into town.

She paused at the doorstep, not wanting to knock. Finally she thought of her baby and that gave her courage. She tapped on Don Lothario's door.

When the door opened, it was Nina Caliente who answered it! She introduced herself and asked if she could speak to Don alone.

Before Nina could respond, Don came outside and started sputtering as he noticed her pregnant stomach.

"That's not MY baby! We haven't had, we haven't been, I mean, it's been weeks! That baby was started yesterday! Why are you here?"

He didn't give her a chance to answer as he turned to Nina.

"Nina! Don't believe anything this kid says! That's not my baby! She'd lie to get whatever she wanted"

Kaylynn lost her temper at that. She might be weak, she might trust the wrong men, she might fall in love too easily--one thing she did not do was lie.

Kaylynn smacked him and then left the house without a backward look. Don had shown her beyond a doubt what kind of person he was. She'd thought he might have taken pity on her and helped her out if she explained she'd been evicted, but it was clear he cared for no one but himself. She'd need to find help elsewhere.

She stopped at the edge of the street while she considered where she could go now.

"Oh no," she thought, "not that. But what choice do I have?"

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ohh who's the dad?

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O poor thing! I thought at first that was Brandi Broke's trailer...the suspense! Maybe MarySue will kick Danial out and help her..?

Stand up, speak out. Just not to me..
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Originally Posted by grammapat
O poor thing! I thought at first that was Brandi Broke's trailer...the suspense! Maybe MarySue will kick Danial out and help her..?

It's almost like you're psychic. . . but I won't give too much away! HAHA
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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
ohh who's the dad?

Since pregnancies in Pleasantview only take one day to show up. . . ?
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I'm so happy the next chapter is already here!

"But there was a roof over her head" - this hut is even better than the hairdresser's xD

The first man she spoke to at the park looked like the one Mary-Sue had liked...

hmm...I guess Nina won't feel like seeing Don again. At most cases the guilty one is the one who tries to excuse himself.

I'm so curious whether Daniel will take care of Kaylynn and their child or rebuff them. Maybe he will change and they will create a happy family together? ...I'm starting getting idealistic. xD
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I have played some "Romantics" as faithful, and managed to keep them happy, but they are my least fav. They often meet suspicious deaths..

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Originally Posted by marja.kwiatkowska
I'm so happy the next chapter is already here!

"But there was a roof over her head" - this hut is even better than the hairdresser's xD

The first man she spoke to at the park looked like the one Mary-Sue had liked...

hmm...I guess Nina won't feel like seeing Don again. At most cases the guilty one is the one who tries to excuse himself.

I'm so curious whether Daniel will take care of Kaylynn and their child or rebuff them. Maybe he will change and they will create a happy family together? ...I'm starting getting idealistic. xD

The man at the park is a townie named Komei Tellerman--I guess he and Cyd are similar with hairstyles!

Yes, I figured out the roofs! lol

Nina? Well, Nina is a bit. . . forgiving, I guess.

And Daniel? We'll see what happens when Kaylynn does some digging.
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Seven - Too Hot to Handle? Part I

A Pleasant Story

Chapter Seven

Too Hot to Handle?

Part I

Dina Caliente made her way home after the unpleasant encounter with Don Lothario at Cassandra's house, and made her way up the walkway to be frightened by the ghost of her husband, Michael Bachelor, jumping out of the bushes.

"Dammit Michael! Why do you do that! You're going to give me a heart attack sometime!"

The ghost of Michael did not respond. Dina copied his scare pose and yelled after him as he floated away.

"Fine! I scare you right back!"

She shook her head and went inside. She didn't really understand why Michael seemed to enjoy scaring her so much. She'd been a devoted wife to him through the good times, and even through the bad times when he got sick and she took care of him until he died.

She supposed he might have found out about that one kiss she'd shared with Don Lothario; she wished she could explain to Michael that she'd been scared and lonely watching him dying, and that she regretted ever letting that smooth-talker into her life.

Michael didn't listen when she spoke to him though; being a ghost seemed to have turned off his cognitive functions. He never haunted her sister Nina though, she'd noticed.

She received proof of that as she entered the house and headed for the kitchen to grab a bite--Michael was peacefully floating past Nina as she was putting her mechanical textbook away.

Nina hadn't even noticed him and called out, "Hey twin," and followed Dina into the kitchen. "I heard you yell. Is Michael up to his tricks again?"

Dina confirmed this.

Nina continued, "Don't you think it's time to move the urn to a cemetery? It's gotten a bit embarrassing when guests come over. He scared Don Lothario so much the other night he wet himself!"

