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The cow is definitely connected to something! You will learn presently!
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I really love this story and I am so glad I found it right while it's in full swing! Pleasantview is my favorite hood to play <3
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Originally Posted by wowthatsalotofsims
I really love this story and I am so glad I found it right while it's in full swing! Pleasantview is my favorite hood to play <3

Thank you so much for your kind comment! I am glad you are enjoying it!
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Twelve - Darren's Dream

A Pleasant Story
Chapter Twelve
Darren's Dream

Darren Dreamer woke up happily and immediately headed for his easel to do some painting before the carpool arrived to take him to his new job. His studio looked quite different than it had a few days ago; a new job was not the only thing he'd changed in his life.

Darren had sold everything he could get a few simoleons for and gotten caught up on all the household bills. He felt much more secure now that the repo man was not threatening to take his things.

But that was not the only thing contributing to his newfound happiness; he'd seen Cassandra a few nights before and had had the distinct impression that she might love him, just as he had long loved her. And she'd finally dumped that sleazeball, Don Lothario!

Darren whistled cheerily as he painted, then was pulled from his art by the sound of a car horn. He'd gotten a job in the architecture career which, while not being quite as fulfilling as working as an artist, would pay the bills much better. Strangely, in Pleasantview, one didn't need a college degree to work in that career track, while one DID need one to work as an artist. But he liked it, so far, and was meeting some new friends at work.

He twirled into his work clothes and hollered a "So long!" at his son Dirk, busy on the phone, as he left.

Dirk returned his father's wave, then went off to school when the bus arrived. When he got home, he was surprised to find his girlfriend, Lilith Pleasant, waiting for him. She didn't look too happy.

He moved toward her to kiss her hello, but she moved back.

"Wait Dirk, I need to talk to you," she said.

Oh no, thought Dirk, that's never good to hear.

"Um what is it?" he asked.

"I'm afraid we need to break up," she said. "I want to focus on my studies so I can get into college, and I won't have the time for you anymore. And I don't need to get busted for sneaking out again."

Dirk protested, "But we don't have to do that anymore! Please don't Lilith! We're going steady!"

Lilith felt sorry for him, but her mind was made up and she told him so.

Dirk spoke angrily. "FINE THEN! We're through! I don't care! Why don't you just get lost?"

"I'm sorry Dirk," she said, and turned to leave.

His angry words belied his real feelings; as she left he waved sorrowfully and whispered softly, "Goodbye, Lili." He sadly remembered their first kiss as he watched her leave.

Dirk went into the house and cried a little. When he had calmed down, he picked up his homework and tried to do it--anything to distract him from how his heart felt like it had been trampled by a stampede of wildebeest.

When his Dad got home he was already in his room and ignored his greetings. Darren might have sought him out to find out what was wrong, but he was so focused on calling Cassandra to ask her out that he wasn't paying attention to his son's needs.

Darren called her and asked if she'd accompany him that evening to Bernard's Botanical Dining, a charming restaurant downtown that wasn't too expensive, but had a beautiful setting with lots of trees and flowers.

After he got dressed, his imagination got carried away and he dreamed of the moment when he might ask her to marry him. Maybe tonight? Or would that be too soon? This would be only their first official date.

Darren was getting ready to leave when he heard some muffled sounds coming from Dirk's room.

"Son?" he called, "Are you okay in there? I'm getting ready to go out."

He heard some sniffing, then Dirk said, "Yeah, I'm okay! Leave me alone!"

Darren insisted, "You don't sound okay. Please come out here and talk to me."

Dirk complied and flopped on the couch.

"What," he stated.

"You don't seem well, Dirk--is something wrong? Anything I can help with?" Darren asked kindly.

"I told you I'm fine, Dad! I don't want to talk about her!"

Darren worried that Dirk might be upset he was going out with Cassandra. The death of his mother had been devastating to young Dirk, and he hadn't grown up too well as a result. Could he be angry his Dad was going to date again?

"I thought you liked Cassandra?" Darren said inquiringly.

Dirk said scornfully, "I do like Cassandra! This isn't about her!"

Darren continued to press him, and finally Dirk blurted out, "It's Lilith! She dumped me!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry, son," Darren said. "And I won't insult you by saying there are plenty of fish in the sea, or that you're young and you'll get over it--I know how much it hurts to be dumped. Would you rather I didn't go out tonight? I could stay here and we could talk?"

Dirk wiped his eyes on the back of his sleeve. "No, it's okay Dad--I'm actually going out tonight too. I got a job delivering packages and tonight is my first delivery."

"Oh, that's great!" Darren said. "I didn't know you were looking for a job! Who are you working for?"

Dirk replied, "A guy named Abbadon. He gave me a package that needs to be delivered. It's good money, and if I do a good job I can deliver more stuff."

"Well, that sounds fine, son. Just don't be out too late, okay? In this town, you could get abducted by aliens or something!"

"Dad!" Dirk laughed, "That's not funny!"

Darren agreed they probably shouldn't joke about it since Cassandra's mother had been abducted by aliens, then hugged his son and headed out on his date.

