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Default Port Sienna Ch 1: Meet the Sims

Welcome all to the rare gem that is Port Sienna, a shipping town holding its own despite former beginnings as an old pirate hideout. Those who come to Port Sienna are instantly attracted to its seaside charm, the dozens of ships that cross its waters daily never distributing the natural (and sometimes magical) beauty of this seaside wonder. With the opening of Nova Island and the recently finished Downtown area, people flocked to the new jobs and entertainment being offered. The sun, the sea, and now hundreds of opportunities flooding the area, just what kind of mark will this first generation of island dwellers make?

Malcolm Landgraab IV

Ruthless, Cunning, Incredibly Wealthy, all of these things can be used to describe the members of the Landgraab family and Malcolm the fourth is no exception. Blessed with his family’s midas touch, Malcolm didn’t miss the investment that was Port Sienna, his electronics emporium and nightclub only the start of his soon to be many ventures. Despite what his success and poker face might allude to, the fourth generation Landgraab is a very lonely individual, his hundreds of failed dates leading him to take the next step in life alone and adopt the beautiful Katherine. Between a daughter and a growing empire, is there really any time to deal with more money-hungry women?

Sofia Basta

Forget fashion or acting, the law was always the way to go in Sophia’s opinion, graduating top of her class and joining Lili in her move to Port Sienna. Though she definitely got more out of being a young-adult in college than Lili, this didn’t stop her from graduating summa cum laude or establishing herself as one of the island’s best attorneys. Despite exuding confidence in the courtroom, in private Sophia constantly questions herself, especially since she seems to have unintentionally caught the attention of a rather prominent man. Two people from completely different worlds can’t truly be together can they?

Katherine Landgraab

The adopted heir to the Landgraab fortune, Katherine wanted nothing more than to have a family which she found with her new father, who she loves more than anything in the world. Though she’s just a child, even she can see the loneliness in Malcolm’s face and now just wishes he would find the person he’s met to be with. Hoping for a miracle led her to Malcolm, maybe the same could be done him?

Lilium 'Lili' Casell

An aspiring architect fresh out of college, Lili’s desire to reach the top led her to portside where the ongoing search for a city planner caught her eye. Her college years spent tucked away in libraries and coffee shops, it's surprising she found a forever friend in Sophia, the outgoing law major ready to take the world by storm. A new town means a new place to live, and the internet ad for free housing in return for part-time work as a farm hand seems promising, at the very least it’ll give her some new drafting ideas.

Kemet Obeah

One of many who took advantage of Port Sienna’s opening, Kemet used his green thumb to establish the town’s first, and for a time only, fresh market grocery store. His customers love the earthy atmosphere of the place and the friendly ‘dogs’ that he brings with him to work everyday. A lover of nature, underneath his shy and quiet personality, Kemet holds a secret that many have speculated on, yet never proved due to his timid refusal to allow visitors or hire a farm hand, instead choosing to do all the hard work himself against his more productive store manager’s advice. A major introvert, the golden eyed farmer is never seen out after dark, only bringing more suspicion onto just what he is hiding. Perhaps he spends his nights reading about plants or maybe he’s working on that old junker he keeps tucked away in his barn. Who knows. You never really know a person do you?

Adriana Zakari

Sexy and talented, Adriana’s purpose in life seems to be making others look and feel just as gorgeous as she does on a daily basis. Many a man has tried and failed to woe this non committal woman, evident by the dozens of roses and the fact that she hasn’t had a daily paper in almost a year (thieves!) The only constant in her life seems to be her dog Bo who won’t hesitate to bite anyone who looks at his master wrong. Living with the mindset that life is too short to ‘settle’, just who is this guy she keeps seeing everyday insisting that he is everything she could ever want in a man?

