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Imogen Long

With the love of her life, TL
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Elenora MacAvoy was my first ever born-in-game Sim to grow old. She's not handling it too well.

Neither is her brother-in-law, to be honest.

Yes, he's one of those old men who still keep the same hair-cut they had when they were in their 20s. Kind of tragic, but him and his (elixir-drinking) wife haven't shared a bed in 15 years anyway.

Rowland Magpie has started feeling the weight of his years as well.
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Captain Greg Aerius holds off the evil Captain Quintain aboard the good ship Honeymoon. (He and his husband own the vacation home, so naturally they came along on their son's honeymoon. Why would you even think this was odd?)

Sally Mander Ruben ages gracefully. She's a quiet homebody herself, but her husband Joshua threw a party for her, and between her six kids and their SOs and Joshua's closest Greek friends it turns into quite a shindig.

Joshua contemplates his next major motion picture. He has no intention of retiring until he's at the top of the Show Business career.

Homer and Beulah Land, still sizzling after all these years. Don't pay any mind to that gravestone above her head. She just found out her best friend Daytona Beech remembered her in her will, which was mighty thoughtful of her.

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In my AGS game where I play a very light mostly cc free game my legacy founder and her townie husband aged to elder.

That has not stopped granma flying off to work.

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Joshua Ruben called up the guy his daughter Amanda's been dating for an outing, and afterward they came back to the frat. Boy, does this take him back. "We never used to hula - but, dancing in the front hall, girls in their undies, and mysterious fumes floating in the air - that's just how it all should be." (That's his niece in the undies.)

"Hey, karaoke! We never had karaoke!"

One of Castor's boys is mad at one of the sorority girls - yeah, there's a certain amount of familiarity there, too.

While the outing was out, Amanda's boyfriend spotted his mother and added her to the group, so here they are again. Sage Ann's the one who dated Castor to make the guy she wanted sit up and take notice, and gave Castor the pink flamingo that has now become iconic - "kicking the flamingo" is what they call pledging the frat.
"Hey, haven't hit one of these things in years."
"There's a reason for that."
"Once more for old time's sake won't hurt us. So, what do you think? Will your boy do for my girl?"
"I think you should trust her judgment on that, don't you?"

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Nylissit Tricou and Consort Capp are in-laws, and they do not get along. They hated each other from the beginning and will hate each other until the end...

Nylissit kicked Consort's butt, in case anyone is wondering
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Default Elders doing their things
Some Elder tidbits:

Geneva Fox is what everyone knows her as, a stage name she created long ago so not to have to her boring real name. She has finally gone grey but not in spirit. She married her idol, famous former rockstar Derek Louis and mothered one of his daughters who is currently at Uni. Derek has since passed but his urn resides in the 'guitar room' of their hillside manor in Memosa Bay. Geneva often has guitar sessions, even at her age, solo with the comfort of Derek's remains or with her step-daughter's family who are just as rocking as Derek was.

Clair and James Francis may have two children and five grandchildren but they have the need to get away sometimes. This picture was of them on their recent rustic vacation to Three Lakes, snuggling in one of the community lodges. Clair is a rather elegant lady when she's not dressed for outdoors endeavors. She keeps an award-winning garden and James breeds purebred Greyhounds. James did have a secret affair in his younger years but quietly quit that lifestyle and remains true to Clair - there's nothing he's more scared of losing now that they are older and don't have second chances.

Milo Orbinson is the Mayor of Isla Del Kashmir. Usually he dresses in suits and minds the day-to-day of the town. Here he is in his casual clothing and working on refurbishing a car project he hardly has time for but it relaxes him. He lives on the Orbinson family estate his father left to him and which he will leave to his son when he passes. His wife, and the love of his life, Jana has recently passed away and he is considering retiring soon to spend more time with his family for comfort.

As you can imagine, Mrs. Crumplebottom was absolutely APPALLED at the behavior she saw when she walked into the Red Roof Cabana one Tuesday Evening. Tuesday's are a slow time for the joint since it mostly draws it's base on the weekend. This is probably the reason Raul Garcia thought it would be fine to take Missy Orbinson and sneakily do some nude activities in the lobby - down where all the employees couldn't see. Mrs. Crumplebottom just waits until they are done so she can give them a proper lecture and hit with her bag. People their age shouldn't be such exhibitionists! It's a good thing the Mayor is retiring, for if this news leaked of his sister's public trysts, he might never be up for re-election!

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William Ghote gets home from school and is confronted by the spectacle of his parents canoodling. "Y'all! Knock it off! I want to invite Tri over to use the new hot tub. He doesn't need to see all the stuff you get up to."
"You know, my light, the boy is correct. We should take this to the bedroom."
"Not what I meant!"
"Invite over whoever you like, William. We'll be busy."

