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Originally Posted by simsample

I'M SORRY. :-( Trust me, I feel the same.
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I do so hope this ends as all stories SHOULD: "Happily Ever After"

Stand up, speak out. Just not to me..
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not all stories have a happy ending this might be one of them,how many chapters are there?

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Originally Posted by grammapat
I do so hope this ends as all stories SHOULD: "Happily Ever After"

Originally Posted by Emerald1234
not all stories have a happy ending this might be one of them,how many chapters are there?

While there will be some tragedy during the story, I too believe in happy endings.

About the chapters--holy cow, i don't know! When i was originally planning it, i thought maybe 25, but I'm not even halfway through. So a LOT! lol
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Nooo! How could you?? Poor Brandi... and poor Dustin, Beau and Tom!

It does ramp up the tension though... still loving the story, despite the sadness of that last chapter. Keep up the amazing job!

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Originally Posted by Selly_2009
Nooo! How could you?? Poor Brandi... and poor Dustin, Beau and Tom!

It does ramp up the tension though... still loving the story, despite the sadness of that last chapter. Keep up the amazing job!

Thank you so much! I am very sad too. Sometimes I feel like the story is writing me! I appreciate your kind comments.
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In my country they say that nice people die earlier before they could even make any evil mistakes. BUT STILL! How could you??? Q A Q
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Originally Posted by grumpy_otter
I tried to be very fair with the clues--they're there! Thank you so much for your nice comment!

I did find clues I missed the first time! I love stories like this that are complex and veer in different directions that it initially seems they would go. Keep it up and thanks! ❤️
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Originally Posted by kanzen
In my country they say that nice people die earlier before they could even make any evil mistakes. BUT STILL! How could you??? Q A Q

I'm sorry. I'm sad about it, too.

Originally Posted by koololdster
I did find clues I missed the first time! I love stories like this that are complex and veer in different directions that it initially seems they would go. Keep it up and thanks! ❤️

I'm so glad! Thank you so much!
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Nineteen - Aftermath

A Pleasant Story
Chapter Nineteen

Kaylie went back home to drop off the cow and showed it to Carla and asked her about the one on their counter.

"Did you put it there?" Kaylie asked her.

Carla shook her head.

"I didn't either," Kaylie continued, "So where did it come from? And then we find one at Brandi's? And yesterday I noticed one at my law office."

Kaylie set the new cow down on the counter next to the old one.

“They look identical,” she said.

Carla looked thoughtful. "That's really odd. Why don't you take one to the police station on your way to work? I'm not working today, but Carl's there. Maybe he knows something about them."

Kaylie agreed.

As she approached the door to the station, she saw Carl just standing still, doing nothing.

She entered and explained to him about the cows she'd found.

Carl didn’t seem to hear her.

He was acting oddly--swaying back and forth and sort of humming to himself.

"Carl?" she said, "Did you hear me? These cows are turning up all over town, and now Brandi's been murdered. Can you check this out, please?"

Carl continued to sway back and forth.

"Carl!" she shouted. "Are you all right? I need you to check out this cow and figure out what it is!"

He shook himself and seemed to notice her for the first time.

"Oh!" He said. "Hey Kaylie. Yeah, I'll check out the cow."

He took the cow from her and went back to his swaying, not seeming interested in the cow at all.

Kaylie suddenly noticed that there was a cow on the filing cabinet.

"Something is very strange here," she thought.

She snapped her fingers to get Carl's attention. "Carl, I want to talk to Daniel. Carla told me there was a cow in the loot he had buried."

"Sure!" He said. "Go right on back!"

Kaylie noticed another cow in the hallway leading to Daniel's cell, but ignored it for the moment.

When she got to his cell, Kaylie explained who she was and told Daniel of Brandi's murder.

He acted sad about it, but not surprised.

"So Daniel," she said, "I need to know whatever you can tell me about the things you had buried that Kaylynn found. Where did you get them? Who gave them to you?"

Daniel shook his head. "I don’t know anything. I'm sorry about Brandi, but I really don’t know ANYTHING about what happened."

Kaylie tried to persuade him, but he was immovable. She would have stayed longer, but had to get to work. On her way out of the jail, she grabbed the cow from the hallway and hid it in her inventory. She'd compare it later to the one left in her house.

Dina Caliente put the phone down and screamed. She looked around her house in panic. Suddenly she just began to run. Out the door and down the street, until she was breathless. She stopped and looked around. Where was she going? The news of Brandi's death had stabbed her in the heart.

