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Default How Many Use The Aspiration/Career Rewards Or Aspiration Benefits In Game?
HERE IS A LIST OF THOSE Asperation rewards I am talking about that come packed in with the base game


I don't use the Asperation Rewards that often in my past, unless it's to change Asperation of an adult sim, or teen, or elder sim, that has the stuck "Grow Up" Asperation that is usually is a glitch from when aging up NPC sims from child to teen. I also love to use the
ReNuYuSenso Orb in which is a safe object that changes your Sims Aspiration to something different, (for example) I just had a teen sim in my game that had the Pleasure Asperation but all of his wants were something I didn't want to accomplish with him. And he was always unhappy so I used the "ReNuYuSenso Orb" on him when he was in negative Aspiration and it gave him the "Grill Cheese Asperation" in which is actually fun to have a sim with an asperation that normal sims don't have and is vary much much easier to achieve his wants now that all he cares about is eating grill cheese. while my other sims in that family are happy with their current Asperation because their wants are within my playing standards. Some times have that +250 +500 point syndrome or like want 10 best friends and only have 2 regular friends, sometimes?

in my own opinion it's necessary to change the sims Programing to atone for our own playing wants. Like how when I have a NPC sim move into one of my sims lovers households, I normally don't want them to have the "Rommance" Asperation because of how they are afraid to have a baby and get married or even sometimes get engaged to my sims without having a mental breakdown.


I love using these, everything from the grandmas comfort soup in which is actually a maxis in game food unlock item that cures all illness. You can also use Aspiration benefits, under a panel where you can also decrease sim modettes from falling as fast by default. Or invest into the sim stock market or do a whole lot of hidden things in the game, like unlock writing a restaurant guide or give financial counseling for fast cash using the sim computer and more Aspiration Unlocks like a secondary Asperation achievement focus also.


I don't really use them as much as I want to I actually forget they exist as well as all the Asperation Rewards I need to use all of the above more often to enhance my game
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Personally I try to "force" myself to use the aspiration objects sometimes, but to no avail. I mostly use the need-fulfilling machine, but only when I have like three sims with low needs and don't feel like suffering. I use the smart milk too, because it's cheating but why the hell not, and the skill hat because higher skill points are a chore. I once got addicted to the money tree and filled the Oldies' yard with it, that was interesting. I'm also trying to use the elixir of life more by making my sims' lifespan shorter and shorter - currently adults have one day to get knocked up - but to no avail. It still kinda feels cheaty though, since if two sims have enough dates they can easily afford like 3 elixirs. Maybe a mod to make them more expensive could be nice.

As for the career rewards, I sometimes just forget they exist, lol. When I do remember them, though, sometimes there's just not enough room for them, nor any reason - like, why would a suburban family have the doctor's surgery dummy in their house, and where would they even keep it? Same with even like, the education bookshelf, it just usually doesn't suit the décor of the house.

The benefits I do like to use a lot, especially the romance one's chemistry benefit. That one seems pretty much essential. I guess maxis realized they kinda messed up in NL when they made romance sims have the worst chemistry with others, so they gave them that to balance it out - and it works, now they can be the incarnation of Asmodeus as much as they want. Though with pre-mades secondary aspirations kinda mess up their wants, since they don't have want histories, and since I'm highly non-commital I sometimes just leave them before I could give them a secondary aspiration, sadly.
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I have used aspiration rewards a bit - smartmilk perhaps most of all (it always made my "raise twins/triplets/quads with platinum aspiration" quests so much easier). Been a while, though. It always bothered me that the user needed to have gold aspiration or above to be guaranteed a positive outcome, and by the time I got tired of that, I'd found mods or workarounds that were more useful and worked better if I was just after the effect.

As for aspiration benefits, the comfort soup is nice to have, as is "summon aliens" (knowledge sims... It's always about the aliens with them ) and "super fertility" (did I mention the plethora of kids my sims tend to have?). Never been too interested in the others.

