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@Simsample -I linked to the hack I use in another thread and it changes the cash earned on each loop from 5$ to 500$ each time.I also linked to what I use to unlock these to buy mode.
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12x100, 12x50, 6x6 community for reference.
Lazy Duchess stopped at 12x12 (like the castaway lots) and I can see why as neither of the monstrosities function correctly, thought they do load. Sims cannot walk past 128.
Using Duchess's modified copy of Mootilda's lot adjuster with no lot size limit allows for such madness.

(including roading, assuming 1 lot square = 1 metre)
Maxis Limit: 6x6, 3,600m2 (standard)
Castaway Limit/Duchess's Huge Lot: 12x12, 14,400m2 (4x standard)
120 x 500: 12x50, 60,000m2 (16.67x Standard)
120 x 1km: 12x100, 120,000m2 (33.34x Standard)
Just east of Lyra, northwest of Pegasus
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