Suddenly she thought, "Mortimer!" and ran toward his house.

She pounded on the door and he answered quickly.

With one look at her, he knew something was amiss and asked in a caring voice, "What's wrong, honey?"

"Brandi," she gasped. "She's gone. I mean, she's dead. Murdered."

Mortimer hugged her, then led her inside to sit down and asked about the details. She told him what Carla had told her in her phone call.

"This is unbelievable," he said. "I didn't know her well, but I knew she was your good friend and she seemed like a sweet person."

"Mortimer," she asked, "Do you think we could host a memorial here? The kids are staying at Carla's but their place is really small."

"Of course," he told her, and took her in his arms to comfort her.

As she dried her tears, Mortimer said, “Oh dear. I forgot. We were supposed to have a party for Alexander's birthday today and we've already invited a few friends. Will you stay and celebrate with us? It's okay if you don't feel up to it. I think we’ll tone it down, under the circumstances."

Dina nodded. Anything to keep her mind off Brandi's death!

Mortimer shook his head. "I just can't believe this could happen in Pleasantview!"

When Alexander got home from school, they discovered that he already knew about Brandi. He'd brought Anthony Spitzig with him, and he had told Alexander about the new boys living at his house and why they were there.

Mortimer hugged him tightly and said, "I'm so sorry this had to happen, especially today. Are you okay? How's my birthday boy?"

"I'm sad for them. But I can't wait to be a teenager. Maybe I can help them babysit." Alexander said.

"That's very kind of you, son," Mortimer told him, then gestured toward Dina.

"Here's Dina,” Mortimer said. "She came over to celebrate with you!"

Alexander looked at her shrewdly. "I heard you're going to marry my Dad."

Dina nodded. "Is that okay with you?"

Alexander seemed to consider this. "I guess. As long as you're not a wicked stepmother."

Dina chuckled. "Well, I won't make you sleep in the fireplace."

Alexander laughed. "You're funny!" He turned to his father. "I was going to have lots of friends over, but maybe not now. "

"That's probably a better idea,” Mortimer replied. “I need to talk to your sister, so you and Anthony can wait for us in the living room.”

Anthony told Alexander that Beau and Dustin hadn’t gone to school that day. “I guess they were really sad about their Mom,” he said. “Beau and I were going to play video games, but I think he was too sad. I’m glad I could come here for your birthday!”

“Who do you think hurt Brandi?” Alexander asked.

“I DON’T KNOW,” Anthony said, as his voice cracked. “I only met her once but she was really nice! I bet it was mean people.”

When Cassandra came downstairs, Mortimer and Dina told her about Brandi's death.

"Oh no," she cried out, “Who would want to do such a thing to her?”

Dina joined her in her tears. “It makes NO sense,” she cried.

"We're going to try and be happy for Alexander's birthday," Mortimer said. "I was going to do a lot of decorations and have a big hoopla, but maybe that wouldn't be appropriate now. Let's just have the cake with our friends."

Darren and Dirk Dreamer arrived, and Cassandra greeted them and informed them about Brandi’s death.

The sad group gathered around the cake as Alexander prepared to make the transition into being a young man.

He blew out the candles, then turned around and popped into his teenage form and grabbed a slice of cake.

Dina turned to Cassandra and said softly under her breath, "Did he get to choose his hairstyle?" Cassandra giggled softly. She thought Brandi wouldn’t have minded. She'd had a great sense of humor.

Everyone had a piece of cake, and did their best to be cheerful for Alexander’s sake.

When they’d finished, Alexander pulled Dirk aside for a private chat.

"I go to a different school from them, so I don't really know the Broke kids, but you know Dustin, don't you?" Alexander asked Dirk.

"Yeah," Dirk replied, "But not real well. But let me tell you what I saw the other night!"

Dirk told Alexander about what he'd observed when he'd been hired to do a delivery.

"Whoa," said Alexander. "Do you think that had something to do with Mrs. Broke's murder? I mean, was it illegal or something?"

Dirk shook his head. "I don't know, but I'll tell my Dad. Maybe he'll know what to do."

Alexander then excused himself. "I have to go do something about this hair!" he exclaimed, and headed for the bathroom mirror.

Mortimer took Dina's hand and led her upstairs. "I want to show you something," he told her.