Darren and Cassandra arrived at the restaurant and were seated at a lovely table by the fountain. They hungrily perused their menus.

They chatted of inconsequential things with the easy comraderie of old friends, but Darren found it hard to keep his mind on what Cassandra was saying; he had only one thing on his mind.

When their food arrived, Cassandra sniffed and said, "Oh, this looks so good! Thank you for bringing me here! I haven't been out for a pleasant meal in too long!" Darren assumed she was referring to her relationship with Don Lothario, who had a reputation for being the cheapest of escorts and depending on his looks to enthrall his many dates. They both turned their attention to the delicious and beautiful plates.

Darren then told Cassandra about his new job and she excitedly questioned him about it.

"That sounds great!" She said, "But do you enjoy the work? That's what's most important."

He assured her that he was enjoying it, and she responded that he'd probably look great in a hard hat!

Darren tried to turn the topic to more romantic subjects, but a very loud woman was telling jokes right next to their table, and a man he didn't know was staring at them silently. It always amazed Darren how people in Pleasantview behaved when they were out in public--he had even seen people start kicky-ball games right in front of cash registers in stores while shoppers were trying to pay for their purchases!

The food was delicious, but Cassandra seemed to be deflecting his efforts to get romantic during the meal. His suspicions were confirmed when Cassandra placed her hand over his.

"Darren, I know we both feel the same, but I'd like to take this slowly. I JUST broke up with Don, and I'm still a bit hesitant about getting too involved, too soon. Is that okay?"

Darren thought that it was NOT okay--he'd been waiting and hoping for her for such a long time that he wanted them to jump into love as soon as possible. So he lied as he replied, "Of course. There's no rush at all."

"But how about a dance?" he suggested.

Cassandra agreed and they wandered over to the bare grass under the willow tree.

Darren was ecstatic to finally be holding her in his arms. Yes, going slowly wouldn't be too bad if it was all like this! He didn't even mind the willow tree branches tickling his ear.

When their dance ended, Cassandra kissed him softly and said, "Thank you, dear friend."

Darren floated on clouds on his way home, then went into his backyard to look at the grave of his wife, Darleen. While her death had been difficult for him, and harder on Dirk, he admitted that he didn't really miss her all that much. She'd been stubborn in life and constantly persisting in trying to do things she couldn't do, like cooking. That had actually led to her death, because she had insisted on trying to roast marshmallows over a giant bonfire and had fallen in. Darren had warned her not to go near it, but Darleen never listened to anyone once she'd decided to do something.

It had been hard to lose his wife, but once he'd adjusted, he hadn't missed her angry and demanding personality.

Suddenly, Darleen's ghost leapt from her grave and snarled at him menacingly.

Darren jumped back and yelled at her departing ghost, "THIS IS WHY I DON'T MISS YOU! What the hell! You are as mean as a ghost as you were in life!"

The memory of this fright would haunt him forever.

Darren shook his head, then noticed that Cassandra was quietly walking to his front door with a big bouquet of flowers. That meant she'd thought they'd had a dream date! Darren smiled happily as he went inside to check on Dirk.

Darren opened Dirk's door slowly, trying to make no noise so as not to wake him, and was shocked to find the bed empty. He checked his watch. "It's after midnight! Could his job be going this late?"

Darren tried to get some sleep on the couch while he waited for Dirk to get home, but his nap was fitful and restless. Finally, he heard small sounds coming from outside, and went out to the sidewalk to wait for Dirk to arrive.

As Dirk approached, he asked sternly, "And where have you been this late?"

Dirk approached him and said, "Don't be mad at me! I think there is something bad going on! And I think Dustin Broke is mixed up in it! I don't want him to go to jail!"

Darren asked him to explain, and Dirk told him that the package he was supposed to deliver had broken open, and lots of jewelry had fallen out.

"Dad," he said, "I thought I was delivering office supplies or something! Why would anyone hire a kid to deliver jewelry? So I went to the address where I was supposed to take it, and it was a skeevy old house, not an office. It was way out on the outside of town near the mountains, and really spooky-looking. I waited around just to see what was going on, and I saw Dustin Broke go in with a package."

"He's Brandi Broke's son, right? The one whose husband died a few years back?" Darren asked.

"Yeah," Dirk said. "I don't know him that well, but I've seen him around school. He's going out with Lilith's sister."

Darren asked, "So what did you do with the jewelry? Did you take it in?"

Dirk shook his head. "No, I was too scared. The place looked seriously creepy. I just waited until nobody was looking, then I came home."

Darren patted Dirk's shoulder and said, "You did the right thing. Give me the package, and I'll take it down to the police station tomorrow when I get a break at work."

Dirk gave the jewelry to his Dad, then yawned and said, "I'm tired! School tomorrow! I'm going to bed!"

Darren smiled as he looked after his son. That was a good kid. As he went to go inside, he noticed Cassandra's date flowers on the front porch and took them inside to a place of honor in the kitchen.