Quienten King

Little is known about the mysterious man who moved in next door to the Landgraab mansion other than his apparent obsession with Adriana. Quite the unconventional charmer, his odd ways haven’t seemed to deterred those around him, his eccentric behavior only making him more desirable. Quentin’s job is questionable as he doesn’t seem to keep regular hours, his car always seen leaving late at night and not returning until just after sunrise. He can’t be all bad though, he was quick to befriend Kemet, a rarity in itself and even Malcolm has been to his house once or twice for business purposes. What could this mysterious man possibly want?
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Looking forward to reading more!
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Default Chapter 2: Just Another Day
Chapter 2: Just Another Day

A ship is always safe at shore but that’s not what it’s built for -Albert Einstein

Lili and Sofia

“Lili you never want to go anywhere!” Sofia cried, her hands on her hips while she watched the bookworm of a woman in front of her continue to type on her computer.

Her pigtails motionless, the woman in question merely shrugged in response, her focus instead on the lit monitor in front of her. Undeterred by her statement, Lili barely even glanced down to look at her fingers as she worked, the information needed for her final paper rushing through her mind.

At Sofia’s angry huff, Lili finally spared her a look and reminded her calmly,

“We graduate in two days, you haven’t even done your final paper yet.”

“I have plenty of time to finish,” Sofia argued back, defensively crossing her arms when all Lili did was shake her head and return to her monitor. “I just want a night out before I become a boring adult, you’re way ahead of your time girl.”

Lili rolled her eyes. “All the time you’ve spent going to frat parties and staying out til three I would think you’d had enough.”

“All I was doing was enjoying my youth,” Sofia cried, whining at Lili’s stubborn refusal to go out on the town.

“That enjoyment led you to having three boyfriends, two of which spent an entire semester stealing both our newspapers and lawn decorations once they found out they weren’t the only one.”

Sofia blushed at the reminder of her poorer choices, but nonetheless pouted and turned away from her, she was right. But just because a few of her boyfriends turned out to be completely insane didn’t mean she wasn’t allowed to have fun.

Lili rolled her eyes once more but ignored responding and instead asked, “Where are you trying to go?”

Sofia smirked, “Ptolemy’s Temple.”

Lili looked surprised. “In Port Sienna?”

The more adventurous of the two college students nodded. “With or without you, I’m having some fun tonight,”

“As broke as we are now, your gonna go spend the last of your tuition money in a high rise casino?”

The law student’s teeth dazzled with her smile. “And just for that, I’m even gonna wear the dress I picked out for you earlier, I’m sure I can fit it better than you.”

Lili looked down at her keyboard a moment before finally shaking her head. There was no way she was going to get this finished with Sofia around. “Good luck with that.”

The woman frowned at her dismissing tone but huffed once more as she quit the room to get changed. There was no way she was going to waste her last few days of freedom.

But for the life of her she didn't know why she'd picked a casino. Dressed in a skin tight peach colored cocktail dress, Sofia had chosen to go with an unusual style for her last night out as a college student, matching her choice of unusual place to spend her time and hard earned money.

Ptolemy’s Temple was well known for its high rollers, but clearly she wasn't one of them considering she'd lost almost every bet she’d placed since arriving. Watching the croupier gather the dice and hand them to another better, Sofia frowned and counted the handful of chips she still possessed. A good chunk of her money had already gone into the house’s pockets, the crowd around the table thinning with every losing round.

Nervous, she timidly placed a few chips on the pass line and quietly refused her turn to roll, instead allowing the only remaining player at the table a turn at rolling the blood red die. Accepting the pass, the blond haired man confidently grabbed the two small cubes from the table and tossed them, a stunning Rolex watch revealing itself on his wrist when the dice connected at the other end of the table.

“Natural! Winner!” The croupier declared, pushing a stack of chips in the throwers direction. Giggling, Sofia took her own winnings and considered calling it a night until the woman asked the man,

“Roll again sir?”

He nodded and grabbed the dice from the table, giving Sofia a wink when she glanced at him curiously. The man whoever he was was handsome, his sharp gray eyes settled against slightly tanned skin. Immaculately dressed in a white and black striped suit, his entire demeanor screamed wealthy, even as he placed another high stakes bet and tossed the dice back into the tables center, patiently waiting for the croupier to call,

“Eleven! Natural! Winner!”

