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Diane Sparkle

With hubby Twilight
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#527 Old 1st Sep 2014 at 3:19 PM

Sally Ruben helps herself to the fruits of the money tree at her daughter's campus residence.

Leslie Gay makes stock for her gift shop and plans her next date.

Esteban and Sue Casa enjoy running the store together. She deals with customers, he mans the register; he cleans, she makes them a snack; they both restock; and then it's slow-dancing time!

"That part of my life is over, my light! I never realized how much I loved you till you caught me and I almost lost you." Billy Ghote means it, or believes he does. He hasn't been rolling wants Luz couldn't fill for several rotations. He may remain faithful for the rest of her life (which is drawing to a close...)

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#528 Old 3rd Sep 2014 at 3:16 PM
This is Petunia Brooke.

She was the third generation heir of my founder and managed to out live both of her children and one of her grandchildren. She died in game this rotation and was survived by her grandchildren Tulip and Elm Brooke and her great grandchildren Danube and Thames Brooke-Brooke and Hawthorne Brooke.

She was a grouchy little shit of a sim who had no interest any of her children or grandchildren until they were adults but whined about her social bar all the time. She died out of aspiration failure only because she didn't care her son had died, of old age, in front of her a day before hand. Here she is having a pillow fight with her great grandson Hawthorne, she has just stopped farting hearts about Hawthorne's boyfriend Briar Thomas and her want bar is full of flirt with Briar, kiss Briar, get backrub from Briar. While Hawthorne fears Briar cheating on him.
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#529 Old 8th Sep 2014 at 1:02 PM

Carlos Contender is currently seeing two women at a time, Chastity Gere and Jessica Peterson, though Chastity is the one he chose to take out on an actual date to Crypt-O-Night Club. While both relationships are mostly just passionate, Carlos much prefers Chastity's company over Jessica's, mostly because Chastity doesn't irritate him when she talks and Jessica does. I see more tender interactions between those Chastity and Carlos, the romance Sims, curiously enough. Besides that, she is very relaxed, and Carlos doubts she would even care if she knew he was still Woohoo'ing with Jessica.

...though, Jessica probably shouldn't find out about Chastity. Yes, Carlos is making good use of his hot tub and double bed, and his mood is platinum most of the time, especially since work is going so well lately, too. He seems to have everything he could possibly want for now: endless Woohoo, lots of money, and no commitment!

He also certainly doesn't underestimate getting up to do his 4 AM workouts nearly every day, and I doubt he will stop wanting them even after he retires from his boxing career. Gotta keep in shape for the ladies after all, right?
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Join Agnes at home.

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Skye Weiss and his bride Dora visit his son Woody on campus. As you see, the social anxiety that kept him from attending college when he was young has been greatly mitigated.

Although they provide a good income stream, Nathan has his doubts about the way the elders of Widespot have adopted his Fun Bowl as a hang-out. They're so rowdy!

Valentine Hart was on the road a lot while his first batch of kids was growing up, so he's taking advantage of his second chances to be more hands-on.

Sandy Bruty is a little leery of settling down at her time of life, but saying yes makes Zion so happy and something'll probably come up to prevent it anyway.

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Angelica and Cooper: They aren't married. Not even dating. They have been friends since they were adults, but became friends with benefits after reuniting in the Stragetown Retirement Center. Most of the time they go on little walks in the park or to the diner for dinner.

Rose and her little sister Lorna know that their grandmother won't be around forever and make the initiative to see her whenever they have the time. Poor Lorna still hasn't quite warmed up to her grandmother yet. She's such a shy kid. Eventually Angelica did pass, but not before getting to know and love both of her lovable granddaughters.

Before Thebe's death, I had her invite her brother Calisto and sisters Cyllene [blue] and Io [red] over for a get together. The quadruplets were finally together again, if only for a small amount of time.
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#533 Old 1st Oct 2014 at 10:19 AM

'How could someone as young as you even begin to understand politics? Trust me, I worked tirelessly for Widespot. I know the ins and outs!'