When Darren got his lunch break the next day, he went over to the police station to turn in the jewelry Dirk had given him. There was an officer inside sitting at a desk.

Darren entered the building and greeted the officer.

"Hi, I'm Darren Dreamer. My son found some jewelry and I wanted to talk to someone about turning it in."

The officer introduced himself as Carl Copper, then asked Darren to explain where his son had found the jewelry and who had given it to him.

Darren said, "The man he was supposed to work for is named Abbadon, but he didn't know his first name."

Darren then gave the rest of the details Dirk had told him, without mentioning Dustin's part in it. He didn't want to get him in trouble!

The officer responded oddly. Instead of asking more questions, or simply acknowledging what Darren had told him, he just stood there.

Darren waited, but the officer still just stood there, stretching or tapping his fingers.

Finally Darren said, “Would you like the jewelry?”

Carl shook his head as though waking and said, “Oh yes!”

Carl then thanked him for coming to the police station and told Darren they'd examine the jewelry to see if it matched any current missing reports.

"Tell your son he did the right thing to not deliver the package. That sounds like a shady business, all right," Carl said.

Darren then thanked him and handed over the package, and left to go back to work.

Carl stowed the package in a cabinet, then dialed the phone.

"It's me. We've got a problem. The Dreamer kid got suspicious and told his Dad. Want me to take care of him?"

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so these guys are corrupt cops?! noooo i hate how lilith dumped dirk! they are a great couple,i hope they don't attack dirk

love it anyway keep it up!

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Oh NO! If it involves cops, or politicians, it's going to get dangerous!

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I spy the cow! I can't wait to find out the significance of it! Keep the stories coming.
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Thank you all for the kind remarks! I am having such fun writing the story!
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cow? there's a cow?
now I see! The little one that was with all the other stuff, that the officer left behind for some reason..

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Originally Posted by grammapat
cow? there's a cow?

Yes! In almost everyone's home or place of work! What could it mean?
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Thirteen - Don On The Prowl

A Pleasant Story
Chapter Thirteen
Don On the Prowl

Don Lothario wasn't happy, even though he was looking in the mirror at his favorite person. He'd been dumped by Dina, dissed by Kaylynn, and broken up with by Cassandra, all in the course of a few days. It's not that he really minded losing a woman because he usually had no trouble getting a new one--what he didn't like was being dumped. He wasn't used to being on the receiving end.

The only woman who hadn't dumped him lately was Nina Caliente. He decided to give her a call and see if she was still interested.

Nina seemed pleased to hear from him and invited him out for that night. "I'm going out on the town with some friends like Carla and Kaylynn, and . . ."

"Whoa," Don interrupted. "Kaylynn Langerak? Um, I probably shouldn't see her."

Nina laughed and told him it was a different Kaylynn--Kaylynn Spitzig.

"Besides, "she explained, "we call her Kaylie. Do you want to go or not? We're going to P.U.R.E. -- the place with the hot tubs."

Don was very pleased when they arrived at the nightclub; it had awesome spouting flame pots in the front! He liked flame pots.

Don was a little hungry, so he decided to have a snack before going into the club. He'd already observed that Nina's friends Carla and Kaylie were really gorgeous, and he planned to put the moves on them before the night was through.

But first, a little quality hot-tubbing with Nina!

It would have been more intimate if that strange man hadn't kept staring at them, and ignoring their hints to leave the hot tub to them, though!

Nina said, “I need to go freshen up. Back in a mo'!”

Don took the opportunity to climb out and scope the other women at the club. There were many lovely possibilities, but when he saw Kaylie climbing out of the hot tub in her swimsuit, he decided she was worthy of being his next target.

He went into his smooth-talking routine and Kaylie stared at him, open mouthed.

She turned on him angrily.

"What are you doing? I'm friends with Nina, and I know you've been seeing her. Do you think I'd go behind my friend's back?"

Don looked down dejectedly as Kaylie stomped away, then realized he hadn't flirted with Kaylie behind Nina's back--he'd flirted with her right in front of Nina's front!

He was suddenly confronted with an angry Nina.

"Don!" she snarled, "What is wrong with you?"

"Oh! Nina! I was just trying to make friends with her! I wasn't flirting."

Nina gave him a bit of smack and said, “Don't give me that crap! I know you too well!”

“Baby, believe me . . . “ Don tried.

Nina snorted. "Oh give it up! I know exactly who you are Don--don't pretend you're innocent. But sheesh--could you have a LITTLE self-control? You JUST climbed out of the hot tub with ME! You're such a scoundrel!"

Don put on his most innocent face and answered, in a sultry voice, "You like me because I'm a scoundrel!"

Nina just laughed at him.

"Look, Don, we have fun together. I was hoping we could go on having fun together. But you're hopeless! You need to grow up and learn a little self-control. Why don't you give me a call when you're ready to have a respectful affair."

She turned and went to leave the club.

Don checked her out and thought, “Boy, she sure knows how to make an exit!” Then he hung his head. He hadn't meant to upset Nina--she was a lot of fun and he really liked hanging out with her. They were compatible in so many ways, and they both loved romance.

