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Default Farewell to Avalon
I am Elynda, high queen over the Ilsarin and all fair spirits. And here I bring you a brief tale of endings and perhaps, of new beginnings.

In these mortal realms, all things must have an ending. Even so, it goes hard with me to tell of the parting of two that I love so well. Yet has it not been truly said that nothing that loves, or is loved, is ever really lost?

“Is it time Talina?”

“Nearly time, Tink. I wait to see the dawn, one last time. This is a fair land, and it will be hard to leave it”.

“Must you really go?”

“Yes I must. My work here is done and I have new journeys to make and other tasks before me. We always knew this day must come, sweet Tinkerbelle”.

“We must both be strong Tink. I to my tasks, and you to yours. For you must rule this land after I am gone. That is what you have been trained for. You are no longer the little sprite you were when we met. You are grown now, grown very high - a queen amongst the Ilsarin. Bear it well.

“And is that all this was, just another task?”

“Oh far more than that Tink, never doubt it!. It was my joy! Such times we have had together, I wouldn’t have missed them for the world!”

"You have been more than a queen to me. You've been a mother and my best friend. I've been such a bother and a nuisance to you sometimes haven't I? I'm truly sorry for it".

"Think no more of that, dear one! Instead let us remember the fun and the laughter".

“And so, to another day, and another beginning. What are the years of mortal men to us, my Tinkerbelle? No more than the passing of one day into another.”

"Or of one dream into the next".

“Well, here we come to the parting of ways at last. How tall the trees have grown, since first we met here. And I have waited and watched, these hundred years, for one little shoot to become a lovely tree. I do not think the time was wasted”.

“Goodbye, my darling girl. Rule this land with wisdom, justice and love, as I have ever sought to do. And, as you have ever done, carry joy and laughter wherever you go!”

“Namarie! Farewell my Queen. My Talina! I... I love you!”

Do not be sad, dear Tink. This parting is not forever. You shall meet again in Elandaer. I have promised, and a fairy always keeps her word!

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