Poor Dixie Land got snapped at by Daytona Beech while just trying to make conversation about something Daytona might be interested in. She isn't the only one having a hard time connecting with Daytona. Daytona seems to end almost every conversation in a negative way, unless it is with her best and longtime friend, Beulah Land.

Over at the Harts, Valentine puts his moves on Penny Weiss. Looks like Candy isn't the only one going after both a father and son now! I suspect Valentine likes Penny a lot, but isn't willing to give up his dream of having twenty lovers. Their breakfast date goes well into the afternoon and ends in hot tub Woohoo.

Rich Mann, shown here quarantined in his son Junior's room with the flu, occasionally gets up to cough, and spends a lot of the time being furious about Candy and his son, Junior, who he discovered having Woohoo in Junior's bed. He himself was having an affair with Candy, and seems to spend an awful lot of time thinking about her with a big X through her face, and wanting to see her ghost. She better watch out when he starts feeling better. He isn't a Criminal Mastermind for nothing.

Naive Lana doesn't suspect her husband hates Candy for the reasons that he does, but instead thinks that he agrees with her: that Candy is a horrible influence on Junior, and is keeping him from maturing. Besides that, Lana likes to interfere in Junior's love life a bit too much. Upon seeing Mary in their sitting room, she immediately goes to grill her, with Woohoo being the first thing she talks about.

'So Mary, you two are engaged now? You haven't had Woohoo yet, HAVE YOU?'

'Oh no, Ma'am, of course not!'

Mary wasn't lying and actually, the conversation still goes postively, due to Mary taking Lana's behavior in stride.
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Those Widespot elders will keep you on your toes!

Death comes calling again at the Onions household. "Please, Mr. Reaper, don't take my husband right in front of our little granddaughter."
"I'm not here for him this time."
"You're not?"

"Tell you what. I'll give you the same deal I gave him yesterday. Pick which hand the light's in, and you win."
"You're on!"
"Show him what you're made of, doll!"

"You cheated."
"Your husband signalled you."
"He did not! Suck it up!"

"I'm proud of you, doll."
"I'm pretty pleased with my ownself, come to that. Hush, Pearl, I'm fine. Mr. Reaper is just going."
"Well, now, actually when I said I wasn't here for your husband this time, I meant - that time. This is a second time here."

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It had been good. Even with going to town for Bianca's trial...well, he was lucky to have his Isabella. She was good to him. He'd gotten a bit confused and thought he was at the beach, but she just lay down with him, so he wasn't even embarrassed when he realized they were laying on a Downtown sidewalk. He wasn't embarrassed about much any more...

Now, if only this splitting headache would go away. It had been getting worse the past few days, and he'd been getting more and more confused.

Ok, how did this guy get into the bathroom? With hula girls, no less? Not that he was complaining about the hula girls, but really...wasn't he supposed to have some kind of security here?

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Zion Anderson and Sandy Bruty made a fine team taking care of Townie Hall Furniture together, and afterward he decided to take her out to dinner to say thank you. They'd barely been seated when Gary Gilscarbo came along and interrupted.

Apparently he took Sandy's little fling with him, and takes this date with Zion, more seriously than she does.

His attitude surprises Sandy. Which is odd, given that she's an elder Romance sim. This is hardly her first caught-cheating event.

Well, if Gary's gonna be jealous anyway, may as well give him something to be jealous of!

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Default The Garcias
Alejandro and Tibby are both pleasure aspiration sims. They play darts together, jump on sofas together, go on outings together and they love it. even though they have similar aspirations, they do have different hobbies and skills.

For example, Alejandro is a freelance web designer and he loves to tinker. He dabbles in robotics, and is in the process of restoring an old jalopy.

Tibby is a retired SWAT team leader in the IKDP. In her well-earned retirment she keeps up with her passion for fitness through relaxation, meditation, and yoga - having transformed one of their children's rooms into a 'zen room'.

