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Default Where Do You Prefer Your Sims to Be in Country Comforts? Or Sprawling Urban Areas?
So? my next question to the Mod The Sims Community is do you Currently prefer you sim neighborhoods to be an Urban City? or Rural area? or Town? village? or Township? Or Farming Community? or maybe even a Historic town setting? or historic city/village setting?

Right now in my game I prefer the urban sims lifestyle, ever since the Sims 1 Unleashed I wanted to create a more urban kind or sims like environment, and with all expansions and stuff packs as well as some downloaded content from this site, For The Sims 2 Game I already built 2 urban environments in my own game so far. for my sims to live inside., My urban cities include Apartments, and Trailer Parks in some of the outskirts of the town. office buildings and even a Nuclear Power Plant that I also created in my own German made city.

Than I downloaded ALL the Stories series neighborhood ports and so far I turned "Four Corners" into an urban environment, with haveing a semi cloned version of my custom German city into a sub-hood downtown. But changed the way it looks so it's different then my German city. I uploaded all the lots from my German made urban neighborhood and put most of those lots into for my new Four Corners Downtown sub-hood, while I put in smaller building decorations to ensure that I was playing in a simulated city environment. Sometime in the future though I plan on making a city surrounded by small farm community's.

I like the hustle and bustle and sim population of an urban area, since I guess because I myself live in a major suburban area of a major city myself in real life.

I've also been to a lot of "real life" Rural Farming or Lake Towns. But most small towns I've been to are small tourist towns like Onaway, and Mackinaw City, Michigan. Both of these Real life American towns are somewhat, of like the Sims 1 Unleashed Expansion Neighborhood, was, in that they are both farm community's that have an ongoing tourists in the summer months of, Northern Michigan But the locals living in those towns are vary poor, and don't have many things to do in the cold winter months.

I still find it funny that on my way to my vacation home in the middle of a town called Rose City there is barley ANY stores but? yes I don't know why but they have an adult store located in this rural farm town in Michigan called Rose City
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I love both!
In my current hood, the main hood Luna Canyon is a rural town while the downtown subhood Cliffrose Heights is currently a suburban town becoming more urban. Having both really suits my playstyle and makes for great stories. You have the Sims comfy in the farmland, the Sims tired of being comfy and itching to get to the city, the Sims loving the hustle and bustle of the city, and the Sims needing an escape from the city life to get to the county.
One of my Sims had a perfect picture marriage: a sweet baby boy, a family business, and a comfy home. She had a personal crisis and where did she go for a fresh start? The city, of course!
Aside from the stories, I also like having both because the setting changes my playstyle. In the country, Sims tend to have bigger houses/lots and are able to entertain more at their own residences. In the city, my Sims tend to go out on the town more since they live in smaller apartments and there are so many places to go to. I also enjoy building and having both allows me to create a variety of building styles.
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I have always been partial to Pleasantview map but I like to play from the back looking to the front and the hills were in the way in some areas and I like a few more roads so I made Pleasantview2.

After it has some trees placed on it makes it look great to me.

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Originally Posted by marka93
I have always been partial to Pleasantview map but I like to play from the back looking to the front and the hills were in the way in some areas and I like a few more roads so I made Pleasantview2.

After it has some trees placed on it makes it look great to me.

Nice Graphics, are they stock? or are they enhanced? The Sims 2 Graphics or loadouts?
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Originally Posted by Aspersim
Nice Graphics, are they stock? or are they enhanced? The Sims 2 Graphics or loadouts?

I do have a camera mod but the graphics are stock.
I am using a GTX 980Ti video card.

All my Beginning Hoods here at MTS.
All my Beginning Hoods as Shopping Districts plus Old Town.
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My sims have for the most part lived in Pleasantview - that's where my storysims kind of half-accidentally ended up, anyway. I did create a couple extra hoods for a city look and to plop down a few bigger lots I couldn't find space for.