“Wow….” Sofia whispered, amazed at the ever growing amount of chips situated next to him. The high roller took up the die once more, his goateed mouth firm as he shot yet another natural, tripling the amount of chips she had come in with at the table. “How much are you betting?” She finally asked out of curiosity, watching as the croupier added a sizeable amount of black chips to his stack.

“Twenty thousand simoleons a roll,” he replied gruffly, smirking when he earned a chance at another turn.

“Twenty….thousand?” Sofia said with a squeak, unsure if she'd heard him correctly.

“Life is meaningless if you don't take risks,” He replied to her astonishment, absently accepting a drink from a tray a waitress unexpectedly offered to him.

Taking a sip of the glass of red wine, he informed the croupier that this was his last round, the woman calling over a staff member to help him with his winnings.

“You're quitting already?”

“I have other places to be sweetheart.” He explained cryptically, picking up the dice from the table and throwing them.

“But you're on a roll!”

He shrugged and crossed his arms while he waited for the house’s call, his eyes expectantly waiting for the dice to stop to his advantage.

Not to her surprise the croupier called the same draw, making her smile as the gentleman nonchalantly thanked and tipped the croupier for her services.

“I'll be back in a few days,” he promised, kissing her hand like a gentleman which made her swoon. Smirking he grabbed his glass of wine and bid Sofia a goodnight, polishing off his drink before heading for the office to cash in his chips, his total winnings reaching almost two hundred thousand simoleons according to a passing waitress who'd he also given a generous tip.

Incredible. There was no other way to describe him. Resisting the urge to chase after him, Sofia waited until she was sure he was gone to go outside and call a taxi to take her back to campus. The entire ride back all she could do was think of the high roller at the craps table, forget college boys, blond haired and dashing; oh Lili just had to hear about this!

Malcolm Landgraab IV

Malcolm’s sharp gray eyes focused as he declared in a firm tone, “I’m to open a new emporium.”

A surprised gasp was the person over the phone's response, along with a long list of reasons why he shouldn't go through with it.

“I know it's a risk,” He finally said, cutting the other person off, “But that's why I bought Club Dante and the electronics store in the first place, their property value is through the roof right now, yes, that's right I want to sell them both.”

Over the phone, Malcolm’s accountant stuttered and fumbled with his words, unsure of how to handle what his biggest client was telling him. “Mr. Landgraab sir, the property's you have now are generating an immense amount of revenue, I strongly recommend holding onto them, Club Dante by itself is earning you fifteen thousand a night!”

“Find a buyer, sell it and the store,” Malcolm ordered firmly, his free hand idly playing with a black casino chip. “I have a property on hold right now that will be the future site of my electronics emporium, this takes off and I'll be making triple what my two businesses together provide me with. I have a strong feeling about this Trent, make it happen.”

“But sir,”

“Do it or I'll find another accountant to take over.”

Fearing the thought of losing his best client, Trent gulped and tried to defend himself. “I don't want to see you lose everything over such a rash decision.”

“This isn't a rash decision, this is something I've been thinking about for months now.” Plopping down into his desk chair, Malcolm continued his razilization, still eyeing the poker chip in his hand “Running two stores and the shipping company is hell on my energy, and it keeps me away from Katherine, I shouldn’t have to tell you any of this, you yourself watched this business run my father into an early grave.”

“.....Very well sir.”

“That's what I thought,” Malcolm replied smugly, leaning back in his chair for support. “And one more thing,” He began, throwing his feet up on his desk.

“Yes Mr. Langraab?” Trent asked cautiously, fear clear in his elderly voice.

“Have the staff’s payroll remain on my books until I can locate them elsewhere.” He said, running his hand over his goatee as he spoke, the poker chip he'd been playing with now resting on the desk in front of him with a stack. That girl at the casino had been, interesting to him, slightly steering his mind away from the conversation at hand. Trent’s voice brought him back to reality however, his response fittingly appropriate for the moment.

“Yes of course sir.” The account finally agreed, the elderly man pinching the bridge of his nose to quell the migraine threatening to form. Another Landgraab wanting to be different from his forefathers. It was gonna be a long night.

