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Default Where Are They Now
Hello everyone. This story has never left my mind, even though I essentially abandoned it long ago. I always hated when writers did this with stories I loved, and I'm ashamed I am now among those ranks. I am now completely unable to continue this story, and it pains me to say so. I always thought in the back of my head I would pick it back up again, but the hard drive that held these characters literally ended up in a dumpster. It's a long story. At the very least, I want to give readers (and myself) some closure. I'm going to provide you with the last plans I made for the story. Unfortunately, I can't include pictures. I will tell you where my beloved characters were headed. Thank you for reading, I apologize for letting everyone down. Hopefully we will meet again if I am ever able to publish another story.

Eden, upon skipping town, soon found herself in the remote Riverblossom Hills. There she would meet the citizens of Riverblossom Hills and they would make their way into the story. There Eden would raise her son, hoping to avoid Felix's wrath. She would lay low and live simply. The hit woman Felix hired was none other than Cleo Shikibu, a resident of Riverblossom Hills. Cleo would befriend Eden and her son, and refuse to carry out the job. I even toyed with the idea of Cleo killing Felix instead. Eden's family and the Pleasant name would continue on in Riverblossom Hills, living a safe and happy life. Eden would remember her humble roots and realize what was truly important. Once she was safe from Felix, Eden could return to Pleasantview (just for a visit) to reconcile with Destiny and Dirk.

Lucy and Alex would continue their lives in Strangetown. Eventually, General Grunt's character would be introduced and his alien prejudiced tendencies revealed. As Alba aged into a teen, she and little Buck Grunt would fall in love. Disgusted and angered that his son would be romantically involved with an alien, Grunt would try to harm Alba and call in some muscle to destroy the aliens and Alien Assimilation Project. He would claim they are dangerous. With most of the town having so much alien family, his plan would fail and he would end up jailed and therefore removed from the project. Alba and Buck would be safe, free to attend La Fiesta Tech together, marry, and have children. Alex would be appointed the new head of the Alien Assimilation Project, and be able to successfully introduce aliens to the rest of the world. Strangetown, no longer a secret, allowed for travel to and from. Lucy and Alex would be reunited with what was left of their family. They would choose to remain in Strangetown, living happily ever after with their 3 children.

Dustin and Angela would recover their marriage, and continue raising their 3 girls together. They would all mourn the passing of Brandi and Benjamin when their time came.

Lilith would reconcile with her sister in their old age, giving Liam the large family he always wanted. He would attend Sim State with his 3 cousins, and live a happy life. Lilith and Angela would forgive each other of past transgressions, realizing the pettiness of their fighting.

Lorenzo would propose to Destiny shortly after she gave birth to their first child, which I believe was a boy. They would soon marry, and Kaylynn would be happy to attend the wedding and enjoy the rest of her life doting on grandchildren. Destiny and Lorenzo would have many "happy accidents" due to their active woohoo life. Six to be exact. They would raise all six babies in the Lothario home and live happily ever after.

Ricardo and Jane would live happily in Aunt Nina's home, raising their twins Maggie and Marco. They would never have more children.

Letti and Martin would continue to live together, raising Ivan. Martin would live under the illusion that he had a perfect family while Letti was unhappy. Shortly after Ivan became a toddler, Martin would face an untimely death. Letti would find herself shocked, saddened, yet relieved. Her struggles as a single mom would make her realize how hard she had been on her mother, and they would reconcile. Desperate to help his brother's family, Joshua Ruben would move into the home. He and Letti would be a perfect match, and Letti would finally find true loved. Joshua and Letti would marry, having a baby of their own. They would tell Ivan the truth as he grew older, but they would stay a happy family.

Gideon Goth and Ophelia Nigmos would marry after her graduation, making a home in the Goth mansion while having a baby or two. They would live a happy life together. After the success of the Alien Assimilation Project, Ophelia could honestly share her past with Gideon, bringing them closer. Ophelia would reunite with old flame, Johnny Smith. She would apologize for leaving him so abruptly, happy to see he still made a happy life for himself in Strangetown.

Carter Long would marry Tara Kat and welcome twin girls into the world, Finley and Fallon.

That's all the big characters. You can assume all of the other side characters led happy and successful lives, of course with a dash of drama Thanks for everything. Until we meet again.

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Thanks for coming back and giving us closure.
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I finally started writing my own story--inspired by THIS ONE!--and was only recently having a conversation about how I hoped you'd maybe come back to it someday. Someone else said, "After four years? I don't THINK so!" lol!

I am so happy to have the closure!

And thank you SO SO SO SO much for the being the inspiration for my own story.

I'm sad about poor Martin Ruben--maybe I'll work him into mine somehow and give him a happier ending!

Thank you again--so glad to find that you were still thinking of us, all waiting with bated breath to find out what happened.

EDIT: I went and looked--grammapat and i were discussing it on December 22. Did we cast a spell to call to you? lol
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I've just read your novel, and I must say that I'm so impressed by your talent and the story you made!
I've read bout five different stories about Pleasantview so far, and yours is sure the best.
I especially enjoyed so many little details you added to the story, some emotions and thoughts each of the character has.
I don't know who you are and what you do, but I strongly recommend you to develop your writing skills, you are a very good dramatist.
Thank you.
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