Dina replied, "I'm not really ready to say goodbye to him yet. He's never scared me all that badly; it seems like he still just wants to interact with me.

"But speaking of Don Lothario, I just saw him over at Cassandra's and, I hate to tell you this, but they're engaged. Or rather, they were engaged--I heard her break up with him. I didn't know if you knew he's been cheating."

Nina seemed unphased. "Yeah, I knew about it. I was kind of hoping that would work out--think of the presents he could afford to buy me if he got married to HER!"

Dina looked at her laughing sister and shook her head. She sure never seemed to be bothered by much of anything!

Nina then asked her, "But why were you over at Cassandra's with him? I thought you were done with him?"

Dina nodded in agreement. "Yes, I'd told him I didn't want to see him again, but then Cassandra called and invited him over and he asked me to go with him. I said yes because I was hoping to see Mortimer, but after I heard he was engaged to Cassandra I got so mad I just slapped him and left."

She went on, "And I really am sorry about having a crush on him. I hope you've forgiven me."

Nina reassured her sister, "It was one kiss! And your husband was dying! Who could blame you for getting caught up with his charm?"

"Besides," Nina went on, "There's only one thing I want from Don Lothario!"

Dina chortled at her sister's good humor. It seemed nothing got her down.

Nina suddenly jumped and told her, "But guess what else I heard? A few weeks ago Don was running around with the new maid in town, Kaylynn. She can't be more than 18. I feel sorry for the poor kid. I haven't met her yet, but I've seen her in the neighborhood. Have you met her?"

Dina shook her head. "No, I don't think so. What does she look like?"

As Nina described her, Dina nodded knowingly. "She sure sounds like Don's type! I hope she's okay. Maybe I'll try to introduce myself if I see her. I'll bet she could use a friend."

Nina then asked her, "So how are things going with Mortimer? I heard you guys getting pretty cozy the other day!"

Dina replied, "He's still pretty sad about Bella getting abducted by aliens. I was glad Michael was too far gone to understand what had happened to his sister by then. But we're getting along great--I really love him." She smiled shyly at her twin who, she suspected, would never have to worry about pangs of heartbreak.

Nina cheered, "Whoot! That's so great! Oh, and guess what else? I got a new job as a gas station attendant! I am on my way as a super-slacker! That's why I was studying mechanics--I need to build my skill there to get promoted."

Dina exclaimed, "That's great! And maybe you could help out with the bills more then? Michael's inheritance is nearly gone. Okay?

"Well, I'm tired. 'Night sis."

She kissed Nina goodnight and headed into the living room. She walked over to Michael's urn and spoke to him softly.

"I miss you so much. But I really do love Mortimer now. I hope you can be happy for me."

Dina knew that none of the people of Pleasantview would ever believe she hadn't married Michael for his simoleons. She knew what she looked like, and she knew what people thought of her. And she knew they thought she had a desire to marry a rich sim. But if they could see inside her heart, they'd see a truly nice person who had a passion for nature and had deeply loved her husband. And now she deeply loved Mortimer. She might want to marry a rich sim, but not any rich sim would do--only Mortimer.

She wiped her eyes and headed up to bed.

The next morning, she was delighted to see Mortimer coming up her walk. She ran outside to greet him.

He was a little stunned by her exuberance, but rallied quickly. He couldn't believe his good fortune in having loved two beautiful women in his life. He hoped he was right about Dina; she seemed to truly love him, but when you were the wealthiest man in town, you needed to be careful.

He smiled at her lovingly as she excitedly began telling him the latest news since he'd last seen her--about Nina's new job, and the burglar who'd stolen their hot tub, and that she had heard about Cassandra's broken engagement.

Then she took his hand and, with a wink, asked if he'd like to accompany her upstairs. He followed her happily and settled in comfortably on her bed. She was prattling excitedly about a program she'd seen about outer space, and he winced a bit.

"I'm sorry darling--could we talk about something else? Thinking of space always reminds me of Bella and how she disappeared."

Dina apologized quickly. "I'm so sorry! I didn't even think. What would you like to talk about, sweetie?"

Mortimer cleared his throat a bit and said hesitantly, "Darling, this is a delicate topic, but you know I have a lot of simoleons, and if we should move forward in our relationship, then it's something we should. . . "

He stopped as Dina interrupted him. "Mortimer, I want to tell you something right now. If we should ever get. . . I mean, if our relationship does develop. . . I wouldn't ever want you to think that it was because of your simoleons. If you ever did decide to ask me . . . well, I want you to know that I would want to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. I love you for you, honey, not because of your wealth. Of course, I won't lie--simoleons are nice and all, and I don't have a lot of them, but I love you rich or poor."

