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Default NRAAS Overwatch, clean up homless
Does anybody play with this in true? As I understand it will remove homeless sims (aka sims that dont have a residency in the world). Are there any particular sims that it wont touch? Idk like bosses or some thing similar?

If you play with this on true does that mean you have to be much more limited with who you decide to build relationships with cause if they dont have a house they could just dissapear the nightly purging?

I tried to find more info on this online but people were a bit unsure.
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I THINK it tries to only remove who it deems not needed, rather than absolutely everyone. Like, people who don't have a role assigned, or where there are too many for that role anyway. Like, if you have ten maids, hmm, you might not need that many. I don't think there are any guaratees as to who gets picked and who gets spared, though.

Though it's been a while since I touched that with a ten foot pole, so I might very well be wrong.

On the other hand, why would you need it, anyway? Especially with the other NRaas features, such as Register and whatnot, it won't generate more than it needs in the first place. Like, it will only generate a new Mixologist if there's a professional bar and no free Mixologist to assign to it. Basically it's not like the homeless will be multiplying out of control. Unless something else is awfully wrong with your game, I guess.

Also, most homeless don't really require much processing power. At the end of their shift, they'll just bugger off the map entirely, either by driving to some out of sight place to despawn or to an NPC door if you have any apartments in town. (The Bridgeport kind, not the kind that gets filled with roommates.) They don't have a home to simulate them in. They might occasionally show up at a bar or park if you're there, but not very often, and that's the only time they actually get simulated. Once they're in the NPC door it's the same as when they drive off the map: they effectively cease to exist, other than as some bits on your hard drive, in the current game directory, until the game decides they're needed again.

So basically whatever problem you're having with the game, the homeless are probably not contributing too much to it.
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just turn it off. it causes problems like... why i never see plantsims in university.

Sanity is overrated.

Nitromon is a type of Pokemon encountered in the Pokemon Nitrome Version series.

There. Mystery solved.
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It's meant to be used when (a) the player doesn't want any pre-made unassigned (to roles, tasks, or job slots) homeless sims and would prefer to create or have the game create new ones to take up positions that will soon need to be filled and (b) a nightly emergency flush is needed so the game stops generating and keeping many thousands of homeless sims for reasons the player hasn't quite figured out yet -- resort workers in worlds that have no resorts were a big one until the mods were updated to control those properly.

I always leave it on False, which is the default. Sometimes sims in the middle of residents' family trees are homeless and I find it upsetting if they are then removed from the game just because they don't have an assignment, are meant to work the festival lot booths but it's currently in between festivals, etc.

I also use NRaas StoryProgression, which is no huge surprise I am sure, and set SP > Manage the Homeless to False because I don't want the mod trying to do unwanted things with my relatively small homeless populations like move them into existing households and would rather control them myself.
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