Career rewards - the medical table and lab always come in handy (does *evil scientist laugh* in the background) - my sims, when I even bother giving them jobs, tend to end up in the medical and scientist careers,so those are probably the awards I've played around with most. Or I just used a cheat (because who cares about jobs with the moneymaking cheats anyway? - got to admit I haven't bothered much with careers in a while). Some of the rewards have nice animations and/or useful mesh parts, so I have ended up using some of them for pictures/storytelling in various ways.

When that's said, I don't think I've used any of them in ages (unless I needed the actual item for pictures/storytelling), because I mostly use mods instead, or I just don't bother with them. They're useful for playing relatively unmodded, but most of what they do can be done more effectively in other ways.
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I presume you made intentional typos when spelling out aspiration to make puns of your @, pretty clever.

I would very much like to use the aspiration rewards more, but those objects just look so much out of place, whether I play a tiki-themed or a contemporary style game, so unfortunately, I don't use them as much. Thinking cap, social shades and the smart milk brewer device would I believe use the most often if they only looked a bit less comical. The counterfeit machine looks sort of ok, but I rarely have my Sims counterfeit money.

As for the job rewards, the only one I'm most used to is the bone phone, which again - looks so much out of place with the landline phone mounted on top of it. Some of the rewards I'm truly interested in, such as the architecture reward, but I haven't got the chance to play with that yet. I've seen it in lots posted online, though, and I liked how it looked like.

The aspiration benefits - especially those tied to motives - IMO make the game a bit too easy. I've had a pleasure+romance Sim have nearly all the benefits, and they didn't need sleep for two to three days at a time. Their needs decayed too slowly for a human being, especially for my Sim who had a very active life style and was all over the place. Some, however, are pretty good to have, for example the investment one, or being able to write a restaurant guide, or sweet talk Sims back into loving you.
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I only use them if I am doing "Challenges" that allow them since you can not use cheats.
The needs ones work great in challenges.

I have stop using the elixir of life to extend time and let the sims die off when it is time.

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Most of the aspiration rewards I use are custom ones, but I do use money trees, smart milk, the skill cap and elixir of life on occasion. Might have to start letting some of my meaner sims use the sim-vac for skill points too.
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I hardly use aspiration rewards, the only one I find useful is the weather changing machine, just because I don't have a mod for it. Career aspirations I will use sometimes, however I also have a mod that lets me pluck them out of the catalog. Most recently I needed the golf putter thing for a mini golf course I built to attract tourists to one of my subhoods. I love aspiration benefits and use those as much as I can remember to.

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My personal favorite aspiration reward is the arcade machine-because it helps cheer up the visitors and brings money into the house. Half of TT's households have it, even when the money isn't necessary-you have to amuse the guests somehow!

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I rarely use them since mods do the same things and most I don't need.

I use to use Smart Milk but now I have a motivation system based on adding neatness and Active minus playful points. Any sim from toddlerhood on who has 8+ points is smart and I set them smart on the Bat box. Sims below this will never be that smart. The smart effect is the smart milk effect.

Then I use to use the thinking cap but now my lifespan is 118 days from birth to elderhood so my sims have more than enough time to learn things- if they actually want to. Also why Elixer is now useless and if I needed to adjust a sims age I would use the sim blender.
Likewise, the orb to adjust aspiration I don't use it, I would do that with the Sim manipulator. Not unusual for my older sims to have accumulated 300K+ points. I need to come up with something special to use them on. Maybe swap it for cash and give them a really good holiday or something.

I would allow a romance sim a love tub.

For career rewards I have these unlocked.
The golf putter I use on my mini-golf lot and at my school.
My criminal is allowed to use the counterfeiting machine and the sim vac.
The mayor is allowed the podium that makes cash only because the city is in debt up to its eyeballs to the tune of 100,000+ and I am trying to pay it back.

Only restaurant owners/chefs may write restaurant guides to gain cash.
Fortune sims can give financial counseling.