He smiled fondly when he remembered that Nina had been his first kiss. He felt bad for treating her so poorly.

Don turned to leave, and then noticed Kaylie back in the hot tub, with Carla.

"Oh!" he said to himself, "so THAT'S why she didn't like me! It didn't have anything to do with her not wanting to betray Nina!"

Don got his clothes on, and went down to the bar to get a drink. He was suddenly confronted by an angry Mrs. Crumplebottom, yelling at him.

"I know what you've been up to! You don't fool me Don Lothario! You need to get your priorities straight and stop acting like every woman in the world is in love with you! You need to grow up!"

Don buried his face in his hands. Even the town scold thought he was hopeless.

Don went home sadly and slept sadly alone. He got up and went to work the next day, but was surprised by a mysterious encounter with a sherpa and his llama in the emergency room. When Don chose to ignore them in favor of flirting with a beautiful woman, it turned out she was the daughter of the hospital's director, who showed up just in time to fire him.

When he got home, he immediately started looking for available jobs on his computer. He couldn't find anything, and gave up searching when he got hungry.

He ordered some Chinese food and a pizza, and then waited outside for them to arrive. As he watched the pizza-delivery driver unload her cargo, he observed sadly, "I've GOT to find a good job--I don't want to end up like THAT!"

“But she's pretty hot,” he thought. He gave her his most charming smile as he paid for the pizza.

He ate some pizza and most of the Chinese food, trying to fill the hole he felt in his heart with food. It didn't seem to work; he still felt empty.

He thought he'd try working out–that usually cheered him up! But today, it just didn't do the trick.

He decided to go to the mall and buy some new clothes, an activity that usually made him feel good. As he reached the mall entrance, he had a feeling he was being followed and stopped and turned back. Standing there on the sidewalk was the strange man from the hot tub!

Had he been following him? Don entered the mall and wandered around a bit, then saw the man again, buying something at the electronics kiosk. “Oh, I'm just being paranoid!” he thought. “He was just here to buy something!”

But then, when Don went to browse the clothing racks, there he was again!

He was about to confront the man when he realized he didn't even have enough money to buy a pair of underwear!

He walked back home dejectedly, not noticing whether he was followed or not. He wandered over to his exercise machine, but it just held no allure.


Don flopped down on his sofa to take a nap. He was awakened by the arrival of the cleaning service, but noticed they'd sent a different maid. He guessed that Kaylynn was taking time off while she was pregnant. He didn't think they usually came at night, but no matter. His place really needed it!

He got up to greet the new guy and introduced himself.

"Hello Mr. Lothario," the man said, "I'm Samael Abbadon. I'll be taking over for your previous maid."

Don was a little disappointed that his new maid wasn't a gorgeous woman in a skimpy costume, but decided that it was more important to keep his love-trap clean.

Don sat down to finish off his Chinese food as Samael cleaned his house.

He then said to Don, "I heard you recently lost your job. I have a friend who needs a delivery person for some items shipped into Pleasantview and was wondering if you'd be interested?"

It didn't occur to Don to ask how this man knew he'd lost his job. He needed simoleons!

He jumped up and asked, "It's not delivering pizza, is it?"

Samael laughed.
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ok don if someone looks dodgier than you it's a sign you DON'T ACCEPT JOB OFFERS FROM HIM! i'm suprised nina dumped don;in m opinion they are both as shameless as eachother

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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
ok don if someone looks dodgier than you it's a sign you DON'T ACCEPT JOB OFFERS FROM HIM! i'm suprised nina dumped don;in m opinion they are both as shameless as eachother

She did say that he needed to grow up, so maybe she'd be willing to give him a second chance someday?
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i really hope so

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Yea, she probably has lots of lovers too, but thinks Don should be like her and keep them non-public. Don probably LIKES everyone to see him having sex in every sort of public place. Really, Don, in a public hot tub? With all the sex going on in there, it makes me never want to use one. Never mind the bed where generations were conceived, and the sheets are never changed! (no, not MY bed, just in the game!)

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Just found your story today, thanks to grammapat, and am loving it. Really looking forward to the next chapters. Makes me want to dig out my old Pleasantview and play it again.
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omg the cow has reached Don's house! What ever could it mean?
Every household that gets involved gets a cow?! Is the cow a teleporter so they can "take care" of their loose-lipped delivery men?
Questions everywhere!
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I love hearing y'alls feedback, and I am glad the cow has everyone intrigued. Its purpose WILL be revealed, and I'll tell you that it's nothing magic or supernatural.

I've been off the internet or a couple of days, so I spent the time working on more chapters, so should be able to upload the next few pretty quickly after I get all the pictures uploaded.

Thank you all so much for the kind words!
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5th Jan 2018 at 10:11 PM
Default Test
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Fourteen - Mitch & More

A Pleasant Story

Chapter Fourteen

Mitch & More

In the Pleasant household, Kaylynn awoke from her nap and looked around sleepily, blinking as she tried to recall where she was. She'd been dreaming of being homeless and feeling scared and confused. But she seemed warm and safe . . . where was she?