Mortimer stroked her cheek gently and pulled her close to him.

"I knew that's what you'd say. I wish more people knew what you were really like."

"So," he continued, "Do you feel like a little woohoo?"

Dina's answer was not in words.

When she was rested, she slipped downstairs to talk to Michael again.

"He really makes me happy, honey--I hope you can understand. And I wish you'd stop scaring me!"

Her voice woke Mortimer, who came downstairs to see if she was okay. Although he was thinking of other things, too.

He took her hand and hugged her. "Well," he said, "that was a delightful morning. I have to go take care of some things, but are you free for dinner tonight? I'd like to take you out to Restaurant Le Plus Cher."

He named the most expensive and fancy restaurant in Pleasantview.

Dina squealed, "Oh, that sounds wonderful!" She kissed him goodbye happily. "I'll see you tonight!"

Mortimer spun into his clothes and left after blowing a kiss to Dina.

Dina was hugging herself in anticipation when she was suddenly interrupted by a squeal from upstairs.

"Nina!" she called, "Are you okay?"

~Continued in Part II~
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Seven - Too Hot to Handle? Part II

A Pleasant Story

Chapter Seven

Too Hot to Handle?

Part II

Nina hollered back at her sister, "I'm okay! It's just the damn tub broke!"

She stomped her foot angrily and shrieked a bit.

She sighed and got her tools and tried to fix it, but her mechanical skill was not yet high enough to successfully repair the damage and she made it worse.


Dina complied and explained excitedly to the operator that they needed a repairman. They told her how much it would be and said they'd send someone over right away.

When he arrived, Dina waved him upstairs to Nina, who called him into the bathroom.

"Hi, I'm Nina Caliente," she said. He introduced himself as Samael Abbadon.

She showed him how the shower was broken, then headed off to her room to continue studying her mechanical skill.

Instead of beginning to work on the shower, Samael took out his cell phone and dialed.

"I'm here at the Caliente house. Which one was it--Nina or Dina?

"Okay, good, that's the one I've got upstairs. I'll let you know how it goes."

Samael called Nina into the bathroom and asked if she'd like to earn some simoleons.

"We, I mean, I, understand you've been having some financial difficulties. Would you be interested in doing some work for. . . um. . . the plumbing company? It's good simoleons."

Nina laughed and said, "Well thank you for the offer, but I'd be terrible at plumbing--I have hardly any mechanical skill."

Samael explained, "Oh no, the job's not to do with plumbing. We, I mean, I, have some items being imported into Pleasantview from, from . . . um . . . a tropical island, and we, I mean, I, need people to pick them up and deliver them. That's all. We'll tell you where, I mean, I will tell you where to pick them up and then where to drop them off, and then we pay you."

Nina considered. "That sounds easy enough! Sure, sounds fine! We could use the simoleons!" Nina didn't consider how it was that the plumber knew about her and her sister's financial troubles.

Samael handed her a package and told her this was to be her first delivery and gave her the address where it needed to be taken.

"If you can manage this first delivery successfully," he explained, "then you can do more work for us, I mean, for the plumbing company. If not, you'll still get paid for this one delivery, but if anything goes wrong you won't get any more chances."

Nina accepted the package and said that seemed fine. Suddenly she heard Dina's voice calling up from downstairs.

"Nina? How's it going? Is it fixed yet?"

Samael touched Nina's arm. "Tell her it's going fine. But about the job--this is a discreet matter, and it would be best if you didn't mention it to anyone, not even your sister."

Nina agreed, and hollered down to Dina as he'd suggested.

"I'll fix the shower now," said Samael, "And then later I'll be in touch with further instructions. Find a safe place to keep the items until you deliver them."

As Nina left the bathroom to get back to her studies, she couldn't help but notice that Samael didn't seem to be any more skilled at shower repairs than she had been.

As the clangs and bangings echoed from the bathroom, and she could hear the water spurting from the pipes, she considered.

"That's strange," she thought, "for a professional plumber. But it'll sure be great to make some dough! I'm sure this is completely legit!"

As the day turned to night, Dina dressed carefully for her date with Mortimer. Restaurant Le Plus Cher was very fancy and she wanted to look her best. She tried on some of her favorite dresses.

The first was a bit too sexy. She wanted to look nice, but not quite jaw-dropping bombshell nice.

The next was a too pink. Just . . . too pink.

Then she tried on one of her sister Nina's dresses and it was just . . . no. Maybe she'd borrow it for some other time when she and Mortimer were alone!

Then she found one that was just right!