"Well, that was refreshing."

"Hi, Tri. How you doing?"
"Um, I'mjustfinethanksMrs.GhoteIwasjustlookingfornevermind."

"You suppose we traumatized them for life?"
"Nonsense! We are being good role models. I wish my friends' mothers had tasted afternoon delight and hung around in their underthings afterward when I was their age. But then, none of my friends had mothers as hot as you."

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My first sims got elderly and I was like,"Nooooooooooooo!!!" They have a new kid, two teens, and a lot of animals.The youngest twin is messed up and runs away and gets caught by the police every time, even though I made her a safe place.
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Originally Posted by chubbykitty
My first sims got elderly and I was like,"Nooooooooooooo!!!" They have a new kid, two teens, and a lot of animals.The youngest twin is messed up and runs away and gets caught by the police every time, even though I made her a safe place.

Pics or it didn't happen.

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Rich and Lana Mann eat dessert, and plan second dessert! Yes, they're evil; but they're way too busy jumping each other's bones to do much harm in the neighborhood.

Livva Ann Onions is normally a cheery, friendly, carefree soul. But not when she spots one of her niece's lovers with with someone else!

Tiffany Curian (nee Sampson) grew up the same day as her daughter Epiphany; hence all the teens at the party.

Tiffany's wife Eppie feels very much at home in Epiphany's father's house. She thinks if Piff's half-brother and his wife are going to fuss about who sees them do what, they shouldn't keep the dart board in their bedroom. What do they think she's going to see that she hasn't seen already, somewhere, on somebody, anyway?

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Amber & Sheldon Turner

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When noses collide... Dora Ottomas and Escalus Prince saw nothing odd about passionate kissing outside the police station.

For a cafeteria lady, this one's not bad at pool! She looks like she suspects the students are cheaters...

Little Katrina Caliente's nanny discovers just how uninhibited Katrina's mother is. I feel that expression to be a bit extreme, however...

Herb Oldie finds out about Consort Capp's death as he performs his morning routine. He makes a mental note to ask Tony Monty next door about it once he's finished.
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John Mole made quite a good-looking elder. He died at 69.
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The over.

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It is a little known fact that Criminal Mastermind Rich Mann's cover identities, in days past, included one as a professional dancer.

Don't worry, his wife Lana has lots of body points.

When a felon's not engaged in his employment/and matuing his felonious little plans/his capacity for innocent enjoyment/is just as great as any honest Mann's.

When the enterprising burglar's not a-burgling,/ When the cutthroat isn't occupied in crime,/ he loves to hear the hot tub jets a-gurgling/ and hear his wife cry out: "You ring my chimes!"

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Default Janis Star
Janis Star has been my favourite sim ever since he became an adorable elder with amazing fashion sense.

He still works as a police officier though. :D

Janis's hobbies include darts...

...and crime-fighting.
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Since becoming an elder, Angelica Lopez has calmed down tremendously. As an adult, she was known to take part in casual romances with whomever she chose, but it seems age slowed her down. These days the highlight of her day was when her granddaughter Rose stopped by the local Strangetown nursing home for a visit. On the weekends, Rose would even spend the night with grandma. Then the two could stay up snacking on cookies and getting facials (Rose hated that but it was the price she paid to spend time with Angelica.

Angelica's cousin Thebe was the total opposite however. Just because the old girl got a few wrinkles doesn't mean she isn't fun or sexy anymore.. The retirement center is a snorefest for her----at least in the beginning, but once she gets her sighs set on Eddie, one of the male nurses...well... things are suddenly a LOT more interesting than playing Myshuno! in the game room.

[Just a reminder that Eddie is VERY married WITH a kid nonetheless.... Also a little trivia: Angelica and Thebe were once extremely close, but Thebe wound up messing with Angelica's fiancee' while they were all in college. He and she had a hidden love affair which resulted in a daughter named Meredith. At the very same time Meredith was being born, Angelica had ALSO birthed him a son named Alphonse (Rose's dad).]

Over in Pleasantview we've got the Lopez triplets Julian, Julie, and Julius, who feel that their time on earth is winding down. Instead of fearing the inevitable, these talented boys put their heads together and plan to go out with one last bang. In college they formed a small rock band and became local celebrities (it got them pleeeenty of babes). However once they graduated and started their own lives, it wasn't as easy getting together to play. Now as retirees living their last final days among family and friends, they wanted to play once more. They invited all their loved ones and put on one helluva concert!
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I am not, myself, all that fond of the guy their daughter Georgette finally married, but given that he's fathered the much-desired sixth grandchild, it seems unkind of Gene and Lacy Skirt to gossip about him!