Then she remembered--Mary-Sue's house! Where was the baby?

Kaylynn heard some cooing noises and followed them behind the stairs to find Lilith holding the baby and making comforting sounds to him.

"I fed him when I got home from school," Lilith said, "You were sound asleep! I guess it's tiring to have a baby, huh?"

Kaylynn was a little startled. Lilith was holding the baby near a crib--where did that come from?

Lilith continued, "Here, you can have him now. It's so exciting to have a baby brother! What did you name him?"

Kaylynn told her, "I named him Mitch. When I was a little girl, my Mom used to play this record that I really loved. It was about the only happy memory I have from my childhood. So I thought that would be a nice name."

Kaylynn showed Lilith the record album from her suitcase.

Lilith said, "Yeah! That's cool! I wish we could listen to it, but we don't have a turntable. Hi Little Mitch!" She wiggled her fingers and made faces at the baby, who made sweet sounds in return.

They were interrupted by Angela, who had come up behind them.

"Mitch? That's a weird name."

Kaylynn was only a couple of years older than these two girls, but she felt decades beyond. Her past life and becoming a mother had made her grow up quickly.

"Well," she said to Angela, "You can just call him 'brother' I guess."

Angela snorted. "I'm going to college soon. I won't need to call him anything."

She was about to stomp away when Mary-Sue walked up and said, "Good, I'm glad we're all together. I want to talk about the living arrangements."

She turned to Kaylynn. "I want you and the baby to stay here with us. For a while, or as long as you want."

Kaylynn was speechless. She couldn't find words to express her gratitude.

Mary-Sue went on, "Now, we only have three bedrooms, but I thought the girls could share until they go to college and you and the baby could have the other room."

Kaylynn said, "Oh, no! I don't want to inconvenience anyone! I can just get a cot and sleep down here by the crib. Where did that come from, by the way?"

Mary-Sue told her she'd found it in the attic with the girls' baby things.

Angela gesticulated angrily, "I don't have enough space to share! I need space for studying! And I don't want to be woken up by a baby!"

Lilith turned on her, "Will you ever think of someone besides yourself? This is our brother and his Mom and we need to help them!"

Lilith turned to Kaylynn and said, "You and Mitch can stay in MY room. It won't be for long and I don't mind sharing. I can study in the dining room!"

Angela stalked off with a "harumph" under her breath, and Kaylynn thanked Lilith.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" she asked her.

"No way!" Lilith laughed. "We'll have fun! I'm hardly in my room anyway. I got a job today in the athletic career, and I am going to be working on building my body skill so I can get a scholarship."

"Well that's settled," said Mary-Sue, "Thank you, Lilith. Now, let's put Mitch down for a nap and Kaylynn, come sit with me so we can talk over some things."

Kaylynn and Mary-Sue went into the living room and sat on the couch, and Mary-Sue asked her, "Do you have any clothes besides your maid uniform?"

Kaylynn replied in the negative, "Just a track suit."

"Okay," replied Mary-Sue, "then first thing is to go to the mall and get you some new things."

She went on, "But let's talk a bit more long term. What are your future plans? What job would you like? I assume you don't want to be a maid forever?"

Kaylynn said, "No, that was just the only job I could get. I don't really care what job I have. But if I could live my dream, I wish I could run my own restaurant. I've always loved cooking, and being a chef would be wonderful. I make great chili!"

Mary-Sue suppressed her ambivalent feelings about chili, and instead told her that was a great dream, so maybe she should look for a job in the culinary career so she could learn all about how to run a restaurant.

"But right now, I'm going to ask Lilith if she'll watch Mitch for us while we go shopping."

Lilith agreed, and Mary-Sue and Kaylynn went to the mall.

When they got to the clothing store, Mary-Sue told Kaylynn that she wanted her to get a whole new wardrobe, including a nice formal gown.

"I've got friends who are getting married soon, and I'm sure they'll be happy to have you come to the wedding. You can start meeting some nice people in town and build up a future clientele for your restaurant!"

Kaylynn objected, "But Mary-Sue, I don't know how I can repay you for all this--I don't even have a job yet!"

Mary-Sue put a hand on her arm, "Kaylynn, I really don't want you to worry about it. You can pay me back by doing the cooking at home. It's nice to have a baby around the house again, and I really don't mind. The girls will be leaving soon, and I wasn't looking forward to an empty nest. So please don't worry about it."

Mary-Sue gave Kaylynn a little shove toward the clothing racks. "Now go try something on!"

Kaylynn obliged, and came out of the dressing cubicle in a very staid and dark outfit.

"What do you think?" she asked Mary-Sue.

Mary-Sue said, "I think it makes you look very respectable. And boring. And old. You're young! Why don't you try something fun?"

Mary-Sue browsed through the clothing rack and handed Kaylynn a different choice.

"Here, try this. I think this is much more you."

Kaylynn tried it on and came out of the cubicle hesitantly.