When they arrived at Restaurant Le Plus Cher, the maître d' greeted Mortimer profusely and led them to a private dining room where they enjoyed Pate de Génitaux de la Souris, Soupe de Céleri Royale, and Sauterelle Avec Eaux Grasses.

At the end of the meal, Mortimer raised his glass to Dina and said, "To the most beautiful woman in all of Pleasantview, who fills my days with joy."

Dina streatched out her hand to him and replied, "Mortimer, since my husband died I have felt lost and alone--you brought brightness back into my life."

Mortimer slid his hand into his pocket as he said, "I am so happy to hear you say that darling, because I want our lives to proceed together from now on."

He placed a black velvet box on the table and said, "Dina, I apologize for not getting on my knee, but I'm afraid I might get stuck there." He smiled at her. "Will you be my wife?"

Dina tore open the box and admired the ring as she said "Yes yes yes my darling Mortimer, YES!"

She slid the ring on to her finger and gazed at it as Mortimer beamed at her.

They were both very happy to be engaged. They would have happy memories of this moment.

As Dina hopped up from her chair and said, "Get up dear man, so I can hug you!" Mortimer put his head down. He was so very happy to be engaged to Dina, but he couldn't help but remember his first beautiful wife with sadness.

He shook his head and stood. "No more dwelling on the past!" he thought.

Dina leapt into his arms and squeezed him happily. He staggered a bit, but managed not to drop her.

Suddenly she was down on the floor in front of him, singing of her love, very loudly, and very off-key. Mortimer reflected that it was a good thing they'd gotten a priate dining room!

Mortimer let her continue even though his ears complained a bit. Then he held her close and told her he was going to spend the rest of his life making her happy.

When they arrived back at Dina's, she asked Mortimer to come into the living room and join her to talk to Michael.

"Michael," she said, "this is Mortimer. He's asked me to marry him and I've said yes. I hope this doesn't upset you, but Mortimer has promised to make me happy, and I hope you can be happy for me, too."

She turned to Mortimer. "I hope you don't think this is weird--I talk to Michael a lot."

Mortimer shook his head. No, he didn't think it was weird. He talked to Bella all the time while looking at the stars.

Mortimer wasn't sure how to talk to an urn but he gave it a try. “Hi Michael. I want to marry Dina and make her very happy.”

Dina went on, "And Michael, I hope this is okay, but since I am going to be married to Mortimer I think it would be best if you moved to the cemetery. There will be lots of people like you there, and you can scare tourists all you want. I love you honey. Goodbye."

Dina then made arrangements for Michael's remains to be moved to a cemetery in the Downtown district of Pleasantview.

"I'll visit you soon honey," she said, and blew a kiss toward Michael as he rose from the urn and disappeared. She thought he didn't look unhappy.

Mortimer turned to her and said, "There's someone else we need to talk to--I'm going to call Cassandra over so I can tell her the news and then you can talk to her, too. She hasn't been the greatest fan of our relationship."

Dina agreed and said she'd wait inside while Mortimer met Cassandra to make his announcement to her.

When Cassandra arrived, Mortimer told her that he'd proposed to Dina and that she'd accepted.

"You're going to marry Dina?" Cassandra said. "Dad, this is NOT a good idea! You know her husband died suddenly and suspiciously, right?"

"I can tell you've been listening to gossip, daughter. Dina's husband became ill with a terrible sickness and Dina cared for him for months until he died. And that's the real story. I love her and I want to marry her."

"But Dad," Cassandra objected, "Don't you think she's just in it for your simoleons? Look at your age difference!"

Mortimer sighed sadly. "Cassie, ever since your mother was abducted by aliens my life has been incomplete and hollow. Dina has given me back my passion for living. I know she's much younger, but she makes me happy. Don't you want me to be happy?"

Cassandra crouched down fearfully. "Of course I want you to be happy! I'm just afraid that you'll become a ghost if you marry her!"

Mortimer almost laughed at her. "Honey, you've got to stop believing those rumors. Some people are lucky to find one great love in their life. I am doubly lucky that I've been able to find two great women to love me. After your mother was abducted by aliens I never thought I could be happy again! And I want you to be happy for me, okay?"

"I'm going to go inside now and send her out to talk with you. You can ask her anything you want. Maybe that will ease your concerns."

When Dina came out to speak with her, Cassandra attacked her immediately.

"Don't play games with me--you're a rat and I know you only want to marry Daddy for his money. Don't try to convince me otherwise--I know you had an affair with Don Lothario! I could tell when you slapped him last night!"

