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Default Jackie's Bad Day!

"Jackie's Bad Day!" is a short story written by my sister Wilma and illustrated my me as a Sims2 story.

It was a bright, clear fall morning in the little town of Apple Grove. It was a long awaited day for all the folks who lived in this small town.

Every year on the first Sunday in October the whole town gathers in the nearby meadow for a Fall Festival. Each family brought lots of food for their family and extra for guests.

At Jackie's house, Mama was famous for her apple pies. This year she was going to bake three pies to take to the festival. Mama planned to add a special surprise to her recipe; big, juicy raisens.

Mama picked the apples from the tree in their backyard.

She took the basket of apples inside.

Jackie and Bonnie were so excited about the festival. They could hardly wait for the activities to begin. In fact, Jackie was already thinking of a way to get to taste one of Mama's pies. He didn't want to think that what he wanted to do was wrong. After all, he was only seven years old.

He approuched his sister with his plan . . .

To take one of Mama's pies from off the table where Mama was going to put them to cool.

Bonnie was nine years old and wanted nothing to do with his idea.

While Mama was hard at work in the kitchen making pies . . .

Jackie explained his plan to Honey.

A little while later, the plan was going on schedule. While Honey went into the house to distract Mama . . .

Jackie grabbed a pie and ran; but one problem arose.

As Jackie ran away, Honey stood at the door and hollored, "Run Jackie, run! I'll meet you at the tree!"

Jackie had forgot to tell Honey not to tell Mama he was the one who took the pie. Mama instantly looked out the window and saw Jackie.

Mama immediately went to the tree where Jackie was eating the pie.

"Jackie", she said, "What made you do such a naughty thing? And to teach your baby sister to trick your mama."

Jackie hung his head in shame for in his greed for the pie, he failed to realize the consequences of his actions.

Mama knew she had to find a punishment to make Jackie remember to never steal again.

The best she could think of was to forbid him to go to the Fall Festival. They would miss him, but this was more important.

When the family left for the Fall Festival . . .

Jackie sat on the bench outside looking very sad, hoping Mama would feel sorry for him and change her mind.

It didn't work. They left without a look back at him.

The family was gone for three hours and it was the loniest three hours of Jackie's life.

Finally the family returned; tired but happy. He wished he was like that, too.

Mama came to his room to have a talk with him. She told him how much they all missed him and if he had asked, she would have given him a slice of pie because she loved him so much.

Jackie looked up at Mama and said, "I'm sorry Mama."

She put her arms around him and gave him a hug. For the first time that day, Jackie smiled.

The End
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Cute story with a valuable lesson. Be careful when proof reading; there's a whole section of the story duplicated in the middle!
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Hi Dyskd, very cute story. Please tell your sister I said hello and "Well done to you both!"
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Default Jackie's Bad Day
Originally Posted by hmrnd3
Cute story with a valuable lesson. Be careful when proof reading; there's a whole section of the story duplicated in the middle!

Thanks for reading and thanks for letting me know about the error.
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A sweet little story.

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Lovely story.
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Sweet story. I really like the historical outfits.

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This could be Tom Sawyer if he had parents, that was my thought while reading.
Nice work.
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