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Default Upcoming Changes to Queue Bypass
Hi All,

Existing Queue Bypass System

As many of you creators know, MTS has had a system for a good few years now, called Queue Bypass. This worked on the idea that once a creator understood the various guidelines and regulations MTS has (in particular, images, and required information), then if they uploaded enough items, and gained enough "points", then they would be granted Bypass for the entire Queue. This can be seen on the Scorecard (found in My Links -> My Statistics), and details the last uploads you have made, along with the bypass status. The rules for the existing Queue Bypass system are as follows:

A creator is eligible for Queue Bypass when:
- They have at least 10 uploads on MTS
- At least 9 of the last 10 uploads are approved
- Out of the last 5 uploads, no more than 1 has gotten 2 Changes Requireds

In other words, the minimum number of uploads is 9 to get Bypass.

Downsides of the existing Queue Bypass

While this system has been working relatively well for a while, it was never the "final" version, and we've seen creators who, for example, uploaded Lots & Housing to the site, upon gaining bypass, would switch to, for example, Sims (or Objects, or anything else). So while the moderation experience gained would have been for Lots, there have been cases whereby we've had to send uploads back to the Queue, since they may not follow the guidelines for the other areas. Additionally, it requires rather a lot of uploads in order to gain Bypass, especially for creators who have a single speciality (aka Lots) and don't intend to move onto other games or other areas.

Proposed Bypass Credits System

There are a number of changes that we will be making:

1. Queue Bypass will be game specific. This means that if you gain Bypass in TS2, you will not automatically have it in TS3, or TS4, no matter the area. This is because often the requirements change from game to game (for example CAS screenshots, or Furnished value, etc), and we want everybody to be on the same page.
2. Queue Bypass will be section specific. This means that if you upload to Lots & Housing, you gain bypass only for Lots & Housing. You don't get it for Sims, or Buy Mode, or Build Mode, or CAS. This is because the requirements, both technical and moderation wise, are different. A mesh is a different beast to a Lot, as is a Sim.
3. We will give different "credits" depending on actions.

With that all said, we will be dropping the number of credits needed to upload to a specific game/section to 5. What is a credit? Well, this screenshot should highlight it:

This is taken from my own scorecard, and as you can see I have enough Bypass Credits only in 1 specific section.

Basically you get a different number of credits depending on action, or number of CRs. So the minimum number of uploads to upload to a specific game/section drops from 9 in the current system to 3 in the new one. Now, of course, that does mean that in order to gain upload bypass on the entirety of the site, you will need to go through the Queue much more, but this impacts only a small number of creators who tend to upload lots of different things. The majority of creators (according to the statistics) only upload to 1 or 2 categories, or perhaps 1 category but across different games. This means that, for example, if you where to upload Lots to TS2, you'd need 3 to gain bypass there. Then if you switched to TS4, you'd need 3 there - which is a total of 6, still less than the system we have now.

What about existing bypass uploads?

Don't worry! What we've done is to factor in all previous uploads you've done, and given them a credits score of 2. So if you only do tend to upload in a specific section, you'll probably still have bypass!

You can see a breakdown of the new Bypass Credits system in the Scorecard (My Links -> My Statistics).

Comments / Feedback are welcome.


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I haven't nearly uploaded enough to deal with this but I like the gamified aspect of it....and the fact that you're trusting that people figure out for themselves how to create and upload content well.

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Hmmm... seems simple enough.
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When will this be released?

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Makes complete sense to me, I would not even have thought about something I have never made before myself; and I hope it make it easier for the moderators.
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Never knew how exactly the bypass worked. This seems fair.

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Sounds reasonable. I mainly came here to point out the "eligable" typo, but I have no (other) problems with this setup. It makes more sense to earn bypass by category.

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Originally Posted by MizoreYukii
When will this be released?

Most likely before the end of the year, once we finish training some more moderators to cover the queue, since this will mean that more things go through the queue.

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I can’t understand why I can’t do the upload Queue Bypass System, in those sections to which I have a pass?
"buy > objects"
"Lots & Housing"

She also created the download on November 15 (Celebrities & Real People), but so far there is no verification message or download on the site.
Do not give a pass and the rest of the download.
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