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Help with Sims2Pack Installer weird thing
Hello... So I finished a dorm and i had a couple of friends that wanted to download it first hand (i do have some future plans to post here as well) but i came across something new to me. The file came with red files, after doing my research i saw usually is red when is a mod or change game behaviour. It start getting weird right now, for 2 reasons:

1 - Some of the red files are actually windows from a set i used from here (honeywell bespoke set)
2 - Some of the red files are not even placed at lot!!! I'm talking about a custom refrigerator and a rocking horse (c'mon i'm building a dorm for YA!!!!!!) The refrigerator i remember clicking on it while scrolling in the options, but i did not even place. The rocking horse, well, i did not even open the kids section while building and furnishing.

Since this is something new for me i wonder how can i make sure my dorm will be 100% problem free for anyone to download it. I removed the files from the pack file and installed it again and after made it a new package just to see and the files look exact the same.

I do have default replacements but it never was marked as CC before while exporting a lot. I bet this also means nothing for this issue...

I'll provide a screenshot HERE .

Thanks in advance everyone who read this!
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