As they climbed to the third floor, Dina was amazed to see Mortimer working on a painting . . . of her!

"Oh, it's so wonderful!" she said. "I had no idea you were so talented!"

Mortimer said, "Well, I've been working on my art since I retired. I was going to save this for you as a wedding present, and I thought maybe I could do some portraits of Brandi for the memorial."

"I think that's a wonderful idea," Dina said as she hugged him. "Let's walk over to their house and ask them about it. They might have some pictures you can copy."

"And we need to ask them about the memorial, too," Mortimer added. “Let’s make sure they’ll be okay with it. And when I’m done with this painting, I think it should hang over our bed.”

Downstairs, Cassandra was saying goodbye to Darren and the other guests.

"I'm glad you were able to come over," she said. "I didn't know Brandi well, but it is so sad what happened to her, and those poor boys."

Darren hugged her and told her to call if she needed anything.

Cassandra watched as Darren left. She felt fond of him, but wasn’t sure if her feelings were as strong as she’d imagined. She definitely loved him as a dear friend, but maybe not in a romantic way? She sighed. She’d think about it later. Right now she wanted to make plans for the memorial.

Alexander spoke to Dirk before he left. “I think we need to try and figure out what happened. Maybe we could check around town for anything unusual.”

Dirk looked concerned. “I guess so, but we need to be careful. This isn’t a game.”

Alexander nodded, “Yeah, I just think we might be able to find stuff out if we pay attention. Just listen to what people say—things like that.”

Dirk agreed, and said goodbye.

Dina and Mortimer walked over to the Spitzig home after their guests left. Dina felt terribly nervous as she and Mortimer approached the house. She loved those kids so much and didn't know how she could comfort them following the loss of their mother.

Suddenly Beau came running up to them shouting, "Auntie Dina! I'm glad you're here! I have a new space room!" His voice faltered. "But it's not for a good reason. My Mom . . ."

Dina reassured him, "It's okay to be excited about a new room. Your Mom would want you to be excited. I'm sure she knew how much you loved her. Tell me about your space room!"

Beau excitedly described the room he was now sharing with Anthony and Dina responded, glad that he seemed to be handling the tragedy well.

“Your Mom would be very glad that you have a nice place to stay now and that you like it here.”

Beau seemed comforted by this. "I'm going to have new Moms too!" he said. "But you'll still be my Auntie Dina, won't you?"

"Always," she told him.

Beau grabbed her hand and pulled her into the house, and Dina introduced everyone to Mortimer.

Mortimer sat at the table and explained what they had in mind; that they'd like to have a memorial for Brandi at his house.

They all agreed this was nice idea, then Mortimer asked Dustin if his Mom had any favorite flowers.

"I'm not sure," Dustin replied. "We didn't have money to buy . . . I mean, we didn't usually have flowers in the house. But I think she liked orange lilies. We saw them at the flower shop one time and she said she liked them."

Dustin was embarrassed to admit to his family's simoleon troubles in front of the richest man in town.

"Well that's fine," Mortimer said. "I'll make sure to have some orange lilies."

Mortimer then pulled Carla aside and said to her quietly, "I'm sure you know that Dina is very close to this family. I want you to know that if you ever need anything for the boys that you can come to me."

Carla thanked him, but explained that Brandi's bank account was in good shape because of a large child support settlement that had been received.

"It was enough that we'll be able to look for a bigger place so the boys can have more room. We just have to check with Tom's father to get permission. Dustin said he didn't think that would be a problem, but we don’t want him to think we were just spending Tom’s money for our own benefit."

Mortimer looked relieved. "I'm so glad. And you know, there's a lovely house on my street that might be just right. But I mean it—let me know if you need any help."

Carla thanked him for his concern and advice.

Dina was looking at the small area in the hall where Dustin’s bed was. She noticed that he’d kept the flamingo wall light that had decorated the Broke family kitchen. As Dustin came up to her, she asked him, "Mortimer would like to do some paintings of your Mom to display at the memorial. Do you have any pictures of her he could use to copy?"

Dustin showed her the photo collage over his bed.

"This was from the last time we went to the mall together."

"Oh Dustin," Dina said, "That's so cute! But I'm not sure a goofy picture would make a good portrait. Do you have any other pictures?"

Dustin reached under his bed and came out with a wrapped box and handed it to her.

"Here's all my pictures," he said. "Maybe Mortimer can find one in here. I'll get them back, right?"

