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Cyjon's No Life Insurance With Simbology's Fix
In their mod, Cyjon describes how Simbology released a fixed version of it that doesn't break business inheritance. Unfortunately, it's in a closed off page, so no luck in using Web Archive now that it's down.

Does anyone happen to have a copy of it?
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simbology's sfs folder is here if you'd like to look through those folders for the file
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I swear, I remember downloading dickhurt's "No Inheritance After Elder Dies" as a result of coming across Cyjon's/Simbology's post. I looked in dickhurt's and Cyjon's mods and in the former's, they edit two BHAVs called "Notify - Inheritance" and "CT - Test - Inheritance." In the latter's, "Notify - Inheritance" and "Notify - Inheritance - All Deaths" are edited.

I'm not super skilled at reading BHAVs, but maybe someone on here is and will be able to tell you if I'm correct about dickhurt's mod not messing with business inheritance. I'm think I'm going to ask someone about this, though, and will get back to you as soon as they give me an answer.

EDIT: They said it shouldn't affect business inheritance.
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Thanks a lot Dina! I swear, you're so helpful, I think you've answered a lot of my recent WCIFs!
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You're welcome! I'm glad I could help.
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