"Are you sure? Do you think this is okay?"

Mary-Sue told her, "I think it's adorable, and makes you look more like your age. But do YOU like it?"

Kaylynn nodded. "It's the prettiest dress I've ever had."

"Well then," said Mary-Sue, "That's settled."

“But you might want to take a look in the mirror and update your look. I don't think that maid's cap really works with the dress!”

Kaylynn glanced in the mirror and laughed. She'd forgotten she was still wearing the headpiece of her uniform!

"Fix that,” said Mary-Sue, “then you go through the racks and choose the rest of your things. You'll need a fancy dress, and some underwear, and night clothes, and a good coat. And don't worry about the cost. My new job is going great!"

Kaylynn thanked her and complied. She chose a simple formal dress for the wedding, then asked who was getting married.

"My friend Carla," Mary-Sue explained. "You met her--the police officer. Her fiance is named Kaylie. We'll hire a nanny for Mitch so we can all go together."

Kaylynn changed into the formal dress and asked Mary-Sue if she thought it would be all right for the wedding. Mary-Sue nodded her approval.

“Looks great! And you hair looks good that way, too!”

Next they went to the Holiday Shop, as Mary-Sue wanted to pick up some decorations for the upcoming winter, then headed home.

Back at the house, Angela went out to the mailbox to see if the college admission letters had arrived. She was hoping to get into Academie Le Tour, the most elite and selective college available. Sim State would be her second choice--they weren't as fancy, but still a decent school. La Fiesta Tech would be a bummer--known as a party school, they weren't exactly the most rigorous academically.

Lilith would be lucky to get into even La Fiesta Tech with HER grades, and they took almost anybody!

Angela saw that there were three letters for her in the mailbox--from all three universities.

She tore open the envelopes. As she'd hoped, she'd gotten into all the schools where she'd applied.

"Oh boy!" She thought, "I can get out of this hick town and go to the Academie Le Tour where people know how to behave!"

There was also a letter in the stack for Lilith. Angela briefly considered ripping that one up, then shrugged and left it on the dining table.

When Kaylynn and Mary-Sue got back from shopping, Kaylynn went into the kitchen to make a nice salad for their dinner and Mary-Sue called Lilith over.

"Lilith! There's a letter here for you!"

Lilith stood and stared at the letter.

"Lilith?" Mary-Sue said, "Is that your college letter?"

Lilith nodded as she stared at the envelope. It was from La Fiesta Tech. If she didn't get in there, she wouldn't have a chance to go to any college. She reached out and picked it up and stared at it some more.

"Aren't you going to open it?" Kaylynn asked, bringing the salads out from the kitchen.

Lilith nodded, but said, "I'm scared. What if I didn't get in?"

Mary-Sue quickly said, "It wouldn't be the end of the world. You could stay a teenager for a bit longer and try again after you got your grades up higher."

Lilith gulped and tore open the envelope.


After everyone had jumped up and down and celebrated for a bit, Lilith sat down at the table.

"I can't believe it! This is going to be so great!"

Mary-Sue told her, "Oh, I think you'll love it! You'll get to study and make friends, and even though Tech isn't the most serious school, you can still get a good education there.”

Lilith jumped up and said, "I'm going to go train some more! If I can get my body skill up to eight, I can get an athletic scholarship!" She ran happily outside to jump rope.

Kaylynn heard Mitch wake up and went to feed him a bottle, then brought him over to listen to Mary-Sue on the piano. He wiggled happily in her arms, as though in time to the music.

"Maybe you'll be a music baby!" she told him.

Mary-Sue laughed and said, "And I can help him learn to play after he's a toddler! I found a xylophone with the girls' things--we'll try him on that as soon as he has his birthday!"

Angela came in then, and told her Mom she'd gotten into all three colleges.

"Oh that's great!" exclaimed Mary-Sue, "So I guess you'll be going to Academie Le Tour?"

Angela replied, "Yeah. I don't want to go to Tech with a bunch of hicks."

"Angela!" Her mother scolded. "We'll have none of that kind of talk. Your sister is going to Tech and it's a fine school."

Angela shrugged. "Yeah, whatever.” She was interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone. Mary-Sue sighed and headed for the living room.

It was her boyfriend, Dustin.

Angela told him about her college news, but dismissed his congratualations.

Angela scolded him, "This is serious, Dustin. I just got news that I'm admitted to Academie Le Tour, the most elite and classy university, and people in criminal career tracks don't fit in. I won't be seen with some street thug.”

"Well I'm sorry I'm not good enough for you!" he shouted.

"It's not you," she said, "Just your job. I just want you to stop being a criminal. It's not good for you. Why don't you get a nice job in the law career? It's better than law enforcement, even. You get to wear better clothes."

Dustin answered bleakly. "Do you even care about what I want at all? You're always telling me what I should do and never asking what I want. If my life is so low-class, maybe we should just go our separate ways."

Angela quickly assured him that wasn't what she wanted. "Oh no, Dustin, I want to be with you! I just wish you'd be more careful! I don't want you to get hurt!"