"Of course!" Dina exclaimed.

Beau climbed up on his new bed and looked at his new room. He really did like space, and he liked Anthony.

But then sadness about his Mom filled him, and he stared vacantly at nothing, which is how Dina found him when she went to say goodbye.

“Are you okay, Beau? Mortimer and I need to leave now, but we’ll see you at the memorial tomorrow.”

Beau made the effort to look at her and replied, “I’m just thinking about Mom. I miss her.”

Dina nodded. “Me too, honey. But you can call me whenever you feel sad about her. And for your teenage birthday, I’ll get you a cell phone so you can call me from anywhere.”

When they got home, Mortimer climbed into his attic studio and set up another easel and worked into the night on a portrait of Brandi based on one of the pictures Dustin had loaned them.

The next morning, Kaylie and Carla got a nanny to watch Tom while they walked over to Mortimer's street to look at the house he'd mentioned. They stared in disbelief at a huge home near his.

"This can't be right, can it?" Kaylie said. "Look at all those columns! Is this what he meant? This must be over 100,000 simoleons!"

Carla checked her lot catalog and shook her head. "Oh no, this isn't it--there's two more on this street."

They walked the few paces down the street to look at another house.

“Well, it’s pretty nice,” Kaylie said, “But I don’t really love the modern look. What do you think?”

Carla shook her head. “I’m with you. I’d like something more homey.”

They went back down the street and stopped at the house directly across the street from the Goth Mansion.

Kaylie took a deep breath. "Oh, this looks like a home! That big yard would be perfect for a playground for the boys! How much is it?"

Carla consulted the catalog again. "It's only 24,000 simoleons!"

Kaylie smiled. "Well, that's it then. I think we could afford this even without Tom's simoleons. This is where we'll start our new life, with our new family."

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I am glad the cows are being looked into. What is with Carl acting weird? I guess that will be answered all in good time!
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well it'll be good for a new house right it'll take beau and dustins mind off things.

carl isn't acting very normal,are the cows related to mr.abbadon?

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hopefully they won't get nuked at the memorial.
all those involved in one place...
it's far too convenient for anyone with an evil plot
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Originally Posted by kanzen
hopefully they won't get nuked at the memorial.
all those involved in one place...
it's far too convenient for anyone with an evil plot

OMG! What a great idea, lol

I may have to rewrite that one!
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Originally Posted by grumpy_otter
OMG! What a great idea, lol

I may have to rewrite that one!

Whoa there, Satan.
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Don't give her any evil ideas, kanzen... she's got enough already!

No need to use my full name, "Selly" will do just fine.
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Now that it's winter break in my country, I can finally catch up on these chapters! The story has expanded so much since my last reading! I'm curious how the cow appears in all those locations because the Abaddon always appears only after the figurine is already placed...
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Twenty - Memorial
Dear Kanzen--I added something just for you! lol

A Pleasant Story

Chapter Twenty


Cassandra and Dina had worked together to turn the living room into a beautiful memorial space with light carpet, lots of seating, and the orange lilies that Brandi had liked. Mortimer had worked hard to create two beautiful paintings of her that showed how young and beautiful she had been.

People began to gather, sharing their memories of Brandi, and Beau listened happily as he heard people saying such nice things about his Mom.

He felt like Cassandra would be a new friend. She was really nice and funny, and she said nice things about his Mom, too. He invited her to come visit at his house, and she said she'd love to.

"You have to meet my new baby brother, too!" he chirped.

Beau then went to greet Kaylynn and Mary-Sue, and they told him they were very sorry about his Mom and hoped he’d feel free to let them know if he needed any help. He invited them to come visit him and meet his baby brother, too. Kaylynn said, “We have a baby at our house too and you can come over and meet him any time!”

Mortimer asked Carla if she'd gotten in touch with Tom's father yet, and she responded in the negative. "Not yet--we've been so busy getting the boys settled, and Kaylie's been working on the social services paperwork so we can foster the boys legally."

She went on, "But I wanted talk to you about the house you recommended--it's the one right across the street, right?"

Mortimer affirmed this. "Did you like it?"

"Oh, we love it! It looks so homey. We just need to get all the permissions in place so we can move there with the boys."

"Well," Mortimer said, "You let me know if I can be of any help."