Other than that I've mostly used the grassy neighborhoods. The occasional desert, but not much of the two others. I haven't gotten too creative with my neighborhoods up until now, but I kinda want to make a better one.
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Small towns for sure. Very tightly connected. Very walkable. I don't like cars, but love gardening. I like smaller populations where the stories are all connected. I edit terrains in SimCity 4 to fit what I want.
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I like small towns and I like the desert. I prefer the isolation of it and the limited options. I have played Downtown but I find it overwhelming--too many downtownies, too many community lots. I like having just one choice: Oh, you want to go roller skating? Well, you have to go to the one rink in town. The desert landscape appeals to me, maybe because it's the exact opposite of where I live in real life, and also because some of the weird things that happen to my Sims seem more likely in an isolated rundown desert town than in a bustling suburban neighborhood. I am playing two desert towns right now one. One, Strangetown, is old and dwindling, so there are very few lots and lots of undeveloped land, plus some natural areas, like a hot springs and campground. The other, Mesa Valley, is newer and more developed, and thus more attractive to younger, single Sims, but it's still a pretty small town with only one block of businesses.
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I like the urban areas with a lot of space between houses, and businesses. TT is on a peninsula where the downtown areas are on one side of the town and the residences are on the other. Very walkable and accessible to everyone with or without a car. Because of climate change most residents don't have a car, but those who do don't use them for short rides.

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All of the above! I've had Acadie, a prosperous farming neighbourhood, and Botany, a penal colony where Sims started out with next to nothing and had to live on what they could grow, with fishing only possible on a community lot in the summer. Podzol was a farming community where the only way out of grinding poverty was to be accepted to the priesthood, which required a Cult Leader LTW. Antarctica was a tiny community in a wide-open space with very few amenities, where most Sims worked in the Science career and farming in the perpetual winter was not an option (head canon: greenhouses would have collapsed under the weight of the snow). But I also love Emerald Heights, which is very much a city; crowded Newport, which had mainly dirty factories for decor; and Sheffield, a city going through a major recession. Strangetown and Sedona, as more remote desert hoods, are also favourites - sometimes as thriving towns or overflow zones, and sometimes as tough places to live.

Most of my hoods will have contrasting subhoods. Acadie had urban Orleans, where younger sons could live in a church-run hostel or a small apartment while they saved up to buy their own farm. Male teens and adults from Podzol could rent a room in the dull grey city during the winter, while they tried to raise some cash by working a level-one job for the season. Newport had a leafy suburb with pleasant single-family homes with white picket fences.

I just like variety, which is why I'm a serial hood starter.
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Usually I try to make my sims live in cities, but this time around I decided to try and make a small rural Welsh town for my uberhood, since that's what I'm used to. I have to say, I much prefer this.

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I like coastal and rural with beaches, mountains and trees. I like to see a view out the window.

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I like both. In our modern world town and country need each other, and that applies as much to our Sims as to the rest of us.

My Sims who live out in "the sticks", especially the teens, tend to think that downtown Veronaville, with its nightclubs that never close, is really exciting and exotic.

But what do you make of young Joe Lambert? He has a downtown address (38 Custer Boulevard), but is he an urban Sim?


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I go for a mixture. Its one of the things I like about my megahood. Sometimes I'm in cities (Belladonna, downtown) sometimes I'm in more rural areas (Riverblossom).

When building my own hoods, sometimes its city life, other times its sleepy rural towns. Right now I'm in the process of building a small Japanese Island with a bit of a melting pot of tourists that move in and influence some of the architecture. It has a shrine and a temple, a small market, some quite traditional Japanese houses but also some houses inspired by Spanish designs and some based on a few houses I've seen when living in various seaside towns across Wales. The story is it was once a very small Japanese community with very traditional values but the influx of tourism has caused them to adapt a lot of western culture in the past few decades.

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I'm goinh with a mixture in my BACC starting with a tiny homesteading settlement in the 1840's with Dodge using the Strangetown terrain as the setting and plan on it slowly growing into a big city with many different nighborhoods of all kinds.
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That is why a hood needs subhoods. No reason not to have it all
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I have both but I really get jazzed playing sims living in my urban areas, I just love the skyscraper canyons they live in and the skyline views. I love tall apartments with big windows!

