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Default CC-Free Tricks!
There's lots of wonderful custom content to be found, but one of the things that I love with my CC-free builds is finding ways to use things that came with the game in unusual ways! I figure I'm probably not alone here, so what are some of your ideas here? What items have you matched up to create something new and stunning? What architectural elements have you cobbled together out of decoration items and an end table? How do you give your lots the visual *WOW* factor that takes everyone by surprise, and makes them stunned to see that no CC whatsoever was used in its creation?

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OK ... I've been thinking about this for some time. And I'm still advanced-beginner-level, so I'm probably not the best person to write this. I cannot do "stunning" yet. I'm not sure I ever will, though I do believe I can attain a better level of proficiency. But ....

I am amazed how many items you can use for purposes for which they were probably not intended.

This might be a cheap trick, but I find half-walls are great for designs such as these: (My last project ... I converted the basic design into a coffee house. There are never enough coffee houses.)

I find that no matter what I do, if I use shed roofs for buildings like these and overhang these roofs as you see in the picture, I often wind up with an annoying gap between the roof and the rest of the building. I stick a floor in there (so I don't get the "weather in my house" comment or freezing Sims. stick the half-floor where I expect the gap to be before putting the roof in there, and futz around with the roof angle. I sometimes still get a small gap, and in the case of game content, a slight "lip" from the top of the half-wall, but at least it doesn't annoy the crap out of me! Not submission-worthy (and much of my stuff probably isn't), but it makes me happy.

But not very stunning, I'm afraid. Just something that satisfies my obsessive nature.

I should add that I have used the double-roof method for overhangs. I find the half-wall method works better in some instances.

Other non-CC items can cover gaps or add some definition to a space using cheats ... even non-build items. I'm not sure where I'd be without move_objects or snap_objects ... probably not building very much! And yes ... I would use a painting or plant to cover a hole or unsightly stain in real life. I wish I had move_objects and snap_objects in real life, though.

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I've used the tall (whitish) brick fence in place of a wall for half-gables. Using VelocityGrass' SOMPA mod, I can remove the mask, so I can more closely match the fence to the walls nearby. I've never run into weather issues, but then I've never done this with an open ceiling.

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