Dina had gone to serve the food from the buffet in the dining room when she was suddenly struck by a wave of sadness and began to cry. Cassandra saw her and ran over to give her a hug. The more she got to know Dina, the more she was ashamed for thinking she was nothing but a gold-digger. She seemed to have a very kind heart. Cassandra was glad they'd get the chance to be friends.

Darren arrived and Cassandra greeted him pleasantly, saying "Thank you for coming!"

Darren tried to take her hands in an intimate gesture, but she avoided it by gesturing toward the paintings of Brandi. "Look what Dad did!"

"She was beautiful," he said. "I am sorry I never got to know her better. How are the boys doing?"

"Beau is okay, I think," Cassandra said, "But Dustin seems to be taking it pretty hard. Ever since his father died he's thought of himself as the man of the house, and now he feels all that responsibility."

Darren said, "He's Dirk's age--I'll ask Dirk to try and be a friend to him."

Beau went to the foyer to say hello to Anthony and asked his Auntie Dina if she remembered him.

“Remember? You met him and he has the cool space room!”

Dina nodded and told everyone how nice it was to see them.

Dustin was sitting quietly next to Mortimer when Lilith walked up to him.

"I'm so sorry about your Mom," she said. "Angela said she was always really nice. Are you doing okay?"

Dustin didn't trust himself to speak, but he nodded briefly.

Nina arrived and sought out her sister for a hug. "Have you seen Don?" she asked Dina. "He said he'd come, but when I went to his house to pick him up he didn't answer."

"I haven't seen him yet," Dina said. "But why don't you talk to the boys? Dustin's really down."

"Of course he is," Nina said. "I'll talk to him in a bit."

A girl he didn’t recognize walked up and greeted Dustin. “Hey, I’m Ginger Newson. My brothers and sisters and I moved to town not long ago.”

Dustin nodded. “Did you know my Mom?” he asked.

Ginger explained she’d met Brandi when she was shopping for baby supplies. “I have a brother and sister who are toddlers and I was buying some diapers and stuff and I met her at the store. She was really nice and helped me pick out some cheap stuff that was good.”

She then explained that she wanted to come to the memorial because she knew what it was like to lose your parents.

Dustin wondered if he should mention that she seemed to be wearing some unusual makeup, but instead decided to tell her about his interest in entomology.

Dirk walked up then and said to Ginger, “Hey, I’ve seen you at school!”

Ginger replied, “Yeah, but I can only go sometimes. My brother Gavin and I have to take turns staying home to watch the other kids.”

“Damn, that's rough,” Dirk said, then went on, “Um, did you know you have black marks under your eyes?”

Ginger gasped and put her hands to her face. “Damn—my sister was practicing her makeup skills and I forgot. Which way to the bathroom?”

Dirk pointed and Ginger ran off in that direction.

Dustin watched all the people chatting and laughing and was becoming furious. How could anyone joke at a time like this? Dustin didn't understand yet that people often deal with grief by laughing.

He jumped up and went toward the buffet to get something to eat. At the entry to the dining room, he stopped suddenly.

He hesitantly walked into the room, and Angela stood and approached him.

"I'm . . . I'm sorry about your Mom, Dustin," she said quietly.

Dustin was going to thank her, but she suddenly turned and ran from the room before he could speak.

Dustin walked into the foyer. Angela might be shallow and difficult, but he guessed it was nice she'd come to speak to him.

Auntie Nina greeted him in the foyer and asked him how he was doing, then went on, "Dustin, I know you feel responsible for your brothers, but I want you to know that Dina and I will help you as much as you need. You don't need to carry this burden all alone."

Dustin wasn't sure what to say; what Nina had said was exactly what he'd been worrying about. What he couldn't explain to her was that it didn't matter how many people offered to help; he was the only one related to his brothers, so they were HIS responsibility.

But he nodded and said, "Thanks."

Kaylie greeted Cassandra and told her, "Thank you so much for having this memorial. It's really beautiful. I love the flowers."

She looked around the room and suddenly stopped in surprise. There was a cow on the mantel over the fireplace! She didn't want to bring it up during the memorial, but she made a mental note to investigate later.

Mary-Sue had come up to Dustin and told him how sorry she was about his Mom. He nodded sullenly. He was getting tired of hearing that same phrase over and over.

Mary-Sue didn't push him to answer; just patted his hand and went to talk to the other guests.

Kaylie found Mortimer and gave him a peck on the cheek, thanking him for being such a nice host. Then she said casually, "That's an interesting cow on your mantel. Where did you get it?"