Dina stared at her in shock. "Oh no, that wasn't an affair--I admit he'd been trying to get me to woohoo with him for ages--apparently while he was engaged to you!--but I never did. When Michael was dying, I did have a very brief flirtation with him, but it never went further than one kiss.

"But listen, about the money; I already told your father and now I'll tell you. I plan to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, so your father's estate will still belong to you and your brother. I have no interest in his simoleons--I really do love your Dad for who he is."

Cassandra considered this. Could it be possible?

Dina continued, "Now, I'd hoped we could be friendly, and that you'd give our marriage your blessing, but your Dad and I are prepared if you don't want to. We can make arrangements for you to move out of the mansion after the wedding if you are going to find it intolerable to live there with us."

"Cassandra," Dina said earnestly. "I know you don't know me well, so all I can do is assure you that I really do love your Dad, I don't want his money and. . . well, that's all."

She stepped back and looked at Cassandra with hope.

Cassandra stared at Dina. She'd like to believe her; she'd like to see her Dad happy.

She suddenly realized that Darren's first wife had died and she was in love with a much older widower, just like Dina. Maybe not quite THAT much older, but still.

She stepped toward Dina. "Okay," she said, "I'll give it a chance. And if you can make my Dad happy, I'll be your best friend in the world."

Both Dina and Cassandra thought maybe everything would be okay.

When everyone had left, Dina went back into the house to wake up her sister and give her the news.

“My sister's engaged!” Nina said, “That's so great!”

“Now, what kind of bridesmaid's dress will I wear?"

Then she laughed. "Just kidding sis! I am super happy for you! This will be awesome!"

And, she thought to herself, having a rich brother-in-law might come in handy!

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LOVE IT i wonder what the dodgy job is? you've brought out a side of dina i've never seen before

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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
LOVE IT i wonder what the dodgy job is? you've brought out a side of dina i've never seen before

I never understood why she was presented as a gold-digger--if you look at her personality points she's really nice! AND she loves nature, which i always think of as the trait of a kind person.
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Smuggling contraband? I believe I see drama and doom around the corner.

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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Eight - Broken Dreams

A Pleasant Story
Chapter Eight
Broken Dreams

Brandi Broke held her son Beau's hands to help him learn to walk. He picked up the skill quickly and was then tottering all around their small house, happy with his new mobility. Brandi watched him fondly, but a little sadly, too. The father of her children had died before he was able to see these new milestones in Beau's life.

Her older son, Dustin, worried her because he'd been hanging out with some questionable people and working in the criminal career track. When she asked him about it he was defensive and secretive.

"I don't want to talk about it, Mom!" Dustin said angrily. "I have to work because we've got no money since Dad died, or haven't you noticed? I have to go to school, too!"

Dustin stomped out of the house, letting the door slam shut behind him.

Brandi looked after him worriedly. Dustin and his father Skip had been very close and Skip's death had affected him deeply. She'd tried to fill the hole in her son's life, but he'd become more and more distant. She hadn't wanted anything more than a happy family life; Skip's death had ended that dream.

She was glad Beau was too young to remember his Dad. She scooped him up and he laughed happily.

She set Beau down and turned to the window to watch Dustin as he walked from the house.

Suddenly she heard a siren sound coming from Beau's direction, and turned to find him playing with his musical percussion toy.

"Oh!" she said, pleased. "You have a passion for music! That's great, Beau!"

Beau may have had a passion for music, but he did not yet have the skill to create much more than a cacophonous assault on her ears. She turned away from him to mute the noise and was suddenly swayed by a wave of nausea that made her heave.

She ran to the bathroom and made it just in time.

She'd been out in town the day before–she must have eaten something that made her sick.

Brandi took a deep breath to ease her nausea and walked into her backyard to look at the place where Skip had died. Although he had been a very good swimmer, the pool's lack of a ladder had proved to be his fatal downfall.

“I don't know why I keep this pool,” Brandi said. “Beau could fall in, and nobody likes to swim anyway since Skip died here.”

Suddenly she jumped. “Hey!” she said, "I know one way to get some more simoleons!"

Brandi grabbed her hammer and began wrecking the pool, receiving a refund for every tile she destroyed.

The increase to her household funds inspired her to look for more ways to build her family's finances.

"Hey! We don't need trees!"

After removing the lightning-attracting foliage from the backyard, she wandered into the front area and looked at the very odd and crowded bush garden next to the porch.

"Well that can go--who ever heard of putting a fence around five bushes with barely enough room to turn around?"

When her destruction was complete, Brandi's finances were in a little bit better shape, and she had enough simoleons to get something she'd been wanting to buy for Dustin. He worked so hard, she wanted him to be comfortable when he slept.