Dustin nodded. "Yeah, okay. I need to go though. I've got a job tonight. Talk to you later."

Angela switched off and went up to bed. It irritated her when Dustin wouldn't do what she wanted.

Kaylynn and Lilith and Mitch were enjoying a quiet evening in the living room. Kaylynn watched Lilith happily playing with Mitch and felt more safe and secure than she had in years.

In the wee hours of the night, Angela suddenly woke and jumped out of bed. She'd had an idea. She went over to the college envelopes and considered them.

"Lilith's going to Tech," she said to herself, "And I could go ANYWHERE."

She chuckled softly. "And wouldn't it be fun to go to Tech and make her life miserable?"

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Geez, miss goody-2-shoes, always causing trouble. Hope she doesn't get away with it.

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I spotted the cow!

Poor Lilith, looks like she'll have her sister to annoy her young adult years.

Still, it should make for some interesting viewing!

Still loving this story, @grumpy_otter !
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Fifteen - Prisoner of Fear

A Pleasant Story

Chapter Fifteen

Prisoner of Fear

After Carla arrested Daniel, she took him to the police station and locked him in the interrogation room. After she finished filling out the arrest paperwork, her brother Carl asked her how she intended to proceed with the investigation.

She answered, "First priority is to connect him to the loot. Since Kaylynn removed everything from his trailer, we need to prove it was in his possession. And then we need to find out where he got it."

Carl nodded his agreement then said, “And I think I should be the one to inventory the loot, sister! I should do that! You interview him.”

Carla regarded her brother curiously. Lately he'd been speaking in odd phrases and using exaggerated gestures. She shook her head to clear it. Right now she needed to focus on Daniel!

“Okay,” she agreed, “but let me take a look at it with you so I can have an idea of the total.”

They moved into the evidence room, where they'd stored the items in preparation for inventory. It was so stuffed with loot there was barely room to move! Carla glanced around and then said to Carl, "I'm going to let Daniel stew a bit longer before I go in. I'll help you in here for a while."

Carl said, “Oh, I can do it, sister! You don't need to help me!”

Carla shook her head and started sorting the items. “I don't have anything else to do. It will go faster with both of us.”

They began sorting through the sculptures and artifacts, checking them off against a list of items that had been stolen from wealthy homes on Twikkii Island. Everything matched their lists, though Carla noted that at least one valuable vase was missing.

Carla stood from examining an expensive egg and asked him, "How do you suppose the thieves are transporting things from the island to Pleasantview? Kaylynn said she'd seen divers by the old wrecked pirate ship, but she didn't see a boat nearby."

Carl shrugged. "I don't know. But this group of things were stolen about six weeks ago. But we have lists of stolen stuff going back years. This is the first time anything has turned up found, though."

He continued happily, “I will check for fingerprints!”

Carla replied, "Okay, you do that. I'll see if Mr. Pleasant has anything to say."

She went into the interrogation room and sat across from Daniel.

"So," she said, "Do you know why you're here?"

She knew that allowing a suspect to speak on their own often led them to reveal more than even the cops were aware of.

His answer was brief and curt.

Carla continued, "So tell me about the stuff you buried behind your trailer."

Daniel answered stonily. "I don't know anything about anything buried behind my trailer."

Carla continued questioning him in this manner for several hours, and even when he did choose to speak, his answers were like empty bubbles of nothing. He was going to be a tough one to break! And they couldn't hold him for more than 48 hours without a confession or further proof of his involvement; she hoped Carl was getting some good fingerprints off the treasures.

Finally Carla gave up and said, "Let's see if you are more talkative after a night in jail." She stood and led him into the dank jail hallway.

She took him to the cell at the far end of the hall, farthest from any sounds from the main office, and told him to dress in the prison jumpsuit.

As she went to leave Daniel said, "I really don't understand why I am here!"

"I highly doubt that," Carla replied.

Carla called Mary-Sue to let her know that Daniel was in jail but that he hadn't told them anything, then locked up the cells for the night.

The next morning, she went outside the jail to bring in the paper, and spotted a vision coming toward her.

As the vision came closer, Carla noted it was an elder woman, quite decked out in elaborate makeup.

“Hello,” she said, “I'm Dora Ottomas.. I can't believe Daniel is in jail! Can I see him?"

Carla consented and led Dora to Daniel's cell. Dora immediately began lamenting, "Oh Daniel, this is so sad! Why are you here? Peter said you were coming to the party we're having tonight! Will you be out by then? We should really hook up again soon." She winked at him.

Daniel told her that he appreciated her dropping by, but that he was tired and needed to get some rest.

Dora said, "Oh, of course, poor baby! Do you want me to bring you anything?"

Daniel shook his head and Dora left after blowing him a kiss. In the main lobby, she went and stood over Carla, working on the computer.

Carla looked up at her and said, “Can I help you with anything else?”

Dora asked "So, how can I arrange a conjugal visit?"

Carla was at a loss for words. "Um, well. . . " she trailed off weakly.

"Oh never mind," said Dora, as she flounced out the door.