Mortimer pondered, then shook his head. "I hadn't noticed it before. Maybe Cassandra got it."

Beau was getting a bit bored. Talking to all these grownups and hearing how sorry they were for him over and over was getting old. He finished his gelatin and wandered around, looking for someone to talk to.

Suddenly, he heard a whistling sound from outside and looked out the window to see a strange rocket-shaped thing flying through the sky.

"What could that be?" He wondered. "It looks like a bomb coming at us."

The shape turned and soared into the sky and he realized it was only a bird.

He turned his attention back to being bored.

Then he bounced happily--his friend Tina Traveller was here! He really liked her. She was fun to play with and liked running and jumping. Tina had traveled all over the world with her parents and knew lots of cool stuff.

Beau listened attentively as Tina told him about learning how to sing a sea chanty from a pirate ghost.

Beau was happy she hadn't said anything about his Mom. But he knew she was sorry because she had come to the memorial. Sometimes, things didn't need to be said out loud.

Beau asked his Auntie Dina if it would be okay if he and Tina went outside to play, but she said it was dark now and they should stay in the house because the ghosts would be out.

"But why don't you two go in the dining room and get something to eat?" she suggested.

Instead, Beau jumped on the couch and looked out the window to see if he could spot a ghost . . . and he did! He yelled excitedly at Tina to come see, then he looked more closely. In addition to the ghost, he saw a figure with her back to him, but she didn’t look transparent like a ghost. It looked like she had her hair up with a gold clip, just like his Mom used to wear, but she was wearing a long dark dress.

“Auntie Dina!” he yelled. “Come see! I think it’s my Mom!” Beau climbed off the couch and grabbed Dina’s hand and pulled her to look out the window.

She peered out. “I don’t see anyone Beau.” She looked at him kindly then said, “Sometimes when we really miss someone, we think we see them just because we really want to. After my husband died, I’d think I’d see him walking down the street, or I’d turn a corner and think he was walking toward me. It’s perfectly normal.”

Beau looked at her doubtfully, but said, “Okay, I guess it was just because I miss her.”

Beau then asked Tina to come get some more food with him and they headed for the dining room.

Suddenly, the guests heard Beau shouting "Whoa! What's going on?"

When they ran to see what had happened, they found Beau had turned into a teenager!

Carla ran up to him and said, "Beau! I'm so sorry we didn't get to have a birthday party for you!"

Kaylie gave him a hug and said, "Your Mom would be so proud of you! What a fine young man you grew into!"

Auntie Dina told him he had grown into a handsome young man.

Dustin gave him a hug then and said, "Dude, are you taller than me?!"

“Probably, shrimp!” Beau replied.

They laughed together, and Dustin started to understand why people might laugh at a memorial. For a few moments at least, he hadn't felt sad about his Mom.

Dustin suddenly realized he was starving, and sat down with some of the others to get something to eat. Carla told him, "Dustin, I spoke to your boss. They said it would be okay if you took a few days to start your oceanography job. They understand about what's been going on."

Dustin nodded, then wandered into the foyer after he finished his plate. There he encountered Jace Lieve, who offered his condolences.

Dustin thanked him for giving the child-support money for Tom, and told Jace that he was doing really well.

“That’s good, that’s good,” Jace said.

Dustin asked him to wait while he went to tell Carla and Kaylie that he was here.

“They wanted to check with you about something,” he explained.

“Oh yeah, sure. I’ll wait here,” Jace said. “See you soon!”

After Carla and Kaylie greeted him, Kaylie explained that they’d like to use some of Tom’s child-support money to buy a bigger house for the boys and wanted to make sure that was okay with him.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “I don’t mind. That sounds good for Tom.” He smiled an hummed to himself for a moment, then continued, “It would be goof for the other boys, too, I guess. Is there food here?”

Carla and Kaylie thanked him and told him where to find the food and he said, “Okay then. Uh, think I’ll get some food now, and wandered off in the wrong direction.”

Carla looked at Kaylie and said, “I hope Tom inherited his mother’s brains.”

In the living room, Cassandra was talking with Trent and Trisha Traveller, who had come with Brandi's friend, Sanjay.

When Dustin saw Trisha, he thanked her for the necklace that he had given to his Mom.

"She really loved it!" he told her.

Then he remembered that Carla had asked about the necklace, so he told her that these were the people he'd bought Brandi’s necklace from, and that maybe they could tell her something about it.