Adriana Zakari

“Alright sweetheart you’re all set!” Adriana said with a prize winning smile. Holding up a mirror for her client’s inspection, she nodded in agreement at the the woman’s exclamation of joy at seeing her new look. She had gone with ringlets for the techno heads hair while a few touches of makeup and a new necklace made her almost unrecognizable from when she’d first sat down. The woman cheered while she admired herself, thanking Adriana over and over before finally standing and offering her a generous tip on top of her regular fee. “Just make sure you take it off at night and reapply your makeup in the morning.”

“But of course Adriana!” She said happily, turning sauntering out of the salon with an air of confidence.

Nearby Colby was keeping busy trying to talk a customer into buying an outfit, “The price is well worth it darling!” He assured the man, holding up a sharp black suit to his body. “I’d wear it myself if I could pull off pinstripes!”

The man grimaced. “But five hundred simoleons….”

“Just think of it as an all occasions type outfit you could wear anywhere from the grocery store to the nightclub!”

He fingered the tag. “Well I do want to look good when I’m out….”

“And you can, just think of all the heads that’ll turn!”

That did it, without hesitation the customer nodded and took the suit from his hands, hugging it to his body even as Colby gently patted him on the shoulder in encouragement. “I’ll take it.”

“Wonderful! I’ll just have Dana ring that up for you!”

Admiring Colby’s work, Adriana made a mental note to recheck his qualifications to be a manager. He should be running this place.

To think he’d managed to get this good in such a short amount of time. Even now, Colby was checking on the client she’d just finished making over, offering another glamorous dress that would match her current look perfectly. The woman looked overwhelmed as he spoke to her, but Colby’s charm was slowly starting to wear her down, the man’s chiseled features and coiffed black hair reminding her almost of a supermodel.

Grinning as the new girl managed to persuade yet another customer, Adriana glanced at the clock above her espresso machine which told her she had at least another hour until her next appointment. Might as well get some lunch and do inventory while she waited.

“Colby, Dana, watch the store, I’m going across the street for lunch.” She said, stepping outside into the fresh air. There was always a hint of salt in the atmosphere whenever she breathed in, the perks to living in a coastal town.

Crossing the street was easy and Scarborough Parks Cafe was vastly empty when she entered, only the owner and a few staff currently servicing the currently slow shift. The moment she entered she could feel the male (and female) eyes on her body, most of them hungry as she sat down at a table and crossed her legs seductively.

An open faced ham sandwich was ordered and eaten quickly, a small glass of wine joining her in her meal, almost naturally the bill came back already paid for, the restaurant's owner giving her it for free along with his phone number and an encouraging offer for her to come back again.

Perhaps she would. Julien, she thought, was attractive enough.

As she walked back to her shop, the day’s inventory already running through her mind, Adriana smirked at the number of text messages on her phone from her various lovers all asking about a date. Just another day in Port Sienna.

Too busy enjoying both the virtual and physical attention of every male passerby, Adriana didn’t notice the mysterious man across the street who kept a hypnotically intense gaze on her the entire time she flirted and enjoyed her meal.

Kemet Obeah

Various crates of produce were lifted by him effortlessly off the back of his truck, his body silently placing them around his manager who pushed a small trolley of the same goods from the small store. Obeah’s Groceries was lively today, the space near filled to capacity with persons trying to purchase the many goods they carried. Kemet carefully placed the items on the ground before lifting up and checking his watch, an old habit of his he'd molded into his brain long ago.

It was only half past four, and looking up at the sound of his manager calling his name silently eyed her and waited for her to speak.

“You saw how busy we are today right?”

How could he not see? His cashier Trina had almost been on edge when he'd come in, forcing him to make her trade places with another worker so that the lines would clear up. Knowing where this was headed, Kemet stood next to the stack of crates he'd just dropped, waiting for the lecture his store manager was undoubtedly about to give.

“We've talked about this before,” Shelby started, standing in front of him and unfolding her arms. “The store is growing more successful everyday, and I know you try to keep up with the demand but it's just too much for one person to handle,”

“I have it covered.” Kemet interrupted, hunching his back slightly. “I already told you I don't need any more help.”

