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saw a debug super duper hug option while my sims were visiting lesyasun's punch night club
thankfully it didnt contaminate my other lots. a shame tho, i do enjoy their builds.
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Default News from Veronaville
Capp Manor

The first thing Juliette did on Saturday morning was send a message of condolence to the British Royal Family on the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Then she played The Sims Bustin' Out on her computer. Then the whole family then met, all rather scantily clad, for a breakfast of cereal in the dining room.

Tybalt bought the PaintBoyz gay nightclub, visited it with his friend Jack Gill, made some minor improvements and then sold it back to the community. Tybalt isn't gay, but Jack is, and he wanted to help his friend. When he got home, Tybalt had a pillow fight with Hermia, before helping her with her homework.

Tybalt invited Jack round again. Jack brought Marion Hutchins, who works as a Bunny Girl hostess at Club Dante, with him. Tybalt greeted both of them, but Jack had a pillow fight with Marion and left, without even coming up to the house. Marion however did wander up to the house after Jack left her, and joined the Capp family for the evening meal.

Before going to bed on Saturday night, Juliette asked Jamie Siddons round and asked him to try to tidy up the gardens. He worked all night, well into the small hours, pulling weeds and trimming the hedges, but the amount of work required there is really overwhelming, and a gardener three days a week simply doesn't cut it.

Very early on Sunday morning, Tybalt got up, and bought the downtown Gaia LGBT club. He went there and made some changes that Jack Gill had asked him to make, and, on returning home, sold it back to the community. His wife Lexie greeted him enthusiastically when he got home.

Tybalt wanted to make friends with Hermes Hunter (Miriam Hunter's kid from Bluewater), so he invited him round. He brought another child, townie boy Thomas Hewitt, with him. Hermia invited her on/off boyfriend Puck Summerdream round, partly because Juliette thought she should get to know sister's boyfriend better. Puck also brought a younger friend with him -- young Benedick Monty.

In the late evening, around 11 o'clock various parents arrived to take their children home. Miriam came for Hermes, and townie Willie Worth came to take Thomas Hewitt home. Antonio Monty came for Benedick, but he got side-tracked, and ended up playing chess with Lexie Kauker-Capp (Tybalt's teenage wife) until long after midnight. So Benedick ended up walking home on his own.

Wanting to sleep together, Tybalt and Lexie went to bed in the bed in the front courtyard that was set up for their wedding night. It's not really satisfactory, but without major alterations, there's no room for a double bed in Tybalt's room. It makes it all the more urgent that they move out to their own place. They plan to buy 7 Chorus Court where they will be next door neighbours to Gloria and Andrew (and their husbands). Tybalt and Lexie, like most Veronavillians, usually sleep in their underwear, but tonight they wore pyjamas, seeing they were sleeping outside.

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My game computer won't turn on; or rather, it turns on, then makes a grinding noise and turns off, then turns itself on, makes a grinding noise, etc. So it's in the shop for the next couple of days.
The least of many frustrations and setbacks I'm having, but a real one.

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Originally Posted by simsample

oh!! thank you very much <3
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