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Default New Creators, March to Ooglyboo!
It's time for new creators again! Fifty Real Internet Dollars to anyone who gets the pop reference. If you don't get it, you need to watch more BBC comedy, as it will save your soul.

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
RhynBrick & Mortar - a CAS!Screen (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
bozloveModern Bohemian Living (Residential)
33615Sims 2 Cursors for Windows (Programs and Utilities)
playeroflif3Energy Change for Hot Beverages (Overrides)
AsmodeuseswifeThe Carson Mansion (Residential)
imey1997Spencer Poses: 4 poses for cute toddlers! (Poses and Animations)
MinakiCamping Vehicle - Caravan with RV (Residential)
DragonPyromaniaSimbot Hunger Changes (Overrides)
katvenusFarmhouse Apartments (No CC) (Apartments)
entelzaSpanish Style Luxury Home (Residential)
NEO-EHouse of Future Horizons (Residential)
ayanasamurasimLove Me Poses. (Poses and Animations)
hmiller61615Dog Chew Treat (increases hunger) (Pet Objects)
The Riverside GroupWelcome to Riverside (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
stillmeToddler Tank Top (Everyday)
Jonas510The Slayer career (Buffy) Teen and adult with chance cards (Careers)
TheaiNyxCheeky Pose Pack by TheaiNyx (Poses and Animations)
MrDensilterJoey - Happy And Friendly (Other)
shiorysmUL Degree benefits - careers/skills/traits added & more (ITF compatible) (Overrides)
marka93Pleasantview2 SC-4 (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
SeverinoNew colors for the TV of The Sims 2 Pets! (Electronics)
XrinnaLucky the Dog (Animals)
TheSimKidCollection Icons Galore (Miscellaneous)
deslodMaxis Aquabox Aquarium 3 recolours (Decorative)
spivoskiInvisible JetPack (Good for Fairies!!) (Miscellaneous)
kellyhb5Arielle Marcella - Italian Beauty (Other)
athornThe Modern Vista Mansion (Residential)
TeaWitchPinewood Academy - University world replacement (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)

Thankyou and congrats to our lovely new creators, and have fun!

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Welcome to the new creators! I hope they enjoy what MTS has to offer! Welcome!
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Congratulations to all the new creators!

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Welcome to all of you and congratulations on your first approved uploads. We hope to see more of your work in the future.
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Welcome to the dark side! Congrats on the first upload and hope to see more awesome things from you guys soon!
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Hurray for new creators! Yay for imagination and sharing!

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Welcome new creators! Keep creating and uploading stuff !
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Right now I'm very confused and wondering what I'm doing here. Shit I

If you remember me, I'm awesome!
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Originally Posted by Johnny_Bravo
Right now I'm very confused and wondering what I'm doing here. Shit I

Is that a hint to the new creators they are in the wrong place? haha

Congrats everyone and keep up the good work
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I'm freshened up again, a little. Still confused but that doesnt matter as I'm confused 24/7

Originally Posted by Volvenom
Is that a hint to the new creators they are in the wrong place? haha

Congrats everyone and keep up the good work

I though it might scare them off

No I've been sleeping, which is really abnormal for me (sleeping by daylight, fyi) and I just wanted to listen to some music and ended up here, I don't know.

Well, newcomers, that's me.

If you remember me, I'm awesome!
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Isn't it a miracle that - no matter how much we are confused - we always are clever enough to find our way back to MTS.... well, either that or we just forget to switch off our computers. Youi know, THAT is just how life is - some people don't know where they are and others seem to be everywhere, all the time and everywhere at the same time AND always know what they are doing. And no, I'm not one of them but it always draws me back to this thread to let new creators know how much their contribution to the downloads section and to this website is appreciated. So, once again: Hello everybody and thank you for sharing your creations and your time with us.
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Welcome to the Creators Club! :D

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Welcome to all! Already seeing some fantastic work from you guys! You all may now don your honorary creator's robes and ceremonial plumb-bob headdresses. (other people wear those when they're on this site, right? I'm not crazy! )

Keep up the good work!
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Welcome and thanks to all you guy's for creating cc for the game you all make the game more fun to play and i don't get the pop reference guess i need to watch BBC lol
9th May 2014 at 2:05 AM
Default hello
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COngrats, and welcome!

Kind Regards
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