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I tend to play the smaller town open fields type neighborhoods. I really want to try a jam packed urban hood though. I love the look of them, I just feel like that will take a lot of time to set up and I'm not exactly a builder or great neighborhood planner. Hence why I end up with more open neighborhoods with a very loose idea as to city lay out xD

I do think an urban neighborhood would be the perfect set up for an apocalypse challenge so it is on my to do list.

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So Which Neighborhood are your currently playing in the Sims 2 for PC?

I just got done playing some, Desiderata Valley, but I plan on jumping around from town to town, I was enjoying my new German city earlier this month than I dived into Four Corners, that I gladly downloaded from this site, and I enjoy it tenfold, but now I want to play a neighborhood I've never played before so here I go again, now I am going for the small country town approach back and forth to city life, I don't know what next,

If Id had to pick a least favorite EA/Maxis town It would be Veronaville because of the lack of sim families in that neighborhood. but that is only currently my opinion about that town but It will change as time goes onwards. now I plan on going all over the game now and getting more creative now that I've unlocked some of my creative abilities, no really?

my mental illness had put me in a black hole for years to life, that combined with random the sims 1 crashing and not knowing how to prevent it and it had limited my creativity tenfold, and made me a restrictive player ever since I put that yellow wall paper on the outside of my sims 1 house, that is when I first experienced my first the sims 1 crash, the rest? Bad CC from The Sims Resource. Now with the sims 2, I rarely had issues with the sims 2 other than having a slow computer in the past, now that I know how to prevent corruption I plan on planning The Sims 2 till I die, and eventually exploring everything this game has to offer and what your ask? this game has A TON to offer

The main thing about the sims 2 was the slow computer, I believe I would have loved the sims 2 as much as I do now sooner if in the past I had a faster computer while I was really into the game.

With a combo of BO's Mods and the Hoodchecker as well as other essential mods I think I can get a couple of years of play time out of each of my neighborhoods and before I need to reset them.
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Here I copied and pasted thsee MTS donwload links to this thiead to in case anyone wants to build an urban environment











9 :




















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Originally Posted by Aspersim
So Which Neighborhood are your currently playing in the Sims 2 for PC?

Originally Posted by Aspersim
Here I copied and pasted thsee MTS donwload links to this thiead to in case anyone wants to build an urban environment

Thanks for that list of stellar cc! I definitely have most of the sky scrapers for my urban areas. One thing I would be interested in but haven't looked into yet is the better nightlife lighting mod by criquette that lights downtown buildings. I just am really slow to implement really big complex mods to my 10 + year old hood. Speaking of which, my current (and always, until it bites the dust) neighborhood I play is a custom one I made in 2007 . I just went in to take some updated pics of it and the subhoods and am heavily developing the shopping district (Kashmire Point) and the Desert Downtown (Pandora) to attract more sims to open businesses and move there.

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I usually play small towns such as my Pleasantview where it's just enough city to not be boring but still enough country to be peaceful. Cutley is my attempt at a more dense urban approach, and in contrast Plot of Land is my attempt as a really sparse rural town.

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I love starting my towns as farming settlements and having it gradually change over the generations until it's grown into a large city with multiple neighborhoods of different types from rural farming districts to suburban neighborhoods to an urban downtown area with many apartments for sims to rent.
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I like for my Sims to be in a suburban area but yet have asset to area for shopping, fun places, and restaurant.
That how my Sims neighborhood is setup with shopping place etc in another section of the landscape far from their homes or resident.

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I prefer rural or suburban environments, both because of a more plausible integration between the inhabitants and because The Sims 2 in general doesn't seem suited for urban environments (not without a ton of CC, at least). Downtown had to resort to a concrete terrain that is quite ugly IMO and makes neighborhood landscaping even harder and Belladona Cove always felt weird to me.
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