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#51 Old 18th Sep 2021 at 9:20 PM
"I did all" means "I did use CFF Explorer (or other similar tool) to set the LAA bit on the proper exe"? (I suppose that for the actual upgrade of CPU that would be a bit too fast ) ?

The game's logs represents what the game is seeing, in modern (relatively) environment it's not very reliable - application simply can understand only what was supposed to and what is defined in its configuration files. There is some nonsense in this log (starting with the CPU clock enumeration), if the GPU is not recognised the loader should default to the 32MB "unknown GPU memory size" solution. Not setting this as 4GB. Does, by accident, your graphics rules config set enforce VRAM size? Try to check what is in these files, you need to edit them anyway to get this NVidia recognised properly.

These 2GB is what the game is seeing as its environment (and no matter how much the actual RAM you have got, it won't see anything above 3.7 GB). That suggest the LAA is not set *or* you have put limitations on the initial RAM quota for the app (or both). It does not means that the game won't ever get the RAM it needs (if it will need, you'd need really throw a STUFF into the downloads to go above 1.5 GB of real RAM consumption), however it means that the system will treat the application very conservaitively (and you will get performance hit).

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