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I use them all, when I feel like it, without rules or regulations

I do like the career rewards - apart from sims getting them when they have earned them, I find some of them useful on community lots, because my sims are also supposed to educate each other. One sim teaching another one charisma with the golf putter is a regular thing in my game and the soldiers drilling other soldiers (or civilians) with the obstacle course provide me with some fun and sims with some body skills The rock guitar is one of the instruments on the stage where my elder band performs in my retirement hood, and I also use them on my Uni community lots.

Aspiration rewards - the objects: - I use them when I think it may be a good idea

Aspiration benefits : I use them, I like to use them and I don't really care if Sandy has never been a chef or something - if she has eaten at all the restaurants in my game, she is immensely qualified to write a restaurant guide
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Can anyone tell me is there an asperation reward to change the household name or the sims name in the sims 2?
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Originally Posted by Aspersim
Can anyone tell me is there an asperation reward to change the household name or the sims name in the sims 2?

You need to do that in SimPE

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The only aspiration reward I really use is the elixir of life, and I only let sims in perma plat use it when they're elders. I tell myself I'll use them more but... meh. I find the game too easy as it is without the use of smart milk, the skill vac thing or the smart cap.

Career rewards I use more often, but a lot of them have such big footprints they don't really have space for them. Even my rockstars living in mansions have to have their guitar outside

Aspiration benefits I don't really use either, other than secondary aspirations. A few of my knowledge sims can summon aliens, some of my fortune sims give financial advice and play the stock market (In fact that's all Tom Freshe's income and he lives in one of the large houses in Downtown, so he's doing pretty well from it) but my sims have enough babies without the super fertility Comfort soup is nice though, with 1-day rotations most people don't get cured within the first day and end up spreading disease across the hood so I try to be careful. My first ever rotation-based neighbourhood got exposed to the mystery disease - all sims in all households ended up with it, and almost every sim had to be saved from death at least once. so I'm a lot more careful these days

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I often just forget about them. If I want to do something that the rewards can do, I usually have a mod that's easier. Sometimes I might bring them out if it works for the story, like a criminal having a counterfeit machine. I gave up on smart milk a long time ago. I've made my peace with toddlers not learning all their skills. Usually, if they get one, they are in platinum mood in time for growing up, and since it doesn't make much difference in the long run, that's all I go for.

Same for the career rewards. I only use them if it makes sense for the story or the character, and then I generally spawn them using a mod. Only my "witches" can have the bone phone, and the cow plant was developed by the garden club, so it doesn't matter that they weren't in the right career. I like to have them on community lots, though. I have a town offices building and police station that has many of the career rewards on it, so Sims who are in law enforcement, for example, can go there and train. Or they might go to a church and hear a "sermon" from the lectern. Requires the mod that allows skilling on community lots.

I don't have the EP that gives aspiration benefits.
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I always use as many aspiration benefits as are available to my Sims, usually using the motives rewards first, then the primary aspiration rewards, the career rewards and the second aspiration rewards in that order. Most are given Knowledge as a secondary aspiration when they become elders, or Fortune if their primary is Knowledge. Sometimes, though, a Sim is clearly on the cusp between two aspirations, so I'll give one as primary and the other as secondary as soon as possible. Tessa Ramirez has Grilled Cheese as secondary because it was the first hot food she ever ate, when her refugee family stopped at Lost Springs on the Highway to Sedona. It's not one I use a lot, because it takes over rather annoyingly, but it fits Tessa's story.

I like to use the career rewards where possible, but some of them take up way too much space, and Sims are always losing the fingerprint scanner, putting it down somewhere I can't see it. The objects have to be earned in the first instance, but can be passed down to the next generation, usually being given as gifts shortly before their current owner dies.

I don't use the aspiration rewards so much. Knowledge Sims will give their kids Smart Milk; I sometimes use the money tree in lieu of a pension for CAS elders (although these days I'm more likely either to age them down, give them a job, age them up again and have them retire, or to use the Social Security Recipient career track); and in some hoods I use the elixir of life to alter the adult age span for better or worse (they have to use it at a fixed time regardless of aspiration), but that's about it. I've tried some of the others, but I don't find they really add anything.
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I use career rewards a lot sine I've got them unlocked in buy mode in my game unlike most who don't and can even place them on community lots and in common areas of apartments or in homes that sims will buy.I only use apsiration rewards if it's appropriate and career rewards are available on most community lots and in apartments if sims are renting until they can afford to own a home.
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I only use aspiration rewards in challenges. I use career rewards pretty much everywhere that a sim has earned them. I use aspiration perks everywhere.

