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Default Assorted Retaining Walls & small walls for download
Hey all!

I was displeased with the limited possibilities we had with the otherwise beautiful retaining walls that came with NightLife (impossible to make a decent corner, hole on one side so you can't end your wall on the left...) so I made some of my own. They don't match the original *exactly* since I had to remap the whole thing and fiddle with the textures, but they also don't have the slight green hue the original has. I think that's a plus. They're probably high polygone though, so I guess that's a minus.

edit: I just read that "For objects - the rule of thumb is to aim for 800 poly or less per tile that the object takes up." - so I guess they're not that high-poly at all

edit2: I guess I wasn't done mapping after all: I added a collection of small walls for beautifying edges, trimming canals, and whatnot - also: please re-download the retaining walls as I fixed their footprints!

edit3: ... aaaaaaand updated because I added corners for the small walls. Now I'm really, really done
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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These will be very useful- great work!

Can you perhap give a poly count for them, if you consider them high poly?

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Well, the long one is 2848 faces (that's the same as polygones right?), The corner piece about half that.
The reason for this is that EA makes the texture repeat multiple times over a very long (low-poly) wall, by effectively mapping waaaaaaay past the edge of the UV map. Which doesn't work (or I haven't been able to do this) with a cloned object. So I had to make a short wall, map it, and then copy that several times.

I apologize if all this sounds like complete nonsense
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I have a feeling Bloom found some secret to the extended UVMap problem. And if my memory is not totally failing, he and Peter worked something out so S3PE would support it properly. You could ask if he has any idea what I am talking about, and if so, am I talking about the same thing lol.

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Hmz maybe I will, but I'm sort of fed up with UV mapping for the nonce - back to building worlds!
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This is amazing thank you so much! i have this weird obsession with using retaining walls and making canals and such and while the variety in CAW is good, they don't give you every option per wall type. obviously each type should come with a straight piece and a corner piece. like that very nice "L" shaped brick textured one that kind of slopes out. i want to use that but there's no straight piece to extend it. i don't really want to sculpt my world around using a wall. :/

anyway again thanks very much for your efforts! :D
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Ooooooh! Great job - looks amazing! :D

Damn, now I want to update CAW just to use these :P
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Wow that's great, also, i've got a little idea to enlarge your set )))
It would be nice if there will be inversed corners (inner-coner i suppose it called), and maybe some 45graded curves, and s-curved walls )
Wouuuld be total perfection )

Oh, using'em right now in a city, did u know it's way to simnplier if to use such walls to create contours of the city? XD
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Thank you!
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I so love them!!! Thank you so much ! I tried doing the same thing with some kind of wall. River fence - rail (it comes with WA expansion), but the textures went black and i couldn`t find the problem. Do you have any ideas?
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These look fabulous. I will put them to what I hope will be good use. But... Oh, I feel so ungrateful for saying this...

I can't get them to line up, even when I have "snap to grid" activated. In addition, I've noticed that the brick walls are just the slightest bit longer at the top than at the bottom, meaning I have to either allow a tiny gap at the bottom or make them overlap a bit at the top (which makes them flicker). Is this just a problem on my end?
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Originally Posted by TsarIvan
I've noticed that the brick walls are just the slightest bit longer at the top than at the bottom, meaning I have to either allow a tiny gap at the bottom or make them overlap a bit at the top (which makes them flicker). Is this just a problem on my end?

For the flickering add or subtract about 0.1~0.2 from XYZ coordinates for one of the objects. They will seem lined up, but won't flicker.
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Yeah I'm afraid this project was my first attempt at creating an object from beginning to end. Cristinaro: the reason the textures go black when you put the object through all the steps is just something to do with how EA builds these world objects, meaning you can't just edit them; you have to clone a different object (I used a sign post - yeah) and mesh + UV-map everything from scratch, which took me, well, about a week. All that said, I know they are far from perfect, and I apologize for that, but I don't have time to edit anything now (senior year of uni and all). I made them overlap a little in my world and haven't been bothered by flickering, but I know it's there if you look for it. I hope you can enjoy them as they are though Cheers
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Oh, I love these!!! Thanks a lot!

Originally Posted by TsarIvan
I can't get them to line up, even when I have "snap to grid" activated.

Actually it might be easier without snap grid activated and using the x-y-z coordinates.

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I'm having problems getting these to show up in game - I did the framework thing and they show in CAW perfectly well. If I try adding the packages to my game/mods folder then EIG crashes. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Edit: NM, it was just this version of CAW being b0rked as usual ¬_¬
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23rd Jun 2015 at 11:06 PM
This message has been deleted by nixChips. Reason: I put the files to the mod folder in my sims3 main folder instead of the recommended Create a world one. Now it works just fi
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#16 Old 14th Feb 2016 at 9:34 PM
I am as we speak extracting these into my documents/electronicarts/sims3/mods/packages folder....i really hope that works or should i be installing them elsewhere?
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Only saw the post now but these walls look amazing, I liked the idea they did with the "looking-like-houseboats" lots in the store world Lucky Palms. I always HATED it, I wasn't able to recreate such lots in my world but this might just do the trick.

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#18 Old 13th Nov 2016 at 10:45 AM
nothing shows up added textures however show up but not stuf flike this and I've done everything I had to :/
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#19 Old 13th Nov 2016 at 2:02 PM
okay so I've done everything and I've downloaded this and some French walls by Gelina (wariverside)3. Your walls are NOT showing up, however, Gelina's are...

I guess you have to update your download or something? It's very odd only her CC is showing up...
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#20 Old 29th Dec 2016 at 3:04 PM
it now shows up.

Is it possible for you to create curbed walls as well??
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#21 Old 30th Apr 2022 at 6:04 AM
I wonder that if i use hundreds of them in my town,would it slow down my gameworking? Please forgivie my poor English....
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