Carla called Carl out of the evidence room and told him what Dora had asked for.

"That old lady? Well, you never can tell, can you?"

They laughed together, then Carl then noticed Mary-Sue and Kaylynn standing on the patio with the baby. He nudged Carla so she'd see them outside.

Kaylynn was saying to Mary-Sue, "I'm really nervous. He didn't act like he cared about the baby at all."

Mary-Sue reassured her, "It's fine. If you really don't want to bring Mitch to meet him that's okay, but I don't think anything bad will happen. And I'll be there with you."

Kaylynn nodded and they went inside to greet Carl and Carla. Mary-Sue explained they wanted to bring Daniel's baby over to meet Daniel. Carl told them that would be fine and, as usual in her experience, spoke in an over-exaggerated way.

"Why does he always act like he's an actor in a play?" Mary-Sue wondered.

Kaylynn turned to Mary-Sue and said, "I changed my mind. I don't think I want to go in. Will you just. . . "

Mary-Sue said, "That's fine. I'll just check on him.”

Carla told her which cell he was in, and Mary-Sue headed down the jail hallway.

As she was walking past the other cells, she was startled by a small sniff coming from one of them. She turned to find --

"Dustin!" she cried. "What are you doing here?"

Dustin wiped his eyes and approached the bars.

"Hi, Mrs. Pleasant. I got caught with stolen goods. But I swear I didn't know they were stolen!"

"Oh no, Dustin, that's terrible." Mary-Sue said soothingly. "Do you need anything? Can I do anything for you?"

"Yeah, could you call my Mom? It was busy when I tried before and now they took my cell phone. Maybe if she doesn't answer you could find her?"

Mary-Sue assured him she'd make sure his Mom got notified. "I'm just going to speak to Daniel for a moment--then I'll get right in touch with your Mom."

"Thanks," he said forlornly.

Mary-Sue then continued on to Daniel's cell. "Hello Daniel," she said quietly. "I'm here with Kaylynn, and your son. I just thought you'd like to know. His name is Mitch. Goodbye."

She turned to leave but Daniel called her back. "Wait! I'd like to see him. Will she bring him so I can see him?"

Mary-Sue told him she'd ask Kaylynn, and turned to go to the lobby to find that Kaylynn had already entered the jail hallway and was walking nervously toward the cell.

She stopped in front of the cell and held Mitch so Daniel could see him. Daniel wrung his hands nervously and said, "Thank you for bringing him. I'm really sorry." He then turned his back.

Mary-Sue and Kaylynn waited for a moment, but when he did not add anything, they left.

When they got to the lobby, Mary-Sue dialed Brandi Broke's number, and she answered quickly. Mary-Sue told her about Dustin. Brandi thanked Mary-Sue for letting her know, and said, "I'll be there soon. . . owhoooooo!"

Mary-Sue hung up the phone and looked at Kaylynn. "It sounded like she dropped a brick on her foot!"

Kaylynn said, "Or went into labor! I could hear it!"

Mary-Sue thanked Carla for letting them see Daniel, and told her they'd both be at her wedding that evening.

"But why is Dustin here?' she asked.

Carla told her, "I don't know the whole story yet--he was brought in early this morning by another officer. He's not being charged with anything at the moment; we're just holding him until his Mom can pick him up. The Social Worker was already here to check on him."

Carla went to check on Daniel and asked him if he had anything to say now. His answer was stony silence.

Carla then told Carl she'd be leaving then to get ready for the wedding. "I'm so sorry you can't come, bro!"

He nodded, "I am so sorry too! I am so sorry I have to stay here! Have fun!"

When Carla had left, Carl went back to Daniel's cell.

"Good work. Keep up the silence. She doesn't know anything about this and I want to keep it that way. Your fingerprints were all over those things, but they aren't now. But I'll tell you one thing--the Abbadons know you've been holding out on them, and if they get their hands on you, not even I can save you. You're safer in jail."

Daniel nodded, and sat down to wait.

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jeez angela is such a bitch! still loving it oh and i seriously think pleasantview is turning into a crime capital

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it's always the nice places where you would least suspect a syndicate operating =))

also someone needs to stop Angela from living her TV dream of being that one rich popular kid in a public school.
If she can go to a fancy school GO TO A FANCY SCHOOL ANGELA

**im not saying Tech is public. It's just a theme going on in most YA/TEEN drama. There's always that snooty kid who could pay to be in private school but decides to be the most important person in a public school ---such as Regina George and her posse =))
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Originally Posted by kanzen
it's always the nice places where you would least suspect a syndicate operating =))

also someone needs to stop Angela from living her TV dream of being that one rich popular kid in a public school.
If she can go to a fancy school GO TO A FANCY SCHOOL ANGELA

**im not saying Tech is public. It's just a theme going on in most YA/TEEN drama. There's always that snooty kid who could pay to be in private school but decides to be the most important person in a public school ---such as Regina George and her posse =))

No kidding! I think she is going to learn that living your life in pursuit of revenge is not fulfilling!
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