Aspiration rewards make things too easy for my sims. Career rewards give a bonus to sims that have achieved a lot in their lives, but not necessarily one that's much use. I mean, if a sim has earned the education reward, then their family has a huge benefit in studying. But that's the most useful of the bunch. The others are all single skill or mood boost. And where they are, is where they are, so if a sim earned a mood booster it's only in one room, not moving around. (Except in challenges, then all restrictions are according to the challenge, and Jumbok follows my apocalypse sims around like crazy.) And playing wants based, well, plenty of teens with access to the bookshelf never roll the wants that earn a skill point scholarship even so, so . . . it's useful, but not absurdly so.

Now in a challenge, well, if you start off a college start apocalypse with a knowledge sim with a max seven skills LTW and use all the aspiration rewards, no problem getting him permaplat in short order! (And if he doesn't have the seven skills want, no problem getting a re-n-u orb and flipping him back and forth with popularity or romance until you get a college fulfillable LTW, and then knock that sucker out.)

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I keep forgetting about the career rewards. Probably because they're in a different menu than buy and build modes.

The only two items I use with any regularity are Elixir of Life and Smart Milk, and even then sometimes I think to myself 'would this Sim be smart enough to use Smart Milk on their toddler' or 'would this Sim rather not use Elixir, or want to leave it for a family member instead, or would another family member want it for themselves'.

I'm topic-drifting slightly, but sometimes I wonder if the designers originally intended for Elixir to be tougher to use somehow. Suppose it cost aspiration points to use, and/or the Sims' aspiration level would drop (so a Sim with platinum or gold aspiration level would drop to one of the green levels after every use to discourage using the entire thing in one night), and/or Sims could get "Drink Elixir of Life" wants/fears for themselves or others based on their mood/needs or lifetime want. My other Elixir theory is it's there for those who liked the 'no aging' aspect of the original Sims game.
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I use quite a few of the aspiration benefits, particularly elixir (both human and pet varieties), money trees, the hot tub and counterfeit machine.

Careers benefits are used a bit less because a lot of my Sims never get high enough in their careers to get one. However, some Sims do get access to the bone-phone (ressurecto-nomitron) due to their role in the community, even if they've never been in the Paranormal career.
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I find them too overpowered and wish they could be nerfed. For story reasons, I might occasionally use the counterfeit machine or the Resurrectonomitron. Rarely, I might use the skill-learning hat (forget its name) or a career award on a sim who wants to max all seven skills. With vanilla life spans and a harder skilling mod, those sims would never max all skills otherwise, even with the Fall learning boost.

If career rewards were only slightly faster in their skill gains, and if all aspiration rewards required 32,000 points to purchase and were single-use, I'd probably use them more. Instead I use BO's reward catalog to turn aspiration points into food points.
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I quite often use the lifetime reward objects, I even have some additional ones! I like them because you can buy them, use them or not, and also they have a chance of backfiring if you use them in low aspiration.
But what I have stopped using lately is the Aspiration benefits. This is because they aren't (easily) reversible, once you have them that's it. I find that the ones that make the motives decay more slowly take out some of the fun from the game for me, and I also enjoy the wants more when the sims just have a single aspiration with no secondary. Some I will still use in certain cases (like the grilled cheese painting and bottomless stomach), and the three way calling is handy too. But mostly I leave them alone now, as I found I had a whole neighbourhood of sims whose motives didn't degrade much, who had constant wants for grilled cheese!

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Oh, the one I love so much is JFade's NPC scheduler, which is so good-it detects broken things in the house (not the plumbing, though) and sends an NPC in to fix them the next day-at a price of $66 per visit.

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