Love came late to Skye Weiss, but Dora Ottomas is a good teacher. Homer Land's accustomed to keeping an eye on his reclusive neighbor, and is glad to see him finally getting some.

They would both be shocked to see how she treats Skye's co-grandparent, Valentine Hart, when she follows him into the bedroom! Valentine came in to play with the kitten and possibly tuck his granddaughter in, but Dora won't let him. Heartfarting madly, she gets right in his face and tries to pick a fight! Valentine declines - this time. This is not the first crazed fan he ever encountered in his career as an international sports star, but he had thought retirement would put an end to that. Nor is Dora making much sense - is she mad about the Hot Tub Dome Scandal, because he won't discuss the biography her son wants to write, because of his son's behavior to Skye's daughter, or because he never answered any of her fan letters the way she dreamed he would? Make up your mind, ma'am!

This treatment of Sandy Beech at Widespot Park, however, is almost certainly down to the fact that Sandy, though one of Penny Weiss's closest friends, is still seeing her babydaddy Rhett Hart behind Penny's back.

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Default Elder Sims Tidbits II

Delilah and Lucas Piper have been married a long time - at least long enough he can make a crack about her 'well-done' ribs at a family barbecue and not get hit upside the head. Then again, leave it to Delilah to try making ribs for the first time at a family barbecue. As a international corporate lawyer and a fashion photographer, they don't always see eye to eye but Lucas usually ends up winning arguments because that's what he's paid to do.

Elle King dreaded the day she would get her first wrinkles, being an over dramatic stage actress. She had anticipated agents to stop calling, men to stop swooning, to her--the world was going to end! However it didn't, and she found that her new classy elder status set her up for Mrs. Robinson-esque parts in the theater. Also in real life. Just wait until she gets a grey hair!

Sukuri and JIn Kinazagi have just seen their only daughter off to university. Now they have the apartment to themselves they can catch up on sci-fi novels and crossword puzzles. Even more so once they actually retire as an inventor and game designer, respectively.

Divorcee, Maxwell Wellington spends his Saturdays landscaping and putting together his train set. During the week he's being 'Mr. W', the 'cool' geography teacher to Memosa Bay Elementary students.

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Default I find the Elders interesting--you can do so much with them!


Ruby Hamm's backstory: Ruby worked many years as a seamstress for a large and famous clothes maker. She recently retired, and after saving her money, she bought a small home and is starting a business for herself. She lives with her cat, Smudgy.

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Jenny Smith and her youngest -- last -- kid Jack. She would have liked to have had another baby; Jill's baby Jeneral is younger than Jack -- and she has a feeling that Jane's going to be having a little "nuisance" of her own before too long -- but she knows she'll miss when Jack is no longer small enough to carry in her arms.

Her feelings for PT#9 haven't changed, though she can't help but wonder if his have towards her. Everything's... different now.

The kids have no idea. They made sure of it. Jenny pursued PT#9 throughout the party like she had back when they first met; when she was young and he was, well, not quite as old.

And, late that night, Jenny started to contemplate the meaning of the word "hypocrisy."

(Jenny and PT#9's chemistry suffered upon her transition to elder; they went from a strong two bolts to barely one. He's never matched her turn-ons -- he can't grow facial hair and she's never managed to talk him into an Iggy Moondust glam rock look -- but he still turns Jenny on. PT#9 just shrugs: he liked her better back when her hair was blonde and, given that he doesn't initiate any romantic actions towards her now, I doubt he's going to see her in her underwear again any time soon.)

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Lana isn't too fond of Candy, and she's not convinced that Junior's marriage to her will last, but she's really looking forward to becoming a grandma. And the wedding cake's really tasty!

Daytona's not entirely convinced that Lytham is actually her grandson, but hey, if Hamilton's willing to treat him like his son, then she's willing to treat him like her grandson. Even if he isn't.

When Val and Goldie go down to the store for some Daddy-daughter quality time Goldie broaches the subject of college over cups of espresso. Val objects, but not for the reasons she expected. "College? What do you mean, you want to go to college?! Girl, you want to study, we're sending you to university!". Val has heard good things about Takemizu Village University, but Goldie isn't convinced. She prefers the idea of Twikkii Island University - and the beaches and nightlife (and guys) there!

Having his entire family under one roof is hard work, not to mention expensive! But Val has to admit that it has its good points too....
#524 Old 17th Aug 2014 at 7:34 PM

Denise Jacquet, on her first vacation, discovers that perfect hair and makeup, good figure, and chic dress will not save her from poison ivy. Who would have thought that the wealth god's grove would be full of it?
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Restarted Pleasantview and gave my favorite old guy a makeover. Mortimer Goth!

He got a new kitten for his empty home and they're bonding nicely.

Also, Dina said yes!

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