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I've started a project recently to see what the premade Maxis sims can do genetically.

This round, Circe Beaker and Random Handsome Townie.

She did really well. Eir Beaker, here an absolutely drop dead gorgeous teen...

Though unfortunately she inherited her mother's questionable nose proportions.

And here we have her twin, Freya Beaker... Hubba bubba, well done Circe!

Much better!

Click spoiler to see another set of sisters. Born in game.

Quick makeover on Freya!
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Florence Delarosa quite likes her condition. It makes even a grey tracksuit look snazzy, and she can get away with so much more red than she could before. Her husband, however, was dubious at the best of times...

Yes, Bluewater by night is the town of interesting species in mundane roles...

Rubbish picture, but you can see how much Jennifer Burb will do for money...

Despite her love of music, Melody Tinker's expression of concentration looks rather unpleasant.
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They're from my "sort of ISBI".
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This is Destiny Cerise, who I just made in CAS. I'm trying to make more cartoony Sims based off of Peni Griffin's helpful tutorial and I think for my first go at it she turned out okay- but I'll admit I was too scared to do anything drastic I'll get there eventually. She is a romance Sim and her turn-ons are fatness (like herself) and brown hair. She doesn't like fit/skinny people, which is the majority of my hood. She is a Leo with very few active and nice points and a lot of outgoing and playful points. She dresses very slutty and sloppy, wearing low cut belly shirts and tight dresses. All of that makes her seem like she'll be a bitch with those pointy eyebrows, turned lips and small eyes but her nose and cheeks are rather cute. Who knows, maybe she'll turn into a sweet girl. I'm moving her into my new apartment complex for her to start in. Maybe she'll get a cat, make some friends, or ruin the peace in the town. I'll see how it goes!
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Destiny doesn't look like a bitch to me; just like she's not gonna take any guff from anybody and has been getting way too much of it offered to her.

Delta Land, as a teen, must keep giving her father little shocks. I think every one of her features except the hair color comes from Mom, so she must look now a lot like Beulah did back when they started dating.

Rosemary Thyme graduates with a decent but not stellar GPA. She's got a Golden Anniversary want and a wealthy fiancee, so it's not like she was going to need the grade points for a resume.

Theodora Ottomas gets up from her nap to find that her father invited household on her oldest brother David - which includes her arch-enemy, her sister-in-law Susana. So she tries to make up. Not coincidentally, similar scenes have to be enacted whenever Susana's father invites household on Susana, for David is arch-enemies with his brother-in-law Emilio Casa. Theodora and Emilio themselves made up long ago and are perfectly friendly again. Serial daters with big families are major drama engines.

Mary Ann Hawkins thinks her cousin (for all practical purposes; Mary Ann's adopted father is Andice's father's wife's brother) needs to lighten up, and she's just the girl to do it.

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For download now ->

You have no name yet, do you? No, you don't.
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How about Loreen or Laureen? She looks like a Loreen to me

Selena Moor

Bella Martini

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Originally Posted by JulySims2
How about Loreen or Laureen? She looks like a Loreen to me

I'm just gonna post another picture so I can reply to you and say I LOVE YOUR SIMMIES. What skin(s) are you using there? And thank you for the suggestion, a really good one!

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Thanks Angelique As I stated Selenas Skin is from Liliths feathers skinset, however bella has the skin I used before changing. I can't find it anymore but it was a blend of Nilou's Memories skinset. And I can't stop saying thanks so here we go once more: Thank you!

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Petra Ottomas makes the most of her college years.

Josephine Ruben and Erika Swain get to know each other at Deborah Gavigan's birthday party.

Although Amanda Ruben loves having her own place on campus, she's having a hard time studying there lately. The place smells like her boyfriend Frank, and it's distracting. Trouble is, the library doesn't smell like him, and that's distracting, too! (She was thinking about him the entire time. I know this feeling.)

I got so sick of the awful clothes the female DJs wear that I finally downloaded some default replacements. As if to celebrate, the next time anyone in Widespot went to a club, the game spawned this awesome female DJ (whose name I don't remember). As a bonus, that's Widespot's evil witch, Brandy Dixon, dancing with Rhett Hart in the background.

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For some reason, Beth Evans isn't particularly popular with her parents-in-law... which she finds particularly galling because they like her husband's ex so very, very much. Since things between Beth and her father-in-law Nervous remain at the nuclear war stage, Joshua decided to invite his mom Frieda over right before he went to work under the pretense of having her help out with getting the house ready for the new babies. This obviously came as a surprise to Beth who, after Frieda gave her a family kiss hello, proceeded to argue with her. I don't think Beth liked that Frieda hadn't stood up for her before when Nervous was picking on her and accused Frieda of being afraid to rock the boat.

Frieda disagreed and, after Beth noseflicked her to emphasize her point, the two women went inside to watch sports on tv.