Suddenly she was very hungry, and went inside to pig out on some pizza. She ate two slices, but still didn't feel satisfied.

She was worried--this was exactly how she'd felt when she'd been expecting Beau.

"Please don't let me be pregnant," she wished.

"Oh no," she thought. "I've felt that before. Is it possible?"

Brandi hoped not. She'd had an ill-considered “one-night-woohoo” the previous evening, and if she was pregnant this was going to seriously deplete her already-pitiful simoleon reserves.

Beau was tired of his musical poundings by now, so Brandi tucked him into his crib and suddenly felt very tired herself, so laid down to get some sleep as well.

She'd only slept for a few minutes when a rumbling in her stomach woke her. With a familiar "bloop," her belly popped out and her worries were confirmed.

Brandi looked down at her stomach in dismay, but was too tired to think about what she was going to do just then. She climbed back into bed to sleep until Beau's cries would awaken her.

When Dustin got home from school, his girlfriend Angela followed him off the school bus and immediately started berating him about his job in the criminal career.

"What are you doing for them, cracking safes? It isn't a good career path, Dustin! Why don't you get a nice job in the politics career?"

Dustin responded snidely. "Look Angela, politics is boring. The criminal track is exciting, and I make good money, and I don't want to do anything else! But I'm tired. Why don't you go home and I'll call you later?"

As Angela walked away, Dustin wondered why she was even with him. She never seemed to be satisfied with anything he liked or wanted to do. She acted as though all she wanted to do was change him.

When Dustin went inside, he was greeted by the sight of his mother and her pregnant stomach.

"You have GOT to be kidding me! We're skint as it is, and now you're pregnant again? I'm already working and going to school--how are we going to afford this? I'm exhausted half the time because of that damn cheap bed! Dammit Mom."

Brandi tried to speak but he ignored her and sat down to play with Beau. His tone and manner changed immediately as he spoke to his brother.

"Hey little buddy? What are you playing? Music, huh? This is fun!"

Beau laughed at his brother and continued pounding out his notes.

Brandi was glad Dustin was so good to Beau, but she wished she could reach him better. She sighed and wandered over to the art easel she'd purchased and was surprised to hear the familiar siren sound. She'd never had the time before to discover her passion.

"I love arts and crafts? Cool! Maybe someday I could get a job as an artist!"

Dustin waited until his Mom and brother were in bed before doing his homework and making a few calls. He called Angela and tried to placate her about his job in the criminal path, but she didn't seem convinced.

He was tired then and finally went into his room to go to sleep. When he got there, he looked down in surprise at the new bed. His mom had replaced his cheap old uncomfortable bed with a new cozy one that would mean he wouldn't need to sleep so long. His heart ached. Since his Dad had died he'd been trying to be the man of the house, but being broke all the time was really hard. He did love his Mom--he just wished she weren't so flighty. And now, pregnant again.

He climbed into his new bed and sighed as the comfy mattress cradled him gently.

The next morning Brandi made sure she was up before Dustin went to school so she could try to reassure him about their situation, but he wasn't interested. He backed away from her and left for school.

That evening, Brandi called a few friends over to celebrate Beau's birthday. When her friend Nina arrived she immediately began squealing about Brandi's pregnancy and started talking to her tummy.

"Well hello little Broke baby! I can't wait to meet you!"

Nina then pounced on Brandi. "I can't believe you didn't tell me! So who's the Dad?"

Brandi blushed and said, "I'd rather not say. I haven't told him yet. Let's just say it was a one-time thing."

Nina nodded knowingly. "I totally get it! Well, let me know if you need any help!"

In addition to Nina, Brandi had invited her sister Dina, who excitedly told Brandi that she'd gotten engaged to Mortimer Goth the night before. Brandi congratulated her, then greeted Sanjay Ramaswami--a nice young man she'd met at the mall who had recently moved to town and wanted to be a rock star. She'd felt a bit sorry for him since his wife had recently left him to live with a celebrity chef, so she'd extended her hand in friendship to him.

They were all happy to celebrate Beau's birthday with her.

Dustin held his brother near the cake as the guests cheered him on.

Dustin placed Beau carefully on the floor, and they all circled around him and waited excitedly to see how Beau would look when he grew up!

Beau popped up into his childhood form and looked at himself excitedly. It was so nice to be grown! Not as big as Dustin yet, but on his way!

Beau grabbed a piece of cake and chomped it down, then ran around to the guests at the party and excitedly talked to everyone. He told Dina a joke about rockets.

Then he ran over to Sanjay and started talking about music, and Sanjay told him that he loved music too!

