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Default Recoloring Moghughson's illuminated shop sign
I'm trying to do this, and realise there is an extra step to do because of the lit/unlit states. Mog says in the original thread that there are detailed instructions how to do this in the thread, but I don't see them.
What I have found is that she said "Yes - the lighting is changed in the TXMT and you only have one TXTR to worry about. The hash value you generate goes in the MMAT."
Can someone explain to me in very simple specific terms what this means please.
What hash value is generated and where do I put it??
(the thread is here )
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If you haven't seen it already, there's a spoiler-tag "how to make a recolor of this sign" directly beneath the sign picture, which you'll have to click to get the tutorial. The steps on how to generate the hash value and where to paste it in are described here.
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OMG what a dill I am. Damn spoilers! Thank you!
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