They don't like the same teams.

Sports rivalries aside, Frieda and Beth were able to talk to each other during the commercial breaks. (Though it didn't stop some passive aggression on both their parts: Beth rolled the want to influence someone to serve a meal -- so she asked Frieda -- and Frieda responded by fixing this. I'm surprised at Frieda, since she went through so much hell with Olive... but, then again, Beth isn't exactly making it easy for her, either. At least they're getting along better now.)

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My sim Julia - she always looks so sad. I blame Isaiah Gavigan

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@TigerAnne - I really like Vanessa. I don't know what her actual personality is like, but she looks really pretty and delicate.

Here are some of my sims...



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Looks like Dixie passed her final...

One of Widespot's new Downtownie teens, Brandi. It's kind of fun spotting them as they spawn.

Penny's certain she wouldn't have burned the meat loaf for the wedding party if Daddy hadn't been nagging her about getting dressed. The guests have only just started arriving, and it's not as if none of them haven't seen her in her PJs before now. Well, except for that one guy from his lab...

Jenny Neugierig tests a Bigg City lot in my test hood.

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Ophelia and Jasmine enjoy a last school cheer at LFT. Now, for some fun...

Blossom was sad, but knew she shouldn't be so surprised. After all, she was the hippie girl he couldn't take home to his father...but what was Jasmine?

Ophelia was very proud of her cooking ability.

Next task: Catch some fish for her next try cooking! Unfortunately, she fell down just after this picture was taken...but she looks so optimistic in the picture! And so pretty...I love Ophelia, I must admit.
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Diane Long
(née Bruenig)
Born in-game. Second of three. Wife. Mother.
Owns Flower business.
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Billy Pool, asylum inmate. Deathly afraid of peas.

Asylum "volunteer", Aniya Corlin.

Guinevere, who has allergic reactions to bad grammar.

Williana from across the road. She's got her own madhouse to take care of.
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A couple more chicka's from some of my neighborhoods ^_^

Evelyn Nguyen

Vietnamese. 20. Fashion Vlogger. Face Model. Local Music Zine Editor. Charming & quick witted.

Priya Chattopadhyay

22. Indian. Stand up Comedian. Entrepreneur. Talkative. Energetic. Allergic to bee's.

Stephanie Merryweather

18. British. Bookworm. Starbucks Barista. Aspiring Lawyer. Dorky. Irritable.

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Sandy Beech, having gotten her marriage back on track, forged a truce with her mother-in-law, and quietly put Rhett Hart back on the burner, buys herself an MP3 player for her birthday. "And it's aaaaaalll right and we're coming home, we gotta get right back to where we started from!"

Sharla Ottomas jumps right in to taking care of her baby sister Viola after she grows up without any fanfare.

Honey, the oldest Beare child, puts Claire, the youngest Beare child, to bed on her only night home as an adult. Tomorrow she gets married (and pregnant), getting started on her own LTW of graduating three kids from college and marking a major milestone in her mother's LTW of marrying off six kids.

Sharla's best friend Tina Traveller also has twin younger siblings, so Sharla pitches right in, giving little Tilda a bath. The Ottomai are great babysitters.

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Meet Nonnie Owl :}
#174 Old 2nd Feb 2014 at 2:12 AM
Some random shots of my megahood's lovely ladies...

Bianca Monty just had to take a quick nap between consummating her marriage on a bench in the courtyard and going off in the honeymoon limo. She looks rather sweet...not at all like a murderess!

Hermia was stunned to be told she was a pet hoarder and that the police officer was taking the animals away. Just who did this woman think she was?

Can you spot the real Bella? Nina's trip to the spa turned into an impromptu Bella Goth impersonation contest with her dyed hair and the sudden appearance of both the returned Bella and not-Bella Claire Wood.

These two! This townie started picking on Cassandra, and they were quickly brawling at the Royal Hotel. This was taken just as the fight started; I thought it very mean for the townie to start a fight with someone who'd just had twins! Besides, she looks a Has someone been having a few too many drinks?
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I cannot get over the unbridled cuteness of Madeleine Estic-Moiselle, shown here applauding her big brother's wedding, now she's a YA.

The bride at that wedding, Honey nee Beare, isn't sure why her little brother's girlfriend, Petra Ottomas, didn't leave when the party broke up. She talks to her while the groom is showering and then hustles her out the door - she has important married-people business to get down to.

Mary Hart just backsassed Mrs. Crumplebottom and got away with it! Lana Mann is unimpressed, and Samantha Ottomas is too busy enjoying her rare state of unpregnancy to notice, but Cheri Moss the bartender appears to be gleeful about it.

Dixie Land is glad her best friend Virginia finally got to college, so she throws a party and starts catching her up on all the dirty jokes she's learned since they last saw each other.

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