He ran next to Nina and proceeded to tell her the same joke he'd told to Dina. Nina played along and pretended she hadn't already heard it.

When the guests had left, he asked his Mom if he could talk to his new brother or sister, and Brandi agreed.

"Ooogie boogie," he chittered, as he waved and squawked at her stomach.

"Ooogie Boogie?" Brandi asked, laughing.

"Yeah!" Beau said. "It's baby talk! Do you think the baby will like me? I'm going to be the best big brother ever because Dustin taught me how!"

Dustin wished he could join in his brother's excitement, but his simoleon worries weighed heavily on him.

Beau continues, “There's just one thing Mom. Look at my clothes! This is ridiculous! Even a dress would be better! Can we get me something different?”

Brandi agreed that a trip to the mall would be a priority! “But let's wait until the baby comes, okay? I get tired easily right now.” And, she thought to herself, I need to figure out a way to get the simoleons to buy him a new outfit.

“That's okay Mom,” Beau said agreeably, “I can wear my gym clothes until we can get something!”

When Beau got home from school the next day, he jumped off the bus and felt excited that now he had homework to do, just like his big brother! Maybe his brother would teach him how to do it!

He'd brought a friend home from school with him, so he waited for her to get off the bus with him and said goodbye to the bus driver.

Beau started talking to his new friend, Tina Traveller, about his brother and told her how cool he was. But then his cheerful voice grew somber. "I really like him, but I'm really worried because he works as a criminal. That makes me sad because he's really nice and only mean people work like that. It's dangerous, too."

Tina asked, “What's wrong with the criminal track? Lots of people do it.”

Beau turned from her angrily.

“You don't understand. Dustin is hanging out with really bad people and I'm afraid he could go to jail!”

Tina replied, “I'm sorry. That's not good, I guess. Wanna play tag?”

Beau was easily distracted from his worries and the two had a rousing game of tag until it was time for her to go home.

It was only then Beau realized Dustin wasn't home from his job yet, and his worries began anew. He sighed and went inside to clean up the dishes his Mom had been too tired to finish.

Dustin was at the mall, looking for a man his boss had sent him to meet. He'd been waiting for hours but didn't want to give up because he was hopeful that this new business acquaintance might help out with his family's financial problems. Finally, he thought he saw him.

He spotted the man in the clothing store and walked over to introduce himself.

"Sir?" he asked, "Are you Mr. Abbadon? I'm Dustin Broke. Nick Nefarious told me you might have a job for me?"

Abbadon looked at him doubtfully. "You're awfully young to work for us, I mean, me, son."

"Yes sir, I am young, sir, but I'm a hard worker. You can ask Nick if you want. Please can I have the job sir? My family really needs simoleons!"

Samael explained the job was simply making deliveries, and handed Dustin his first package and told him the address where it was to be delivered.

"And get yourself a cellphone, son, if you'd like to do more work for us. I mean, me. I need to be able to contact you easily. And don't mention this to anyone. Our clients require discretion."

Dustin agreed and accepted the package, but then said, "Sir, I'd be happy to get a cellphone but I don't have enough money for one. My family is really poor."

Samael handed him some simoleons and replied, "This is an advance against your first payment. Handle it right or we'll come after you. . . I mean, I'll come after you to collect the simoleons."

"Yes sir!" said Dustin, "You can count on me!"

As Dustin left to purchase a cellphone from the mall kiosk, Samael went to speak to the woman who had been watching his exchange with Dustin.

“Do you think he'll work out?” she asked him.

"Yeah. He's young, but seems reliable. With that worthless cheat in jail, we need somebody to pick up the slack. The goods are piling up." They exited the mall together.

While Dustin was purchasing his cellphone, he hoped there was nothing shady about his new job. His family needed simoleons now more than ever but he didn't want to get in trouble!

Back at the Broke household, little Beau slept fitfully. It was late at night and his brother still wasn't home. He loved his brother and worried about him. In his dreams, his Dad came back and made Dustin stop working as a criminal and everything turned out fine.

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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Eight Point Four Two - Brandi's Troll

A Pleasant Story
Chapter Eight Point Four Two
Brandi's Troll

Brandi rested on her bed. This pregnancy was hard on her body and she felt uncomfortable most of the time. As she rested, she thought about her outing the day she'd gotten pregnant and all the men she'd encountered. She imagined how each one would be as a father to her unborn child. She didn't know the father that well--she reflected that the common term was a "one-night-woohoo," but as she pondered her acquaintances, she imagined how each would react if she told him she was pregnant with his child.