They have two children, a son who is a Freshman at SSU and an older daughter who is actually married to Mr. February in MTS 2015 Calander Contest.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Inappropriate elders edition!

Herb, if you're not going to do anything more helpful than stand there scratching your armpit, please get out. This is not your bedroom, and this is not the moment to enter it.

Mortimer, finish having your laugh already. You want to make the boy die of embarrassment? (Which I guess could happen in a *cough* alternate world. *cough*)

What? You couldn't clean up all the smelly bottles before getting another out? Or notice that you just dropped a perfectly good one on the floor? Neither of the twins are even hungry...
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Annie Reeves, just after her birthday
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#540 Old 14th Jan 2015 at 3:51 AM
There is a life after death..

The Great AntiJen
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Oh that's lovely though I do hope it's not the original.

I no longer come over to MTS very often but if you would like to ask me a question then you can find me on tumblr or my own site tflc. TFLC has an archive of all my CC downloads.
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#542 Old 15th Jan 2015 at 5:39 AM
Originally Posted by maxon
Oh that's lovely though I do hope it's not the original.

I can assure you, she´s just a monster in my game LOL.
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Hamilton Beech enjoys the fresh air of Three Lakes.

The usually fastidious Ernest and Sage Ann Munny have no objection to lying on the grass in certain situations.

Kevin Beare tends to use his vacation days as fast as he gets them, so he has no choice but to go in to work on his birthday. Work starts at 6, so he grows up on the threshold. Huh, must be in a costume drama...

Onward and upward, gray hair or none.

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#544 Old 2nd Feb 2015 at 1:05 AM

"Yes, I am quite a gifted artist, aren't I? You see, I went on vacation to the Far East, which gave me inspiration..."
"Lady, just let me give you your membership card and leave."

Why yes, it is a good resemblance!
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#545 Old 25th Feb 2015 at 3:43 PM
Haruko Long
#546 Old 18th Mar 2015 at 7:31 PM

'Going to bed already? It's barely past ten!' Rick says with a flabbergasted tone in his voice.
'Sorry son. I know you wanted to spend time with me, but I'm exhaused!' Udo replied when going under the covers. 'I just became an elder and you know, then your energy plummet immediately.'
'If you say so...'
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#547 Old 3rd Apr 2015 at 12:39 AM
Johnny and Ophelia Smith finally get a chance to relax after throwing a successful anniversary party.

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#548 Old 4th Apr 2015 at 5:28 AM
Josephine and her ex-husband Arden

Caryl Haggerty
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#549 Old 12th Apr 2015 at 4:40 AM

Sage Ann Munny has finally found a use for the genie lamp she got ages ago. "Your wish is my et cetera! What will it be? Wealth? Love? A long life?"
"I already have all those, thanks. What I need is to be immune to disease, so when my family gets sick I can take care of them without catching it."
"So it shall be! Sim, sim, salabim!"

Kitty Hawkins gets into a discussion with her daughter's parrot, who either admires her eloquence or is telling her to practice more and get a charisma point.

Livva Ann Onions's husband is the local expert on alien pregnancy, but she does not in the least approve of her nephew Merlin Hawkins deliberately summoning aliens. "What were you thinking? Your wife is pregnant, and you ask those little green things to take you away from her? What if they hadn't brought you back?"

"They always bring people back!"
"We don't know that! If people just disappear who knows if the aliens have them or not? We don't know enough about them to guess what they'll do."
"We won't ever know if we can't contact them in a controlled fashion!"
"That doesn't mean you have to take chances like that when your wife's pregnant, you moron!"

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#550 Old 12th Apr 2015 at 11:07 AM
I clicked "agree" because I agree with Livva Ann Onions. I coddle my Sims anyway, but pregnant Sims need extra mollycoddling. I keep as many healthy Sims round them as possible to look after their every need!

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