Shelby scoffed, exasperated. “Kemet you run this store and an entire farm by yourself!”

His gold eyes flashed. “And I will continue to do so until I feel differently.”

“But what about expanding?” Shelby asked, frowning “As high quality as your stuff is….”

“This store provides me with enough income to live comfortably,” He said grimly. “I don't want to expand, if customers like it they'll come here to buy and not worry about anywhere else.”

Outside the joyful barks of his companions could be heard, a few customers busy giving them treats and attention. They seemed to love the fact that he brought Lovro and Mila with him everyday, half his pet treat stock going into the stomachs of his own pets rather than their own.

Checking his watch again, Kemet walked around to the side of his truck and offered Shelby a small smile, the discussion already over in his mind. “This should last you a couple days until the rest of the crop grows in, do you need anything else?”

“I need a miracle to get you to see reason,” Shelby muttered under her breath, burying her face in her hands and glaring at Kemet when he chuckled and grinned. Her boss was so stubborn sometimes! Staring after Kemet who walked past her and to his truck, the man sped away the moment his pets were safely inside, Shelby groaned and buried her face in her hands, reconsidering her stance on him getting a farm hand to help him out.

He wasn't a cold person, just completely reserved, insisting that he do all the farm work by himself while Shelby and his other employees took care of the store. Nobody around had even seen his farm, like most others only knowing the place by name and not location.

Releasing another sigh, Shelby grabbed a clipboard and pen and began to process the new inventory as Kemet went on to do other things. This stuff would have to be put out soon, she would worry about Kemet later.


The force he used to shut the door of his truck was rather loud, but he paid it no mind, instead going around to the front of his car where he collapsed heavily against its front. His golden eyes unfocused, he grabbed his chest and tried to control his heart which was beginning to beat at a rapid pulse.

It was twenty minutes til eight, and groaning as he stomach growled in near starvation he chastised himself for not coming back sooner. He had stayed at the store too long. His breathing heavy, Kemet groaned and stumbled away from his vehicle, the air around him suffocating. Half walking towards the edge of his woods, he bent down on all fours and choked at the feeling of his spine shifting under the skin, his fingers aching at the joints and forcing him to claw the ground.

Grimacing, Kemet eyes opened to reveal the orbs to be a strained yellow, quite unlike the beautiful and unnatural soft glow they normally were.

Behind him Mila and Lovro began to bark excitedly as fur sprouted rapidly from his pores, his teeth elongating and his nails sharpening to resemble talons. Releasing a howl, Kemet straightened up to reveal his new form, a bipedal wolf replacing the body that had once been in his clothes.

A rustle to his left had him turning to face the intruder on his land, a female werewolf who appeared from the woods, fully transformed and completely exposed for his view.

Grinning wildly, Kemet took no time in shredding through his own clothing and grabbing the woman by the waist, his mouth going to her neck heavily as his teeth grazed her pulse point. The female werewolf howled and purred at the movement, accepting his roughness when he pulled her to the ground happily accepted her gentle touch.

Their time speant together was animalistic at best, the snarls and growls that escaped during their rutting soon filling the air, the entire town surely hearing them as they used each other for personal gratification.

It was an unspoken agreement between them. The two only meeting at night when nature forced them to obey their natural instincts.

Soon enough the two were sated and collapsing in a heap on the grass, Kemet and Allyn growled and huffed playfully with each other, their bodies still recovering from their releases.

It was him her finally pulled away from her body, and standing shook out his fur like a dog before running on all fours to the waterfall at the edge of his farm where he dived into the spray of the springs natural shower.

He would probably hunt later on, and as the water soaked his body, his instincts pointed him the right direction of the forest where game was plentiful for him to eat. Ally forgotten, he gingerly stepped out of the falls he gave another howl to summon Mila and Lovro, his pack obediently following him towards the mountains where he would undoubtedly catch a sizeable meal. Bending over to be more agile on the ground, he tracked the scents of his prey and focused on the new task at hand.

Everything else could wait. First he needed to feed.
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