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Default The “Too Many Toddlers” Welfare Center Challenge.
The “Too Many Toddlers” Welfare Center Challenge.

I’m aware that similar challenges exist but I wanted to share my own version with you all.

I did have a prebuilt lot and group of toddlers/teachers for download in case you didnt like using cheats but the files were over at megaupload. This site was shut down and i dont have copies of the files sorry...


4 friends band together and open up a Welfare Center for toddlers. The beloved Social Worker has heard of your organization and drops off 8 neglected toddlers. It’s up to your 4 Care Takers to teach and care for them until they become children.

Getting Started

First create 4 adult Sims in CAS. If you want them to be a sibling that’s fine but no partners allowed. Move them either in a blank lot or a Welfare Center that you or someone else has created. I have provided a Welfare Center for your convenience, just scroll to the bottom of the post for the download link. After your Sims have moved in use boolProp to spawn the Tombstone of L&D and create 8 toddlers.

If you have a mod that allows more than 8 Sims in a household then feel free to create all your Sims in CAS. If you don’t like using boolProp then you can download a pre-made family at the bottom of the post. Once your family is set up please turn aging off! This challenge will be over too quickly otherwise and you will need more time to train all your toddlers. You may activate aging again once 7 Sim days have passed. If done this way your toddlers will age after 11 days. You may use money cheats to build the Welfare Center or to move your household into a prebuilt one however after they have moved in you must reduce the family funds to $1000.



The main idea of this challenge is to get all toddlers in your Welfare Center potty trained, walking, talking and building as many skills as possible before aging into children whilst making sure the Social Worker doesn’t show up to take them away!

+ 20 each time a toddler fully learns to walk
+ 20 each time a toddler fully learns to talk
+ 20 each time a toddler fully learns to use the potty
+25 each time a toddler learns a nursery rhyme
+ 30 each time a toddler reaches level 7 of any skill
+ 45 each time a toddler becomes friends with another toddler
+ 55 each time Smart Milk is placed onto your lot (not including the 2 that are in the premade Care Takers inventories).
- 10 Each time a toddler falls asleep on the floor
- 15 for every fire started from cooking
- 20 Each time one of your Care Takers passes out
- 30 each time the Sim Shrink shows up (from aspiration failure)



- No maxmotives or ANY motive cheats at any time. This takes the “challenge” out of the challenge otherwise. - None of the care takers can marry although they can get engaged. If you want them to marry then you must move them out of the Center first and then move in a new care taker - None of your adult Sims can get a job (working at the Welfare Center is their job) however you can use the familyfunds cheat to add $800 to the household each Friday (this acts as their salary).
– No nanny OR butler may ever be hired. You may hire any other service Sims you wish (i.emaid)
- Obviously no skill building cheats!
The challenge ends when all toddlers age into children or if the Social Worker shows up!
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Love the house!
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thanks very much!
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another challenge, already? i'll have to try this one out, soon.

i love your ideas, and your lots. and your sims. thank you so much for these challenges. :P
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And I think twin toddlers are a thing I'd do, give the caretakers beds that give the maximum amount of energy, if possible.
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Originally Posted by christmas fear
i love your ideas, and your lots. and your sims. thank you so much for these challenges. :P

Your welcome! And thanks for the nice comments!
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The house looks amazing, but I don't have all the EP's and SP's needed. Would it be possible for you to make it available with EP's up to, say, Seasons? I absolutely love the design, and am useless at making houses =]
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This lot will still work even if you dont have all the EPS, all it will do is replace any objects that you havent got with ones that you if i used a table from AL and you havent got it then it will just replace it with a different one...i've never had a prob installing homes when i didnt have all the just requires all EPs for it to look the exact same way as i made it!
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I adore the house and your house making skills.
I'll definitely have to start this one up after the orphanage, and the educate 'em challenges are done, my game can't handle more than one humongous family in any neighborhood at a time.
You're very creative. =D

Take the Hard Hat Challenge. A relatively quick challenge designed to be added into almost any established hood.

Hollow Tune - Brick 'N' Mortar.

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I tried to install it but as it's a Sims2packfile, when I click to install it, it opens a message saying you don't have all the required ep's so I can't install D=. Is there anyway I can get passed this? =]
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im really not sure to be honest. i have never had that happen to me before, even when i didnt have all the EPs.....sorry about that! maybe try installing it with the clean pack installer instead
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this seems interesting I have been looking for a way to enhance my sim gameplay
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Off to try this now! I don't have all the SP's for your house (all I'm lacking is Celebration and K&B) so I'm replicating it to the best of my ability. Really anxious to see how much sanity I'll have left by the time my little ones become kids. XD
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Ah.. I just wish I had some EP's! I only have nightlife and Celebration Stuff.. ]:
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25th Apr 2011 at 12:56 PM
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where can i find the lot?
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Default ...and what REALLY happened...
I'm going to try this...but harder. Maybe will start with a CAS elder and her adult daughter; will give them skills in cooking & cleaning. Will add adults (teens?) just to see what the minimum number of caretakers is (have to use tombstone for toddlers & caretakers).
What will happen if I use teens, keeping them home from school?
Actually, none of the above. I couldn't see a reason for reducing their money. At 1 week all toddlers had learned the 4 basic skills, plus a total of:
mechanical 15, Charisma 15, Body 14, Creativity 27. Yes, I have toys that do that.
Only bad idea-- I made them a beach lot, and the caregivers were always wandering away to play in the sand...

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