Alec Thomason was really cute, but she'd heard he was living with Sanjay's ex-wife. As a celebrity chef, he'd probably have plenty of simoleons, though!

Komei Tellerman was a long-time resident of Pleasantview who seemed to know everyone. But that long face would be some unfortunate genetics for a child.

John Burb was nice and had a sweet little girl. She'd heard his wife was a go-getter who was really into raking in the simoleons.

Toby Bruenig seemed to show up all over Pleasantview. A bit flighty, maybe.

"Well," she thought, "probably wouldn't have to worry about money with that one. Though I'd likely have to bail him out of jail a lot."

Stephen Tinker was a toymaker from Bluewater Village. She might visit him to get some new toys for the new baby!

Carl Copper was a fairly new resident of Pleasantview; he and his sister had moved into town not too long ago and both worked as police officers. She didn't really know enough about him to guess if he'd be a good father.

Cleve Shibata was pretty cute, but sure was serious about keeping his hair tidy. He probably wouldn't enjoy changing diapers.

She'd beaten Kevin Olshfski easily at chess. She wasn't sure he had the brains to be a great father.

Jace Leive had a great sense of humor and treated her very nicely. If only he didn't have that odd last name! Then she remembered that the baby would share her name, so that wasn't a worry in any case.

Brandi had hit a nightclub while she'd been out. One of the most fun things to do was roast marshmallows.

She'd met Mrs. Crumplebottom, who had actually been very friendly to her, so she guessed her behavior had been proper. Mrs. C had told her that she understood about love lost. Brandi wondered if there were a story there?

Cyd Roseland was another newcomer to Pleasantview, and he had a dog. Kids loved pets!

Payton Charvat was a nice guy, though a bit boring, but she wasn't sure he had much of a future as a barista.

Her new friend Sanjay seemed like a really nice guy, and she loved how he could play music so well. He could be a good mentor for Beau in his musical passions!

Joe Graham was a nice old man who had lived in Pleasantview a long time. He'd probably be a nice Dad.

Charlie Tang would be a handsome father if it weren't for his nose, which reminded her of a ski slope.

Brandi briefly pondered a father from among the vampire community, but laughed it away. "Haha, Brandi," she chuckled at herself. "They'd be great parents if babies never woke during the daylight!"

She'd had fun at their nightclub, though.

And then she'd spotted poor Goopy Gilscarbo who, in addition to being cursed with an unfortunate name, had had an unsuccessful encounter with a lightning bolt. He was a really nice Sim, and he couldn't help his ridiculous name. She wondered WHAT his parents had been thinking!

She shuddered a bit as she thought of the man she'd seen briefly at the mall that day. The whole room had felt chillier when he'd walked in. He wouldn't be pleasant to have around her children!

Brandi laughed at herself. These games were silly; she knew who the father was because there had only been one man since the death of her husband. She couldn't decide if she wanted to tell him or not; there really was no way to tell if he'd truly be a good father to her child.

"Well, " she thought. "I've got one more day until the baby comes. I'll wait until then to decide if I want to tell the father."

Brandi then brought his face into her mind. He was pretty cute. The baby could do worse than to inherit his looks.

Brandi winked.
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#44 Old 20th Dec 2017 at 4:44 PM's gotta be DON!..or not

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Originally Posted by grammapat's gotta be DON!..or not

There IS a clue in this chapter, but that's all I'll say. Muwhahahaha!
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i loved it but ok i know this sounds bad but i dont like how there is CAS sims if its a story about pleasantview why not have it exclusivly for them?

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Scot Tsvirkunov is my guess.
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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
i loved it but ok i know this sounds bad but i dont like how there is CAS sims if its a story about pleasantview why not have it exclusivly for them?

I wanted to have have some different people just to add some variety and mystery to the story. Some things are about to happen that they are essential for.

And some I just like.
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Originally Posted by grumpy_otter
There IS a clue in this chapter, but that's all I'll say. Muwhahahaha!

Daniel !!!! How funny. OMG! Loving this story.
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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
i loved it but ok i know this sounds bad but i dont like how there is CAS sims if its a story about pleasantview why not have it exclusivly for them?

What do you mean "there is a CAS sims if its a story about pleasantview why not have it exclusively for them"? Do you mean it should only involve Sims that were in houses? I think some of the other sims she brings into the story are townies. Or maybe bin-sims. But I don't see any that are CAS (Create A Sim - sims she CREATED). Besides, it's HER story, what's wrong with putting anyone she WANTS into the story? As it is, she is staying very "Maxis" - having sims we all recognize, doing things that seem reasonable. And no, I'm not saying you are "bad", you are just expressing that YOU would write it differently.

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