Carla introduced herself to Trisha and Trent, and told them that they thought the necklace Dustin had gotten from them was missing. She asked them where they'd gotten it, and if there was any possibility it had been stolen.

"Stolen?" Trisha said, "I don't think so. We bought it at a store on Twikii Island. So unless the store was dealing in stolen goods, I don't think it could have been."

"Was it expensive?" She asked.

"I don't remember exactly what we paid, but it wasn't noteworthy. It's a pretty common necklace on the islands. We have other ones sort of like it. We offered to give it to Dustin, but he wanted to pay for it as a gift for his Mom."

Carla thanked them for the information.

Sanjay was standing nearby and introduced himself to her. "I'm so sorry about Brandi. She was one of the first people I met when I got to town and she was really nice. I went to Beau's childhood birthday party."

Carla told him he was welcome to visit anytime. "We'll be moving soon to the house across the street."

Tina Traveller was talking to Cassandra. "I'd like to talk to Beau, but he's big now," she said sadly.

Cassandra said, "Oh, I'm sure he'll still like you. Besides, you'll be a teenager yourself soon, and then you'll be the same age again!"

Tina cheered up at this. "Oh yeah! I forgot how we grow up all at once! And maybe he can come to my party! That would be fun!"

As his father had asked him to, Dirk was being friendly to Dustin and trying to show his support. He found Dustin to be a bit stubborn though--he kept talking about his brothers as though he was their father. He was nice though; Dirk just felt sorry that he felt like he had to be a grown-up so soon.

"How about we go to the roller rink sometime?" Dirk asked. "We can check out the girls!"

Dustin seemed to consider this as he said, "Maybe."

Alexander walked up then and asked, “Did somebody mention girls?”

Dirk laughed and said, “Yeah. Dustin and I were talking about heading to the rink sometimes. Lots of girls there.”

Dustin said, “Speaking of girls, that Ginger seemed nice. Did you get to meet her?”

Alexander and Dirk both nodded and said “Yeah, she was cute!”

They paused and stared at each other.

“So, Alex,” Dirk said, “you like her?”

The boys were interrupted, perhaps luckily, by Dina carrying champagne into the living room.

She tapped on the side of her glass and said, “As it’s getting late, I thought we could gather together for a toast to Brandi.”

As the other guests helped themselves to a glass, Dina said, “Brandi Broke was my best friend, and one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. She was giving, gentle, and a wonderful mother. She’ll be sorely missed. To Brandi!”

She raised her glass and the other guests joined her.

When they’d finished, Sanjay spoke and said, “Brandi was the first person I met when I moved here to Pleasantview. She offered her friendship immediately and made my first lonely days here much more bearable. Here’s to Brandi!”

After the toast, the guests began to make their way to the door.

As the Travellers were leaving, Tina stopped to speak to Beau in the foyer.

“You look really tall now, but I hope we can still play together.”

Beau nodded as she continued.

“I’ll be growing up soon just like you, so I hope you’ll come to my birthday!”

Beau smiled and said “Sure!”

Beau then waved Anthony over and introduced him to Tina and she told him he could come to her birthday, too. Anthony seemed pleased about this, but he thought a little sadly that all the kids his age seemed to be growing up.

Dustin was glad that people were finally leaving. He was tired and sad and wanted to go . . . home. To Carla and Kaylie's. It didn't feel like home yet.

Alexander came up to him and said, "So, I hear you guys might be moving in across the street. We can hang out after school if you want."

Dustin said, "I know Carla and Kaylie want to move to a bigger house, but I don't know where it will be yet."

"Hey, well, wherever," Alexander said. "We can go to the mall if you want. Later."

As Alexander turned and went upstairs, Dustin realized Alexander was the only person there who hadn't made him feel sad by talking about his Mom. That was pretty cool.

Dustin looked at the pictures of his Mom. Mortimer had told him and Beau they could take the portraits with them to keep forever. Dustin thought he'd like to hang this one in his room--once he HAD a room--because his happy, smiling Mom looked just like he wanted to remember her.

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when beau spotted a rocket i thought they'd all get nuked luckily it was a bird

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Wow, grumpy_otter, you totally nailed how Dustin must've been feeling regarding all those "I'm sorry about your mom" comments... it reminded me of all the similar comments I got after my mum died!

Beautiful memorial chapter by the way, and I LOVED the paintings - Mortimer has an excellent eye!

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